Love Packages & Dolly wink eyeliner and case!


I was showered with some LOVE from my Dearest Lena and Rina!!
I have gotten really close with this 2 Lovelies, who I met through blogger :D

I cannot say thank you enough, you both knows me so much from just reading my blog and know what I love X3 Thank you so much for the kindness, support and most of all the LOVE you've given me. You have made my days so much sweeter to know that I am Loved by you!♥ I hope to return the Love as well and I hope you feel the same way ^__^

ok so first Love package is from Lena, I met her through ekiLove. She is one of my ROYAL customer, I am so Lucky to have met you. We have been exchanging emails now since we have so MUCH in common and she just surprised me with this package X3

I feel so lucky to be able to meet so many sweet girls that are genuinely nice, kind and loving because I am the same way so its nice to know there are ladies out there that is genuine.
Because I try to show my love and sincerely here in my blog and so I am happy that you see that in me. Whenever you need a helping hand and LOVE I am here for you, thank you for being my friend♥

kawaii & sweet Love letter :)
all of my love letter are hanging on my Love letter wall cork :D
its getting full I need to get a bigger one to hang X3

Lena love letter

I am so drawn to kawaii bears now, I see why there are bear boom going on in Jp X3

Lena Love package

I opened the package and saw this super cute box!! its so me and so hime like&hearts

Lena love box

such a sweet quote

"Lets cherish every moments"

Lena Love

I opened to see all this, first thing I do when I get love package is that read the letters first before looking into whats inside. Make its so much sweeter when you read the message and know why they sent you a love package X3

in the letter she wrote, " I sent the package for being YOU!" she said that she absolutely loves my creation blog and ekiLove, that she can feel each item are made with full of LOVE XD

I cannot tell you how happy this kind words make me feel, I am so happy you feel the LOVE.

Lena love package2

also she wrote "I made something for the first time just for you, its going to be the ugliest thing you own from a fan"

Lena lova package ;)

I read that and didnt know what yet so after I read the letter I saw what was in side the pink gift box I was like NOOO its not ugly!! its mecha*super* kawaii!!!

Love the vibrant color choice of pink and yellow! I love multi colored combination, like baby colors in pink,yellow, blue, green

aww and the little charm spells eki!! X3
its so delicate and nicely arranged♥ cant believe this was your first creation! keep your creative juice going make more beautiful creations Hun!

I am honored to own your first ever creation♥
Thank you so much its beautiful :3

Lena jewel

the package is filled with love, she knows what I like LOL
Rohto eye drop, face masks, false lashes, nail deco stickers, yumm jp candies and Hello Kitty!
I really needed a 2010 calender that I can actually look at on my desk so it keeps me productive LOL
thank you for everything Lena~!!
such a sucker for HK why is she so cute? and so girly? and pink?
everything I love all in one XD

hk 2010 calender

did you know Hello kitty has a twin sister named Mimmy white?? I knew she had a bf but I dont think i knew that she had a twin until I saw this,, and Hello Kitty's name isnt Hello Kitty instead its Kitty White..... weird :/

been a HK fan from the time I saw born and I didnt know this I feel like a bad fan... LOL

hk family

Now on to Love package from Rina!

she just sent me stuff not too long ago and she contacted me and told me that she tracked down Dolly wink stuff since she was on the hunt for them from the time she saw it on one of my post X3 Thank you SO MUCH RINA!!! Love you♥

I been wanting Dolly Wink stuff ever since they were released last year, I asked my cousin to get me some but she said they are all sold out when she went searching for them in Tokyo..

Dolly wink is gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka Produced eye makeup brand which Koji makes the actual products. She said she was in charge of everything from how the lashes looked and made to the packaging design which all took a year of planning to produce. Products are top and botton false lashes, liquid eye liner, pencil eyeliner, false lash glue and lash case.

here is a video when she had a Dolly Wink announcement event, where her husband even dressed up as a gyaru!! She applied the makeup on him along with her products and his comment on the lashes are that they are super comfortable even a guy that isnt used to wearing false lashes cant even feel thats how much they are comfortable!

He looks so pretty.... its not fair how some guys can look better than girls LOL
*correction its Tsugi from former morning musume's husband Sugiura Taiyou an actor :P

Here are the product line up

Dolly wink

Dolly wink

Dolly wink

Dolly wink eyeliner and case

so Rina found a store in cali they only had the eyeliner and the case there she said.
oh such a cute packagingpink and black combo is so kawaii ne~

Rina love

Ohh I really needed a lash case,, now I can store it in a cute case! a divided on the inside so if you want to separate top and lower lash :D

Dolly wink eyelash case

I am happy since I wanted to try the eyeliner most of all since I read Tsubasa said its 24hr waterproof eyeliner where sweat,water and tear will not affect it and easy to remove, a warm water will take it off! my kind of liner :D

Doll wink liquid eyeliner

Felt tip liner, very thin and precise~
comparable to shiseido's felt tip eyeliners! The liquid is very pigmented and goes on BOLD and smooth, high quality I LOVE IT :D

I just tested on my hand havent used it yet but will make sure to do a full review oh this :)

dolly wink eyeliner

other news:
I will have new items in ekiLove Friday~
thank you for waiting patiently!! putting lots of love in each items♥

take care everyone!♥



  1. wow 1st piece!
    i want that eyeliner too

  2. what a cute products from dolly wink :D Im a fan of liquid eyeliner eversince I visited japan XD I will try to get my hand on dolly wink item! looking fwd to see it on your eyes!

  3. Oh yeah those love packages certainly have the LOVE in them, how sweet~!

    Thanks for posting the video about Dolly Wink, that was so interesting. I love the #1 set of lashes best, but I didn't see it when I was in Japan.

  4. oh dolly wink, I'm lemming for it!

  5. LOL...Tsubasa Masuwaka's hubby looks fab in drag. Seriously. Love your awesome love packs! I need to track down that Dolly Wink stuff for sure.

  6. How very lucky of you hun to have such amazing friends through blogger ♥

  7. Love you!!! =D Wow I never knew Hello Kitty even had family members... Gosh I suck lol. You deserve all the love because you are a swtheart!!
    Much love for Rina too for always being such a sweetheart to you =). Love love sincere and genuine people!!!<33
    Wow Tsubasa Masuwaka's husband is a beauty!!! Amazing!! Good selling point for those Dolly Wink's. lol

  8. that liner looks really good..nice gifts

  9. aww u deserve to be showered with gifts! and plus i like looking at everything u get :)

  10. the dolly wink items are so cute!! i've seen the lashes on ebay but it's like $19 each so I couldn't get myself to buy it!

  11. omg haha Tsubasa's hubby makes a beautiful gyaru xD

    I esp love the one pic of Tsubasa in the dark hair and red lips. She can pull off any look!

  12. These girls are so sweet to send you things, blogger is great in that it brings people close together. :)

  13. Been reading for awhile but never commented until now, bad me XD Better late than never, right?

    Love your blog, it's the cutest and so fun. You can really tell how excited and loved you feel from reading this post, and it just rubs off onto your readers I think ♥

  14. so lucky and blessed! everything just looks so fun and makes me hyped haha! <3<3

  15. :O haha still in shock from how good he looks as a girl! The products all look rather cute too! :)

  16. i wish i had a husband who would let me dress him up like a doll hahahahahaaaa

  17. that angel bear sticker is so so cute! wow eki, you have great blogger friends! so sweet! :)

  18. I think blogger is such an amazing place to meet wonderful people! I also think it's awesome to be surprised by love packages! It looks like u had an amazing day! ^_^

  19. Great packages ... lucky you! That first package is beyond adorable from the box down to the custom earrings. You can't find such sweet stuff in Boston!

  20. that's not tsubasa's husband! it's tsuji's husband... but he is very beautiful i remember seeing those videos...
    and such awesome stuff!! i cant believe there's a store in california (where i'm from) that sells dolly wink... why can't i find it?! :( sigh but i hope to see you use the liner soon~

  21. Awesome sweet long packages:) I gotta go find me dolly wink:)

  22. awww...they are so sweeet.....gotta look for those dolly winks....:D

  23. AWWW I LOVE THESE LASHES!!!!(。→∀←。)

  24. Pretty package, love it ^^
    I want too ;___;

  25. woah they're all cute!
    u are so lucky to get all of that eki! eheehe

  26. *_* CUTE PACKAGE!!! is loooovelyyyyyy!!! ♥♥♥ cute things!!! I like Tsubasa and candy doll make up, is lovely and kawai!!! ♥

  27. How sweet of these gals! Yay for Lycee Rhoto!! :) LOL!

    And all those lashes looks so cute and flirty! LOL isn't it funny how most Asian guys do make really pretty gals?! LOL! Not fair at all... they look good both ways! LOL!

    Oooh a falsie case?! That's cute!

    Hope you're not still sick Eki! :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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