Belated 1 year blog anniversary post


2/22/10 was my 1 year blog anniversary! Which I am late blogging about due to being sick for the past week :( so I finally put together a collage of my past posts to just glance over at my 1 year of blogging :D

I cannot express this gratitude that I have to all my readers and the amazing ladies I have become friends with, I am truly thankful for all the LOVE I have gotten over the year of me starting this blog.
I originally started blogging to fill the loneliness I had from moving from FL to MN away from all that I knew of and the friends/loved ones that I have left behind to start this new journey of my life with my BF Zach *which this is his home state*

As I stated in my first post "I have decided to write a blog to share portion of my life with friends and family. I have just made a big move to a new state,city so its a new chapter of my life. I donno if I'll be a good blogger but Im just gonna be me here" I start blogging to write about my everyday things and hoped to make new friends in the process and that is what exactly happened and more, I never expected my blog to be interesting to others nor that I would have so many followers. ^__^
I cannot tell you how much this blog have brought joy to my lonely soul, it really do mean alot to me to know that you see me as I am, here to meet lovely ladies and share common interest and most of all I am happy to know that we can share the same love for another!♥

with the 1 year of blogging I have gotten nothing but LOVE from all of you! I never had one single hate comment nor hate mail and I am really grateful for that because my blog/me are here to LOVE and not to spread hate or negativity, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping my blog a place of LOVE and a place for us to all connect :) Really I am so thankful for everything, I just wish I could find more time to do more like posting, repaying love packages and get to know more lovely ladies but time have been the main issue :(

as I was putting together this collage it made me reflect on all that happened this past year and I think having a blog is a plus to remind you of what happened and makes you appreciate things that happened even more. I really cannot believe that I got to meet so many amazingly sweet ladies here on blogger when we are all complete strangers but with the common interest we have become friends and can share the love for one and another, that is the one magical thing about blogger is that we can connect with people that you can share a connection with whether its your love for beauty, art, craft, photography or anything else that we can all feel a connection with :D

Thank you so much for the amazing 1 year, Im not sure if I am a good blogger since I talk about whatever I feel like and I dont have set criteria theme for my blog but I am just being me here and that is why it makes me more thankful is that you guys find it interesting XD
Thank you♥

well enough of my nonsense, back to my topic of this post :D
I have this photo of my cork board that I started putting all the letter I have received from all the sweet ladies I have met through blogger to remind myself of how much love there are in this place, and how we can share the love for one another even if we all started out as strangers. Keep me positive and happy when I see this board♥

You might get tired of me saying LOVE and LOVE and more LOVE but LOVE is really important in my life. when I was growing up, I grew up with little to no love. All I knew of was sadness, disappointments, being robbed of my childhood and innocence. I dont really talk about my past but I went through alot of hardship and bad events growing up which left me with heavy depression but what made me continue with life is to stay positive at all time and follow your dream no matter what. SO spread love and not hate at all times ♥

In the beginning I started entering other bloggers contest which I was new to blogging community I had no idea how things worked at first but I was desperate of meeting people so I thought it was such a amazing idea how people hosted contest, see other girls creativeness and meeting new people at the same time. Now blogging community have kinda changed I feel like people have made their blogs more commercialized and is there to get big with sponsorships or something....with no heart in their blogs. I miss seeing more personal blogs and where we can host contest just to see other girls creativeness and talk about whatever we please.

here are some look I have done in the past for contests not much since we kinda all stopped having fun with contests which I am planning to host another contest sometime in the near future :D

LOVE for makeup & beauty

eki cosplay looks copy

I get lost in what to write about sometimes but I just end up making a post about what interests me and the stuff that I wanna share with other girls that I think that is amazing*beauty related stuff usually* :P I do have alot I wanna post about but been either too tired or drained to put any effort which I am trying to fix at the moment by finding more time and managing my time better :3
keep your passion alive!! wow that came out of nowhere LOL but its true dont let your passion die that is one of the things in life that will keep you happy is your passion for things you love.

my passion as you know if you look over my posts are*not in any special order*
2.crafting/creating anything with my hands/designing
3.anything beauty related stuff :3

In march before my birthday last year Zach have surprised me with Dslr Nikon D90 since he knew one of my passion was photography since I work alot with photographers he thought it would be nice if I start my own as well it was really thoughtful gift which I have been neglecting lately =_=;; I need to start taking up photography again!

here are some items I took last year

LOVE for photography

eki photos

Thanks to my blog I started up drawing again after years of not drawing, I truly feel a sense of joy when I draw but my hands are so rusty it hurts after a while :/ I wish I was young again when imagination just came freely and your hands just worked with you as one :P

so I really want to start drawing more often but sometime I feel like my mind is just too blah and not inspired and stressed from life...I really want to follow my true dream of becoming an artist of some kind either in digital art or traditional,, just dont know yet but if the time is right I would like to go back to art school again :)

just a round up of doodles XP

LOVE for art

eki draw copy

since March of 2009 with the love of kawaii and crafting ekiLove was born♥ now over 400+ orders served and is fully registered business thanks to all your support :D
It all just started with things I thought was kawaii and wanted to share my kawaii to others since I was consistently asked where I got my hair piece or other items I created so I decided to open a mini shop to share some of my creations. Just started with small hair pieces and bows and then grew into sewing items with now features jewels. :D

I am very proud of my creations and the design that I put my heart into all that I create, its alot of hard work too since I create, take photos of all the items, maintain web store, taking orders and making sure everything gets shipped accordingly since I am the only one running ekilove but its all worth it when I know that the item I have created is loved and have put a smile on someones face♥ thats what keeps me creating and sharing my love for kawaii and Hime style items!

My creations/designs have been imitated/copied by many other craftier and claimed as their own creation/designs which every time it is disappointing to me since if you create something you should really put your heart into it and not take other persons hard work since all of my creations have alittle of me in them, everyone should put their heart/soul into what they make with their own 2 hands and be proud of what they have just created.... be original and respectful of ones works please.

to all my ekiLovers thank you for all the undying support and love, it means so MUCH! ^0^
I will continue to create items that you will love and will continue improving my skills and craft!

here is alittle timeline of ekilove ;)

LOVE for kawaii, crafting and designing

ekilove timeline copy

well that is it for the recap of 1 year of blogging, it has a been really a pleasure to be here and I want to thank you again for your support, I wish I had more time to personally say thank you to everyone. Another thing I would like to address, Im so sorry if I never get back to all your questions, it have been really hard trying to answer questions when its everywhere from emails,comment box to cbox,, I dont want to open formspring since I am already having hard time finding time to answer all my emails but if its going to make it easy for everyone if it in one place please let me know. Please know that I am not trying to neglect anyone and questions, life just gets too overwhelming sometimes.

I hope to keep posting more interesting post to come Im not sure if it will be but I will try :)
sorry for the LONG post but thank you for reading them hope you got to know me more if you are new readers♥

take care everyone! Im still recovering from being sick but Im glad I finally made this post~ hope everyone is have a happy blogging time also♥



  1. Happy 1 year to your blog!

    Your blog is so sweet <3 It always makes me happy to read your posts. I'm hoping that you'll continue blogging ;3


  2. Hi Eki - Congrats on your 1-year blog anniversary!

    I just wanted to say that I really do love this post - you were one of the very first blogs that I have found truly inspirational. You are so one of a kind, but very much like me in your interests :) I could tell from the beginning that you are genuine in everything that you say or do - your blog has a feeling of innocence, wonder, fun, and of course, beauty, which I think resonates with many of your readers, myself included!!!

    You have so many talents and so much creativity, and instead of drawing readers into a vortex of negativity, whining, and complaining, you draw them in with POSITIVITY which is such a refreshing thing for a blog!

    I will continue to support your blog, your craft (lol, so hard to get ahold of your special jewelry, all sold out already!), and YOU as a friend in this crazy blogworld!

    ♥ Irene

  3. WOW ur contest entries are soo awesome!!

    wow 1 year anniversayr,keep blogging eki!!:)

  4. This post made me cry. Seriously. You've been through so many hardships in your life and still you can be such a positive person! You get so much love and you share it as well. You have hobbies that you enjoy. Now I'm sure that I can fight my depression whenever it comes back and probably be the winner at the end.

    I just got a part-time job and a DSLR camera will probably be the thing I'm going to buy with my first paycheck :3 I'm going to get a Pentax one.

  5. You are creative and inspiring AND beautiful!
    I am glad even though you have your own personal hardships (like we ALL do!) you still persevere. :)

    I love the photographs with the bright green/yellow/aqua blue make-up combo and the cupcake photograph. They look so delish!

    When Jen mentions you she has nothing but kind words for you! And says you are the sweetest person and I definitely get that from your blog. So that's why you have so many supporters for you and your blog. I think they realize you are genuinely kind and can relate to you since you do share things about your life. :)

  6. Omg the pictures are so cool I enjoy looking at them you are SO pretty your makeup is FANTASTIC everything is so cute...Happy Anniversary <3

  7. えきちゃんの絵は素敵!And nice pictures from a fellow photographer. :) I love your jewelry pics, I've always wanted to take pretty pics like that with some of the jewelry I've collected, but I need a macro lens. I am also a huge fan of Nikon. My first film camera that I was introduced to was my dad's old Nikon F. And when I decided to go to photo school in Santa Barbara I decided on a Nikon D700. Your modeling pics are also super cute! Do you take those all yourself? I'm glad to have found you through blogger, and I am not as active as I would like to be, but I enjoy reading the things you post. :) Keep up the great work and can't wait to read more! 一周年記念日おめでとう!ヽ(´▽`)/

  8. Nice, huge post!

    You're very talented and creative Eki! I love the letters bulletin board idea! All the cards look nice too :]

    Your drawings are also amazing. I used to draw but I sort of stopped once I graduated high school >_< Now.. I usually draw one picture every 6 months or so :/ My last drawing, good one not a doodle lol, was Rydia from FFIV...I love how it turned out. But I drew that like...a year ago? LOL Wow now I think I should draw againnnn

    I love the last picture of you, in the pig tails, it's very kawaii =]

  9. Love all your pics, Eki! Happy Blogversary!! =D

  10. Yay for Eki! You're such a sweet talented girl. Your drawings and crafts are amazing ^^
    Not to mention how good you are with make-up!
    Hope you have another great year of blogging. :)
    Love from Jeri

  11. This is my fave. post ever!
    I just started my blog not too long ago, and I look up to bloggers such as you...
    You have amazing skill and creativity!
    Thank you for this excellent post <3

  12. This is one of the sweetest blog posts ever! I love that you are doing what you love and are surrounded by loving, caring people. You, your jewelry, your drawings and your photography are really beautiful and add happiness to so many people's lives. Thank you so much for writing this blog and sharing everything with your followers. ^_^

  13. I know we haven't talked much but Happy Blog Anniversary!!!! you've done such a wonderful job and keep up the good work for great success ^^,
    fellow blogger! -Jhoy
    lol don't worry we'll have time to catch up =] congrats!

  14. Congrats, Eki!!! That is so exciting. You are so talented and beautiful to boot! I'm so happy for you. :)

  15. eki! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog post! :D I'm so glad you've decided to turn to blogger to making friends because I personally feel that it's so wonderful to have met you. <3

    I really admire how you have put your childhood behind you but at the same time, not ignore the difficulties you've been through because that's a part of who you are. The fact that you don't deny you had a bad childhood and face it straight on now is definitely not something everyone can do--and I admire your courage. :3 Because honestly, if you did not tell me, I wouldn't have guessed your childhood was not the most ideal considering your positive outlook in love.

    Don't worry, we're here to give you the love you've been missing in your childhood and make it up 10 folds!! :D I've read each and every single one of your blog posts after I've stumbled upon your blog somewhere in the middle and I just adore each and every one of them. I think it's really sweet that you share so many "personal" things with us, I really feel as if we're friends. :D (There are some bloggers who I've never even seen their faces so it feels a little distant...)

    I know you've been really busy, a little sickly, and probably troubled by the whole crystal scamming business...I hope that they'll get what they justly deserved and that you'll get what's rightfully yours returned with an apology. I'm behind you every step of the way! <3

    Stay healthy, take care, and please continue to be as sweet as always! It always cheers me up when I see your sweet blog posts. <3

  16. Congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary Eki.

    Your blog was one of the first blogs I ever followed, before I even knew how to follow via google and had a blogspot. Like you, I started blogging [again] to feel a void I had/have in my life [I used to blog a lot before on xanga/LJ but stopped for years]. I totally agree with you on how a plus of blogging is having it there to remind you of the hardships you had to face to get to where you are now. It does make you appreciate things more.

    I am very happy that you never stopped blogging and continue to share your life, passion and creativeness via your photography, art skills, ekiLove, your blog as a whole.

    One of the things I look forward to the most nowdays is reading other people's blog. Seeing all of their creativity and personality shine through their blog like yours. Your blog inspires me. Seeing you do what you love the most, what you have passion for, makes me want to not give up on things I enjoy doing the most.

    I can't wait to see what else you'll blog about these years to come. I wish you the best in everything.

  17. Happy 1 year Eki! :) Your blog is amazing, beautiful, and always a good read! You're defnitely an inspiration to so many bloggers out there~ :) You've accomplished so much in one year, and you definitely deserve all the love from everyone; you're a very REAL girl, and I think that's a very admirable thing. That's why your blog is always so fun and enjoyable, because you never commercialize or try to be someone you're not! Keep up the greattt work! I know you'll have a lot more anniversaries to come~

    & Pleaseeee take care of yourself and get well soon! :)

    <3 Tiffany

    PS. BTW, That lace tote in one of your pictures for Ekilove creations, would you still be able to make any? I would loveee to get my hands on one T___T I've been looking for a laceyy/princessy tote or purse for a longgg time but never found one!

  18. eki,
    you are one AMAZING girl. i have been in love with all your pictures and style for a long time and this by far is my favourite post. you let the personal you shine through :) i know what you mean about feeling lonely, i went through very hard depressed times as well, for many many years.

    you have taken this one year and made something beautiful out of it! keep dreaming, keep loving your art, and keep crafting! your ekilove things are too adorable.

    if i ever scrap together enough money, i am going to squeal and order some <3

    you are so unique and inspiring :)

    <3 angie

  19. Happy 1-year anniversary! I love looking at your pictures, they are always so clear and pretty!

  20. Wow, great post. I always love to read your posts and see the beautiful crafty things you make.
    Happy Anniversary sweetie!

  21. Happy blogversary Eki!! Sorry to hear you've been sick, I hope you feel better!<3

    I agree, meeting such kind, loving people here (like YOU!) is one of the best things about blogger. Your blog was one of the first that I came upon when I was new to blogger and you were always such an inspiration to me from the beginning! Your cosplay contest was the first contest I ever joined and I was kind of scared to do it but I'm glad I did (:

    Your art and photography is also a HUGE source of inspiration to me... I did not draw for maybe 4 years but when I see your beautiful drawings, I am inspired to try getting back into it! Your photography is always so amazing too, I wish for a d90 as well X)

    I remember Ekilove from the very start! :D It's so nice to see how much it has grown and evolved and you are still talented as ever ♥ I adore all your pieces and will continue to expand my Ekilove collection hehe :3

    I also love how you take the time to connect with your readers and show them the real you. To me, it's hard to know whether a blogger is "real" or not and I feel like you're one of the most down to earth, nicest, and sincere girls I've met here! You def. deserve all the love you receive! :D I can relate with you sometimes too since I tend to get into that depressed funk each month and I don't like thinking about my childhood... but feeling the love and support of every one truly is a great pick me up =)

    Sorry for the super long comment, Eki, I guess I'm just trying to say THANK YOU for being such an inspiration to me from the start and for always being so nice =) I hope you have many more years of blogging to come! ♥

  22. eki happy anniversary! i love the pictures. your photography skills are so inspiring. i can't believe one year has passed and there's so much that has happened with your creations and your originality toward art. keep continuing. i love your works!
    <3 yumiko

  23. Congratz!! Wahhaa!! So much L.O.V.E and beautiful pictures! ♥

  24. happy 1 year Eki!!! congrats on all the accomplishments you've done in the past year, it is always exciting to read your blog updates, and you are such a sweet, dedicated and caring friend to have! I am so grateful to have met you through blogger! Keep up the good work :)

  25. Thank you for taking the time to do such an amazing post Eki~ Although I was not there to be a reader/follower of your blog from the beginning, I feel that I've gotten to know you just as much as if I were to have been there since the beginning =). Not to mention, I have gone back to read your earlier posts ;). This collage of your 1 year blogging/achievements with EkiLove is amazing and I really hope that you continue to grow with love and that EkiLove will as well =). Thank you for being an amazing friend and giving your love in return for me and others =]!!

    **Please get well soon!!! ^_^**

  26. Happy Anniversary Eki! I hope you are recovering and feeling well. Your blog is one of my favorites and I am so glad to have discovered it when I started blogging :) Thank you for sharing your love and opening up to us! Keep up the amazing work and hope to read your blog for many more years to come. Thank you so much for being you <3

    Congrats to your hard work in making such a great, insightful-helpful blog<3
    You are my most favorite blogger guru and make-up artist:) You are beautiful on the inside as well on the out and deserve all the love in the world-I don't mind the word "love" at all!<3 I love-love the word "love":)
    Keep up the tremendous work, Eki!

    -Miss. Piggy

  28. Happy one year to you! I'm so glad I came across your page. & to be honest, when I started blogger, I came upon yours first! Lovely pictures! Everytime I go to your shop & I want something, its sold out. :( I'll keep trying! Eki, You are a kind person and only deserve the best. You deserve all this love, esp from your supporters. You are just simply amazing! Very talented & very pretty! I like how unique you are! I will continue to support your shop and of course you. Congrats once again!

    Katie Ngo

  29. Happy Anniversary, dear!!!! I'm so happy you started blogging, because if u didn't, i wouldn't have met you!!!! I hope you are feeling better. I've been so MIA, but I never forget about you!!!!
    <3 Rina

  30. wooooo! that was long XD anyway, seeing all the pictures, posts, and letters are just so amazing how you have grown as a person in this blog =) it made me teared how you thanked each and everyone of us your bloggers..really touching =) Hope you'll be more successful and continue to shine..you just deserved every opportunity and success because you truly are one amazing blogger eki. Thanks for sharing us your life =) It has changed something in me too, I was inspired just by looking at your creativeness =) and thank you for that. Btw, you looked really young when you started your blog by looking at your pictures before >_< and how you said you just join contest to get to know people here in blogger, it kinda reminded me of myself right now :P haha. I'm new here and I have not posted anything but constest giveaways! :P shame on me! XD Anyway GOOD LUCK WITH THE FUTURE EKI! Happy 1 year to you! =)

  31. aww eki, thank you for sharing your time with us, i really appreciate your eye for beautiful things, and i love the way you take your photos! your BF is a sweetie. :) Stay happy Eki! Sending you loads of LOVE from the Philippines! xx^_^

    Happy Blogger Anniversary! :)

  32. Hi gorgeous girl! congratulations for the anniversary! You do deserve all the love as you exude such wonderful personality :)

  33. EKI CONGRATS! i've been a HUGE fan of your blog for a whileee noww! i'm so happy that you decided to bloggg! i love reading everything that you write, you are so talented and beautiful! thanks for all the advices that you have given out and all the tutorials! i know that you have spend so much time on this blog, and i'm so happy that it has become such a HUGE success for you! keep it uppp girl!


  35. Happy 1 Year!! Congrats :]

    Thank you for sharing your talent to the online blogging world. You're such an amazing artist!!

    BTW that's the camera that I want.. hopefully I can get it some time this year :]

  36. I'm sorry to hear that you came from such a rough background...but it makes it even more impressive that you've turned depression around into this. Your blog has probably touched so many ladies on a day to day basis. You're so talented in your arts and crafts, and so beautiful! Happy 1 year!

  37. congrats on your 1 year anniversary! i'm a new follower of your blog, but i love to look at your pictures and see all your kawaii creations. I love to sew and do other crafts also so i love looking at other peoples creativity and get inspired! good luck with your business and photography!

    I hope you'll always have this blog, although I don't always comment... more of a silent reader. i LOVE your blog, there's always new and interesting posts =D It's always a delight to see a new post from you ^^

    Best wishes in the coming year =D


  39. Love this post babe! Very touching <33 Love love love you!!You are such an amazing person. I hope you feel better soon hun. Poor thing keep getting sick. *huggiez* Happy be-lated one year blog!! Much love <33 *muahz*

  40. you have brought happiness to so many people with your positive attitude and beautiful jewelry. your number of supporters will continue to grow and I bet in another year you will have met many more great people and have twice as much supporters as you do now. you are such a talented and beautiful person!

  41. Happy Anniversary Eki!!!You have been an inspiration for me to pursue my passion...you're so amazing in everything you do..keep it up....& I'm so happy to own some of your beautiful creations...

  42. happy 1 year babe :) i've always loved your blog since i first stumbled upon it :D congrats! :)

  43. Hi Eki!

    Love love love reading your blog. You're beautiful and you're talented and i look forward to every entry you post on here. Happy belated 1 year blogging anniversary! i hope you continue on sharing with us all :)

  44. Hi Eki!

    Love love love reading your blog. You're beautiful and you're talented and i look forward to every entry you post on here. Happy belated 1 year blogging anniversary! i hope you continue on sharing with us all :)

  45. Congratulations on the one year anniversary Eki!

    Your blog is truly amazing and your efforts really show through your post.

    Please keep up the good work!! :)

  46. Happy Blog Birthday! It's so awesome that blogging has brought so many great things for you! I share some of the same loves - crafting (but at a very basic level!) and photography and definitely hoping to develop it more this year

  47. I've been a follower of you blog for quite awhile, and for a long time, I feel like I just have to tell you that you are the cutest, sweetest, most talented and creative person I've ever come across, and I haven't even met you irl!

    I really love your blog. Keep up the good work eki! Happy 1 year anniversary to you and your blog!

  48. Hi eki!
    First, Happy 1 year!
    Though I hardly comment cos I'm quite a shy commenter, I have always been reading your posts!

    I know how it feels to have an unhappy childhood. But what matter most is that you are now happy, filled with so much love and kindness and doing wad you like.

    I hope I can be like you in the future too. Being happy and living the life I want.

  49. Oh hun, I loved reading everything that you've wrote. ♥

    You are such an amazingly sweet and loving person and completely deserve all the LOVE you get from Blogger.

    I do have to sadly agree with you when you said that people are starting to commercialize their blogs and all that :(
    I love how you don't do that and you are always sharing about your personal life. Whether it's your drawings, photography, or even occasional pictures from outtings with Zach! :)

    And Woah 400+ EkiLove orders! XD WOAH!! I'm so happy for you that you've been so lucky and have such good fortune <3 Your creations are so beautiful. I still love wearing your hair clips ;) & it sucks that each time I wanna buy something from your jewelry, it's already sold out. I'm just not quick enough >.< Hopefully soon though I'll be able to own one of your beautiful jewelries.

    Eki, I just LOVED this post so much.


  50. Happy Bloggiversary! I love your beautiful photographs! Anyone that comes by can tell all the love you put into your posts. Hope you get better soon. (^.^;)/

  51. Hi.I've always seen your blog and always find something new so Congratulation on blogaversary.

  52. I hope you feel better darling! You are so talented, take care & love!

  53. Happy 1 year blogging:)

    I really enjoy reading ur blog i learn so much about beauty,photography,art, and Japan!!I like so many of your readers can relate to your posts,so keep em comin'lol!

    Oh,almost forgot i like the magazine scans too,i like to know what the ladies of Japan are wearing,lol!!

    I hope u have much continue success and happiness!!

    Keep inspiring others and continue to be creative,cuz ur good at it:)


  54. Happy Anniversary^^ I hope you continue your blogs.

    Whoooaa Eki those photographs are amazingly cool :)

    Get well soon =]

  55. happy blog anniversary! reading this post just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside =D

  56. Get well soon, okay?! Drink lots of tea, tea and tea! <3

    Now, that was a thorough and long =) recap! As I haven't known you long, I missed a lot, but OMG thanks for the pics! I'd list every look, photo, etc. I like, but it's such a long list HEHE

    One thing I'd encourage you to do is: DRAW! You're so skilled! I especially like the last drawing! ^.^

    Hope you MUST do many more anniversary posts in the future! And they will be full of LOVE! HEHEHHE

  57. Happy ani Eki! Congrats!

    Your blog is always so cheerful and full of love I can only hope that you receive just as much LOVE back =)

    Your photos really are beautiful! I can understand why your boyfriend wants you to expand into it, your extremely talented!

    Your blog is always so honest and true to yourself I'm so happy for your success! You share a piece of happiness with everyone and deserve to receive it back!

    Your pieces on ekilove are stunning, I can't help but be jealous of your talent everytime I see new stock! They are all SO beautiful <3

    I wish you the best fortune for the coming year and the best wishes for your health (So sad to hear you've been sick so regularly this year! Please get better soon!)

    Keep being you and being so genuine and true to yourself. Make yourself happy and the rest will follow <3

    Congrats again Eki!

    Love, Rae <3

  58. Congrats Eki! I've watched how your blog grew and it's pretty amazing =) Really happy for you.

    Keep up the greats posts!

  59. this post makes me so happy ^___^ i love reading what makes other people happy. your photography has come a ways, and it's definitely beautiful! i always thought your art was amazing and it still is :DD and of course who can forget your wonderful ekilove?! seems like you've grown as a person, going through your old blogs, and it makes me very happy ^__^

  60. happy anniversary EKI! you've accomplished so much in a year! keep up the good work :D

  61. Happy belated 1 year anniversary to your blog! You're a wonderful blogger; keep the awesome work =) The pictures are pretty! Ahh your signature earrings.. I miss it =( but i have a similar one now thanks to your sweetness ^_^

  62. Eki ♥ Love you!!You are bery cute person. Happy one year blog!! Love for you!

  63. happy one year blog anniversary Eki! yes, community has changed, but at least you`ve maintained your integrity that counts :)

  64. Happy One Year Blogging Eki~! You've come such a long way girl! This post really made me smile. You are truly a sweet sweet girl =)

  65. why are you so gorgeous?!

    i know ive asked you before and i'll keep asking! lol you're an inspiration and i can't imagine anyone treating you badly at any time in your life--you're so full of love it seems!

    i haven't been with you the whole year but i'm so glad i'm reading your blog now!

    can't wait to get my first item from ekilove : ) i wonder if you have a post with tips on how to share our own art with the world?


  66. eki, love your blog@@ <3

    happy Anni!!<3

  67. Happy Bloggaversary!!

    Your posts brighten my day--THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!

  68. Happy blog Anniversary! I am a recent follower but the moment came across your blog I was enticed by all the cute things, photos, and basically everything! It would be great to see a view of your life with Zach, since I don't remember seeing any pictures of him. Food for thought ^^ Well, hope you continue updating and I will continue reading :)

  69. OMG!
    I missed so much of your posts while i was on hiatus
    but im back reading everything

    congrats on your blog anniversary!

    you know, you get love because you give love & you soooooooooooo deserve them,hun!

    It's great having a blog because you get to know a lot of people on cyber world, especially the beauty blogging community. everyone is very warm & kind...& you're 1 of the sweetest & cutest person that i have ever seen! im serious!

    every time i see your photos it made me smile because i get to really see what your eyes can see. it's as if your pics are speaking to me!

    all the blessings that you have received are given to you because you know how to appreciate it. you so totally deserve everything,hun.

    thoughtful friends, loving family, sweet bf, warm cyber friends & everything. I wish you all the best,hun

    happy belated blogoversary,sweetie!

    i've already received the package that you sent. the earrings are amazing!

    i really feel like a princess. i can really feel all the love that you put into making them, especially the card where the earrings are clipped on.

    im sure that you actually just made it & im so happy that i get to receive something that's really made with love.

    It made me really smile as i saw how cute the packaging really is.

    *hugs tight*

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