A look with Canmake FOTD

Hi :)

Here is a little look I did by using Canmake cosmetics♥
I'm playing around with Kim Kardashian inspired look since I am really loving P&J mascara primer give me that full lash kinda like Kim K's gorgeous lashes :D

I am so loving my Canmake items perfect colors to create Kim K's looks with her signature full lashes, smokey eyes, pinky cheek and pretty pink/nude lips that she always wears. I love the quality its really great since Canmake is considered like drugstore brand in Japan so its really cheap there but not when its imported prices are usually doubled :(

Best Place I see that carry Canmake out side of Japan online is ichibankao.com prices are higher than actual prices but the shipping fee is already included in their prices so thats not too bad. I wish there were other place that carry Canmake :/
Here are the Canmake items that I have used for this look* I forgot to take photo of the Canmake gokubuto volume mascara* I LOVE this mascara its one of their newest released item already hit product in Japan!! its just like Fiberwig~ but way cheaper works so well with paul & joe mascara primer~XD

photos quality is not as good as usual since I was super lazy and used my canon point and shoot, it still takes nice photos :D

canmake look

Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge in 02 strawberry whip

canmake nudy glow 02

This gloss is really pigmented and really thick but not too sticky so I really like it :)
The color is really pretty, its milky pinkish peachy shade contains alittle bit of tiny gold sparkles as you can see in the photo, it adds a really nice touch to the really shiny and juicy effect.

canmake strawberry milk

canmake nudy lip

Canmake four shiny eyes palette in 03 Milk chocolate

canmake four shiny eyes 03

The eyeshadow contains lots of shiny sparkles you cant really see in this photo but in person you can see them really well its not too overpowering sparkles so I really like the effect it gives. The consistency is very fine so it blends very well that is one of the thing I love about Canmake shadows they blend so well and love the pigmentation as well~ :)

canmake palette03

Canmake cheek Gradation in 01 pink stripe

This is one of my favorite blush I like to use my other favorite blush is Jill Stuart mix blush, they both create such a lovely pinky cheek♥ makes me feel so pretty when I wear them :3
As you can see in the photo there are fine sparkles in this as well, they add nice touch in creating dewy cheek but like all of the canmake products the sparkles are not over powering its just adds a nice touch in creating a nice effect :D

Tip on using this blush:
most of Japanese blushes comes in several color in one blush to create a better results, there is base shades, shadow shade and highlighting shade so you might see light,med,dark color in a single blush. Its because they want you to create 3D effect on your cheek, add base shade*med shade* all over then add shadow shade*dark shade* to contour the cheek then add highlighter shade*the lightest shade* on the inner and around the apple of your cheek this way you create fuller and well contoured face ^_^

Canmake cheek gradation 01

Since I forgot to take photo of the Gokubuto mascara I will make a separate post/review about it and compare it to fiberwig~! XD

so here is the look using this products&hearts

eki canmake look

what am I wearing:

DHC Q10 cream foundation in Natural ocher 02
NYX concealer jar in beige
Canmake cheek gradation in 02

Dollywink liquid eyeliner
MUFE aqua eyes in 1L on my bottom waterline
Canmake four shiny eyes in 03
DHC automatic brow liner on brown
Paul & Joe mascara primer
Canmake Gokubuto mascara
Geo angels in brown contacts

Canmake nudy glow in 02

eki canmake look1

eki canmake look2

ok so something random here hehe :3
I wanted to share some of my favorites more often other than just makeup~ some of my favorite candies! If you bought an item from ekiLove you might of had them already♥ you might of thought what are they? hehe I hope you like them as well!

But those are 2 of my most favorite hard candy ^0^ They are mecha oishii~ *really good*

eki's fav candy

Omatcha milk candy by Kasugai
you might of know by now that I am obsessed with anything matcha LOL This candy made from actual matcha tea powder and milk so it tastes just like my favorite matcha latte!! I love love this candy :)

omatcha milk

Cafe lait season coffee milk by Kasugai
another things I love is coffee milk! this candy is so creamy and so good~ reminds me of Coffee milk I used to get all the time in Japan X3 ahh how I miss them so~ :P

cafe lait season

ok that is it for now~ I have so much to post about but so little time :(

Oh! I wanted to thank EVERYONE for leaving me such a heartwarming messages and congratulating on my 1 year! I am so thankful for everything and all the support,

I will keep on continuing with my nonsense here so bear with me LOL well take care Love's!!



  1. HI hi Eki~~

    Thank you for making a review post about the Canmake makeup =). I am really happy that you shared the eyeshadow and lipgloss with me xD! Thank you for finding a website that sells Canmake cosmetics for the US =D!! Hee x2 you look really pretty with the make up on you =] Did you also dye your hair darker? Maybe it's just me, but it seemed darker to me =P. Well, I hope you're feeling all better now and thank you for posting!! ^_^ I loved the coffee hard candy that you included in my package a lot btw =D thank you!!

  2. Gorgeous as always! Love the super full lashes, your eyes look so dolly!<3 I wish I could try Canmake products, but the prices are so upped =[

  3. Your FOTD looks really gorgeous! I love how you worked her style into something that also works for you (since we all have to realize that we have very different bone structures than a lot of celebs, esp. American ones and Kim K has SUCH strong and gorgeous cheekbones which she emphasizes with blush). You look amazing in those pics. ^___^ All taken by a point and shoot? :O Wow quality~

    Your praises for the P&J primer is really tempting me to try it! Your lashes look amazing with them, btw. :3

    & thanks for the random candy post! Usually when I see an update from you, I just keep hoping there'll be more and more as a I scrolled down and you didn't disappoint me this time! Now I want some candy but it's 1 in the morning. xD

    I also want to add sorry for popping you that email! I just checked on twitter and realized that you've been sick last week and here I am, asking you about my order~ I apologize, you SOUND really cheerful in your blog post so I'm hoping you've fully recovered~

    Take care~ <3

  4. What a great natural look :3 You actually did pull off the Kim K look very well!

    I love your photography Eki :D Keep it up! I'm so envious that Japan has all these kawaii cute things and clothes

  5. love your fotd! u look so mature, totally stunning <3

  6. i usually don't like the look of the geo angel browns but you've totally convinced me to get it! it looks gorgeous on you! :)

  7. You look so cute.I like the way your lashes are u used Canmake Gokubuto mascara right.I wish I could buy it.
    (follow me tanterabayo tantarabayo)

  8. Nice FOTD Eki! :) Canmake products looks so pretty! I wished I asked my brother to pick up some products for me when he was in Japan. D:

    The candy looks delicious. O: I love the gummy lollies they make! It's so addicting.

  9. I love the results...those eyeshadow colors are so wearable. Still can't believe you achieved those lashes without falsies!

  10. Eki! this is a gorgeous look, you look so fresh! like a live doll :)

  11. Ahhhh I see I was a little late! I planned to send you some of the canmake glosses for your bday :) I guess I'll think of something else to get you!!!

    What a pretty look!!! I love matcha too! Now they have Sakura Matcha Kit Kats!

  12. i got a flash of kim kardashian when i saw ur side by side pic! so beautiful!

  13. Like always, a gorgeous look, Eri! You look super elegant here, and your eyes are just amazingly huge! ;)

  14. oh sorry ;o; my last comment was a false one ToT please delete it!
    sorry! m(_ _)m

  15. Are you using Geo Angels original (dia 14mm) or super size (14.8mm)?

  16. Goooorgeous <3 I just ordered the Panasonic eyelash curler that you use :D Thank you so much for recommending it!


  17. awwww eki!no way!
    i love the combination!
    u r flawless!!
    im so jealous!lol

  18. Eki you do look like an Asian Kim K. but you look gorgeous too! I want the matcha candy too lol, I'm a green tea addict. I hope you are feeling better Eki-chan, I know you've been sick the past week or so, hope you are getting back to 100%!

  19. Very beautiful Eki! Very natural and simple ^ ^ I LIKE IT !

  20. eki! I'm loving your eyelashes!! I think I need to get me that that P&J primer!!! Your lashes really do look like falsies & they're soooo nice and full!!

    You look absolutely gorgeous w/ this look. It looks very mature & sexy!!! Very Kim K.

    I also need to hunt for some Canmake glosses. They're so pretty.


  21. wow! gorgeous!!
    You look like Kim! <3

  22. that look DEFINITELY looks great on you. it suits you very well. especially those contacts :] I think this is one of my favorites of yours on yourself.

  23. very pretty fotd :) i'm also loving your hair color!!!!

  24. wow. i love how your camera takes very crisp clean pictures. and you look gorgeous as usual with the make up. the lip gloss matches you alot.

  25. surely get those canmake one of this days...haha...like I've been wanting that product for a long time...& you doing this look makes me want it more....and thanks for the tip on the blush application...and I love those candies too...thanks for including it on the package...we get to try how yummy it is...

  26. and I've stop buying & subscribing US mags...because I'm loving those Japanese ones even without the GWP...but do hope US mags would catch up on freebies...

  27. Awwww,its not nonsense.=D

    Its actually very entertaining to read.^^

  28. your looks are always so pretty <3
    love your full lashes :) wish mine could look as long as yours! >o<

    btw, I love your hair color!<3

  29. so pretty! of course it takes a pretty person to pull off such pretty makeup too. one question - did you use fake lashes?

    i was wondering where do u download japanese songs? i really like the songs you put on your blog

  30. i just bought the mascara ;x hopefully itll look as good on you as it will on me?

  31. Your eyes look SOOOO doe-eyed and pretty here! I can't believe you're not wearing falsies-- your lashes look SO long! I love your hair in these pictures, really gorgeous! My friend is going to go to Japan next month... I'm definitely going to ask her to brink me back some Canmake products! ^_^

  32. ekichan! ohisashiburiiiiiiiiine! gomenne!
    i wish i had your face! omg =D

  33. GORGEOUS, Eki!!!! You really did an amazing job of capturing Kim K's look! I think you look better than she does though. =P

  34. ekiさんカワイイすぎ!!私もcanmake大好き^^

  35. Eki, love your look...I might steal it from you for my next date with hubby ;)
    btw where did u buy those yummy looking candies?

  36. Eki you look stunning! Everything looks amazing on you. I love your full lashes. Definitely does look like Kim K. I must hunt down that primer and mascara. I can never find Japanese products online. Thanks for the link and for sharing all of your finds with us.

    Look at all that candy! Matcha tea powder in candy? {*YUM!} I will try to look for these the next time I go to the Japanese supermarket.

  37. Hi Love!! You look gorgeous! Love this look on you! The candies are indeed yum yum... and canmake is soo pretty. Love the blush <33 Hope you are feeling better hun *hugz*

  38. wow!! you're a way more gorgeous version of kim k i think <33 hehehe. love the gloss! and wow your hair looks amazing.

  39. Gorgeous! Way better then Kim K!! Love how full your bottom lashes are looking! Thanks for the swatchies & tip on the gradient blushes! :)

    Hope you're feeling better Eki!! And thanks for your sweet comment!

  40. You look absolutely beautiful Eki :)

    I love how simple your look it yet it's so glamorous <333

    & those candies look so yummy! I'm the same too with some filipino candies, they make me miss the philippines when i eat them lol

    anyways, hope youre having a great night.


    please check out my blog, if you want. hehe!

  41. eki genki desu-ka?!

    oh boy oh boy i luv your dark mocha HAIR & canmake look <3
    totemo kirei!

    canmake is also double charge in KL,Msia :(
    still haven't gotten the heart&urge to haul in any sniff sniff

    anyway i miss your pretty look!!

  42. Your hair is such a rich, beautiful shade :) Sophisticated Eki <3

  43. hi Eki,

    Love your makeup! It's a detailed review you had on Canmake products. You're gorgeous :) Keep up the good work.


  44. Wonderful blog! You are very pretty too =) I've always wanted to try canmake makeup but never knew where to buy it. Gonna take a look at ichibankao ^-^

  45. Thank you for your lovely reviews -- you have such crazy talent! (You definitely resemble Kim K with those lovely lashes (especially bottom lashes - so lucky, I have none! ;_;)

    Also, thanks for links on how to order Canmake products outside of Japan. I can't believe they are considered 'drug store' products - they would be sold out in a flash if they brought them to the US!

  46. I love all your post...
    i've just done read all you post..
    from da 1st... til tis da latest post...
    i found em so interestin to me...
    love ur blog alot :D

  47. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!
    I am taking a huge liking to your dark brown mane<3 It radiates "I am hot~"
    And the look is inspiring even though I know I can't have your gorgeous bright eyes -___-;;
    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    Miss. P

  48. very Pretty! Deff would like to try out the look :)

  49. Wow, you made such a lovely look with those Canmake items. I am really interested in Canmake now hehe^^ Oh, and thanks for explaining the different shades in the blush palette.

    As for the question you asked on my blog - I usually use some online place like priceline, expedia etc. They have different carriers and prices so I usually check them all. Kayak.com is good for checking the prices.

    I know there are some good Japanese services with lower prices, but I can't really understand the purchasing process, so I just spend a little more.

    The first two times I went to Japan I used a local travel agent, and the price was a little higher, and there is a fee for their time.

  50. love this fotd! i'm going to hong kong soon and i think i've seen them somewhere before but probably not all of canmake products.

  51. yay for nonsense! ; ) reading your blog is really a highlight for me (and others i'm sure!) i tried to view your hair deco in ekilove but it wouldn't let me click on the barrette metal choices? i want those candies too! do you know where I can get them in the US?

  52. I'm going through a case of love and hate with lipgloss
    not like the way it is sticky on the lips in the hot days, now only use on cold days.

    I love the packaging Canmake is a shame I can not find them in the pharmacy here in Brazil.

    You look beautiful as always =)
    and I'm completely in love for their jewelry!

  53. You pull off the look very well; it looks great on you!

    Oh yea, the Omatcha milk candy tasted really good!! I have 2 more of them left lol i wish i have more ><

  54. you are so beautiful and did anyone tell u u look like an Asian version of Kim kardashian with that makeup and hairstyle?

  55. You do the most amazing FOTD! Kim's look is so sexy, but yours has a softer, pretty twist to it that makes it more appealing for everyday. I so want to try this!

  56. I love the gloss. The colour is gorgeous!!! However, I can`t find this brand in Spain :(

  57. U have no idea how gorgeous the new hair colour makes u look! Its so classy and elegant.. U look sooo beautiful ^^ i wish my eyes were as perfectly shaped as urs.. then i could actually follow ur tutorials LOl!

  58. you are officially the Asian Kim K! You pulled off her signature look SOO WELL, Eki-chan! :) too gorgeous! totemo kirei, ne! ;) the canmake e/s & lippy goes so well with your huge eyes! and the dollywink liquid liner! Your hair is AMAZING. I love how much volume your waves have! I can't help but notice though, are you wearing false bottom lashes? Because I scrolled down to your P&J Primer review post to look at your photos and noticed that your bottom lashes in those pics aren't as long as they are in these Kim K. FOTD pics, even though you wore primer+fiberwig in the other one! Don't tell me it's the Canmake Gokubuto mascara!! Because if that's the case, I definitely have to get one for myself! ;P hehe Love you, Beautiful!

    <3 caroline

  59. as usual, you're amazing,hun!

    love the pics...especially the pic with your eyes open/close. i think you look really hot. it's a different side of you..i don't know about it, but for most pics you do look really sooooooooo cute & adorable, but that one is you're drop dead gorgeous & really hot!

    i need to remember your tip in using gradient blushes!

  60. Hi! Congratulations for your blog. We're from Brazil and we follow your blog! Your make ups are so beautiful! 
    Follow us too?! Kisses!
    Amora Menina (amoramenina.blogspot.com)

  61. Hey where did you get your key necklace in your photo? ^^

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