Dolly Wink and Love packages, FOTD

Hi hi~

Wanted to make a post to say thank you to Julie and Sarah for sending me LOVE packages♥ I am truly thankful for the love you guys have showered me with, not only with gifts but with support and being my friend! X3

First love package is from Julie, She is one of my Royal ekiLove customer and truly a wonderful person to just surprise me with such a lovely gifts! I cannot express my gratitude to you for being so thoughtful and kind to me!!♥♥

She knew that I wanted Dolly Wink from reading my past post and so she went out of her way to hunt for Dolly Wink item all the way in Australia!! Thank you so much for taking your time to do that for me! you are too thoughtful and generous to me, thank you. T__T

Julie Love

Best part out of the Love package are the sweet messages in the love letter and the letter itself♥ :3 I cherish the letters since the words come from the heart and its far more personal when you read and connect with that person. :)

Thanks sweetie for putting a smile on my face and writing me such a sweet letter, its so kawaii too♥

Julie love note

Hello Kitty Lollipop :D sooo cute and colorful I love it and I love the mouse pads too!! :D

hello kitty lolipop

she gave me Dolly wink false lashes in No.1 Dolly sweet~ she really read my mind because I was eyeing this exact pair!! X3 Thank you they are so pretty I cant wait to wear them! She also gave me spare Dolly wink lash case too~ My cousin actually sent me another case so I have now 3 of them so I am thinking about givingaway one case as my ekiLove customer appreciation gift for march :D

Dolly wink lashes

Dolly Wink is designed and Produced by Gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka and manufactured by Koji
Tsubasa is one of popular Gyaru Model in Japan who features alot in fashion magazine and on tv shows. :D this Dolly Wink brand have been a best seller in Japan since it have been released late last year! I LOVE their liquid eyeliner that Rina gave me, its so precise and stays on all day~ easily became my HG liquid eyeliner! :D

dolly wink by tsubasa

dolly wink

Julie included Dolly Wink pamphlet with Tsubasa's look cards they are so pretty and colorful I love it! :D thank you Julie!!

Dolly wink cards

Dolly wink no.1 Dolly sweet

Dolly wink no.2 Sweet girly

Dolly wink no.3 Natural Girly

Dolly wink no.4 Feminine style

Dolly wink no.5 Real nude

Dolly wink no.6 Baby cute

Dolly wink no.7 vivid pop

Dolly wink no.8 Pure little

I also got a love package from Sarah of Moto Jewelry :) She always sends me a gift to put a smile on my face with her beautiful handmade jewels and yummy sweets! Itsumo hontouni arigatou ne Izu-chan!

moto love

moto jewelry

Also I am trying to post more Fotd again since I've been pretty lazy with posting FOTDs :) Here is REALLY simple and natural look! This is a makeup I apply when Im in rush or have no time to take to do my makeup~ :P But it creates really nice natural, fresh and big eye effect since it focuses more on the top of the eye, it creates a more of a opened eye look :)

eki fotd

what am I wearing:

Lioele BB cream
Jill Stuart Mix blush in 02
NYX concealer jar in beige

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
canmake 4 shiny eye palette in 03
P&J mascara primer
Fiberwig mascara
venus contact lens in purple

NYX round lip gloss in Baby pink

eki FOTD2

My bang have been getting on my nerves lately since my hair glows so fast I get tired of cutting my bangs so I might glow them out again,, :3 but I donno I get tired of hair styles so fast so I always Like to change it up LOL :P

eki FOTD3

thank you for stopping by again♥ hope you liked kawaii Tsubasa's photos I thought they were so pretty I wanted to share them with you guys too! hehe

ok gotta go to bed now :/



  1. It's so sweet that people send you packages ;] and you are really beautiful. I've been wanting to try color contacts for a while now. I haven't had the time to get my eyes checked though. As far as I'm concerned, I have 20/20 vision lol ;p Buttt, I hope to try color contacts sometime soon! I will definitely ask you for your recommendations when the time comes <3


  2. Hi Eki~

    Those love packages look really nice =)!! And the earrings from Sarah are really pretty too ^_^. I tried having bangs before...but I felt that it didn't look too good on me. I think it was probably due to the fact that I didn't know how to style it or work with it in the such as rounding it... It just stayed pin-straight on my forhead =_=''. Which makes me want to ask you, when you have bangs, do you usually have to do anything to them to make them rounded and a little poofy or you just wake up and brush it and its ready to go? Hee x2~ Thank you for sharing today =D

  3. awww....thanks for posting those pretty pics...I did enjoy checking out all her look...loving your look...

  4. wow! julie blew me out of the water xDD can't wait to see you wearing those lashes!! they look awesome :D

  5. Those are the cutest lashes!!!
    I wish I could change my hairstyles everyday. I get bored of my hair fast too.
    Hehe. That big bunny does look like mine. It's so huge though!!

  6. Very much enjoyed the kawaii Tsubasa's photos. Thank you Eki!

    I noticed in your more recent posts you have been using Dolly wink liquid eyeliner instead of the Loreal Lineur liner [the one from your YT tutorials]. Is the Dolly wink better?
    Either way, both look great on you. =P

  7. Eki,you're most definitely welcome <3 Thanks for making a sweet post ^___^ Glad you liked my package ~

  8. you are so pretty! ;)
    you're so lucky for owning a pair of the Dolly Wink eyelashes!
    i live in Australia too, and seen them in the shops ^___^

  9. How lovely from your friends, it'S so cute when people still write handmade letters! <3<3<3 I love this too.
    You look great ^^ Have to cut my bangs al two weeks, but I can't live without them xD
    Dolly Wink is great, it would be nice to have this in Germany too, I want one *_____*

  10. All the gifts are so cute xoxo You are so lucky hun hehe xoxo

    I wonder if you could do a video tutorial (or even a blog post) on you winged eye liner please? It look gorgeous on you. I have tried many times but it just look weird on me =.= I'm assuming that may be I am doing it the wrong way =(

  11. These false eyelashes are very pretty!
    I always had doubts about false eyelashes put at the bottom, but I really liked the results in the pictures.

    candy soda and lichia ~ my FAAAAV's

  12. Lucky you! Love the look on all the dolly wink models, and those handmade purple earrings. I just ordered fiberwig after seeing it on you in post after post ... can't wait for it to arrive!

  13. amazingg loveeee packagee! im so jealous! i want those lashes! and you look so good with dark hair as well! : )

  14. Dolly wink stuff looks really really Kawaii!! Both love packages are amazing<33 Love you natural look hun =).. hehe your FOTD's are always amazing, such a beauty <33

  15. how sweet of them! did you see my question about your shop? xo

  16. Those lashes are soo pretty and damn girl, I never get sick of your purple contacts. So pretty!

  17. Aww how sweet of her to get those lashies for you! And Sarah always is soo sweet! :)

    Wow those purple lenses are so mesmerizing on you!! Eki I'm glad to hear you're feelin better! You look absolutely amazing! :)

  18. Aww, yay for great packages! :D

    You look gorgeous, as always. =) I really like these contacts on you!

  19. Oh thanks for sharing Eki. You got amazing packages. You always look lovely as usual =)

  20. aww that's so sweet of them to get you dolly wink!

  21. Aw that was a lovely gift!
    I really like the "sweet girly" lashes. And yeah Tsubasa looks totally cute in those pictures. (:

  22. love your love package! and you look really gorgeous here :)

  23. You are soo loved!:) who wouldn't love you?! you're just too pretty and cute!<3 Sarah's earrings for you are really pretty and WHOAWOWOWZA! Julie's love package for you is crazy! She's really sweet to include all those gorgeous look cards for you! I very much enjoyed them and thanks to the breakdown of which lashes go where, i know exactly which pairs i want now!! :D you look gorgeous as always!! and i just can't get over the fact that those are your real lashes in the pics!! They're your real lashes, right? :P

    <3 caroline

  24. Hey guys I just wanted to take a minute and ask if anyone is interested in donating to the American Cancer Society. I am doing a Relay for Life at my college and I could use all the support I can get. Any amount donated would be greatly appreciated and its going towards a good cause: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=14571840&fr_id=20640&pg=personal

  25. hi Eki. love those dolly wink lashes! thx for sharing the diff packages. I think Im going to order some now =)

  26. I am wondering which Lioele BB cream are you wearing? The Triple Solution or the Beyond the solution? Thanks


let me know what you think~ :3

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