Celebrate S.A.D ‘Happy being Single and Available” day with B.liv :)

b.liv by cellnique is having a celebration of Happy S.A.D as known as Single Awareness Day which fall the same day as the Valentines ;3


Singles Awareness Day

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"Singles Awareness Day" (SAD) is a humorous holiday celebrated on February 14 (although some prefer the 13th or the 15th to get away from the commercialism associated with the 14th). It serves as an alternative to Valentine's Day for people who are single that is, who are not involved in a romantic relationship. Some observers of SAD do so out of spite for Valentine's Day, as a Hallmark holiday, or for other reasons.

On Singles Awareness Day, single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples that they don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate life. A common greeting on this day by its adherents is "Happy SAD!"

So this day is to point out singles to all the rest of the people.

On this day you wear green because its the opposite of red.

Also known as Singles Appreciation Day

b.liv is celebration S.A.D ‘Happy being Single and Available” to say that its ok being single and the Valentine should not make you sad for not having that special someone to celebrate with but instead try to be happy being single because their are benefits of being single as well :)

I spent couple valentines single too and its not fun since it about LOVE and LOVER theme everywhere... but there are positive things with being single like you dont have to deal with heart breaks which sucks really bad,,, :/

so Happy S.A.D day all you single girls!♥ ^__^

I was not paid for this post by cellnique, I just love their products so I wanted to share and let you guys know about them since their products have really helped my skin~ :)

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  1. I agree with being single on Valentine's Day and how it sucked so bad when I saw girls showered with flowers and chocolates =(. Wish I knew of this S.A.D day sooner ;). Hee x2, but now I know in case I am ever single on Valentine's Day again =) Thanks Eki~

  2. Yeah I totally agree with you. Valentines can def make you feel lonely but then again better to be lonely than have a broken heart, huh?

    Happy Early V-day Eki :)

  3. Hehe! I think I'm celebrating S.A.D this year, but it's not as sad when you're spending it with friends instead! :D Sometimes a good friend is better than a bad boyfriend on Valentine's Day. ^___^

    Happy early Valentine's Day to you and your boyfriend, eki! Any plans for V-Day? ^___^

  4. S.A.D. ..how cute! Never heard of this before : ) Valentines day should not make anyone feel down, but it's inevitable since it's become so over-hyped.

  5. Wow hun thanks for the info... Never knew there was a SAD day. I love Cellnique products too.. hehe I got into it after reading your blog =D. I never tried their b'live products yet though. Wonder what the difference is. They are super pricey...but like you said before it's worth it if it works hehe.
    BTW your so sweet for doing a V-day give away. Lots of love<33

  6. hi Eki-
    your post reminds me of one valentine when I was stuck at one studying for chem midterm the next day, while every girl in the house was getting ready from head to toe to go out. LOL now my relationship is not long distance anymore, so horay! I hope you have an awesome valentines day ;)

  7. haha what a cool holiday! Have you ever heard of Steak and BJ Day? It's the "male" Valentines Day since V Day is very female-oriented lol.

  8. never knew about SAD days until the other day when a friend of mine was talking about it on facebook the other day. I've been married for 6 years next saturday, so I can say that I won't be participating in sad day. Things have been kinda rocky for me and my husband, so glad things are looking better for us :)

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