wants to look like Jessica Alba to win your ex back?!?! ;/

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This girl Xiaoqing wants win her ex back by getting plastic surgery to look like his favorite star Jessica Alba, major self-esteem issues since she thinks that is the only way to get her ex back. If a man makes you feel like you are not worth it, he is not the one for you! :(

She needs to know that this is life changing thing and its permanent

getting plastic surgery for all the wrong reasons, getting it to get your "EX" back by changing your face?? NO its just going to cause more issues....This story makes me sad...

and to have friends to tell you you should get plastic surgery and look like his favorite star?!?! because that is the only support they can give her?? what kind of friends and an EX does this girl have? its so sad,
she needs better support system in her life thats for sure...

well see the vid for more info.... X3


  1. i hope everything works out for her :/

  2. i saw this video!! it's super sad :( i can't believe her.. or her boyfriend for that matter! what a jerk!

  3. That's so crazy o_o
    She doesn't need to wait til after she wastes all that money on plastic surgery...
    She looks fine the way she is and if her boyfriend can't accpet that then they shouldn't be going out in the first place!

    Crazy people. Her friends are silly too ):

  4. I saw this video!!!
    I can't believe her boyfriend told her to look like alba!>///<
    that's just crazy!

    on another note...
    how are you sweetheart?♥
    I really missed talking to you!:D

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  6. this is really sad .
    cant believe that she want to get a surgery just for winning his exboyfriend back
    there a lot more men here in this world that can love her like how she looks like and how she is


  7. Who are these friends and family who are letting her do this?!?! And that doctor ought to be giving her a referral for a psychiatrist right away!

  8. I'm guessing this video of her is before surgery? I think she looks quite pretty already! Why would she do that to herself? Give up AFTER he's not okay with you? & then what is she stuck with? A really good Halloween costume? This is just ridiculous, I can't believe some girls are willing to go through such lengths to torture themselves. ): Obviously her boyfriend has some kind of psychological problem with his crazy obsessions with Jessica Alba too...maybe they're perfect for each other. >___> I honestly don't really feel sorry for the girl because I don't really understand how someone would be willing to do that, and I'm guess she probably doesn't care that if he DOES take her, he's just taking her back with the idea that she's Jessica Alba's doppelganger.

    Oh, so outrageous. I'm almost frustrated at her actions. ): But thanks for sharing this with us, eki. It just makes me treasure my natural appearance even more.

  9. she needs to become more confident in her own looks, not try and be someone else. It is a pity how the asian culture sometimes puts down their youth into thinking they need to always be better than they are. It happens so much that everyone just believes it now..

  10. It's really sad she would go to this extreme to win her ex's heart back, but I agree with the doctor that in the end, it will be a psychological thing for her. Her ex obviously doesn't love her for her. I'm disappointed her friends encouraged her to plastic surgery too. I hope it all works out for her then!

  11. very sad girl. i feel really bad for girls like her.

  12. sometimes as girls, we want to do everything to make our man happy. but there are really bad boys out there who don't have consciences or have psychological issues and their poor girlfriends get dragged along with them.

    i don't think she'll be satisfied even after the surgery but i hope she'll find strength and a better man (who won't just obsess over her because she looks like jessica alba)

  13. omg! she should not! then she will end up looking like jocelyn wildenstein who changed her face to look like her husband's wild cats & now looks like this: http://jham20.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/jocelyn_wildenstein.jpg

  14. she's crazy!!! O_o
    I'm glad even the doctors think she's crazy

  15. I agree, that is totally sad, but that is exactly how so many girls feel nowadays. Well I think it's really evil people are encouraging her to spend all that money and cut up her face.

    And am I the only one who thinks her Ex is a pervert for wanting that?

  16. That's absolutely terrifying. I know PS is much more accepted in different parts of the world than here... but like the doc said, trying to look like the best version of yourself and trying to look like someone else are two totally different things. I'm shocked and horrified that her friends would have suggested this to her. And seriously - her ex is a freaking douchebag! WTF??

  17. this is so sad. :[
    because she chose to go forth with this i hope everything turns out well in terms of the surgery. However, i hope her boyfriend doesnt take her back. She deserves a man that will love her no matter what.
    ah this makes me very upset. I didnt know such jerks existed. well now im aware of it. :[

    thanks for sharing :]

  18. not wanting to sound like a prude but i find her sickening

    she keeps pinning on a guy who's sick...& she ends up being sicker..on the head,that is!

    it's sad & sickening. god, i can't stand people who would do the extremes just to please someone. if they don't like me then fine. i won't die if they don't like me,right?

    have a great week,sweetie!

  19. i feel really sad for her. it's a crazy thought but i don't think she's crazy. i think her friends are crazy for suggesting this to her!
    it's very doubtful she'll look anything like jessica alba. the doctor isnt even confident in that. but she's so adamant :( i really hope the surgery goes well n safely.

    its such a shame. she's such a pretty girl :(

  20. it's upsetting that her friends and her boyfriend are giving her the wrong ideas.

  21. This is really sad and I think she would get more psychological damage if her bf accepted her just because she looks like Albo. It would just be a fake fantasy. She deserves so much more... to be in a relationship where the other person loves her for who she is, not because she's someone else's look a like =[

  22. I think this girl has some serious issues. I think a shrink would help her better than a surgeon.
    I would never ever under go plastic surgery for anyone but MYSELF!

  23. wow. that's sad and disgusting. this girl needs to talk to someone about this...and her friends are NOT the right ones to talk to.

  24. that's insaneeee!! i heard about this somewhere but i didnt know she was doing it to win her ex back -.- well good luck to her!

  25. I heard about this online. Freaky.. I mean it's one thing to get surgery for YOURSELF and your self esteem, but to do it to win an ex back?! Now that is just too much. Weird huh how I can understand if it was for HER, but not for some guy.

    Hopefully though when all is said and done, she'll be happy with what she looks like, and find her own self in it.

  26. That's so sad :( my heart goes out to her I wish I could speak directly to her -.-" she needs to know that she is beautiful already and getting herself looking like someone else is not gonna make the bf comes back (the bf is crazy i think). it's like cheating on yourself. T.T"

  27. Wow she must really love her ex to decide to go through with the surgery, pain, and recovery process. I hope she doesn't regret it afterwards and feels better about herself. I agree with the surgeon that she would benefit more from psychological help.

    Thanks for sharing this. Its very interesting.

  28. oh this is sad...He must be some super HOT super Star boyfriend for her to be that crazy for him... hmmm

    I don't see why she will need to undergo any surgery when herself is good looking. It wasn't like she was ugly. He's such a jerk!!! Too sad Too sad...Tsk tsk !!

  29. i cannot believe this...i really hope she doesn't go through with it. she needs to improve her self esteem not her face!! <3

  30. If this girl has enough money to go throu with plastic surgery she should be spending it on therapy sessions... the bf is also crazy!

  31. I'm sorry but that pissed me off! She is so pretty,if she was getting this surgery because she wanted to improve or fix something "She" found not good then ok,but for someone else? How can you not love you self? This makes no sense this girl needs to know that she comes first and if her boyfriend can't accept her then screw him! It's not love,not at all...

  32. this is really sad to see. She does need a better support system. She is really going to extreme because she is head over heels for this man. If a man doesn't love you the way you are then there is no point. But if she feels like it's worth it and it will make her happy then who is to say what is really right.

  33. d'aw, the poor girl. ):
    Hopefully she'll realise that no man's worth this much trouble and change her mind. b=But i guess it can't be helped if she feels the need to do it. :Y

  34. sometimes i wonder what it's like to be a girl living in countries like Japan and Korea. there is such a big emphasis on physical appearances there and girls are under so much pressure to look "pretty". this story makes me sad too :(

  35. If HE loves Jessica Alba so much then HE should be the one to get all the surgery to look like Jessica Alba. What a twat!

  36. I remember reading this on our local newspaper as well. My first impression is that it's just plain silly.

    It's fine to get plastic surgery but this is for the wrong reason. The guy is so not worth it, sheesh.

    I remember reading that he makes her wear blond wigs and make her wear make up to sleep and all, what kinda sicko is that? But I guess love is blind so who am I to judge.

    I guess in the end, even if she doesn't end up with the guy, she'll atleast look damned good :D

  37. what has the world gone to!?!?!? omg i really want to see who this boyfriend is. that's a little extreme. that girl is so pretty already. i wonder what jessica alba has to say about this...

  38. I remember reading about this on Reddit and I'm glad you brought it up. It's really sad that so many women today think their value is determined by the men they date. Just seeing her walking around with that wig makes me sad. It's so obvious she's got severe self-esteem issues and that ex of hers is no help. You know your self-esteem is a big problem when a PLASTIC SURGEON is actually worried about it.

  39. Word...but to each his own I guess.

  40. hearing this is disturbing and sad at the same time. I somehow think that these girls who think in such a way should really talk to the right people. We girls should learn to stand on our own and not just live our life for guys or boyfriends. Hmmm.. hope she'll get to see the light someday... =)

  41. wow. what a sad life she must lead. In the end, he will not accept her, because no matter what, she will never BE Jessica Alba. It will never be enough for him, or her.
    Sure it is her body and she can do as she pleases with it, but she is doing it for all the wrong reasons. :(
    well, bless her sad little heart. I hope she comes to her senses.


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