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Just wanted to share pics from my iphone :D
I am really forgetful person so I always manage to forget to carry my point and shoot camera so I always end up taking with my iphone... XP

sorry the quality is not the great LOL

but here is downtown Minneapolis most major building is in blue/glass surface so its really shiny and pretty, shapes are pretty unique too :)


We love going to Midori's Floating world cafe
its one of Minneapolis's Japanese owned and operated restaurant so I love their authentic menu and they serve all kinds of tea's too~ :D so if you are ever in Minneapolis I recommend this cafe♥


Honey matcha latte
soo good but you should ask for extra Honey and its extra good X3

honey matcha latte

my favorite onigiri *riceball with nori*~ LOL
I know its simple and I can make it at home but its just different when you get it made and served tastes better :D

onigiri and miso

Chirashi*tuna sashimi bowl*
This is lunch portion but its a good size and the presentation is pretty~


sushi lunch
this set came with white toro sushi~!! it was super good :D
again great size and selection for sushi lunch~

sushi lunch

Then I needed to go to lush and few other stores like Sanrio so I went to mall of America,
its really crazy there especially on the weekend on top of that mall of America is heavily visited by tourists, so its super packed :/

this is the first thing that you see at sanrio~ Hello Kitty kimono maiko-san style so kawaii but weird at the same time cause of the bowl hair style LOL its traditional old style of what little girls had back in the days XD but nevertheless HK is always kawaii♥

japanese hello kitty

japanese kimono hello kitty

inside of one of a wallet! :D
so kawaii! thats true saying for me "its just gotta be kawaii" LOL


then we like to look around ikea since its next to mall of America
always have to grab a eat there since its so cheap and delish!
I want my house to have tall ceiling with hanging lights :D

ikea lights

something new to try Princess cake♥
its only $1.29 so cheap

I didnt know what it was so I read the description and it said whipped cream center on white cake with rasberry jam wrapped in marzipan.

umm I think it sounds good right hehe but I didnt really know what marzipan was but I know from the looks of it its the stuff all cake decorators use for their cakes now days to sculpt the cake and its like thick doughy sugar thingy :P

ikea princess cake

the whipped cream is frozen so it was like ice cream so that was nice and the cake is nice and soft with hint of the raspberry and the marzipan was ok kinda too sweet for me but overall its a good cake, should try it next time when you are at ikea hey its called princess cake :)

ikea princess cake

ok that is it for now will get back to beauty stuff next time :D
also I got love package from Japan from my cousin so I will share what I got!

ok take care everyone I hope you had a great weekend!



  1. love the pics! iphone pics are so much better quality than my shitty cam phone hahaha xD another reason why i wanna get an iphone!

    mmmm, honey matcha latte.. sounds deliciousss.. and i LOVE onigiri!! x3 especially with a little umeboshi in the center? yeaaa :)

  2. Ohh! The name Princess cake would've caught my attention to try it too~ hee x2, I think I will try it the next time I'm at Ikea =D I love their Swedish meatballs =P hee x2!

    You know, whenever I eat Japanese food with my bf, I always order the Chirashi bowl! Hee x2, we eat at a place called Ojiya and it is Japanese owned and the sushi chefs are Japanese too! Hee x2. The quality and taste is much better when it isn't Chinese or Korean owned... >__< hee x2! Thanks for your upload!! =)

  3. Ahh the iPhone pics are pretty good quality! =) I usually only use my iPhone to take photos discreetly of things in shops and such, because I don't want to get told off for taking photos xD

    Ahd the food all looks super scrumptious! I feel hungry already! I love onigiri too! When I was in Japan I ate at least two each day, although I can't say I like the umeboshi ones, too sour for me!

  4. Those pics came out well :] & all those sushi pictures are making me crave for it! yummm!

  5. a princess cake...sounds cute!

    thanks for giving us a tour. it's really great reading post like this because i feel like i can see it directly from your eyes.

    HK is always kawaii!

    have a happy week,sweetie!

  6. Great photography! The city is always so lively. :) I haven't had authentic Japanese cuisine in such a long time. I eat a lot of the unasian made stuff. D: It's surprisingly how big of a difference there is !

    Oooooh the princess cake looks so deeelish! I loove love anything that has the word "cake" in it. :D I will definitely try this out!

  7. the HK is so cute.... food... more more!!! I'm drooling :P

  8. All that food looks sooo yum yum yum. ^-^
    Marzipan is paste made from crushed almonds and sugar. :P

  9. Thank you for the share! :) I'm still amazed at the awesome quality from a little...is it 1.3 megapix? camera. & it's always useful when some of us slightly air-headed ones forget our point and shoot. (I'm talking about me...but my phone doesn't have a good camera so it sucks. >___<)

    I think Hello Kitty looks cute like this...but she's missing her signature ears, so I think it loses a bit of the HK style that we love so much? But regardless, it's always cute to find HK in a little kimono...or when she cosplays anything, actually. :)

    I can't wait to see the love package from your cousin! :D

    P.S. Have you been really busy with ekiLove orders lately? :) I'm still patiently waiting for your paypal invoice. ^___^ Don't overwork yourself! Don't want you getting sick again.

  10. Thanks for sharing pics of Minneapolis and your food!

    I love seeing pics of where beauty bloggers live and the food they eat!

  11. awww minneapolis looks beautiful!
    ur foodporn makes me hungry!lol

  12. I ate Princess cake the last time I went to Ikea :D It was good, but a bit too sweet I think.

  13. Love this post hun!! A view in Eki's life =D! Mmmmm matcha latte and authentic Japanese food <33. *drools*.. Love HK in that kimono =D

  14. I just listened to the OST of Lost in Translation while watching your pics^^ I like them, very cool, they fit to the great music :3
    Have a nice day^0^

    ps: Japanese Food うまい!

  15. Hihi marzipan is basically a mixture between almond and powder sugar...
    I really love sweets, but I don't really like marzipan!;)

    The Sushi looks SO yummy!♥

  16. hello! i'm a new follower of yours =) aw i wish i was in minneapolis now that you showed all these yummy looking food... especially the princess cake. and fyi marzipan = almond paste. it's always sweet so that's probably made it extra sweet.

    please feel free to check out my blog =)

  17. It's only 8:40 am here and I'm craving onigiri now! the city shot is really nice too (^-^) Someday I will go to an ikea lol and buy an "alex" i think is the name of it!

  18. I was in minneapolis in the summer! I also tried midori's by chance. :D And it was super delicious! The food you posted here looks just as good. now I'm craving Japanese food. haha

  19. loved this post! Finally got to see a peek into your life style lol the food looked DELISH <3 love japanese food, so yummyyyyyy lol

  20. The food looks delicious!!

    and the Hello Kitty is really cute!!

  21. Ooo HELLO KITTY!! I heard that Mall of America would take the average person FOUR DAYS to cover the entire span of that mall, by foot. NUTS!

  22. i like the food pictures! you do some of both beauty/leisure. i love the hello kitty doll! i got one like that, but they're kokeshi dolls from Brasil.

    <3 yumi

  23. mmm sushi looks so good! matcha green tea with honey sounds delicious, I will have to try to make it myself sometimes hehe

    I miss mall of america, because of no tax on clothing haha

  24. Those pics are still amazing quality Eki!

    Mmmm all that food looks soo good! I love onigiri too! My fave is the one with konbu or salmon in it! :) Yum!!!

    Awww KAWAII Hello Kitty!! Soooo Asian looking! LOL! ;)

  25. That restauraunt looks so nice..nothing like that where I live, haha.

  26. Oh man you capture a really nice picture of DT MPLS. How I miss home. :D Thanks for sharing the picture and the restaurant. For sure I gotta try it out when I am in the cities.

    I thought MOA doesn't have Sanrio anymore. What floor is it located on?

    That little cake mix is delicious.

  27. I love the pictures! :)
    I also have a post coming soon where I have a bunch of RANDOM pictures~ XD

  28. Hi Eki!

    You've been chosen as one of the winners for my giveaway! Please check your email for more information!

    <3 Claudia

  29. O: Wow, I'm surprised that the menu in Australia is the same as the one in the States. Looks delicious nonetheless!

    Keep up the good work! (: & Thanks for all those scans from your previous post!

  30. Omg Japanese food! Everything looks so delicious, I love the Princess cake - I've seen it at the Ikea here as well so I think I might actually try it next time I go!

  31. Your sushi pictures made me hungry!!! I love the post Eki!

  32. i absolutely love princess cake! i had that today... though sometimes it can be really too rich to eat. :)

  33. Hi Eki!

    I know this is random, but I just wanted to say that I love your blog :3 it is always a joy to read, and I love your photography and art!

    Keep up the good work!

  34. Lovely pictures! ^-^ .. Thanks for sharing them~ .. They made me hungry! ><

    I am disappointed with Hello Kitty's bowl cut too D8 .. It might be traditional.. but they shouldn't have sacrificed beauty and cuteness with being accurate.. >< .. This line would be super super super cute if she didn't have that hairrr... ;_;

  35. hi! i love your blog! i just wanted to ask you how to design an entire new layout for blogger? i tried that and the codes didn't work =( even a big banner wouldn't work! it had to fit into the small space that blogger provided for a banner. can you help me? i just want to spruce up my blog a little. thanks!

  36. those HK dolls are so CUTEEE!

  37. The Princess cake at $1.29 is cheap. In SF, a slice is $3.50...saw one yesterday. Midori's lunch box looks really good. Lunch box specials, well at least the ones I've been too, are typcially chicken, beef or salmon teriyaki. Nice to know that there's good Japanese restaurant in Minneapolis.

  38. the city looks so futuristic hehe

  39. lovely eki! you took great photos! i always forget to bring my cam too so sometimes i use my fone and the quality sucks.haha

    you made me hungry..the food looks delicious! plus the hello kitty with the hair is so cute haha

  40. Yummy. The sushi and especially the Honey matcha latte looks so good.

    I hate shopping at the local malls on the weekend because to me it's too packed and busy.
    Isn't the Mall of America one of the largest malls in the U.S.? I can only imagine how crowded it must have been for you. Yikes!


let me know what you think~ :3

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