happy Valentine's ladies :)

Hi :)
I hope everyone's having wonderful weekend so far♥
Mine was very chill hanging out with my loved ones ^_^

well here is a love package I got from my cousin Tsugumi nee-chan from Japan!
She always asks me if I need anything and so I finally asked her for some stuff Ive been dying to try that I cant get my hands on here LOL X3
I wanted to try some of the Limited Edition kit kats and some items from canmake so she was so kind to send me some♥

here are some items from canmake,
Canmake is like a drugstore brand but really great quality and they are one of my favorite brand! :) I will make a full post of this items once I get some time to play with them!


and here is my LE Kit Kat's review :D
my cousin asked me what kit kats I wanted and she told me there is a set that you can get, there was a central Japan set *which included wasabi,sweet potato,shoyu* or southern Japan set *this set I got*
I wanted to try southern japan set since it included matcha hehe :D
so here are the flavors that come with the southern Japan kit kat set

All of the kit kat contains actual powder of the flavors instead of artificial flavor so thats what make them so fun~! :D

my favorite out of all

Kyoto Itokyuenmon Uji-matcha kit kat from the around the Japan series
this LE kit kat is based on famous matcha tea house in kyoto
pack of 12

this kit kat is so good has good strong taste of matcha followed by very smooth chocolate flavor I really enjoy this one and if you like matcha you will love this one!

kit kat kyoto matcha green tea

kit kat green tea

kit kat matcha green tea

you can see in the wafers there is green matcha powder in between adds extra matcha flavor :3

matcha green tea kit kat

Miso kit kat *soybean paste flavor*
pack of 12

another fun and weird flavor XD
I was kinda weirded out by the thought of miso and kit kat but again all the kit kats been good so I thought why not LOL so as you may have had miso soup before this is some what like the soup but again its in white chocolate mixture so the flavor is faint you can taste it as a after taste but again kinda disappointing.. since its not so distinct flavor of miso but again its still good :D

wafu miso kit kat

Kit kat wafu miso

kit kat miso

miso kit kat

Kankitsu Ogon Blend kit kat *Citrus golden blend flavor*
pack of 12

This one is mixture of all the citrus growing in Japan so the flavor is some what tangy, I thing the wafer contains some tangy stuff so once you bite in to it the tangy flavor just spreads as you chew kinda like orange creamcicle with tangy center :D
its very interesting flavor some thing you dont really find that is mixture of white chocolate~ I really like this one its really refreshing to eat!

kankitsu citrus blend kit kat

kit kat citrus blend

kit kat kankitsu citrus blend

citrus blend kit kat

Kuri kit kat *chestnuts flavor*
pack of 14

chestnuts are Japanese people's favorite fall winter snack/nuts that they like to munch on and they are grown just about anywhere in Japan :D
if you never seen them they look like Uni *sea urchin* LOL they are pretty interesting nuts~

I love chestnuts! so mix it with kit kat and its heaven to me LOL
This one is really really good X3 I cannot say it taste exactly like chestnut flavor but it really have good nutty flavor kinda taste like hazelnuts just a little~ this have to be my second favorite out of them all :D

kuri chestnuts kit kat

kuri kit kat

chestnuts kuri kit kat

chestnuts kit kat

Hokkaido Toasted corn kit kat
pack of 5

this one was not part of the set but my cousin found it and send it to me since it sounds interesting :D
I was alittle disappointed in this one since I was expecting good flavor of corn but its really faint in flavor you can taste it alittle in the after taste but just a little :/

but its still good nevertheless, its a fun flavor~

Hokkaido toasted corn kit kats

kit kat toasted corn

toasted corn kit kats

ok that is it for my review of LE kit kats~ :D
they are so fun to taste and if you get a chance to try them I think you will find them all so good~ there are always seasonal new flavors that are out with always interesting theme of flavors!

and here is my Valentines day look :3
I figure I havent shown my face in a while hehe,,, :P
oh I am wearing Barbie king in brown here~provided by pinkyparadise

I am so loving paul & joe mascara primer ALOT with Fiberwig make my natural lashes so LONG XD its def a good buy~

eki v-day look

what am I wearing:
DHC Q10 cream foundation in natural ocher 02
DHC Q10 powder in yellow
Canmake gradation blush in 02
NYX concealer jar in beige

dollywink liquid eyeliner
paul & joe mascara primer
paul & joe eyeshadow primer
paul & joe eyeshadow in daisy and earth
fiberwig mascara
Barbie king in brown lens

Ysl voulpte rouge in #1

eki valentine

some news,
I will have new items in ekiLove within few days :D
still collecting ekiLover customer model photos if you are interested please email me♥
also will have some tutorial soon~:D

well, that's it for now~
have a wonderful monday also♥



  1. You were really pretty eki, i'm loving that fiber wig mascara on your eyelashes, and the contact lenses *0* Barbie is my fav brand.

    I ordered some @ pinkyparadise, thank you for the contact ;__;

    If only i could get my hands on that matcha and chestnuts kitkat.. it wouldn't last a day XD

  2. Nom Nom Nom :D those kit kats look so good.Shame they dont sell them here,ah well :)

    Happy Valentines Day !! <3

  3. I wish we had that many kit kat flavours in England!

  4. those kit kats are calling my sweet tooth...

    i told my friend in japan that she have to buy me those kit kats. im so intrigued with the taste & i want to be able to try it too!

    you look so cute with your hair,hun.

    i have to show it to my bf. i already told him that you are my favorite japanese girl. cuter than any japanese actress out there! LOL!
    im serious!

    i really told him that if ever i get pregnant i have to look at your pic everyday so that my baby will look like you!

    hope you will have a great week,sweetie!

  5. Happy Valentine Eki ^-^
    Cute picture +

    Aawww, what a lovely package fom Japan! *____* So many kitkat flavor, I got some last christmas too. I really want more flaver i Germany ;_; Corn Kitkat sounds crazy funny xD

  6. I'm really loving your latest look...I like the darker brown hair and eyes against your creamy skin!

    Kay just sent me some Japanese kit kats with my Bday pressie...I sneaked them out in advance and ATE THEM ALL pwhahahahah!

    Why can't we get the same flavours in Europe?

  7. I love all the different Kit Kat flavors! I wish they sold them here in the U.S!

  8. oh! I'm first!
    YUMMYYYY!! So sad that these are not available in my country. Or maybe they do have some in the Japanese supermarkets... I shall go hunt!

    Is that Nudy Glow in 03!? I got it too!! Would love to see you using it for a tutorial. :)

  9. wow who would have though - miso flavour! i really liked the dark chocolate with raspberry and passionfruit - a v-day special! im looking for ramane flavo kit-kat for my sis.. cant find them anywhere -.-;

  10. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thanks for sharing all the reviews on the interesting Kit Kats. I want to try them all^^

    You look beautiful as always, I like the king lenses they suit you^^

  11. ur just so perfectly gorgeous.... i stared at each of your photo for like 10 seconds *0* haha please excuse my awkward confession of admiration!! btw, love that hair color on u !

  12. Those kit kats look to die for! Hmmmm I might have to ask for some from a friend lol.

    Beautiful look as always! (^-^*)

  13. Ooo LE Kit Kat Galore!! Match Kit Kats.. Ooo only Japan can come up with all these cool creations =D!! Your cousin is such a sweetheart <33 Love your Valentine's Day look. You always look soo pretty hun <33 Those lens look amazing on you! Very natural!

  14. Yay for pretty mail!

    Those kit kats all look amazing! I've only tried four of the LE kit kats, and not those ones... hope I can find more at my local Japanese store hehehe.

    You look so pretty for Valentine's Day! Did you and your bf do anything special?

  15. The kit kats come in such fancy boxes! Your photos are amazing! My favorite blog award goes to ekimura.blogspot.com!!! <3

    I hope you're staying warm! I'm back in the Midwest & I now love to stay inside! :)

  16. Those are some interesting KitKats~! When I was in Japan a few years ago, I saw flavors like green tea and red bean flavors and thought those were already so different from the plain one's we have here. But I never thought of there ever being a Miso flavor and Hokkaido corn flavor~! Hee x2, the packaging is also really really cool! It's not like the single packages we buy here...and even IF we bought them in a box/bulk, the inside of the KitKat box is just plain white... >_> hee x2

    I love your Valentine's Look ^_^ Its a very clean and cute look xD. I'm happy to hear that you had a chill weekend =) I did too! Hee x2, and also spending time with family since it was Chinese New year =P. Well, I hope you have a great rest of the Monday as well and I can't wait to see the rest of your couture jewelry =)!

    Thank you for posting today Eki and sharing with us a little part of you<3

  17. mmm i love matcha AND kitkats! i bet both of em together are <3! u look pretty as always :)

  18. Thanks for sharing the many unique flavors of Kit Kats with us. I never knew they came up with such funky flavors (the miso definitely took me by surprise). I like how they're bite size too. :D

    Wow~~ I would not have been about to tell that that's fake lashes if you didn't tell me, those mascaras really do work wonders. :O~

    I find the idea of you reviewing Kit Kat so funny and cute. xD


  19. Hi Eki! All the kit kats look so yummy, I wish we had them avail over here :)

    I love your Valentine's Day look, so cute and sweet as always!

  20. I'm sad the only LE kit kats in the states are "White chocolate" or "Dark chocolate" ... So boring! :(

    Awww...the Canmake cosmetics look so cute! :)

  21. Happy V-day Ekimura-san!
    I love that green tea kit-kat~
    My cousin brought some home from Japan before!

  22. OMG I LOVE those kit kats from japan!! My sister went to Japan in December & bought some of these kit kats home. My favorite flavor has got to be green tea because i like green tea lol but really, i like them all. I wish they have them here in Cali >< Actually, I wish my sister bought more of them in Japan! Maybe they have them in Jtown..

    Oh, and you look really pretty Eki~ I really like how you do your makeup ^^

  23. Oh Eki not the KitKats! LOL! You making me so jelly right now! How nice of your cuz to send you a love pack!

    And Canmake glosses and blushes are always so pretty! And so are YOU!! Never anything short of gorgeous! :)

    Dang.. now I'm craving KitKats I can never get! LOL!

  24. Wow, i really wanna try those kitkats too, poorly it isn't avail here. You look very cute there, but i wish you were wear a pink.

  25. you look gorgeous :D and i think i drooled a bit when the matcha flavor came up <3 haha!

  26. hi ericka! :)i was wondering where you bought the dollywink liquid eyeliner? :) & nice blog! i wish i can buy kitkats like those! they look really yummY! :D

  27. O: OMG. The flavours of Kit Kat available in Japan is amazing! I'm dying to try some at the moment! I wonder if they'll remake the cherry blossom flavour. o-o

    I also love the lipstick you're wearing Eki! :D The colours compliments your hair colour & blush. The look is great on you!

  28. You look super pretty <3 Like a Barbie doll ;)

    And thx for sharing all those KitKats O.o I can't imagine some of the tastes xD

  29. Want to try LE Kit Kats. They sound really yummy <3!

    & your lashes look amaaazing! So super long! Really pretty ^^

  30. omg LE kitkats sounds amazing! how come we don't have that in the States!

  31. Mmm all these flavours are so cool! I can only find the milk tea flavour here, so sad :( Is there any way to order them online?

  32. wow you look pretty with your dark hair....=)

    anywayz..im selling some accessories. If you have time, please visit

    ^^ tah

  33. I never knew there were so many flavors of KitKat. Yummy, Matcha.

    Your Valentine's Day look is simple yet very pretty. Your lashes do look very long. I can't believe you aren't wearing fake lashes.

  34. Those are definitely interesting flavors! I think I'd only like the green tea one ;P...

    Your eyelashes really do look super long! Loveee it :] Very beautiful.


  35. Yummmmy! i've been wanting to try those limited edition kit kats but of course they don't have them here! booooo!!!

  36. i tried the matcha kitkat few weeks ago because my friend had brought some back from japan... OMG DELICIOUS!! you're so lucky you have a whole box to yourself!! *jealous*

  37. so many yummy kit kat flavors! I got a soda one from Blair (it's in blue wrapping) but I haven't eaten it yet =) even the boxes they come in are cute!

    you looked very pretty for Valentine's Day :) did your bf surprise you with anything special?

  38. Mmm the orange kit kat would be the one I am most interested in! I am crazy for anything chocolate & fruit mixed! :D

    Your lashes look magnificant here! So feathery and long! Is it all credit from the paul & joe primer? or does the fiberwig mascara help?

  39. omg~ it looks sooooo yummy! <3 and Canmake, so hard to find, Im still looking for the lip concealer of Canmake of the internet, cant find a place that sells that lip concealer =(
    wish I had a sweet cousin living in Japan =P

  40. What a nice package, I can tell it was packed with love =)

  41. wow no falsies?!?! lashes look great though :D someone should sell kit kats online from japan... they'd make ton of money :P I really wanna try all these crazy flavors! haha ^_^


let me know what you think~ :3

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