here is my latest dye that I have used Loreal excellence creme in #4 Dark Brown.
the last time I colored my hair was almost 2 month ago? Dont really remember since its been a while,, LOL but I did have about 2+ inches of new growth :/

Wanted dark so that it will be low maintenance for the cold season and once its warmer again I will go light again :D

I like to try out different Loreal hair dyes since I like preference alot and so this was my first time trying out excellence creme, it caught my eye since it said triple moisturizing on the box :P

Comes with extra pre-dye conditioning serum for the end! so that was pretty neat :) so I left of the serum for about 2 min before I applied the actual dye, after I finished applying the dye I took my gloves off to give about 10 more min for it to process so I had it on for about 25min.

When I got in the shower I noticed that I had a dye on my palm that I didnt see so I tried to wash it off and it wouldnt!! XP This brand of dye is super powerful compared to all the dyes I have tried in the past. I even cleaned the floor after I finished applying the dye by wiping the laminated floor down and when I got out of the shower I could see streak marks of where I wiped the floor :/

so if you are planning to use this particular brand please wipe off the dye immediately from skin and anything that it touches! the dye on my palm came off the next day when I scrubbed my palm with cleanser :)
had to use nail polish remover to get that off the floor

so I think the color is pretty right on like on the box except its slightly have more black tone but Im sure that will fade off alittle with few more shampooing, Im not used to seeing my hair in black shade since like I was 16 LOL X3
so its been awhile hehe I always got caught up in the ash tones so I guess I need some change~

eki Loreal excellence

before and after

I forgot to take better before pic like my roots :/
Im so forgetful this past month I need to make a list of the things I need to do or I forget....thats so bad :(


I like this dye, the scent wasnt too over powering and the dye processed really fast and the pre-dye serum is a bonus :)
my hair looks healthy and shiny still~

this dye is really strong so make sure to wipe off all the excess before it process or it will stain :P

Loreal excellence #4 dark brown


  1. i like your new hair color! I think the new color suits you best. :)

  2. I like the dark hair on you. For some reason I think you look younger with darker hair. ;)

  3. prettyy! :) gosh I love your hair, do you trim your own bangs? it looks so good! :)

  4. EEEE!! You made a post about the hair color! I love it on you!! But since it took so much from me to get my hair light, I will be sticking to light hair for a while =P, but when I do want to switch back to a darker shade, I'll definitely want to try this ^__^ Thanks for sharing Eki!

  5. Looking gorgeous, eki! :) I think the dark hair really suits your snowy white skin!

    & thanks for the review, I notice the problem with hair dyes is that there are SO many different brands and sometimes you're just at a lost at a drug store while staring at all the boxes. D: I remember I used this one hair dye that had this TERRIBLE smell. My friend who helped me dyed my hair banned me from ever using that again, haha!

    The excessive staining does seem like problem...but it's worth the result. :) I love coming to your blog and hearing Bom's You and I and DBSK's Doushite blah blah blah (too long a song name, honestly D:) playing automatically!

  6. Hi, I really like your blog, but could you please turn OFF auto-play music in your blog? I know I can turn it off myself, but it`S just not fun to be attacked with music suddenly when you go to someone`s blog T_T

    Otherwise, lovely blog and would love to come more often

  7. it looks so nice! :D i'm definitely going darker as well because autumn is coming and regrowth is such a biatch! :D

  8. u look great with the hair colour ^^

  9. oo i like! ;]
    you look nice with dark hair!

  10. wow dark hair! love it :) i sort of want to redye mine but i'm at a point where i found the perfect NATURAL hair color for me.. hahaha sounds ironic.

  11. The color looks so lovely on you! I think it gives a very mature, elegant vibe. Also, love the bling on your neck :)

  12. oops used my email account at first :P (mskyou)

  13. Soooo Pretty!

    Your new hair colour looks amazing:)

    Lots of love,

  14. Woah! That's a strong dye! I love the new color on you though - very pretty!

  15. The darker shade really makes your skin look so white and glowy! :) Like porcelain! I agree out of all the brands I've tried, I love L'oreal Preference the best! I always go back to it!

  16. Wow, super duper pretty as always <3
    Lately I have also been feeling like I want to colour my hair... -sigh- So bored with my blackish hair

  17. Beautiful natural color!
    What is the name of the hair color you have before?

  18. i lovvve the darker hair on you and it definitely doesn't look black, i see lots of beautiful brown in there! i'm excited to see your summer hair color : )

  19. Pretty! I'm sure you'd be able to dye your hair any colour under the rainbow and it'd still look beautiful on you =)

  20. is beautiful, I love your new hair color!!♥

  21. Ahhh beautiful Eki, I'm starting to think that no matter the colour, you'll still look beautiful and I think I'm right.

    We can dunk you into green hair dye and you'll come out looking great anyway XD

  22. I think you look pretty with dark or light hair.
    I've been following your blog for awhile but never commented. I noticed you dye your hair, usually Loreal or Garnier, and you said you liked Loreal Preference the most in this post. Which one would you recommend a first timer to use? Do you think you could do a collective review post?

    PS. I love the music on your blog. You may find this funny but sometimes I leave your blog open while I work on my laptop just to listen to the music. ^.^

  23. Looks really nice :-) I think both suits you though ^^ I was thinking about dying mine a lighter colour what was the name of the lighter hair dye you used? XD


let me know what you think~ :3

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