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Sorry to neglect posting :( I have been super busy and I am trying to find time for everything I do and so that is why =__=;; being busy is a good thing but sometimes I feel overwhelmed and I feel like I dont get to do the stuff I love.... I want to doodle, take photography of outdoors and start making kawaii clothes!! X3 oh well...

here is some lenses that was sponsored by pinkyparadise.com
I love reviewing lenses since seeing them first hand and trying to make a accurate images of the lens is nice to do since I can share them for whoever that was looking for good examples for future purchases since I used to do that,, I was on google for hours trying to research on finding a good images of a lens that I was interested in before I purchased them LOL ;3
so thank you pinkyparadise!

I only got to wear EOS Dollyeyes in grey so far, so when I wear them for few more days I will make a formal review for all the lenses♥

first I got Barbie King in brown
14.5 in diameter

Barbie king in brown

G&G Wonder eye in blue
14.7mm diameter *that's huge*

G&G wondereyes blue

EOS Dollyeye in grey
14.2 in diameter

eos Dollyeye grey

This lens is so opaque that my dark brown eyes have completely covered with the grey pigments! I only wore this today so I cant form an opinions yet but my first initial reaction was that my vision was blurry for few minutes until my eye got used to them, I think due to the pupil holes are tiny :/
overall at the moment they are seriously bright and super noticeable*which I love* since I love bright vibrant colored lenses so I dont mind at all but looks fake LOL
but I dont mind that either since Im used to wearing bright lenses, does give really dolly eyes like its name :D

Great for cosplay's for sure! I like it so far will make a better post about this lens after I wear it more ;)

eki dollyeye grey look

What Im wearing?

P&J primer
P&J eyeshadow in earth and daisy
dolly wink liquid eyeliner
fiberwig mascara
NYX false lashes in 105

DHC Q10 foundation in beige ocher 02
NYX concealer jar in beige
canmake gradation blush in 01

YSL rouge volupte in 7
NYX mega shine lip gloss in tea rose

with and without flash you can see that without flash, you can clearly see the lenses here.
Very icy grey shade I like it♥

oh and Im wearing gold key necklace to show you how big it is :)

eki on and off dollyeyes

also wearing here is the Goldilock necklace
there are still few available in ekiLove

eki wear goldilock

eki wear dollyeye

ok, thanks for stopping by~
next up Loreal excellence creme dye in #4 dark brown post*its the color I have on in this pics* :)

take care♥



  1. Wow those lenses really pop! love it, looks gorgeous on you! I've been looking for really opaque lenses too, those seem great :D Btw I was wondering if you could reccommend me what shade DHC foundation I should try? Last time I decided on the yellow ocher 01 and I thought it would match me but it was just a biiiit too light for me :( I was wondering if I should try a darker yellow ocher, or try a natural ocher instead? X3

  2. i have Barbie King brown! i love it hehe the grey ones are good too <3
    love your make up!
    ive seen a lot of these dolly lenses and it'so cool!

  3. You are one of the few people who can rock those lenses because they're so intense O_O

    They're so opaque... they definitely give the glassy dolly eye look.

  4. Eki, you are my perfect Gyaru Girl! You look otherworldy!

  5. The lenses look very awesome on you, eki. ^___^

    & thanks for showing the size comparison of your necklaces, I didn't realize they were both that large (even when you tell us the measurements, you know).

    & of course, the pictures you take of yourself are gorgeous! I think the last picture is a slightly awkward angle though...maybe I'm just not used to it. x) Your darker hair color gives a really nice look especially against your pale skin. :3 Pretty~ Seems like Garnier is an awesome brand of hair dye, the colors look very solid and full. :)

  6. Your hair colour looks so nice.
    I look forward to your review on the Dolly lenses, i am very interested in them but i want the violet colour :).

  7. Ooh, those contacts look quite intense! You pull it off very well nonetheless though Eki :D

  8. okay, totally unrelated, but I L.O.V.E your DHC foundation! *_* Gives flawless skin and doesn'T look dollish or fake!

  9. Hi! I love the contacts but I was wondering if their life span is the same as the regular prescription lens where you have to dispose of them after 2 weeks?

  10. very cool, hope to see the other colors soon!

  11. aahh! love your hair color :)
    and your lashes are always TDF!

  12. Wowww the lenses are so amazing ^^. Then what is your camera? Your pictures are too damn clear!! hehehe

  13. hii im from mexico city and i wonder wich lenses are u wearing in the pics...

    soo i hope u can answer my question!
    i lov your blog ..

  14. Loving your FOTD!
    Ahhhh such a pretty haircolor <3 I also want to dye mine this dark, Im bored of light hair :(

    That lenses look like a cosplay lense! so opaque!

  15. Omg those are some really really pretty contact lenses! Circle lenses aren't easy to get here so the only thing we have are the Freshlook ones which everyone else wears :/ I'm really liking the blue one - so pretty!

  16. ohmygoodness you look SUPERSUPER gorgeous here!!!!! the grey lenses look soooo good on you, and they make your eyes look sooo cute and large :)) also they go really well with your darker hair

  17. Eki, you are gorgeous! I love those lashes too ^^

  18. Eki! Its nic nic here. wow the colours are so bright, but you pull them off really well. you already have pretty, doe eyes!

  19. ps. im back on blog - bangbangsheshoots.blogspot.com ;D

  20. you look amazing hun!! Did you get haircut? or is it just me..lol.. You are always beautiful<33.. love the lens they make your eyes pop!!

  21. Whoa! THose are highly pigmented lenses! LOL! They really make you look like you have glass doll eyes! But Eki you're still gorgeous no matter what! :)

    And loving the Goldilocks necklace! Love the statement pieces you've been creating! :)

  22. pretty pretty, I'm loving those lashes on you!!! they look so fluttery and pretty.

    I told you the lenses are so bold! but I love how they pop against your dark hair. <3

  23. i have been wanting to buy colored lenses but i wonder if they last the same time as regular prescriptions or it can last about a year...... I read on some website that Geo lenses that it can las about a year but I'm kinda skeptical about it.

  24. thank you for comapring the diameter or the lenses. that one i have is only 12 in diamter and I would have to throw it away after a month because it gets sooo hard to put it on. I'm looking for circle coloroed lenses that will last me long time .....the colors are really nice!!!and looks good on you~~~

  25. Wow,the lens are really bright and big :) they will do great for cosplay I agree

  26. Wow,the lens are really bright and big :) they will do great for cosplay I agree

  27. i love the lenses! your eyelashes are very pretty too! i need to get me some falsies and learn how to use them!

  28. Personaly I think they're abit big and scary looking. Not for everyday look. But as you mentioned,they can look great for cosplay. Your eye makeup looks awesome though =)

  29. You look gorgeous!! You look similar to Jen (frmheadtotoe) and I you guys are friends---such pretty gal pals you two make! :)

  30. Oh I'm glad you did this review! I been looking for very light colored grey that will show up and this looks like it! I got Angel grey but they just make my eyes look black and not noticeable :( I'm with you~ I like the "fake" look lol and I want my circle lens to be noticeable!!

  31. I always searched for perfect and LIGHT grey lenses too I think I tried all most all grey colored lenses from circle lens to all FDA approved lenses LOL I do like the fake look cause mostly I LOVE cosplay I dont really care to look the "natural" look I can do the "natural" look when I get old...er haha :D

  32. I love color grey lenses on you!^^ and you really have a cute necklaces


let me know what you think~ :3

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