Canmake Goukubuto mascara review and wonder eye lens look

Hi there~

Here is my review on Canmake Gokubuto mascara :)

I have been wearing this mascara instead of my favorite fiberwig mascara for past week and so I wanted to share what I think so far.

What it says on the package:

GOKU BUTO literary translates as Extremely THICK
Comes off with warm water
NO! panda eyes

Gokubuto canmake

On the back it says:

will separate the lashes well
you can wear this over false lashes
contains nutrients such as hyaluronic acid great for lashes

gokubuto package

In side the card has instruction and technique on how to achieve Gokubuto lashes.

canmake mascara

the brush is curved for easier application to fit the eyes natural curve

canmake goukubuto brush

with and without Gokubuto mascara
with using the technique that was written on the package and curled with panasonic lash curler

ok my take on this mascara:

I think this mascara is just like the fiberwig without the fibers in this mascara, it separates and defines each lashes really well but there is a trick to using this mascara just like Fiberwig, you really have to build it with each coat it will get thicker and thicker with volume. Also the other plus is that its water proof so no panda eyes and washes off with simple warm water just like Fiberwig also there is another plus is that it contains nutrients for the lash such as Hyaluronic acid which seems to be in every Japanese beauty product now days LOL X3


I really like this mascara and it seems to be marketed to be used with false lashes, but definitely will DEFINE your lashes really well but far as lengthening property I think Fiberwig is best for that :D

will define and separate your lashes really well
makes your lashes have volume
comes off with just warm water
contains nutrients for lashes
cheaper than Fiberwig

need to take time to apply
dont really lengthen
hard to get if you live outside of Japan

canmake gokubuto on and off

Here is the lens I am wearing for this post Wonder eye in blue
provided by pinkparadise.com

This lens is 14.7mm in diameter so this lens is HUGE~
comes in 5 different shades, very similar to Geo Nudys series
Wonder eye blue lens

with flash and without you can see that its not that Opaque but the diameter is so huge that the lens creates halo effect on the eye so you can see the lens color against my whites of my eyes and its suppost to do that and the lens is designed look like this in the eyes to create contrast.

ok my take on this lens:

I really dont like Geo Nudy series either so I dont really care for this lens because I like lens that are opaque and this lens looks really dark in person but in photos it looks really nice. Also I dont care for lenses that creates Halo effects but if you like that you will like this lens since this lens is surprisingly comfortable for it being 14.7mm!


If you like Geo Nudy and looking for a lens that will give you more of a dolly eye you will like this lens :)

Very comfortable did not give me any discomfort
looks pretty in photos
will give you dolly eyes

very blah in person very dark and the colors are not so opaque
The patters on this lens is not that pretty
the Halo effect can look super fake

wonder eye blue

What am I wearing:

Lioele BB cream
Jill Stuart mix blush in 02
Nyx concealer jar in beige

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
Canmake gokubuto mascara
Jill Stuart jelly eye color in 08 on top lids
Paul & Joe eye color in 14 on botton lid
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in yeyo as highlighter

Nars lip gloss in turkish delight

eki wondereye look

eki wonder eye lens

Im modeling some Alice earring and necklace in 24" chain here from ekiLove :) they will be up for sale tomorrow ^__^

ekiLove Alice

eki wear Alice necklace

well that is it for now! I hope you find any of this info useful♥
Thank you for stopping by :D



  1. oo lala! makes me want to try this mascara out :D not that i've used my fiberwig yet, hahaha. saving it!

    love the longer length of the necklace chain :D so tired of the 16 and 18 in honestly. in stores i don't even look at 16/18 in anymore! WELL i guess that's partially a lie, i do love the crown one from you <333. hahaha.

    so pretty sis! <3

  2. The items look gorgeous on you~ Oh my, I think that Alice earring and necklace is looking mighty tempting! >3< Time to spurge again?!

    While your eyes DO look really nice and has an interesting color in the picture...I'm not to fond of it myself...it sort of makes your eyes look like they're photoshopped or something.

    I personally don't really like blue lenses myself though. :3 I much prefer the purple (?) ones you usually wear. ^___^ But you still look great with it on, it's just...I don't like it.

    Thanks for the review on the mascara~~ So I'm guessing in the end, eki ultimately voted for fiberwig? :D

  3. Wow! How lovely are you? Thanks for this posting, I've been searching around to update my contacts and it's so helpful to find great quality photos with the reviews. I just recently ordered a new pair from P.P too.

    x. Connie

  4. I will definitely grab this mascara if i see one :D. love your new jewelries!

  5. Hi, many thanks for this awesome review!!! It was really helpful! However, I would like to know, will it help if u apply fibrewig to lengthen first then apply goukubuto to volumnize?

  6. wow... do u wear lip concealer?

  7. haha i think i will stick to Majolica Majorca lash expander...since its hard to remove lol i'm afriad my tears (if i ever happen to cry) will melt away this Canmake mascara XD

    thanks for the review! and the japanese translations.

  8. OooO the canmake mascara looks interesting =).. hehe I just got fiberwig and I'm learning how to master it lol.

    You always look like a doll hun<33 So Kirei desu ne!!!

    Your new pieces look amazing!!! <33

  9. Eki, from far away those lens look gorgeous! I see what you mean when you say the halo effect looks fake though, but the blue is gorgeous on you :)

    I'm so jealous of your uber long lower lashes! Did you achieve that with Paul & Joe Primer or are they naturally super long (but lighter)?

    <3 Angie

  10. wow...those lens look striking on you! Good review of the mascara, I ordered the fiberwig after seeing it on you so I'm glad that's still on top for lengthening effects.

  11. the lens look very nice on you, i mean in pic as you say its dark in person.

    i'm curious of this mascara already!

  12. I like the mascara on you very much! im not a fan of fiberwig so I will definetely go for this! thanks for the review :D
    you look stunning as usual eki!

  13. Nice eyes ^.^ I love the color!
    Love the pendant is really beautiful :D The chaplet that I love you ♥
    You look very lovely.

  14. Your jewelry is so pretty on you! I've been wanting to try the fiber wig mascara too now I want to try this one! The contacts look great on you too, they're very bright and pretty. <3

  15. Your reviews are always so useful and well written! If I come across that mascara I might try it out^^

  16. That's a HUGE difference, you made me want to try the mascara too!!!

  17. You look beautiful as always! :] Can't wait for your items to go up on sale! Hopefully I'm online soon enough to buy them :p

  18. Hi Eki! I guess I probably won't be buying the Canmake Gokubuto mascara since you said the lengthening part is not as good =P. I really like the Fiberwig mascara though =) I built it up to 3 coats just like you mentioned and it does wonders ^_^. oOoh the NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss looks really good on you!! =) Hee x2 I'm happy you're wearing it xD

    The Alice and Wonderland necklace is longer than I thought, but I love what you've done by making the charms dangle and I'm really happy you modeled them to show us =) Thank you!!

  19. oh Eki you are dressed in LOVE!!!

  20. Pretty <3 Thanks for the review! I got my Panasonic eyelash curler! I have yet to really test it out though ;3


  21. I've given up on mascara, but this looks great! I'll add it on my wishlist for my next haul.

  22. thanks for the review! i was curious about this mascara, but i think i'll stick with the Fiberwig. i like my mascara to give me length ;)


  23. Such a sweet blog, and blogger. It's all so perfect :), have a nice weekend

  24. Ooh, that looks super fab on you girl!

  25. I seriously love your eyes! They're soooo freaking gorgeous <3

    Hmm the lenses looks nice on you, you can pull it off. They wouldn't look good on me though cause, i dont know, i think the color is too much. I dont think i will even wear them if i got them lol. I usually only wear gray and brown lenses.

    I'm more of a silver girl but the earring and necklace is pretty. So tempting! LOL.

  26. You are so pretty! I really love your lower eyelashes! They look so long! :P

  27. Eki you are simply breathtaking no matter what!!

    These lenses are so bright! They really make your eyes stand out!! And thanks for the review on the mascara! Sounds like a good one!

  28. I opened mine today! It didn't hold my lashes after I curled with a regular lash curler but it curled well after the panasonic, so I will definitely keep using it. I can't wait to try it with falsies since that's how it's advertised! :D

  29. wow, that mascara looks very intersting? do you know where can you get your hands one one of the mascara tubes? also i love the blue lens on you, it does give you a halo look!

    i love reading your posts and makeup tutorials. you look like kim kardashian..lol

    love you~ =]

  30. Very pretty. Love your eyes. =)

  31. It does look very pretty in pictures...too bad it looks bad in person. ):

  32. great mascara =)
    I looooved your jewelry :D where is it from? XOXO *

  33. Hey! How do you do your eyeliner? It looks amazing!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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