kawaii clothes~ YSL volupte rouge swatches and etc

Hi hi~

long time no post seems like X3
Just been super busy and couldnt find the time but making the time now since I cant sleep =__=;;
Been doing some window shopping when I have free time on Rakuten of clothes that are just so kawaii! Im a sucker for kawaii and anything with bow/ruffles wish more clothes like this were easy to buy huh....it really makes me want to sew some clothings :/

Its Spring almost here the snow is almost completely melted everywhere and I am just dying to wear some skirts now and wear some springy clothes!!

Here are some uber cute clothes I found :3

Here are YSL volupte rouge swatches that I been forgetting to post.. I really LOVE #1 Nude beige~ creates really pretty nudy pink lips :D

The other shades are really bright/vibrant and so I'm not sure if its everyday kinda colors but #1 is so wearable♥

ysl volupte rouge

ysl volupte rouge swatch

picture from the weekend it was so sunny and beautiful day~
wearing #1 and wore Jill Stuart crystal diamond powder inner corner and under the eyes, it creates really shiny and diamond like shine so pretty!

spring look

also wanted to make new stuff so I started to knit or I meant crochet a chou chou *pronounced shu shu シュシュ
basically scrunchies but its bigger and ruffly and its like really popular in Japan since you can wear it as a hair tie or as a wrist accessory :3

eki chou chou3

eki chou chou2

with 2 style of knitting, still learning more ways but it takes too long to make other style X3
Im liking how it turned out and it stays put in the hair and dont leave ugly hair tie marks :)

eki chou chou4

eki chou chou1

well that is it for now, trying to make time to post more just have to manage my time better since its spring I need to renewal my habits and use my time more wisely so I dont stress out too much~ ^__^

well thanks for stopping by♥



  1. The knit chou chou looks adorable! :) The little crowns looks great with it. It must've taken a long time to make!e^e Keep up the good work!

    & Thanks for the swatch! :]

  2. the ysl lippies look awesome! and i cant wait to see more of your chou chous!!

  3. those dresses are so pretty :) not sure if I can pull them off though XD and nice chou chou! I learnt how to knit once but gave up after a while it's so hard and takes loads of patience XP

  4. eki! its been a long time ;)
    still lurving your sweeet-like-chocolate & ichigo post

    ahh i got myself some floral with frills & tier-layered dress for this spring!! similar to what you've shared..will be posting SOOON at my blog..inspired by ALICE!

    looking good!JillStuart glitters are still my fav eye-jelly

  5. i wonder could i get my gf to wear more of that fashion~

  6. chou chou!! I love them though I can't seem to find them here.
    Thanks for comparing the rouge side by side! Now I can see their shade difference!

  7. nice pictures i really want those clothes they r seriously cute :3

  8. Aww thanks for sharing the cute clothes! I still reallly want a hodie with bunny/kitty ears, hehe :3

    Thanks for the swatches too! Nude Beige is super love! I've been lemming it for the longest, it looks so pretty : ) Cutie hair scrunchies too! Yes yes, don't stress! Hehe ♥ Thanks for your comment on my hair too, I think I will miss my long hair soon! >_<

  9. Hi Eki!!! All the way from Hong Kong =)!!! I love the new wrist accessories that you're making =D!! Thanks for posting the YSL lipstick colors =)!! I can't wait to come back and talk to you again =) It's so hard for me to find internet... >_< But I'm happy to log onto your blog and see some new sewing stuffs =D Byebye for now~~

  10. ohh those hair tie are so cute ^.^

    did you knit it or crochet it?

    i would love to try out some DIY like that~~

  11. love the knit chou chou! looks so cute :)

  12. yay! you're so creative so im looking forward to seeing those new chou chous!

  13. The hooded skirts with the bow at the back are so cute! Thanks for posting them. Your chou chou's are so cute. >.<

  14. I like the #7 YSL lipstick, I am always attracted to pure pinks like that tho haha!

    The #3 looks great with the eyemakeup you did. And that photo looks so spring like^^

    The shushu is so cute!

  15. I really love the clothes. I wish I could pull those styles off. U would look so cute in them. Have you sewn clothes yet? I tries making pajamas for my boyfriend... FAIL. hahaha. YAY crochet!!! I'm obsessed with amigurumi right now. I'm trying to make a pikachu right now. We'll see how it turns out. hahaha. Ya, know, I can't find a YSL lipstick from that line that looks good on me. I feel like they are all too vibrant or something. <3 Rina

  16. You look beautiful, eki! :]

    You make me want to go buy some more lipsticks! hehehe.. those are definitely very pretty colors.

  17. Hello eki which is the address of the website where you buy the clothes out,¿? thanks a greeting
    do not write English well sorry

  18. Your talent at crafting never ceases to amaze me!!! :D Love the styles of knitting, it looks so complicated!

    I LOVE all the clothes you post...the ruffles are so girly & dreamy - I really like all the skirts with layers. The kitty ear skirt/hoody is too cute too!!!

  19. I love the clothes! I'm a sucker for anything with ruffles too!

    And I've been eyeing YSL Rouge Voluptes for awhile. They look beautiful!

  20. Eki! You look gorgeous in your fotd and I love the YSL #1 nude beige! I guess I'll make a trip to Sephora very soon ^_~


  21. I love the outdoor pic! You look straight out from a magazine :)

  22. I love the clothes! I wish that kind of stuff was more popular here. I'm a sucker for anything with bows. I bought this Gucci perfume once because it had a tiny bow on it x_x. I really like the chou chou you're making! Geez, what CAN'T you make?! o_o!

  23. Take care of yourself, eki! Insomnia? I hope it's not as bad as that. (BTW, loved it when Big Bang came up on the music)! xD

    The clothes ARE extremely cute~ :3 & the lippies are so pigmented and nice. The photo of you is so pretty~~

  24. those ruffle skirts are soooo cute! i absolutely adore the cute bow in the back

  25. you're so pretty!! love the YSL swatches<3 #1 looks so pretty!! i have the peach passion :D it's pretty but it's so BRIGHT sometimes, i wear it more sheer-ish, makes it better :)

    love the clothes you posted<3 ne neeeee, when are you going to make clothes?? they'd be soooo cutee!

  26. those clothes are so cute. the hair ties/accessory is really pretty too. i should learn how to crochet & knit!

  27. Clothes are amazing btw I have lingerie Pink's YSL's lipstick and i'm in love with it but I prefer MAC's one because is fleshiless !

  28. Ah, Eki - you always find the CUTEST clothes!! The swatches of the YSL lippies look absolutely beautiful. I want Peach Passion! Wish I could wear these!

    And wish I could wear the chou chou too!!! So sad I lopped off all my hair! ;_;

  29. Those hair scrunchies are adorable!

  30. so pretty as always! those scrunchies are so cute! i dont know how to knit but i'd love to learn! :)

    rouge voluptes are great! :)

  31. I've been contemplating for the longest time on which YSL Rouge Volupte I should get! I want something peachy-pink, you know? First I was totally set on #13 Peach Passion after seeing you wear it in one of your tutorials, but then I thought it might be too bright for me. Now I'm not sure anymore; there are so many colors to choose from! Plus, YSL is kinda pricy. Such a dilemma! lol

    P.S. Your scrunchie is soo cute!

  32. Cute your chouchous! Whenever I see scrunchies especially the crocheted/knitted kind, I'm reminded of high school! LOL! I think I still have one around somewhere!

    Aww Eki that pic of you is breathtaking! Never ceases to amaze me how beautiful you are!

  33. Awww this entire post is really nice!
    I love those hair srunchies and the YSL lip colours are lovely.
    Makes me want to buy some >_>

  34. Eki, your chou chous are so adorable! Love the cute charm you added on. :D Beautiful FOTD as usual...I heart your YSL lippies. I hope to double my collection of one to two! Hehe...

  35. Eeeeee I love all these kawaii clothes!!! I wish I could wear these in my city, but despite there being an abundance of Asians, I would still get some major stares if I wore clothes like these :(

    Tell me your Holy Grail mascara and you win could a must-have beauty prize!

  36. Japanese fashion always soo hot hot<33 Too Kawaii!!! Ooo you look so pretty in the pic<3 OMG you knit too?! I tell you, you are super talented =P

  37. everything in this post is soo cute!! =p i really love this denim dresses, they look very spring time'ish =]

    Btw: i nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog ^.^

  38. hi eki! im madeleine from singapore! love your blog!i think you're sooo talented and inspirational!

    the chouchou scrunchie is so cute! <3

    xoxo keep blogging!! <3

  39. Okay.. totally lovin' that sweater with the bow at the back! Ack! Why can't they have that type of clothing over here?! Wow you can knit too? Talent talent talent!!

  40. Cawaii ^^ u so cute.I come from thailand. 


let me know what you think~ :3

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