My beauty diary luxury line mask in white truffle review


I havent done Mask review in a while so I wanted to catch up~ :)

This is a review on Taiwanese sheet mask brand My beauty diary luxury line mask in White truffle

My Beauty Dairy White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask adopts French White Truffle and two whitening ingredients, Tranexamic Acid and SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate). This luxurious treatment helps brighten up dull, pale and uneven-toned complexion.

Blended with soothing and whitening extracts, including Rosehips, Mulberry and cactus, it helps remove old cuticles. As a result, rough skin and spots are corrected. It also helps optimize the whitening benefits for translucent, white and flawless skin.

High-quality mask sheet ensures good capacity for beauty lotion. Skin reveals translucent white after use.

It brightens skin and softens spots. For normal skin, especially dull and yellowish skin.

how to use it
Put the mask on cleansed and toned face. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and peel off. If some serum is left, gently massage for better absorption. No rinsing is necessary. Followed by usual skin care products.

Ok so my take:
I love all the my beauty diary masks since all the scent is really soothing and smells wonderful, also the mask leaves my skin really hydrated, soft and bright. Their luxury line mask are just even better! The paper quality is better, fits my face well, the liquid feels much more rich and most of all it left my skin so SOFT and smooth!
Next day is where you know if the mask is good and worked well with your skin, if you didnt get any breakouts and your skin looks more hydrated, even and smooth thats when you know the mask is good and that is what happens when I used this mask, I feel like my skin just went to a spa and skin felt like silk :D

I have really weird skin type, I am oily and really sensitive but not dry so I guess it combination skin, Their masks have not causing me to break out so far or have any negative side effects that is another plus since I have had some mask cause me to breakout before. :)

The price is higher than the regular MBDM since you only get 6 per pack but I can definitely see why its call luxury mask in their website :) You can feel that it is made with better quality ingredients and material.

This mask is for whitening great for anyone that wants a little pick me up in your skin if its looking dull, tired and uneven. It made my skin so much luminescent and bright!

seems to do what it claims whitening and hydrating
great quality
mask form fit really well
kinda pricy
hard to get

I get my beauty diary mask from sasa.com you can get this mask here
they are $14.20 for pack of 6 sometimes they do big discounts on MBDM if you check so often hehe :3

Also they have other series in their luxury line like camellia mask, white peony tea mask, platinum nanocolloid mask.

I have tried all three except camellia mask and so far I love all of them :)

Another thing to you should know,
as with any popular item in asia china is amazing at replicating replicas/fakes so please beware and be cautious when getting facial sheets online, since you NEVER KNOW what kind of ingredients they use to make fake mask.

here are few tips on fake my beauty diary masks:

here is the real mask on the left and fake one on the right.
you can see that the fake mask's shape is more oval

also the real mask are always imprinted/embossed with the manufactured/expiration dates, the fake one doesnt

The maker of my beauty diary mask have come up with new line of masks recently called
Face Q mask

I cant wait to try this series!! its so kawaii and all of them sounds so good and supposedly made with Unique hydrogel micro-emulsion technology and made with 100% wood pulp sheets! Hopefully I get to try them soon since my BFF is visiting her family in Taiwan right now asked her to get me some masks~! :D

Red Pomegranate Co Q10 faceQ Mask


Softening, whitening, regenerating, oil control, lightening of spots and fine lines.

Grape Seed Green Tea faceQ Mask

Moisturising, firming, brightening, enhances elasticity.

Ocean Aloe faceQ Mask

Moisturising, high efficiency in locking water, highly-hydrating.

Luffa Adlay faceQ Mask


Moisturising, enhances elasticity, soothing, anti oxidant, anti aging


  1. Oh that's interesting! thx for the review! It really helped because I saw those mask on SASA.com, and I never really ordered stuff online so I didn't know what to do and order.. and about the fake ones, wow, small details..

    anyway thx

  2. I have this mask too~ hahahaha personally, i think that it doesn't smell as good as black pearl mask. yeah, it does kinda suck that there is only 6 masks in this one. :( oh well.....
    WOW~ those replicas look sooo similar except for the actual mask, but other then that almost 99.99% alike. O.o
    Thanks for the notice~

  3. Wow. i can't believe that people would imitate these kinds of masks too. ): I think the baby formulas are the most evil (the ones where they add different substances into fake baby formulas).

    But anyways, thanks for the share, eki. I've nominated you for the sunshine award and the I <3 your blog award. You don't have to check my post but I just want you to know how much I really adore your blog~ New blog posts really does bring a small ray of sunshine to my life. ^___^ So yeah, just wanted you to know that, eki~ <3

  4. I have always LOVED Your face mask reviews (all your reviews, actually for that matter) - you are seriously the best saleswoman ever Eki lol!

    I wonder how you came across the fake masks, that is actually quite frightening! I know that Sasa.com has a 100% no-fakes guarantee, but it is always good to be cautious~!

    Thank you so much for sharing! ^_^

  5. Hm, I tried this one and wasn't that impressed but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, LOL! Will have to give it another go soon!

  6. Wow! I never knew they would even sink so low as to make impostor masks. This was a super helpful post, seeing how I'm going to Taiwan in a few months and would rather not be tricked by some fake beauty product from China or something.


  7. I love their mask as well .. is really give me very hydrate skin and healthy skin.. love love... I want to try thier luxury line now, thanks for the very great review your really hit and put effort on information in every review, it really make my decision easier :)

  8. I love their luxury masks too!! hehe the material is like super smooth. I'm guessing that's why it's more expensive haha. Thanks for info on fake masks hehe.. very true that China replicates everything easily lol =P. Thanks for the preview new masks. Very very Kawaii!!

  9. Thanks for the new review ... I am shocked that there are facemask knockoffs! I did see as well that Sasa.com had the no fakes guarantee, but I am still wary of some of the products I've bought from there.

  10. Thanks for the review. I've always wanted to try one but I wasn't sure where to start. I'll have to give this one a try next time I make an order. Thanks again! ^__^

  11. Thank you for this review! i can't wait to try out their new line of masks! i've always been a fan of daily mask...now i have another line i can try out! thanks a lot eki! : )

  12. Oooh I want to try them all! ;P

  13. Oh wow.. Just what I'm looking for! Thanks for sharing this with us ^_^ I'm so excited to try this mask for myself. And thanks SO much for pointing out how to spot a fake! I definitely do not want to use a 'fake' product on my face~~~

    Great tips, and looking forward to any new reviews that you have ^_^

  14. wow...the fake package looks exactly like the real deal minus the expiration date! that's crazy. those imposters are good...lol until you open the package that is.

  15. it's so scary how there's so many fake products out there!

  16. those new masks look so cute! definitely have to get some from sasa next time

  17. Gawd, it makes me so angry that there are even fakes for masks! This is why I only buy from reputable sellers like Sasa. The luxury line is so nice. I had no idea MBD came out with new masks! They all so cute :D

  18. I love these beauty diary masks too :)

    Thanks for the review!

  19. thank you for review! i'm gonna buy it next time i go the the local asian mart :D

  20. i had no idea they had fakes too!! thanks so much for the review!!! youre awesome!!!

  21. The packaging on all these masks are just too cute! LOL! Thanks for the thorough review Eki! Most peeps think a sheet mask is a sheet mask, but there are differences!

    Also thank you for posting the tips on how to spot a fake one!

  22. Thanks for the review on this. I really enjoy using My beauty diary mask in Provence Lavender.

    And thanks for pointing out that their or fake mask out there. Once I read your post entry, I immediately looked at my mask packaging and to make sure that I got the real legit mask.

  23. omgosh thanks for posting :D i cant wait for the new line of masks to be out, so wanna try them, i love my beauty diary :] x

  24. hi hi

    i nominated you for a blog award
    because, i really like what kind of stuff like make-up and everything you post on ur blog its just lovely :)
    Just check it on my blog whenever you want to

    Cheon-Hwa ^^

  25. Very interesting, thanks for the review & info :)

  26. I love the White Truffle mask! I have the Camellia one but I like the White Truffle much better. I just got the White Peony Tea one and can't wait to try it.

    Ohh I didn't know they came out with Face Q masks! I want! The packaging looks so cute, hehe, and I wonder how they compare to MBD masks.

    Thanks for such an informative post!

  27. those new masks look so cute! I think the pearl powder actually whitens a little better than some of the premium masks, but I still love them for the way they fit & how nice the serum is. white truffle is one of my favorites :)

  28. hi eki. love your blog =) these masks have such cute packaging. i love it. and thx for sharing the tip on how to tell the fake from the real. i cant believe they make fakes ones.

  29. Eki, you are right! Each one of those FaceQ masks look soo cute! the packaging is definitely appealing, and I hope they work just as well as MBD masks! How did you find out about them? I want to try them...wonder where I can get some. Does Sasa sell them yet? Thanks for such an enjoyable & informative post!

    <3 caroline

    ps. Can you please let me know what your e-mail address is? Do you have a gmail addy? I think it would be the best way for me to contact/catch up with you since you get so many comments on your blog and you probably most likely don't have time to respond to my comments here! ^_^

  30. thanks for the heads up about the fake masks O__O gosh!

  31. Hi Eki, thanks for the informative post :) 

    Ugh, I think I dealt with a fake MBD mask just a few days ago.. the package didn't have any of the usual signs of being fake (no uneven slit, messy seal, etc.) It even had the raised print serial numbering :S but when I opened the mask, the actual mask had these fine lines all over it, was very very thick (the authentic masks are very thin), yet had very little essence. It was labelled as the Apple Polyphenol Mask, and it even smelled like apple x_x good thing I got that mask as a 'free gift' from an online seller, otherwise I wouldn't forgive myself for buying a fake mask :(

    So bottom line, purchase your MBD masks from a reputable dealer! Even if it doesn't seem to be fake, the fakes seem to always be improving >__< be careful!

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