Pre-birthday love and fotd

Hi there ♥

long time no post Im sorry for the slack X3

Birthday love packages from my lovelies~!! ^0^ I cant believe my Birthday is in 2 more days,,,T__T Yes I am April Fools baby lol this year is passing by realllllly fast to me do you think so too? seems like I didnt do anything this year :/

For my Birthday celebration I am going to visit my friends in Orlando for 2 weeks from 4/20-5/4 :D I cant wait I havent seen my friends in FL for over a year!! FL is where I am originally from :3 I really miss some of the stuff there for some reason but I dont miss the heat at all =__=;; I hate sweating and all the humidity, it is so gross...

My long anticipated 32gb iPad B-day gift from Zach shipped out yesterday!!!! I might get it closer to my birth date :D It was scheduled for the 4th so maybe not,, but I cant wait to see it in person~ its pretty crazy to buy something before actually seeing it in person before hand but Im sure it will be great. They estimated that 120,000 units of iPad sold on the first day of the pre-sale!! Thats crazy! But we did buy it on the first day of pre-sale also... lol Im really hoping that they will develop a software and a pen where it transforms the iPad into a tablet like wacom's Cintiq,,, that would be amazing and Im sure iPad is fully capable to do that,, so please someone develop it for the iPad thats my wish!! XD

ok on to the post topic hehe

My birthday this year has been so much sweeter thanks to all my sweet friends that I have met through blogger, I cannot express my gratitude of all the love you guys shower me with♥♥

everytime I check my mail and see a surprise it really makes me appreciate having this blog and appreciate all the sweeties that loves me enough to send me a portion of their LOVE to me~ T_T


This first love birthday package is from VERY sweet TLLim from Singapore! She is one of my Royal ekiLove customer and sweet friend of mine♥

she showers with so much love and always so thoughtful to me,, someday when I go to Singapore I need to see you there or if you come to US please let me know!!!

Thank you so much for this super adorable handmade card I can feel the love that was put in to making it♥

lim love card

ohh man,, she knows how much I love junk food and teas lol

lim love package

Jagabee!! they are awesome thank you!! Puchi pudding choco is super kawaii and yan yan are always awesome and fun to eat♥ my stomach thanks you Hun lol X3


Pocky!! in Choco banana and milk yummm~


TLLIM's favorite character from sanrio Little Twinstars~ :3
the other gifts packaged so kawaii and nicely


kawaii overload!! @0@

always so adorable Korilakkuma, Rilakkuma and HK charms X3

lim kawaii love

also 35th anniversary KittyLab spoon and fork set!! omg this set is too cute! Its good that its made out of stainless steel its "Dr. Kitty's recommendation is to bring your own cutlery set and ceasing global warming" hehe cute

kittylab spoon & fork

They are so well made and super kawaii♥

kittylab spoon fork

Thank you so much sweetie for sending me love for my Birthday♥
will get you back~!! hehe

kittylab spoon&fork

love package from angel

another Birthday love package from Angel-chan

she is fellow blogger and one of my Royal ekiLove customer/super sweetie!

love angel

Thank you sweetie for the super nice and thoughtful gifts and happy wishes to me it was such a Wonderful surprise and you are too good to me, your kindness and your love for my creations was already enough! ^0^

angel love

She sent me my first ever I-divine eyeshadow palette! I was always curious since I see them in the blogs alot, I havent tested it out yet but will make a review and a look with it next time :D

Thank you sweetie! Nice colors mix of vibrant and neutral shades!

divine palette

ohhh Godiva gems bom boms hehe I ate one and its sooo good!! thank you sweetie! Thank you for sending me so daiso lashes and mac lippie too<3<3

godiva gem

joanna love package

Also Love package from Joanna/Jbreezy
another super sweet blogger! :D


she surprised me with this! Thank you for writing me such a sweet letter, your letter has inspired me work harder with what I do and really appreciate your Love to me!!

I am really lucky to have so many support, Love and friends here on blogger! T__T
Thank you everyone for ALWAYS encouraging me to stay positive and happy with what I do, seriously I cannot express how much all of you have lifted my spirits to a happier place ever since I started blogging♥

I wanna Thank all of you from bottom of my heart
for making my birthday so much sweeter

ok so it been a while since my last FOTD so here its is, its pretty boring lol simple everyday look here :3


whats on my face?

Lioele BB
Nyx concealer jar in beige
Jill Stuart mix blush in lovely tulip 07

dolly wink liquid eyeliner
Paul & Joe lash primer
Canmake gokubuto mascara
Paul & Joe eyeshadow in earth 14
Paul & Joe eyeshadow in daisy 11 *highlighting shade

Paul & Joe lipstick in 16

I LOVE love love the blush!! the highlighter shade is amazing make my cheek look so luminescent, shiny and smooth looking when applied on over the other shades and as highlighter ♥

eki fotd 3

haha rare look here with me smiling with teeth X3
I dont smile big with teeth in photos too often since I feel like I look like anpanman.... have big chipmunk cheeks lol I am a big smiley happy person in person but in photos I just smile a little... I guess its a complex I need to fix :/

Another thing, thinking about coloring my hair lighter... dark hair is good for fall winter but for the warmer springy weather I think I want it lighter. Thinking about using palty hair dye in vanilla beige what do you think? I used to use Palty but I havent used it on a long time since it harder for me to get them here but Pinkyparadise have them in stock so I was really intrigued by it :D

I really want milky or ashy tones, I really dont care for orangy reddish tones too much I really dont want to bleach my hair either so Im hoping to just dye it and get milky shades :P

well that was it for now, will have new items and restock items in ekiLove in few days♥
Thank you for being so patient in waiting for the new items ^__^

thanks for stopping by!



  1. you must feel so loved!! wanna wish you an early bday!! looking amazing as always. xox

  2. Happy advanced birthday! you have a lovely smile =)

  3. aww u got some nice birthdays gifts the are so lovely
    i wish u a early happy birthday <3
    when i was in cali i ate one of those yan yan's with strawberry taste <3 they really yummy

  4. Early Happy Birthday Eki! You have such a pretty smile, you should smile with teeth more often =)

  5. The gifts that you've received are so cute!! ^^ hehehe Happy B-Day Eki ;)
    You are always beautifull :D

  6. Happy early birthday! Great pics of all the goodies - you're so lucky! I love the photo of you smiling. You should definitely show that more often : )

  7. yay our birthdays are coming up! :)

  8. awwww... Advance Happy Birthday to you dear! Wow, florida!! I haven't been there in ages! I hope you enjoy your birthday and your new Ipad! And I hope you like the goodies I got you :)

  9. happy early birthday gorgeousss!!

  10. Happy Almost Birthday gorgeous!! Love the gifts you got! I am loving rilakkuma now and looking at places where I can purchase them. That rilakkuma bread charm is just the prettiest :)

    You should smile more often showing your teeth, you are just gorgeous :)

  11. Happy early birthday! Cute fotd, I love the blush. <3

  12. Ooooh happy early birthday!!! How fun to be born on April Fool's ~ I bet your friends like to do something funny to you on your birthday haha! I am an Aries too ^o^

    The Little Twin Stars bag is the cutest!!! They are my fav characters from childhood :)

  13. happy birthday in advance, i am born in april too :p, the fourth it is my birthday.
    I hope ou enjoy you birthday well and have fun with your friend. Xo Xo

  14. You look so pretty smiling with your teeth! Hmm.. I've never heard hair color being described as milky or ashy. I can't keep up with the Asian trends. But, I do think a brighter color would be awesome for the warmer weather coming up!

  15. Your Fotd is so pretty!!
    Happy Birthday~

    Those love packages are so cute, what a good idea. I think I will try to do that for my friends ^^

  16. Happy birthday :)
    You are really cute I'm jealous ><

  17. happy birthday!!! :)
    such cute gifts :) you are so loved! <3

    you have such a cute smile! I don't think your cheeks look any bigger wen you smile ;) still cute <3

  18. Hi Eki!!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

    I noticed you've been wearing the Lioele BB cream for a while now... do you mind making a review for it?

    I saw your friend Jen from frmheadtotoe review it and I was wondering what your opinion was as well. If not, thats okay too.. I'm sure you're busy with your store and all!

    Thanks Eki! Keep up the wonderful posts :)

    Love, elle

  19. Happy early birthday Eki =)! The card from TLLim looks amazing!! I'm so happy for you!!! You're going to get the Ipad xD!!! That's so exciting!! Hee x2 => I really like the last picture of you with your teeth smiling ^__^ That's a really good picture of you~~ I'm so happy to be back and reading your post =) I can't wait to receive your package too~ Thank you and happy early birthday again~ =)

  20. Happy birthday in advance!! I feel the same way about smiling, haha! Hope you have an amazing bday hun.

  21. Yayyyyy - happy early birthday!!

    I do hope my package gets to you on your bday... but it will probably be a few days late... sorry!!!

  22. Happy early birthday! Your smile is so beautiful; show your teeth more :D
    I have the same problem... I had very bad teeth as a child, and even though I had it fixed during high school with braces, I still feel very self-conscious to show my teeth.
    But you look so warm and inviting that way!

  23. Happy early birthday, eki! :) I saw that you were a little meh about turning a year older, but I think you should just see your birthday as a celebration of you (and let's forget about the number if you don't want to remember it xD)! & of course we should join in the celebration of you. ^___^

    So glad to hear you're going back to FL! Haven't seen them in a year? Must be hard on you but at least you get to see them again and you look like you've been really enjoying yourself this past year, yay! :D (BTW, really enjoying the m-flo mixes for all of their hits playing on your playlist! xD)

    You look great smiling with teeth, please do it more often. :3 Keke.

    So happy to see all the love you've received! But honestly, I think we're all just reciprocating what you've given us! <3

  24. Hi Eki^^ Happy Birthday! I love your last photo.i hope to see more photos of you smiling like that =) have a great day! xoxo

  25. Hello Eki, just wanted to wish you a Happy early B-day! Looking at all those love packages of yours makes me feel hungry haha. You're such a lucky gal ;) Oh, you look beautiful smiling with your teeth showing! Dont thinks that you look fat or chubby or whatever haha because you look cute ^_^ I can't wait to see what's next in your store btw. Love you and have a fun b-day!!! <3

  26. eki i think you should smile with teeth more often in photos. it makes you look so much happier and you look very radiant and natural!

    happy early birthday!

  27. Hey there eki!! :) This is a new reader and follower haha. My name's Rene- its nice to meet you!

    Happy Early Birthday!! :D (Getting a year older & also wiser ^^) and wish you all the best for your birthday :) I hope you get your iPad in time for your birthday hun! It's great to be born on April Fools (as you can fool others about your b-day haha) and have fun in FL!

    Looking lovely as always and happy birthday again!

    Lots of love


  28. wow,happy early bday eki!!
    thats lots of love!
    that jagabee sncak is so tasty!its like french fries!u shud try it!

  29. Eki you're always so gorgeous!! Not boring at all! Makes me feel like I'm looking at a magazine when I read your posts! ;)

    Mmm snackies! And look at all that bday love you got!! Ohh HK silverware! Too cute!!

    Have fun back in FL!!! And don't forget to show off your iPad to us when it comes! LOL! :)

  30. Happy early B-day Eki! You have such a sweet, warm smile - So sunshine-y even WITH teeth! :D

    It will be fun to see what shade you end up with next! I always wondered what results darker hair could have w/o bleach so looking forward to your new color! ^_^

  31. Happy early b-day... you will hear from me soon =P..Everybody loves Eki <33 I know I do!!! =P... Wonderful post babe! Awesome love packs<33 The junk food made me drool lol *slurps* =D Awesome how you get to go back to FL to visit.. I'm sure you're super excited!!You look beautiful in your photos.. Love that smile<33

  32. Aw happy birthday Eki. I'm a new follower for your blog. You're so pretty ^^. I have a question what is love package?^^

  33. Happy early birthday!! You look beautiful when you smile!! You DO NOT look like a chipmunk :]

  34. Happy Birthday Eki! Best wishes for a wonderful year and many more to follow :)
    That's so sweet of your friends and fellow bloggers to send you sweet gifts!
    Have an awesome time in Florida next month with friends.

  35. Oh no.. I posted a comment earlier and realized that it didn't go through~ =\ lol! I wanted to tell you that the card that TLLim made you is really cute ^__^! I love handmade cards =P hee x2. Happy early birthday Eki~!!

  36. hey! ^^ i hope you have a lovely time on your birthday with friends =3

  37. Happy Bday Eki! Hope you have a wonderful year ^__^v

  38. Happy early Birthday Eki! Those packages looks awesome, those snacks must be really delicious! Milk pocky is love.

    The HK utensils looks adorable as well. ^^

  39. What are those brand contacts?

  40. Eki Eki! ^_^ i always love your FOTDs! all your everyday looks are simple yet SO elegant, pretty, and effective! hehe love! I am enchanted by your fluttery lashes! love love LOVEE them! you can bat your lashes at me any day ^__~ hehe Yay for all your love packages!!

    Happy Birthday, Eki!! Hehe it's officially 12:03am on April 1st, Minnesota time!! whee!!

    <3 caroline

  41. i LOVEEEEEE that toothy smiling pic of you <333333333 sooooooo cute!! <3 <3 hahaha. okay, enough heart spam.

    love the presents you got! you deserve it all <3

  42. Happy Belated Birthday Eki~ the gifts are wonderful!
    You should definitely smile more with teeth!! You look so cheerful and beautiful! I don't know what you're talking about when you say you look like you have chipmunk cheeks? Haha, oh girl you have gorgeous cheekbones, so show it more!!! <3

  43. You are very pretty even with just minimal makeup. Love your skin!


let me know what you think~ :3

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