popteen April issue *pic heavy*

Here is the latest issue of popteen :D
felt like I was behind on posting mag scan :3 Alot of spring looks! Cant wait for all the snow to melt and start getting warm here so I can wear cute skirts♥

Again Kumikki on the cover as usual :P
she is wearing some Hello kitty apparel its so kawaii~

*click to enlarge*

I have been on the hunt for perfect cowboy boots and still have not found the one I think that is cute yet but lots of cute cowboy boots here :/

spring hair accessories

Tralala is a brand made by Liz Lisa their style is less floral

another brand by Liz Lisa is Liz Lisa DOLL so kawaii again less floral and kinda sporty

Right now in Japan Wigs are popular accessories since most girls spend so much time on hair girls now prefer to just wear a wig for a perfect hair do also you can change up your look without having to cut or dye hair own hair :D
They call it Ime-chen your look *short cut for image change

also melliesh is another gyaru brand by Yui Kanno she is one of popteen model seen here with her products the lip gloss and cheek blush looks really pretty very doll like colors :3

haha kit kat craze over in Japan new flavor for spring is sakura matcha *drools*


  1. thanks for the mag scans! spring hair is so cute! :o

  2. the cowboy styles are really cute !!
    But I prefer the tralala styles with Tsubasa, she is an amazing model !

  3. Thanks so much for the scans!! I so can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear skirts too!!

    And love the short cuts there - I think I might print out a few pages to bring to my stylist next time. :D

  4. Thanks for sharing, eki! I thought the HK hoodie with the red bow is SO adorable! :D

    I'm waiting till I can go home and read the Taiwanese Ver. of Popteen they got for me in HK~ ^___^

  5. OOO love the less floral stuff :D so pretty. you should make clothes eki! they'd be super cute :)

  6. Ohhh I like the less floral designs by Liz Lisa =) Hee x2, I wish I was able to buy those here >_<.. Ooohh I want to get some of those wigs ^_^! I spend so much money touching up my hair... =( It is nice to use a wig that would give you perfect color and hair style each time~ =) Thank you for sharing and translating for us Eki~ =D

  7. Thanks for the scans!~
    The outfits and hair are very kawaii ♥
    I can't wait for spring :)

  8. :) Thanks for the scan Eki.

    The Melliesh collections look so pretty! Too bad they don't sell them here.

  9. Aww these scans are so awesome ~ thx for sharing!! Hmm Liz Lisa style is changing a lot.. seems like they're going darker. I miss the pink + whites they did so much before >_<

    Can't get enough of the gyaru stuffs!! Love love!

  10. lol..it's funny how the cowboy boots are popular and cute, here in TN it's actually a country music fan thing..something that i never adopted but the mag scans actually make it look so cute! where can you get magazines like this? thanks

  11. I love magazine scans. Thank you for posting em. Check my new posts at http://sereneblossoms.blogspot.com/

  12. Popteen is so cute:3
    Kumicky is the best^^

  13. Gah I want a hello kitty hoodie.It's cute ^^.

    Thanks Eki :P

  14. omg! thank you for the great scans!
    This just makes me even more excited for spring!! <3

  15. Woouuu few scans! I love the Popteen magazine!
    I love to buy many things there are! I love the hair and nails!
    I try KitKat, is really delicious! It's a shame that here in Argentina do not get little things like that!
    Eki Thanks for the scans!

  16. Ahhh if only I could buy such cute wigs in those colours in the UK!!
    And I love the new Melliesh products, but they're also not within reach for me ;-;

  17. Lovin those HK Hoodies!! :) Too cute!! ANd MMmm must you tempt me by saying Sakura KitKats?! LOL!

    Thank you for always doing these scans for us Eki!! :)

  18. Thank you so much for the scans Eki! The HK hoodies are absolutely adorable!!!

    If you ever visit Dallas Texas, I will be happy to help you find some cute Cowboy boots! ;) Every Texas girl must own a pair!

  19. ooO thanks for the hard work hun!! Everything is soo pretty! OMG Sakura kitkats??!! OoOO the Tralala looks nicee.. Something about polka dots sooo cutee =P. HK items look hot!! =D

  20. thanks for posting eki! we need to go to japan and get cute boots aha!

  21. Thanks for the post!

    Btw, I told me friend about Midori's & she tried it out & loved it. I can't wait to try it out! If you haven't already, you should hit up 7lounge :)

  22. thx 4 another fabulous scans eki san :)
    i always love your posts

  23. great magazine....... i love japanese magazine, just love their fashion and everything about them. I also use it to get some ideas for my sketches. I will definitely look for POPTEEN mag

  24. Hi, I have just visited your site and the info you have covered has been of great interest to me.


let me know what you think~ :3

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