Jill stuart and Love packages

hi hi :)

Here are some new Jill Stuart I got recently for my early B-day from Zach :D I have been eyeing this blush and the Limited Edition crystal diamond powder for long time so I was so happy when I finally got it XD Zach knows Ive been eyeing them for LONG time since I talk about wanting Jill Stuart alot LOL Thank you♥


Jill Stuart Limited Edition crystal diamond powder in 102
this is part of their 5th anniversary edition, Ive wanting this because I read that its perfect highlighter and gives nice sparkely effect and I even saw Kumikki using it on her tutorial she did in past edition of popteen, she applies the powder right under her eye for sparkly effect :D she said it really looks like diamonds!♥

It comes in 2 shades 101 vintage crystal*yellow tone* or 102 sugar diamond*pink tone*

The design is so pretty its just like the 5th anniversary mirror, comes on a long chain I guess you can wear it as a necklace but it seems bit too weird LOL X3

Jill Stuart crystal diamond powder

Jill Stuart crystal diamond

The powder is SUPER sparkly really shines like diamonds or crystals so pretty but I havent tried it on yet its too pretty~ its have pretty scent too smells like their perfume Jill by Jill Stuart

jill stuart diamond powder

js box

it comes in 12 shades, just came up with 2 new shade for the spring. I also have 02 and it creates really pretty pink cheeks so if you want kawaii baby doll cheeks their blush will create that look :)

Jill Stuart mix blush in 07 Lovely tulip

jill stuart 07 lovely tulip

Ive been wanting this shade for long time but its been sold out since its from their past line but finally cosme-de.com had them in stock again :D

I wanted this since it has a really light highlighter shade out of all of their blushes and it also comes with nice rosy pink shade♥ also their brush is really NICE very nice quality natural hair I think its goat hair, so when you think of it a nice quality blush and brush for around $50 its not a bad deal! :D

Jill stuart mix blush


Also I got early bday present from K!
she is one of the nicest and most thoughtful blogger that I've met and became friends with!♥
she just had her bday but in the middle of it she was thinking about my b-day X3 Thank you so much!! Im getting you back!! ^0^

matcha heaven!!!


quote"This candy is THE delicious candy" LOL I heart Japanese engrish XD


some beauty stuff for me to try!! she sent me BB cream samples, daiso lashes*I heard they are really good* and KATE diamond cut eyes palette in BK-1! I havent bought KATE in a while but their eyeshadows are great :D


you cant tell in this photo but the top left highlighter shade is really sparkly


Kit kat heaven~ she sent me flavors in Royal milk tea, maple and lemon vinegar!! I havent tried them yet since I like to savor them :P I will make a review on them hehe


may love

Love package from May~

She another sweet blogger and queen of sheet masks!! LOL she has every sheet mask possible and if you have sheet mask question you should def ask her! :D

She is also proud owner of ekiLove and one of my Royal customer, she knew that I havent been feeling too well so she was just so sweet to treat me♥ I have been eye this Beauty mate mask on sasa.com so I cant wait to try it I have to do a review on them :)


again matcha heaven!! XD
I LOVE 抹茶!! Green max is Taiwanese tea brand they are good too~


Candies I got lately haha Im gonna make a candy review regularity too :P

Here is another edition of my favorite candies LOL
I want to share some candies that is included in ekiLove packages always items that are my favorites♥

fav candies

also got some LE kit kats to try, will make a review in another post. I got ginger ale and kinako ohagi mochi kit kats!

kit kats

momo to gubou collagen candy

Momo and budou collagen candy * peach and grape*
this candy is really good! contains collagen and vitamin c so its supposed to be beauty candy LOL :D

collagen candy

nanano kuchizuke candy

Hana no kuchizuke *flower kiss*

this is a classic candy one of my most favorite :D the flavor is milk sumomo*type of plum* its so good~

flower candy

milkland candy

Milk no oukoku *Milk land*

another classic this is really milky candy! I love anything milky for some reason so if you like ice cream or milk in general this candy is for you hehe :3

milk candy

LOOK what's new and available sasa.com kawaii!!
Hello Kitty skin care series by Rosette

collagen face wash
acne face wash

apple gommageHyaluronic acid gel

ok that is it for now will have reviews and swatches soon :)

thanks for stopping by♥



  1. I love how the candy package for the Green Tea Milk says "This candy is the delicious candy." Cute. :D

    I want to hang out with you and have a candy party. You always have the best candies! Another reason why I want to visit Japan, candy!

  2. jill stuar's packaging is really something isnt it..i mean its so princess-y bling bling hehe

  3. So much in one post! I don't even know when to start. x3

    First of all, thanks for telling me about the HK face wash! It's so ironic, my parents were JUST in Hong Kong in the middle of February and when she went to Sasa, they said that they didn't have that face wash. D: So I was pretty devastated after you were mentioning how great it smells and I heard that it's great at getting rid of blackheads and just exfoliating in general. :3 No way I can stack up to $75, but I'll look around and maybe the shipping cost will balance out!

    So that's the wonderful candies you're talking about in your twitter! I actually asked my parents to buy some things for me in Hong Kong so be prepared to be surprised by something in the mail in the near future~ <3 :D

    You make me want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on Jill Stuart! I was over at Japantown in SF during winter break and was really debating whether to dish out around $24 to get the Jill Stuart 5th anniversary mag...I ended up not but I look a little TT^TT whenever I see pictures of the cosmetic bag and mirror. I think I'll be more willing to spurge when I have an actual regular income in the future. ^___^ But you've already sparked my interest way beforehand~ <3

    The bottle IS really pretty...but I think wearing that around the neck would look a little silly? Hehe.

  4. Great photos! Enjoy all that candy goodness! I'm so jealous!

  5. I have the same blush as you do...it's a gift from a sweet blogger friend...and you know I'm drooling with all those matcha & kitkats.....

  6. The Jill Stuart packaging is soooo cute!!

    OMG Milk Tea Kit Kat!! That I would totally eat!! yummm!! :]

  7. wahhh kawaii candies! :) enjoy them yum yum!

    jill stuart's packaging is beautiful and so elegant. the diamond powder's bottle is stunning! can't wait to see you wear it! zach is very sweet to you and you deserve it very much :D

  8. wow that JS powder is too damn pretty!the packaging really feels so princess-y!hehe
    lucky u!

  9. Wow your early b-day presents are amazing! What sweet love packages too! The HK skincare is so cute ♥

  10. The Jill Stuart packaging is gorgeous! I never knew there were so many different Kit Kat flavors until I read your blog. lol

  11. Hi Eki!! You've got some really amazing packages there =P! That is really sweet and nice of Zach to buy you the Jill Stuart items that you have been eyeing on ^_^. Happy early birthday from me too~ Eventhough I know its still a little ways away from now, but I wanted to tell you that =). I can't wait to see your reviews on candies and make up soon ^_^. Btw, that diamond powder is really shimmery sparkly! I love it =) Can't wait to see it on ya =D

  12. that's so nice. I love green Max beverage, they are so healthy and so delicious <3
    HK is adorable, I don't know they have so many choices

  13. Beautiful Jill Stuart stuff! I think I might finally splurge on one of the blushes for my birthday this year, otherwise I keep lemming them hehehe.

    Lovely packages too - btw, when is your bday??? Would be so sad if I missed it! =P

  14. awwww cute items from your bf ^__^ you're so lucky he'll buy you beauty items!! hahaha mine would just say "you have too many already"!

  15. omg what sweethearts Kay and May are!!! (hehe their names match :p). you are in matcha heaven girl!!!

  16. BANZAI for JillStuart pressies!
    ooh my 1st JillStuart mix compact blush is LOVELY TULIPS!
    cuz my fav flower is tulip...luv luv luv
    the LE pendant is soooo pretty and sooo expensive!!

    and i'm using JS brush to pickup colors from my CANMAKE powder cheek!
    so $50 is worth it..cuz its a good soft round brush~~
    checkout myblog for canmake!

    waahh your LE kitkats and greentea candies is giving me the sweet tooth cravings lol

  17. You are totally inspiring me to get Jill Stuart! I gotta see if they're in London and Singapore.

    Happy belated birthday and it's always lovely to have great blogger friends!

  18. Jill Stuart is just gorgeous!!

    Kay is the sweetest blogger ever!!

  19. wow, that JS stuff is SO PRETTY!!!

    Thank you for letting me know about the HK facial washes. I'll keep an eye out for them!

    Glad you liked all of your matcha stuff :)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. OooO Love package galore!! Such sweethearts =D!! And Zach is so sweet =). A++ for being so sweet <33 Your posts are always amazing hun..all drools <33

  22. The packaging on the Jill Stuart powder is so nice! And you always have so much asian candy featured on your posts...makes me crave! I bet that green tea milk candy is extra delish.

  23. omg that jill stuart highlighter looks amazing!!
    and the packaging is gorgeous :D
    Those kitkats look so strange >.<
    i cant find any where I live :(


    xo cherry bomb

  25. aww so much love all around :] those flower kiss candies were my favorite growing up! i haven't eaten them in YEARS

  26. Wow! Your early birthday packages are amazing. You're so lucky. Hope you enjoy them all and happy early birthday! :)

  27. How sweet of your bf:) I'm glad you get to try the sheet mask before purchasing it:) I'm drooling at the kit kats and matcha candies hehe

  28. wow so many presents! When is your Bday?
    Beauty mate masks are appearing everywhere on blogs....will it be the new MBD?

  29. lots of candies and matcha stuff ~! a trip to mitsuwa is needed =)

  30. Happy early Birthday Eki :) The Jill Stuart packaging is soooo pretty. That was sweet of Zach to get you those. Mmmm...and I love kit kats but I'm pretty sure they only come in one flavour here in Toronto.

  31. Girl, you make Jill Stuart Cosmetics look so glam! My eyes are tearing up with desire!!!!!!!

  32. K is so sweet! And just like you.. she give the best treats! LOL! :)

    Eki you always make me lemm the JS stuff! So pretty!! every time!!

    LOL HK skincare! Even more stuff for me to dream about! ;)

  33. JS packaging is just too hard to resist! I have their blush in shade 3 :D. Kay and May are really sweet, i also got a few Kit Kats from Kay too, i really love the Royal Milk Tea flavor, it's so yummmm...

  34. Mmm your candy hauls always make me get the munchies! You're so lucky to have such a sweet bf and blogger friends :)

    You make me really tempted to try out Jill Stuart, the products you feature always are so kawaii and just have beautiful packaging!

  35. wow. eki! so much love and gifts! you're a very generous and pretty person you definately deserve it! I didn't know that you love the flower kiss candies?!! those are my favorite too! so sweet of your blogger friends and bf!

  36. the jill stuart makeup looks super pretty...

    hello kitty theme skin care? how cute! i wonder if it works okay?

  37. Oohh your birthday is coming up! Aww how sweet for early birthday gifts! The JS items look gorgeous! You make me want to get something from JS, at least once, hehe. Kay is such a sweetheart, and how sweet of May to send you love too. You always have the best candies! I'm going to keep an eye out for those collagen candy, mm beauty candy!

    Happy early birthday!!

  38. Jill Stuart will be the death of me once I get a job. The packaging is to die for!

    Happy early birthday Eki!

  39. hehe seeing all those candies and sweets making me crave and hungry...... i love kitkat lol


let me know what you think~ :3

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