popteen May 2010 issue *mega heavy pics* part 1

Here is popteen may 2010 issue again features Kumicky..kumikki which ever way she spells her name in english hehe... :p now she collaborates with sanrio and have her own Hello Kitty after her!!

she is definitely kawaii~ ohh I love the top right dress so kawaii!! maybe I should sew that looks pretty simple :3
There are way too many kawaii stuff in this issue so I am separating it in 2 parts post :)

the western look are the "it" fashion right now in Japan amongst gyaru :D I really want a authentic cute cowboy boots I am in the hunt right now but cant find that I really like yet :/

Tsubasa Masuwaka 益若つばさ the creator behind Dolly Wink, one of the most popular gyaru model right now who graces on from magazines, products and is a tv personal. She is very successful entrepreneur.

Kumiko Funayama 舟山久美子 she is one of the "it" girl of gyaru, very popular right now

Here is her collab with hello kitty♥

New kit kat flavor Framboise came out on 4/12! ohh looks good XD~

new canmake addition milky jewel eyeshadows :D it say the shimmer wont fade and its waterproof,, sounds interesting.

some kawaii hair do's :D

some western wear that are really cute!♥

Finishing off with kumikky's make up tutorial on how she apply her blush! :)


  1. Thank you for uploading these magazines! I love Japanese fashions. I wish there was more of an influence on being pretty and cute here in America. That's my style. :) I also am hunting for some cowgirl boots - I live in Texas so it shouldn't be too hard, but I'm picky :P, I can't wait to see part 2. Thanks again Eki - you are the best :)

  2. thanks so much for the scans eki! i love the hairstyles

  3. thanks for sharing!
    Japanese girls are really pretty :)

  4. Love the scans - :) It is always so fun to look through and see the different styles & get inspired!

    Good luck on the hunt for cute boots! They don't have to be authentic, but it is nice to have leather since you know they will weather nicely and last longer.

    Mmmm...your kit kats blogs are inspiring bloggers all over the web, myself included! :) The framboise looks soooo delectable!

    Finally, I found my long lost Japanese twin in the school girl hair style pics - her hair is much prettier though, and in cute loose braids to boot! :D

  5. omg! i just was in tokyo and i bought one of the framboise kitkats but haven't eaten it yet -- i didn't realize it was new! XD the banana and green tea ones didn't interest me much and it seems like you would get a lot more happiness out of it... i can mail you a box from california, would you like it? n_n

  6. waaa thanks for uploading these mag pics!!! i love them >_< thank you <3

  7. Those schoolgirl hair dos are super kawaii! Makes me wish that I could wear cute looks like that!

  8. I miss buying these magazines! Its sad I live in such a small town >_< But cute pics eki! xoxo

  9. kawaii is an understatement for the fashion showcased in the magazine :) thank you for the scans eki! i appreciate them very much :)

  10. Thanks for scanning! I'm trying to scan a magazine myself, but it keeps showing shadows. ;_; Your scans look so nice though. :D

  11. nice cans ^^ i lveo th e hello kitty ^^

  12. thanks so much for sharing! : ) is it okay with i post these on my blog as well? of course i'll give credit back to you?!

  13. OH, they are all sooo cute. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Omg...I love Japanese magazines. So colourful and cute! I wish I know how to read Jap now... I must learn that language! Lol.

  15. omg thanks so much for uploading!

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  17. sew sew sew! it'll come out great :)

  18. Hi Eki! I'm Ligaya from the Philippines, and I found you through hopping from one gyaru blog to the next.

    So the next big trend, according to Liz Lisa and Popteen, is rustic country cowgirl? Man that makes me miss my pink and white cowgirl boots! They were my size and very lovely, but the tropical weather of my country got to them. T.T Would you know how girls living in the tropics (like Southern California, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines) would best take care of and keep their boots for years?

    Also, just a question on the make-up in the magazine spreads here: is it safe to say that you either use a white or pale-colour eyeliner and then put on the mascara generously, or even skip the eyeliner at all? It gets REALLY HOT AND HUMID OUT here where I live, making layers of make-up impractical, hot and pimple-causing, so I would like to be able to come up with a similar effect like the make-up of the girls in the Popteen magazine, without worrying about "runny" eye make-up.

    Thanks for sharing the scans, and I hope you will reply to my insight. I also bid you well on the hunt for boots! ♥


let me know what you think~ :3

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