Dolly wink FOTD look and sasa haul

long time since I posted hauls and FOTD! here are haul I got from sasa.com I wanted to buy dolly wink's eyelash fix so I ended up buying more for the free shipping when you spend $75+! as usual it was packaged very nicely and it didnt take so long,, it only took 10 days it think,, :3

I got essential hair products, they are my current hg shampoo and conditioner! I wanted to know how Nuance airy was compared to rich premier so I got a treatment :) it smells really nice~

also got some mask that I have been wanting to try, got isqueen Japanese brand sheet masks and taiwanese brand mask beautymate in yamagata cherry

some items I got for Jen
she wanted to try the wonderful dolly wink liquid liner and deco den stuff for her computer she is pimping :)

got a backup dolly wink liquid eyeliner for myself too since I love this eyeliner!! ^__^

This is what I been wanting for so long~ I read in one of Japanese magazine that this lash glue are so easy to use and stays on really well,, I really wanted it since I hate the duo tubes and all the tube glue they are messy and not user friendly so I wanted to try this since it already comes on the felt brush tip :D

cute packaging and the application tip are so fine really easy to apply in the edges of the false lashes, glue smell ok not too strong,

comes with 2 pairs and its own glue :)

Always cut the lashes for a better fit, for this dolly wink lashes I only cut alittle since I want to wear it out side of my eyes, same way all the gyaru models wear them to create the effects of more rounder and bigger eyes! :3

applying the eyelash fix, so easy and convenient to use!

here is before and after with the lashes before I wore mascara.

I am also wearing max pure pink lens from pinkyparadise and skin 79 BB cream I really love the lens! They are really comfortable and noticeable but subtle and the color are hint of pink can look mix of brown and violet very kawaii lens :) The BB cream have been working really well with my skin no breakouts from it yet so thats good the color matches me really well, I am really pale right now Im about NC20 right now I will make a full review on both lens and the Skin 79 bb cream in the next few post! :)

This lashes are really intense as you can see and it look really heavy right?? well its NOT! they are so light and comfortable I forgot I had it on lol X3 definitely a plus when false lashes are light and feels natural on the eyes!

my bang are in the stage of inbetween,, I cut it few weeks back and now it back to that inbetween annoying stage,, so I am debating on growing it or cutting it again and keep my bangs,,, :/

I have to set my bangs with the straightener for it to stay nicely

side view of the lashes you can see the ends of the lashes are more dense and thicker so it creates
the winged lashes :)

what am i wearing?
skin 79 bb cream
NYX concealer jar in beige
jill sutart mix blush in lovely tulip

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
canmake four shiny eye palette in 03
Dolly wink false eyelashes in dolly sweet
fiberwig mascara

canmake nudy glow in strawberry milk

without flash you can really see the dewyness of the BB cream make your skin look fresh, the lens creates halo effects so you can really see the pink shade in this photo♥

with and without flash

now I leave you with my creepy smiling photo,,, =__=;; I am trying to smile more with teeth since most of you guys told me I should do it more often,,, but my cheeks looks huge and chipmunk like XP

also some girl left a message on my cbox about what I would look like without all of this make up, lens and photoshop but I wanted to make one thing clear, I am a makeup artist makeup is a form of art so I dont think there are anything wrong with wearing make up to enhance your features, you only live once and you are bond to get older so why not look your best and feel great about it?? its not hurting anyone else and we do live in a world where having a individuality are a plus to have, also like I said I am a makeup artist so when I showcase my face I DO NOT use photoshop on my face since I take pride in my makeup artistry skills,, the only thing I do on PS is to adjust lighting, contrast and add watermarks and I take pride in taking care of my skin also since it is very important to have a good palette to work on and if I have blemish I know how to mask flaws well with makeup I hope this answers your question. :)

well thank you for stopping by! Hope you get to try Dolly wink products too I highly recommend them♥



  1. Thanks for sharing what you bought and the photos! You make me want to try out the eyeliner, lash glue and those falsies. I'm no good at applying false lashes though, need more practice :3

  2. Hi EKi~! I love these photos of you wearing the new pink lens and Dolly wink eyelashes =). I will definitely try some Dolly wink products =)! The packaging is just so cute! And since you highly recommend it, I know I can't go wrong with it =). I don't think your smiling picture looks creepy! Just keep in mind of the photos that I randomly send you sometimes.. O.O yepp... The thing I hate about having bangs is always having to fix them or else they lay flat on my head =\.. Hee x2, I couldn't agree with you more in the end when you talk about make up and using it to enhance features ^__^. I love choosing to live life the way I want it and you're right, I can also look like myself later on in life, but why not live it looking the way I want it to look now when I'm still young ;)? Hee x2 As always, thank you for posting =) Oh btw, the pink lenses were more subtle than I imagined =P Which is actually a good thing! I think it looked really good on you especially in the photo where you smiled =D

  3. Pretty! I'm in love with your nude-pink lip combos.

    And those lashes are to die for! :D


  4. OoOooOooo..!
    I've been wanting to try the dollywink products but i can't find any where i'm living and i dont normally buy things online :(

    You're sooo pretty! Always looking fantastic! I absolutely love how you do your eye make up :)


  5. Eki! Great post :) You look like a doll! I am now surfing sasa.com thanks to you.

    You answered back to that comment very well; if anyone is doubting your beauty, then they need to see your tutorial videos. You are even more gorgeous in them than in the pictures :)

    Have a great day!


  6. I love your false eyelashe!! That's so beautifull with the lenses ^^. The glue seems to be very usefull and better than other eyelashes glue :D

    You are so pretty as everyday ;) Thank you for the pictures.

  7. you look so beautiful honey! the eyelashes look great on you :) and i never thought that pink would look so good on the eyes! very subtle and pretty :) hope you are well dear :)

  8. you look real pretty,hun!
    most of the time i see you just doing a cute small smile, but your full sweet smile is really kawaii!

    makes me wanna take you home to cuddle

    don't you worry about that person who left you a note on the cbox. she's just insecure,hun. for all of us who blog, we know that make up is an art & we don't have to use photoshop to show our skill,right?

    you will always look great to me!

  9. Nice haul Eki! The products from Dollywink is so cute, I love the fact that they're using pink and black, the colours go well together.

    Reading your review makes me want to try on my pair now, but I'm thinking about getting some practise with some cheaper lashes first. > <;

  10. Yea, Eki, tell her like it is! (referring to the rude comment a girl left in your cbox) xDD Anyway, I want to try the shampoo you use!!! Your hair looks so shiny and healthy :)

  11. i like the lenses.. aww, u don't look like chipmunk... lol, if u were small chipmunk then I'm the giant chipmunk xD

    stay pretty eki... love ya!

  12. Ooo I like those pink lens..Time to get my eyes checked again so I can get some cute lens lol. You look beautiful and I love your smiley pics =D.. Very very Kawaii!!
    I got the Dolly wink liner from Sasa too.. lol I don't think I have steady hands.. I was not made to use liquid liners lol. Maybe I should practice drawing lines =D
    Wow that person that said something in the c-box like that must not be a regular Eki blog reader. You have shown us you without makeup when you do some product/mask reviews.. and guess what.. YOU ARE STILL HOTTT!! =D Just trying to make a point lol.

  13. I love all the looks!!
    I'm really interested in the dolly wink products too but the ones I wanted were sold out on Sasa last time I was ordering D= I nearly always have a product or two that's sold out but not yet updated on the website. >.<
    How is the eyeliner?? all their packaging looks so cute!
    Is the eyelash fix easy to remove? and does it last long or dry out?

    I also think if you feel like wearing makeup then we should be able to do what we want! those lens are awesome :D

  14. Damn, you're so gorgeous! Two thumbs way up for the NO photoshop pictures.

    Your last picture actually scare me a little cause you really looked like my best friend Elisa when you smile. Both your smiles are too similiar o.O

    I saw the Dolly wink lashes in Sasa too but they were so freaking expensive at RM60 per pair. Saw the price and wheezed. But seeing your reviews, I guess I could get one for super important event..

    Take care gorgeous!

  15. You look stunning =)
    I've been dying to get my hands on the dollywink liquid liner but it's very hard to get them as shipping costs to Ireland aren't always the best =( But I'm going to keep looking ^.^ Great post Eki! x

  16. oh eki you enabler! :) im definitely going to try the dollywink liquid liner and lashes! your lenses look pretty too, i love the effect it gives to your look! :D

  17. great haul eki!
    the lashes are gorgeous! absolutely loving the pink lenses ;D

  18. Wow! The lashes look awesome! They're light and they feel natural? Can't get any better than that! lol

  19. Eki! You are sooooo gorgeous, I always always ALWAYS enjoy your posts so much. Thank you for sharing your haul. The DollY Wink #1 is my FAVORITE, I think I will wait until is available again. Also, I am always amazed at how you can make your lower lashes so pretty - I have none so I guess I will have to fake it ;)

    I agree with the "makeup is a tool to help you feel good!" It helps me boost my confidence and makes me achieve what I otherwise could not (i.e. lashes/mascara) You are lucky you know how to maximize makeup's magic being a MUA - thank you for sharing your tips & tricks with us!

    The pink lenses look so pretty!

    Finally, honey, I will repeat this again but you have a gorgeous smile! :)

  20. Waaah* You're so pretttty!! And me loves your blog!! :)) Hope it's ok that i add you hun~ Keep it up!

    I'm Aweedee btw! :)

  21. ooo..those are really nice... =) i have the nuance airy right now and i love it...


  22. You are beautiful Eki <3!

    The lashes look fabulous! I like the model on the packaging :) She's everywhere!

  23. gosh i love your big blinky eyes!
    they are so pretty!
    you're super crafty with the eyelash application too!
    clever! x

  24. Hiii Eki!!

    I'm so glad you put up these pics ~ my sister just bought me the dolly wink lash in #1 too, along with the glue and the eyelash case :) I haven't trimmed mine yet, so I don't know how it will look but it's nice to see it on you to get an idea! I love the way they look!!! Really nice length, and I love how it gets longer to the outside.

    The person who asked about not wearing makeup ~ that is SO silly. Women have been wearing makeup for thousands of years (like Egyptian kohl liner!). That's like asking to not wear clothes or something! So ridiculous. I feel like the person who asked that just wants to make you feel bad, which you should not! Please keep doing LOTD, and showing us your beauty stuff and lens!

  25. So pretty! I really like those lashes :P

  26. The lashes are so nice!!! I don't see any chipmunkyness at all. You're being too hard on yourself. I ordered the eye liner from Sasa last week or so. I can't wait until it comes in the mail! I also really like the pink contacts. They're so cute and the color is just too pretty.

  27. that shampoo and conditioner is super good! i been using it for a few weeks now. The dolly wink falsies look so comfortable =( it sucks they sell out so fast on sasa and the eyeliner too .

  28. Helllooo xD, whoa those pink lenses are awesome. I think I need some hehe :D

    I'm far too obsessed with my straight fringe to get rid of it.

  29. Qué look más bonito, me encanta lo bonito que te queda todo, tan natural!! Me encanta^^

  30. totally am dying for the dollywink lashes!

  31. Aww, yay the decoden stuff is soooo cute! I can't wait to see it in person. Thank you so much for helping me get these things. <3 Love you so much babe!!!

    Those lashes look so pretty on you too. It makes me want them even more. O_o All of the dolly wink stuff is just too cute. XD I liked the Skin79 bb too, it matches me better than the Lioele one since it's a tad darker. Surprised it matches both of us since you are so much lighter than me! But you look beautiful as always. If I don't get to chat with you before then, have fun on your FL trip!!

  32. Ooh, loving your pink lenses and the cute lashes! I think I might buy some lashes from sasa if I have time later. :) You look so beautiful! ^-^

  33. The lashes look super natural! I love the new necklaces you just made too <3

    The pink contacts are really different! I haven't seen many people wear them and they look really kawaii on you ^__^

  34. dolly wink stuff are simply too adorable! your eyes always look so fabulous, love it!!! <3

  35. I love when you update with new posts!! You always look so beautiful :) I want to buy some Dollywink eyeliner so much but...they are sold out at Sasa :(
    I will be waiting impatiently. I always want to buy everything you review. Also I'm glad you wrote back your opinion about wearing make-up and looking your best. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!!

  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEE the last pic!! you look sooo cute smiling :) also it's interesting that with your bangs clipped up your lashes look over the top, but with you bangs they look super chic and gorgeous :D

  37. You loook GREAT in those lashes! Don't know if I would look good with them on. hehe

    thanks for sharing ^_^

  38. ur cheeks dont look huge and chipmunk like at all! youre always flawless!

  39. Hehe you're so cute xD Yay i was waiting for a picture of you wearing the pink lens ;D They look good on you! You have such flawless skin.. i'm soo jealous!! I want to try some false eyelashes but i dont think i will look good with them on haha. Anyway, you have a beautiful smile =) Dont think that you look like a chipmunk at all. BUT if you do think your cheeks are chipmunk like (which they are not!), then you're a cute & beautiful one ;) hehe. Smile more Eki!! <33

  40. your pink contacts look so pretty, makes you look like an absolute doll with those lashes

  41. Very pretty eki! :] I love those lenses! They're sooooo pretty. The hint of pink is different.

    Love your look again. Simple but very pretty.

    & your smiling picture is NOT CREEPY! :]

  42. Ohhhhh I love those lashes! I am a fanatic when it come to lashes and those look so cute!


  43. Ohh you're wearing those pink lenses from your other post! Wowo!! It's really an interesting look. Not bad, just different! Like a doll eye for real! Eki you're so gorgeous though anything looks good on you!

    And your bangs look great! Not in-between at all! Hrmm.. so that DollyWInk lash fix is better then DUO huh?! Maybe I should pick some of that up. My DUO always goes to waste since I don't wear falsies a lot.

  44. Ooooh, lovely haul! I so can't wait to finish up my current conditioner so I can try the Essential ones hehehe. The Dolly Wink lashes look SO AMAZING on you!! You're absolutely gorgeous, Eki! I wish I was talented enough to set my bangs like that! I love how they look on you but I'm such a klutz with a straightener lol...

    (And we can all tell your photos are 100% authentic!! What a bish! You've even done such great skincare posts with before & after shots and I know how hard it is to try and photograph milia!!)

  45. you're so pretty hunn. (:
    i love how you do your make-up!
    not much of make-up gal tho..
    but i've always wanted to try the Dolly items. ^_^

  46. hello, I love your fake eyelashes. I'm planning to buy some Dolly lashes too ^^

  47. okay~~ thanks for the really sweet comments! n_n

  48. wow you're gorgeous with your "chipmunk" cheeks.. whatever eki!! hahaha. SOOO pretty!

    i agree with what you said.. you're a MUA! why would i post unprocessed photos as a photographer?

  49. u r so so pretty!!! I can never achieve such japanese look!!!

  50. You are so adorable!!! Your blog is super cute! Keep the posts coming =)

    Questions, what contacts are you wearing in these pictures??? I've been looking for circle lenses like that!

  51. Hi Eki! Dolly wink looks great on you! ^_^ I have Dolly wink falsies from my Japan haul but im not to sure whether do you cut the inner part of the lashes or the outer part to adjust the length. Any advice? I have Dolly wink 1,2,4, and 5.

  52. hahahaha
    i don't blame the person who thought u use photoshop.. ur skin is always soo gorgeous and radiant! :( u have to do some sort of skin care regemin post/skin make up post. pleeeease? :(

  53. Hi! This message is from sasa.com. We have set up an official facebook fans page recently, we would like to invite you to join us and share with us. We will introduce latest beauty products and promotion in the page, and also there will have different activities set up for our fans. Let's find out more and join us :) (http://www.facebook.com/sasa.us)

  54. haha don't worry about smiling with showing a bit of your teeth more! some people actually wlike those chipmunk, round cheeks :p (that is if theirs are extremely flat haha). those lashes look great. definitely eye catching :]

    i think you should keep your bangs not grow them out :]

  55. you look very cute with your "teeth" smiles! I wouldn't worry about it. And I can't believe someone left such a mean comment in your cbox! It's not like you've never shown us your naked face before. It sucks that ppl can be so mean and attack someone without knowing anything.
    I hope you like the Isqueen masks! fyi there's a lot a "juice" in it.

  56. I forgot- next time you need to fill your sasa basket, try the Espie lipcare. It is amazing like putting butter on your lips (but not greasy)! It's very unique feeling lipcare.

  57. Thank you Hun~ I just cut my bangs again since they were bothering me alot so I donno when Im gonna grow them out since I hate the mid stage,,, :(

  58. Thanks Hun~ I am liking the mask too :D

  59. may i know what lower eyelash u're using? or is that natural? :)

  60. I love your tutorials!!!! And there's nothing wrong with experimenting with makeup and the lashes! It's your bread and butter so why can't you do the makeup reviews in peace?? To all the negative ppl out there, if you don't fancy the makeup reviews, then don't read them!

    Love all the way from Australia!!! :)))

    Can't wait to get the lashes and try them out! Used my First falsies on Saturday!


  61. Can you do a tutorial "How you do to style your bangs " ?

    Please :D

    With Love.

    Isis <3


let me know what you think~ :3

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