Thank you so much for the LOVE!

I am so behind in posting and thanking all of my friends for showing/sending me Birthday/love packages,,, Im so sorry Loves for being behind in thanking you all for making my birthday so much sweeter and happier! I have made incredible friends through blogger and I am ever so thankful for all of you guys for showing me much LOVE and caring about me even if we havent even met as of yet *planning to meet all of you in the future!* I am blown away by the support you guys give me and I am so happy/lucky to be surrounded by such loving people that I know for sure that you guys really do see me as a REAL FRIEND and LOVE me as I am,, I know that I havent really opened up about my self here but you guys accepts me and are so kind to me I cannot express how I feel to you, how wonderful it is to know I have a friends like you behind me. 

I live to LOVE since I never had much loved in my life growing up, I've gone through alot of negative, pure sadness and life changing events throughout my life that at one point of my life I was majorly depressed and even had suicidal thoughts from what I've gone through but I never let all of that get to me, I just kept my head with positivity and learn to accept and learned move on to become a happy me. so I started my blog as a way to shred alittle of me and hoped to find friends that are just like me that know how to truly LOVE others without casting any judgment nor negativity to others and greet individuals that you dont know with much respect. I feel like my blog have been nothing but that, I met incredible people here which is so rare now days to actually find friends that you know for a fact they see you as a true friend,, I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to be loved and for who you are. Love is much more easy to live by than to keeping hate/negativity within yourself so thank you for showing me much love, I hope to show much care to all of you and to keep on making you guys feel the same way as you do for me. 


I wanted to address another thing, I feel terrible that I am NEVER on FB and alot of you found me and add me a friends there but I am so sorry if I havent responded back,, I am truly bad at social networking, I am getting better at using twitter so if you like to talk to me there I do check on it more often then all of the others since its very convenient to use since I have my iPhone with me at all time lol X3 so instead of asking me question on cBox *which I never respond to there since there are too many questions I do get overwhelmed, ask me on twitter since its so much easier for me to respond back! :) so I am sorry if you didnt hear back from me on either FB or the cbox.... =__+;;

ok back to my post,,, My birthday was on 4/1 wow its already been almost 2 week since lol.... I met up with fellow blogger Vilay on my birthday, she is also fellow Minneasotan hehe 
we had lunch together it was really fun and so easy going, I was super nervous since I havent met other bloggers before so it was so nice to actually meet in person and chat♥ turns out we have so much in common even with our other halfs are into like the same stuff so I can see us really leaving the guys together and we girls get to hang out and do girly things together!! :D

Vilay crochet too!! she made me this kawaii bag! It so nice to get handmade's for a gift it shows so much LOVE :3 Thanks girl, for all the wonderful gifts~ you are really too sweet! I am so happy we finally got to meet~lets hang out soon♥ she got me Sukie iron-on graphic book its so kawaii and lady gaga lippies I was eyeing it but I didnt get it so it was a surprise!! thank you ^__^

 Birthday Love from Lena~

I have gotten to be really close friend with Lena since we have gone through hard times in the past and with that I feel like we are really so much alike in every ways, she loves me unconditionally with so much LOVE and respect for me, I am just so lucky to have met someone like Lena here. Thank you for all the love and support you give me I am truly honored to be your friend and I am lucky to have met you! Thank you for everything Hun, I really appreciate you and giving me so much love and happiness I hope to return the same to you!! She recently told me she might start a blog!! yay~ so hopefully you can get to know her as well, she is truly beautiful, amazing, selfless, giving person I have ever met in my entire life. Thank you for being my true friend, I ♥ U!

I am just blown away by the gifts she sent me, she pay attentions to everything I say on my blog and knows what I love/wants, thank you for caring about me♥

she sent me a "hime box" filled with items that I wanted but she knew exactly what was on my wishlist that was in my head and never written anywhere so I was shocked at the stuff she got me,,the hime box is decorated by Lena with so much LOVE and attention to all the detail I was really in tears of disbelief that someone other than my other half can gift me like this... Everything I own, I always bought them on my own and never asked or expected anyone to give me a gift so this was just a utter shock to me.

 Thank you so much Lena, I really dont deserve all of this.. Im sorry that you spent so much on me I feel truly terrible about that. Thank you for thinking of me and being so generous to me, I am still in complete shock and I just stare at the beautiful gifts you sent me,, X3 I dont know how you knew I been wanting all of this items but really thank you so much for making my birthday so much memorable and happier!

I am going to start using Vitacreme B12 since Lena say they are great! I have so many things I need to make a review on so behind,, Im sorry
I died when I saw JS in the box.... she got me exact palette I wanted jewel crystal eyes in eternal platinum and she got me mix blush in Lovely tulip,, which I got one from Zach for my bday also. Lena said she already bought it before she knew I have gotten one so she still sent it anyways since she got it for me,,, X3 
I feel terrible.... Lena, you would of loved this blush!

omg alice set is so beautiful I can get myself to actually use them,, it just looks too pretty, I have a weird thing with limited edition items I like to collect them but dont end up using them since I feel like they are like collectibles XP

super kawaii rilakkuma bag! Filled with unbelievable amounts of my favorite candies!! Thank you so much babe for the love and so much thought you put in to my gift,, I cannot tell you how happy/terrible you made me feel lol @__@

well I cannot wait for you to start blogging so I can stalk you and find all the details to what you love so I can make you feel the same way you made me feel!! ^0^

Birthday lovepackage from Sandra

She is another lovely I have gotten close friends with! she is again just like Lena uber sweet and giving, I think Lena and Sandra needs to be friends too hehe we would all get along so well♥ she started a blog just to write about ekiLove recently but she is really busy with school and internship so she cant blog much,, but manage to make time for me! :D Her brother recently had a baby so she just came back visiting her family in HK! so she brought back so many goodies for me,,, X3

she always sends me handmade cards!! they are so sweet, the love just pours out of them♥

I open the box and saw this,,, @__@ its Liz lisa pouch!! ohh Hime deco is so pretty similar to what I made in the past in ekiLove so kawaii!

 ohh yummy snacks!!! the pouch was filled with so many goodies X3 Thank you so much for thinking of me while on your vacation!! I am lucky to have a friend like you!♥

she got me canmake hair perfume, majo majo palette and kate palette she knows I love neutral shades, Le kit kats and Le my beauty diary mask in choco cherry! ^__^ Thank you so much I cant wait to eat/test out the stuff!

Brithday/Love package from Rina

Another good friend from blogger, one of most sweetest blogger I have met, she is actually one of the first person I met here that have been so generous from the beginning and so loving to me. She is fellow craftier of kawaii animals :D
She is super busy person too but when she updates her blog there are sure to be great food porn and kawaii things that inspires you to make kawaii things lol

came in this big happy postal happy face bag XD

inside are filled with so many beauty stuff,, thanks to Rina I have so many lashes to choose from, she also sent me so many lip products @0@ I dont know what to do with them lol...
Thank you for the super sweet gifts, that cord bear thingy came in handy!! I dont have too many electronics around on my desk and it so kawaii and handy!! Thank you so much!

 always send me happiness with her kawaii craft, this time its amigurumi! so well made and the balance of the face is just too adorable, thanks for putting a bow on her she is just too kawaii♥

Birthday Love from Lotus♥
she is one of my first person I have ever swapped with all the way to Singapore! ever since then she surprises me with generous gifts! she recently told me about the faceQ masks and asked me if I wanted to try some, knowing Lotus she always sends me not samples but huge package X3

Thank you for always thinking of me, I really would love to send you items that you would love too... I feel terrible that friends read my blog and know what I like but I dont have a clue to what my friends really love/want and they never want anything in return but I want to repay and would love to know what you want too T__T 

so please let me know ok Lotus....♥
such a lovely card, its so pretty, thank you for the sweet message! the chou chou is so kawaii too

faceQ mask! cant wait to try them, the packages are smaller than the my beauty diary mask :3

Lotus asks"is there any canmake you would like?" I said "ohh no its ok, Im fine you dont have to get me anything >_< " she sends me massive canmake items... D: I feel terrible again.... 

Thank you for being so generous, I truly feel like I dont deserve all of this, thank you for thinking of me and being so kind. I really appreciate our friendship, I hope you let me know what you like too!!! please.... +___+

Another blogger sweetheart Catherine
Thank you sweetie for always sending me gift on special occasions and remembering about me, you are a true sweetheart!! I am sorry I am behind in sending you your bday gift,,, I hope it comes soon will let you know once I get it ok Hun!! :D she got me one of her favorite brand lippie Laura Mercier, I use their primer in my kit and love their products also!! ^__^

Thank you Hun!

Blogger sweetie Pinky,
one of my Royal ekiLove customer and uber sweet blogger, she sent me items from her recent trip to HK~ thank you so much for being so thoughtful to me! ohh the Milk candies are really good! she sent me some of her favorite stuff :)

 I also LOVE chupa chups too~ their website is pretty awesome!

I dreaded my birthday this year but thank you so much ladies for making my birthday so much happier and making it one of the best one so far! ^0^

thanks for stopping by again, this post was meant to say thank you to my friends for showing me much love and express how I feel so thankful to know them! :)



  1. so much love xD haha happy late birthday!

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    You are such a lovely person, Eki, you totally deserve everything!! Hope you like the LM lippie. :D

  3. Wasai! Such kawaii gifts :)
    I am so happy for you that you heart is healed now. I used to be that way too, and felt desolate and abandoned by the world, always thinking about death and dying, but now i realize that the world is full of great people that brighten my day in all the little ways. your blog posts always make me smile with kawaii foods and things and your beautiful pictures.

    keep smiling girl! you're worth it, every day :)

    <3 angie

  4. Happy belated birthday Eki!!<33 Yay for being April babies! ^__^

    What awesome and sweet love packages! Of course you def. deserve them though because you are so sweet and awesome yourself :D

    I am truly glad that you have been able to turn the negative in your life to such positivity, it is really inspiring because I can understand where you're coming from and how hard life can be when you just feel like giving up on everything. But there's always the little things that keep us going and help us stay happy and make the best of it! : ) I'm really glad I met you on blogger & I wish you all the best in life, love!<3 -HUGS-

  5. I'm so happy that you had a wonderfully sweet birthday this year, Eki!<3 I can definitely feel all the love that these girls have for you, and everyone has such a big heart and is so generous! ^_^
    Makes me feel kind of lame since I have nothing to offer but my silly little comments and friendship to you (for now). I know you said before that I shouldn't beat myself up over not being able to send you love packages and such, but I just can't help feeling so small and useless...I'm just one out of thousands of girls who admire you and I don't stand out at all...just another face in the masses. SIGH. :(

    Sorry for being so emo and stupid...you don't have to publish this comment, since I would probably be embarrassed for being a debbie-downer. I just wish I could get to know you more, too, but I hate twitter bc no one ever returns my tweets, so I feel ignored and don't want to use it. If only you have gchat/gmail...I guess I will just e-mail you sometime soon ^^;;

    with tons of love,
    ♥ Caroline

  6. aaaaaaw *_* the presents are so cute...

  7. you are so loveddd eki! i'm so jealous! : )

    enter my giveaway for amazing prizes!!

  8. happy belated birthday!! when was it?? i'm wondering if we have the same bday.. mine is 3/28 haha. aww you have really lovely & thoughtful friends!! so jealouss! everything looks really cute.

    i'm going to japan/hk soon!! i was wondering if there's any really good skincare/makeup brands i should look out for. need some advice from u =)

  9. Aww that is sweet of your friends Eki. I think you were blessed with a lot of friends because you are a wonderful person. I always stop by your blog and read all your entries and last night I spend my boring hours at work just reading your blog..I'm always fascinated with everything your post..;) Anyway thank you for Fallowing me beck at Twitter (lizapep)..;) I hope God bless you more wonderful friends..;)

  10. awwww.....how sweet of them...you totally deserved all the love eki....

  11. Oh my gosshhh! So many gifts! You really are so lucky to have friends that awesome. I wish I could send you stuff like that too but I honestly don't know a thing about beauty stuff :( .. or how to make things pretty. The cards and such are gorgeous though. The little pink birdy is so freaking cute!

  12. Woaw! So much sweet and cute gifts! ^^

  13. Wow, Eki I feel like I can see all of the massive amounts of love pouring out into every package!! How wonderful. :D You deserve it all babe, for every sadness you had in your past. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I'm so glad to see all of the blessings you are receiving now. <3

  14. Hi Eki!! <3 Thank you for making such a detailed and wonderful post about the love that you received this birthday =]~ I'm really thankful for knowing you and I am really happy that you have been shown kindness and love by your fellow bloggers and EkiLove customers =)! I think it would be great if one of these days, after Lena starts blogging, we can too, get to know each other ^__^. I thought it was such a coincidence that "Pinky" recently went on a trip to HK like me =P (what a small world)! Hee x2! Thank you for all of your hardwork in taking these pictures and writing individual thank you's on these photos! I really appreciate all of the hardwork that you put into everything that you do! This is why it is so worth it to wait for anything that you post because you always put so much time and love into it! In case you don't post before your trip (vacation), I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip! =)

  15. Your gifts were all so thoughtful and sweet! More birthday wishes for you. <3 It was so touching to read all the thank yous. I'm happy that you've met nice people here. :)

  16. wow i'm so jealous!!
    happy late birthday!

  17. happy belated birthday!! u have such nice friends to send u such lovely things for ur bday :) looks like ull have lots of masks to last u the whole year! hehe

  18. awwheys. >.<
    everyone is so sweeet. :3
    on my birthday, it's very un-celebrated. xD
    the day just flies by like usual.
    but it's ok. keke.
    happy lateeee birthday. XD

  19. Wow, so many wonderful b-day goodies! You are so sweet. You deserve the best =D

  20. Birthdays are special so I'm glad you had such an amazing one filled with love <3 Keep on being lovely and spreading the positive energy!

  21. See how loved you are Eki! Look at all those great bday gifties! And you deserve it all! You're such a great generous person with a kind heart! You deserve a richly filled bday with love & prezzies!

  22. Awww Great post hun<33 Love package galore =D You totally deserve it babe! You came into my life when it was starting to get rough , but you brightened up my days and I want to thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out love<33 Your blog always makes me all giddy =P It's because you put so much time and effort on others and that's why I heart you muchie =D.. Thanks for those wonderful things you said about me.. hehe your too sweet!!! And yes yes I will start a blog soon so you can get to know me more and I can meet nice and sincere people like these lovelies.. especially Sandra since you recommend =P I'm glad you had a great b-day hun! I love u babe!! Great big hugs and kisses!!

  23. wow you got so many great gifts! you are such a sweet girl, you deserve them all! i hope you had a great birthday!

  24. am so happy for u.... i hope that i have so many frens who would send something nice to me as well...fingers crossed!!!!

  25. The intro message made me just want to cry :( So touching. I just want to give you a hug. I missed your birthday, but happy belated birthday, Eki! You deserve happiness cos you have such a big heart and is ever so thoughtful for the people around you! You deserve to be happy, always and every day! And you deserve to be loved :) Your posts are inspirational cos they're just so full of love and gratitude. You truly are a remarkable person.

  26. Haha, aw Eki you made me laugh because throughout your post it sounded like you were drowning in love XD

  27. i'm glad you were able to have such a great birthday :D so much spoiling going to you!! and you deserve it all!

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