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Hi ladies!♥

its been about 3 weeks since my last post, thats the longest time since I started blogging for me to not blog...lol :p 
well I was gone back visiting my home state FL for about 2 weeks hanging out with my Best friend Yuan2, friends and just taking it easy from my stressful life. I had great time ^__^
as you know FL's weather is tropical so its super humid and HOT so it took a while for me to get used to the conditions since been living in MN for over a year got used to the conditions here so the humidity was over bearing at first, but nice to be able to wear a dress and a flip flops hehe :D
I wanted to share a portion of my trip with you, most of the time I completely forgot to take photos.. I am a bad blogger lol but with what I had taken of, I have enough to make 2 part post, this post is round up of my first week in FL!
ok before I left MN I dyed my hair with the palty hair dye in vanilla beige as you can see it didnt turn out like the box color but lightened my hair enough to be dark chocolate brown,, sorta disappointed with the results but I kinda expected it so,, I also trimmed my bangs and it also turned out crappy so overall I was annoyed by my bad hair do while I was in FL that drove me crazy with the humid and hot weather lol... =__=

view from my seat, looks like Im advertising for southwest haha it was clear day so the view of the horizon was absolutely beautiful~

Living in FL most of my life and in the Orlando, I got used to living there so I didnt care much to do the tourist stuff while I was back this time around but I managed to go to an Prime outlet since I heard they had beard papa's there now :)

Here is me and my bestie Yuan2~ we have been best friends since the 5th grade! I ♥ her so much~ I missed her so much,, that was the main reason I wanted to go back to FL just to see her :D she is my other half but we are complete opposite though lol

I'm short she is tall, I love kawaii girly things she loves eclectic stuff, I love make up she dont care much about make up, my profession are beauty and arts her profession are health and medicine, I have no musical talents but she is full of talents and naturally musically gifted! But with all the opposites we have so much in common at the same time,, I admire and love your beautiful soul, you make me a better person and be positive with my life, I cannot thank you enough for the love you give me and the support. Thank you Nya, I love you so much♥

haha having fried chicken at the outlet, it was good

their chain started from Japan I was excited to hear they have opened their chain in FL as well! Freshly baked puffs filled with cream once ordered

They have different cream flavors all so good!
they also have ice cream filled mochi and other desserts as well :D~

I ended up getting a half a dozen of matcha green tea eclair, they are so good! XD

standing in front of Yuan2's place~ its so cute! it was mostly sunny while I was there, it did get up to the high 90' while I was in FL,,

had to visit one of my favorite sushi place in Orlando, Sushiology! They are small takeout/cafe operated by Japanese couple, the food never disappoints me there :)

They have 2 locations now one on I-drive and another one just opened near premium outlet!

Hanging out with my other sweetie Mary, we have been friends for really long time as well~she is camera shy hehe

 Typical Florida souvenir stuff,, Alligator~ they are literary all over the place and very common in FL, scary huh ^_^;; kinda sad to see heads of them as being sold as a gift...but according to the store sales person they are best seller item

so another thing FL are known for are sea turtles :D they lay their eggs along the coastal sands all over Florida

just a random FOTD
the whole time in FL for the foundation I wore BB creams, it was good time to test out the BB creams :) will make a post about them next time!

whole time we were there we were all addicted to mahjong and super mario Bros wii lol ^__^

some of the candies that I got while in FL, they are so good!! I stocked up on them to give in ekiLove orders♥

just another random FOTD, it was really nice being able to wear skirts haha :D Yuan2 place is so cute I really enjoyed my time there♥ 

well this rounds up the first week in FL I didnt do much just relaxed most of the time chilling, will make another post about my second week including my time in Epcot! ^__^
I feel so refreshed and de-stressed but sad that I had to leave my Yuan2 but hopefully she can visit me here in MN next time! It really nice to surround yourself around good friends and people you love isnt it? :)

well thank you for stopping by and I am sorry I have been gone for so long it was very much needed before I went crazy lol XP well hopefully I can make more interesting posts to come!♥



  1. i loveeeee seeing so many pics of you just hanging out!! i love my best friend, she's the opposite of me as well :) that's why we work together so well! i'm glad you had such a great time, you deserve to relax and just have fun and be able to wear skirts, LOL. come to cali!! i want to meet you too <3 <3 can't wait for part 2!

  2. Welcome back Eki!

    I've been waiting for a new post for a really long time and I'm glad you were enjoying yourself during that time! Breaks are a must!!! Can't wait for your next update (:

  3. its always nice to go back home and take a break for awhile :) i'm so glad you had heaps of fun! :) welcome back dear!

  4. Ahhhh that sushiiii D: I've been craving sushi for so long. My boyfriend doesn't like seafood :/ and Japanese food is one of my favorite foods >_< teriyaki salmon <3

    i want to go to beard papa's so bad now haha

  5. Awww, yay!!! Glad to hear you had a wonderful relaxing vacation!! For what it's worth, I think your hair looks fabulous, as always! I wish my hair looked half as good as yours! =P & duuuuude playing mahjong & Super Mario Bros sounds AWESOME!!! :D :D :D Can't wait to see your next post.

    & ooooh. I had no idea that Beard Papas started in Japan! And I had no idea they had green tea anything either!! I'll *have* to go next time I'm in SF then hahaha.

  6. Welcome home and otsukare! Glad to hear you had a great time in FL! I haven't been there in like 20 years!!!

  7. Love the pictures! We have Beard Papas here in London too, and I just love the cream puffs; they're so nice and sweet x

  8. cute! all the food looks so yummy

    I really sad about the animals though :(

    youre so cute!!!


  9. i love ur hair and your oufits ^.< i wish i had legs like u :3

  10. Eki! It's good to see that you had a nice time back in Florida (: Everyone deserves a break every now and then, and it's good that you got a chance to reunite with your bestfriend in your hometown :D:D

    I hope you had an amazing trip ^_^ the matcha green tea eclair looks SOOOOO yummy! I wish we had a beard papa's here in Toronto :P hehehe.

  11. Welcome back Eki ^^ Glad you had a fun time :D

  12. oh wow you make me miss FL. it was my home state too

  13. That last outfit is so cute. Now I'm hungry for matcha snacks, haha!

  14. Looks like you had an awesome time =D... You look gorgeous in your pics as always... aww and Yuan Yuan is a beauty =) Glad you finally had some time to de-stress and have lots of fun <33

  15. You looked like you had an amazing holiday!
    Looking gorgeous as ever and I loved the clothes, hair and make up you had on ^^

  16. ^^ qué bien que estés de vuelta^^
    y qué suerte de poder viajar!! xD me encanta la foto del espejo, pero qué miedo los cocodrilos! T.T xDDD besos

  17. So glad to see that you are back! I was wondering what happened to you : ) it's so heartwarming to hear about you and your best friend; people like that are truly special and hard to find. I like your Florida outfits, esp those cute brown booties!

  18. So nice you got to visit your friends Eki~ FL is beautiful =)

  19. You look gorgeous and love your mini skirt outfit, hehe :]

  20. Welcome back, Eki!!! Thank you for sharing! I'm glad you had a good time. Makes me wanna pack and go somewhere myself. heehee. Good food! Good friends! Thats what I'm talkin' 'bout! By the way, SUPER cute outfits!!! I ALWAYS love your style!!!
    <3 Rina

  21. Cute post! The cream puffs and eclairs looks so good! I want some. =]

  22. So glad you're back Eki!!! Your Hime necklaces look fab on you! I'm glad that you had a great time in Florida =)

    To be honest, those alligator heads freaked me out a bit >_<

  23. Welcome back Eki!! The pictures you took in Florida looks beautiful!! =) I wish that someday, I can learn to take amazing pictures like that ^___^. Omg! When Super Mario Bros. Wii came out, I was so addicted to it and finished the game 5 days after I bought it (well, I didn't do it all on my own, my bf played with me as well). I absolutely LOVE co-op games =D hee x2! We have Beard Papa here in Cali too~ =) But I like the one I had in Hong Kong better than the one's here in LA.. .For some reason, its not as tasty =P. I love your dresses and FOTD for the last photos =D. I finally made a purchase with PinkyParadise for contacts since Ulzzang Style kind of failed me.. heh heh heh... But yup! I'm really happy that you got to spend time with your friends and that you're safely back now =D. Thank you for sharing about your trip to Florida ^___^

  24. That really looks like a lot of fun! I love beard papa too, just had one of it :D

  25. Eki!!! It's so nice to see you back, but soooo glad you had a time to rest & relax - it's not very often that we get to do that AND spend time with people we love. I'm happy you were able to take a break though I missed your posts ;) You look so beautiful as always and so are all of your friends! :D

    Also, I LOVE Florida! My parents are going to move there soon I think, they are visiting right now. I had no idea it was your home state, but just another interesting Eki fact. I am thinking about moving there too, but am afraid of alligators and snakes which I hear there are a lot of there...

    PAPA BEARD'S looks SO amazing! Such delicious sounding eclairs but so bad for the arteries lol. mmmmm....green tea matcha sounds like THE BEST flavor!

  26. Wow you had so much fun!
    And I wish the Beard Papa over here had as much variety as the one u went to >.<
    What circle lenses did you wear in the first pic? is it pink? it's really pretty

  27. super pretty hair, makeup and outfit! <3
    u make me wanna eat beard papa now =3

  28. Hi Eki, Looks like you had an awesome trip in Florida :) You and your best friend are so cute, I like how you guys are almost polar opposites, but you guys are identical in what matters--cherishing true friendship and keeping in touch despite the distance :)
    Hehe It's funny that you posted a pic of MJ, I just finished playing with my friend's family after a long spell of not playing!

    ...and your makeup looks beautiful and flawless as usual^^

  29. Welcome back! You look absolutely stunning, you have such a glow, can't wait for the reviews! :D

  30. so glad you are back~~~!! so cute like always~~<333

  31. eki~
    awww it's so good you had so much fun :3 i'm always so thankful when i get to see my best friend too. we met in 1st grade and we're still close despite me moving all the time!

    florida looks like a dream. though i recently moved to cali, it looks fresh and different too! i would love to visit someday :D

    ice cream filled mochi!? o_O my tummy is growling more as i read your post xD hahaha so many yummy foods

    you look beautiful in all your outfits and makeup looks. i like your big smile the best! i looks like you're really enjoying yourself sweetie :D

    ps. those meanies and their animal heads D: ... it makes me sadded

  32. Awww, it's so nice seeing you look *SO* happy and loved! All of the food is making me drool, especially the sushi!! Ahh the cream puffs look so ridiculously yummy. :D

    Missed you so much!!!

  33. Ahh, yayy! I missed your posts! I lovee your outfits. They're so cute and simple and I love the bow headband too! Maybe you can feature some more bow hair accessories? :) I'm glad to hear you had a lot of fun and relaxed a lot while on your vacation! I find that my closest friends and I are quite opposite as well. It's more interesting that way!

  34. You have great legs! :) Love how your skin always looks so flawless in every post. I'm separated from my best friends too so I know how it feels :/

  35. Aww you are so cute! : ) And you skin so clear. my god. I am liking the Abercrombie. Nice and simple.

  36. welcome back eki =)

    Beard Papas looks delicious..I haven't had it in ages, I'll try the green tea one next time

    and your outfits are so cute, and I like that headband you have in the last picture =p

  37. Love your outfits, the weather looks gorgeous. I'm glad you had a fun time!^0^ Welcome back!

  38. omg i love beard papas! i go to the one in LA. Looks like you had fun!

    The crocodile heads made me kinda sad; I'm surprised that they were best sellers.

    Glad to see you back. I look forward to your future posts ^_^

    <3 tiptoe

  39. So much beautiful places

    Kisses from Brazil
    Ann B♥

  40. Welcome back!
    Reading your post makes me miss my best friends too, who is at another country :)

  41. yay welcome back! seems like you had a great time catching up with your good friends and shopping^^

    btw,Yuan's place (from the outside) reminds me of a japanese house lol

    welcome back^^

  42. Eki you always look So pretty! i really love how you apply your blush, looks very natural and glowy :)

    FL looks like a lot of fun! I LOVE beard's papa! The cookie one is SO yummy! lovely post <3

  43. eki! i missed your posts so much!

    florida looks so gorgeous! i'm craving some nice weather right now! btw, you look so gorgeous in all the pictures as usual.

    there's a bearded papas in s.f...sort of near where i live but i never knew they had green tea or even mochi! i always thought it was just regular cream...i must go try them out now!

    hope you're well!


  44. Love those cute dresses u wore! totally pretty!!!

  45. こんにちは!
    かなり前に一度コメントしたことのあるErikoです。from Kyotoです。






  46. welcome back! XD

    hehe i love those pictures of people houses as i like to look at their decorations and designs~ haha...Fl looks beautiful!

  47. omg! a beard papas there! haha.. nice! i will have to head over there when i'm down in orlando in sept. can't get enough of them up in nj/nyc =D

  48. Great pics! You are gorgeous in all of them!!

    Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you got to meet up with your friends!

  49. I'm glad you had an awesome time in Florida Eki.
    Oh I wish we had really warm weather too to wear tank tops and dresses/skirts! It's very humid in Florida for sure. I had a heat rash when I went there :\ And that was in September when all the locals said it had cooled down LOL
    I don't know how to play Mahjong but I heard it's easy to learn (but difficult to be good at!).
    OMG I was going to ask if those alligator heads were real but then I saw the sign saying they're real. Eeek! I don't think I would buy one.
    That's so nice you got to catch up with your old friends. Isn't it interesting how sometimes opposites really do attract? ;) I love friend's house - and the plants in front of her house are pretty too!
    I haven't heard of "beard Papa's" before but I love eclairs and the cream filled puffs sound so yummy.
    You look gorgeous in your pictures Eki.
    Looking forward to Part 2 pictures of FL :)

  50. Beard Papa is my FAVORITE!! :D the closest one to me is about 2 hours. XD Florida looked like a lot of fun. ^_^ hope your trip was enjoyable. And don't worry about the necklace mixup. The color that I had looks just as pretty. :D

  51. Welcome back Eki!! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip! Meeting up with good friends is always a high point of a trip! :)

    You looked gorgeous throughout as expected! :) ANd thank you for sharing these clear gorgeous pics with us!

    MMmm food porn!! Looks yummy!! LOL We have Beard Papa's all over Oahu! There usually connected to a Coffee Bean.

  52. Welcome back Eki!! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip! Meeting up with good friends is always a high point of a trip! :)

    You looked gorgeous throughout as expected! :) ANd thank you for sharing these clear gorgeous pics with us!

    MMmm food porn!! Looks yummy!! LOL We have Beard Papa's all over Oahu! There usually connected to a Coffee Bean.

  53. Omg why would anyone want a head like that?! Ew ew.

    Mmm Beard Papa's!! We have them here too and they are so good!

  54. Eki-chan!!♥

    yayy!! Welcome back!!<3 I'm so happy to see that you truly enjoyed your vacation and got a lot of well-deserved R&R time while you were in sunny FL with your best friends! You look really happy and you're practically glowing in all of your pictures!!<3 OMG...Beard Papa's! Looking at your photos is making me really crave for some, but I haven't seen that green tea filling flavor at any of the Beard Papa's up here in Nor.Cal yet! I really want to try--it looks so scrumpdiddlyyumpcious! ^_^

    I lovee all your FOTDs and OOTDs hehe you look super girly, pretty, and cute...just like the hime that you are!<3 Yeah, FL weather is humid, so I guess BB Cream was a good choice! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on how it worked out for you! I remember when I went to FL, I just had a little powder foundation on, but it was literally melting off my face!! it was terrible!! So, it's totally hats off to you for managing to stay so beautiful & gorgeous in such hot, sticky weather! hehe You are truly a living doll! It's nice to see photos of you in action and hanging out, enjoying yourself!

    You look totemo kawaii in your photo with your bestie at Beard Papa's!! You need to smile with teeth more often! (and no, you do NOT look like a chipmunk!) I really do love your radiant smile ^_^ So happy you did take a smiling w/ teeth pic! <33

    I want sushi. now. end of story. haha :P you are soo slim!! I am jealous! hehe I def. need to work on my fitness this summer! so happy you're back! Please come to CA sometime, so that we can meet each other, like you said to me before!! hehe I'd love to meet & hangout with you! ^_^

    ♥ caroline

  55. I suddenly miss FL. I have been to that Prime outlet since it was a bit near to my relatives' home. Where exactly is Sushiology in Orlando? :) I have to ask my relatives to bring me there the next time I visit.

  56. Such great pics Eki! Great to see you have been enjoying yourself! I've been a silent follower up until now ahha, I just couldn't resist commenting when I saw the Beard Papa creamy puffs!!!

    Australia's first store opened in Brisbane which is something I was sooo happy about! They are my favourite especially the eclair and cookie puffs! But can't believe they have those special ones too!! we don't have them!!

    Anyway end of my very first and long comment, keep up the posts :D

  57. Glad you're back, your pictures are really nice~ it looks like you had tons of fun on your trip but i hope u didn't get sunburned! your skin is so milky. did you get to watch Captain EO while u were there? it's the 80's 3d movie that Michael Jackson is in~

    Your blusher is so pink and pretty!! What is it? Is it comparable to MAC's Well Dressed?

  58. Seems like you had a nice trip. Everyone deserves a brake now and then!

  59. glad to hear you had fun hunn^^
    the candy looks sooo good!
    i want some... *sad face*
    you're so gorgeous btw!!

  60. ur soooo pretty!


let me know what you think~ :3

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