FL part 2 Disneyworld Epcot~*pic heavy*

just wanted to share my photos from my trip to Epcot in Disney world~ :D
I took the advantage of Dream pass for FL residents for $99 you get 4 day pass to any of the Disney theme park good for any day until the 5/25th,, that is a great deal right?! but unfortunately due to limited time in FL I didnt get to go to Disney again :( but it was worth it since we had a blast there~!

out of all of the Disney world theme park I been to I Love Epcot the most since it so relaxed not as hectic as the others, best time to go the Epcot is when they have Food and Wine festival in September~! This time we went they had International flower & garden festival so there was Disney character in the gardens through out the park :D

I went with Yuan2, Zach, and our friends Tito and Dustin. Going to theme parks with friends are always so fun and entertaining ;3 but can get side tracked so as much as the photos you see here I dont think I got to take enough photos of the whole theme park :/ we ended up touring the World theme part in Epcot till later that day when it was already dark so I didnt take much photos of that part... I wanted to take nice photos of Japan but oh well :P

me and Yuan2 being us, silly as usual... lol Tito had his camera with him so I have different angle shot

The icon of Epcot the golf ball looking dome looks so cool when you look up at it from under it :D

inside the dome there is a ride called Spaceship earth,, its not so exciting ride but nice to relax on from the FL heat lol oh 
 I look super short next to Yuan2!! she is like 5'7" and Im barely 5'...... lol

with all the flower it was so beautiful everywhere in the park!

mission to space ride,, this ride is cool but gave me headache...

Stitch!! he was the cutest one out of all the garden characters♥

Peter pan characters~

Lion King

I love this trio shot,, looks staged but it was one of my candid shots hehe

 Bambi! so kawaii

 I spotted Alice!! was super excited to get my photos with her that I stood in the line with all the small children for like 15min to finally get to talk to her... lol she was so kawaii and beautiful! whole time she was in ther Alice character with super soft voice hehe  :3

wow I look so pale same shade as Alice,, lol

There was also other characters there but I only spotted Alice and mary poppins 


you can see Japan on the other side of the lake

the sunset was so beautiful
 we finished off the the fireworks

famous Mickey and Minnie :D well that is it for my Disney photos, I wish I had more time there to take photos of the all the garden characters but hope you enjoyed them~ :) If you ever get a chance to come to FL and go to Disney world I recommend Epcot since is really pretty there but this theme park is more for adults more so than the children and it is the only park in Disney that serves alcohol lol

I havent been feeling too well ever since I got back to MN since the weather here have been COLD/raining/windy so I am sorry for the delay in posting T__T

I have more photos from my trip so I have to make a part 3...lol so bare with me and I will get back to normal post like reviews and stuff!

well thank you for stopping by♥



  1. aww!! i hope you don't get sick.

    what fun!! i love your photos, especially the sunset and fireworks ones :)

    you should be your own disney princess <3

  2. Yay, Epcot! I went home to Florida in December and also went there. You have some great pictures of it! I forgot to take pictures when I went there until it was dark -_-

    I also like Epcot - depending on the season and if you plan your day right, you can see pretty much everything in one day. Though I agree, it's definitely more an adult place. I remember going there on field trips in elementary school and thinking it was so boring!

    Thanks for your posts - they're always fun to read.^^

  3. OMG WOW!!!! Awww, looks like you had such a blast!

    & sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Hope you get better soon!!! *hugs*

  4. oh hun! you look so gorgeous and I SOO want to go to Walt Disney World! I had no idea you were 5 cause you look so tall!!! OMG, I feel so much closer to you cause I'm 5 feet too! =) Love the photos!

  5. Great pix!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE disney character actors. My favorite to see is the Little Mermaid Ariel. A few years ago my cousin was cast as Mulan here in Cali's Disney but she lost the part because of a car accident that gave her a scar on her face. sucks, huh? I hope to visit Florida someday. Can't wait to see more pix. I hope you feel better. I know what you mean about climate changes. I ALWAYS get sick when I experience climate changes. Get better soon! *hugz*

  6. Disney World looks like so much fun! I can't wait to visit again :)

  7. You've gotta let me in on what bb cream you're wearing! It's so prettyyyy on your skin! But I'm sure you already have nice skin to begin with. Anyhow, looks like tons of funnnn!

  8. Wow Eki!! Thank you for sharing all of these photos from your trip! I've never seen so many garden Disney characters! They look really pretty! It reminds me of the ice sculptures that I've seen in Japan of Totoro characters =). Hee x2 you look beautiful in these pictures! I love your dress =] It's really cute~ And your head band =]. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip ^__^ Take your time in posting and don't rush in trying to get back to your regular posts. Please feel better =]!

  9. Your pictures of Epcot are beautiful! I remember going there a few years ago on a school trip. I really loved Epcot. It was a nice change of pace after going to Magic Kingdom and the other parks. Your pictures really made me miss it!

  10. Beautiful pics. I wish I could go to Florida again (been there twice). But that won't happen anytime soon :(

  11. aw the pics look so awesome :) I went there couple years ago and it looks completely different now!

  12. Looks like you had a greattt time!
    you're so gorgeous with a very pretty smile and nice clothes ^^

  13. Love the disneyworld pictures!!!i wanna go!

  14. isn't the flower festival gorgeous? i love all the topiaries, i hope you had fun! you'll have to tell me next time you go down! i'll be working there starting june, i'd love to say hi!

  15. Omg I love Epcot! It's my favourite park at Disneyworld. Glad to know that you had a great time there. ^^

    Isn't it really depressing with the sudden climate change from sunny and humid in Florida to the dreary, grey and chilly weather up north? Hope you get better!

  16. oh my god Eki! Disney land looks beautiful~ I want to go haha~ : )

  17. Aww such pretty and cute garden characters! The bambi one looks so awesome! Epcot looks totally different now! Well, from what I remember anyway. It has been a longggg time. hahah

  18. Such wonderful pics!

    You and your friend are such a contrast!

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. i love being able to see the garden characters, I've never been to this park. Thank you! How do you take such nice pictures, btw? Feel better : )

  20. how cute!!! you look adorable in your outfit and the bow headband.

    never too old to go to disney world/land. thats what i think. i havent been there since i was 6! i need to go back :(

    glad u had a great time!

  21. Awww I miss Disney World when I was looking at your pictures. It's actually really neat to see your pictures and I remember being there too two years ago :)
    Your pictures turned out really nice especially the sunset and evening ones!
    I remember how it's really cool that Disney had little "worlds" in Epcot. I actually had lunch at a restaurant in the "Japan" section!

  22. Looks like you had a load of fun!

    I love the pictures you took. What camera did you use?

  23. Disney is always a great place to be. Oh...you're sooo cute!^0^

  24. cute~~~!! i think this one is much better than tokyo one...

  25. Oh EKi these pics are love! I LOVE DISNEY WORLD! Though I haven't been there in over 12 yrs!! Epcot is my fave too!!

    Your pics are always so clear, makes us feel like we're there enjoying it with you!! THe garden characters are soo KAWAII!!

    Ooh pics with characters! That's the best!! Can't wait for your part 3! :)

  26. Aww Eki I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't progress into a cold!!

    And it looks like you have a simply divine time in Disneyworld! I wish I could go too! I've never even visited the USA yet!! I have been to Disneyland resorts in Paris, Tokyo (& Disneysea) and Hong Kong! But the Florida one looks amazing! I love how you queued up for photos with Alice too! I feel too embarrassed so I run away. Actually I think you are more kawaii than the Alice character!!!

    Glad that you're back safely anyhow =)

  27. wow, eki. you make disney world look like a must go attraction! i love the pictures of epcot I want to visit there one day!

    You had a great time. I hope you are feeling better with the change in weather back in MN.

    keep posting! love reading your posts.

  28. beautiful pictures. (:
    i love sunsets. ^^

  29. Aww, Eki-chan!♥

    You truly are SO BEAUTIFUL. You took my breath away when I looked at all those pictures of you & your trip! *cheesy* hehe, but it's the truth! I am so pleased that you smiled with teeth in almost all your photos! You really do have a shining, radiant and lovely smile--your whole face just lights up when you smile with teeth. I can just tell how happy you were on your trip. Glad that you had so much fun!! hehe You and your bf look MEGA KAWAII together!! ^_^ You know what? You really look like a princess. I think you look prettier than Alice even! hehe there should be a Disney character named Eki Hime~! hehe :) I know that I would for sure want a pic with you! hehe and so would all the little kids ^_^ whee~!

    The weather was nice when you went! It looked like such a pleasant day to be out! :] When I went with my family a few years ago, it was nice for a bit, then rained, then stopped...then rained again =/

    I *heart* you!
    ♥ caroline

  30. great pics! you are adorable

  31. i love your love of photography!! i also LOVE the fireworks picture!


let me know what you think~ :3

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