week 2 of my FL trip :) *photo heavy*

Here is my part 3 of FL

I had amazing time there even with the hot and humid weather since I was with my close friends,, friends are so important without them I think I would be lost,,, but thankfully I have amazing support and love from my friends which I cherish with all my soul!&hearts

ok so here are random shots around Yuan2 house,, she has really good taste with the deco along with random weird thing lol

very asian and chinessy deco, I love it so zen

yuan2's all time favorite movie Nightmare before christmas hehe

Random item,, leather dinosaur lol we found this guy at TJ maxx surprisingly,, Yuan2 was so happy with this purchase....lol XD

Yuan2's prints from her printing days,, i love this one so much! I wish she did art more but too busy with work :(

my best friend is filled with so much talent,, I look up to her so much♥
I took a video also of her playing the guitar,, maybe I will post next time!!

we had a dinner at one of the Vietnamese place in colonial called pho88, I love pho and spring rolls with fish sauce!! most of all I love Vietnamese iced coffee♥

I miss you already....T__T

the trio, mary,yuan2 and me,,, so greasy looking from the heat and the humidity lol XP

one of my favorite japanese traditional snack,, mitarashi dango 
my mouth always waters when I see this in the japanese grocery stores lol

basically its rice dumpling in the ball on a stick with sweet soysauce glaze,, oh so yumm need to learn how to make this at home i know its pretty simple to make :D

 so I wanted to make dinner for everyone so wanted to have takoyaki party since my all time favorite food are takoyaki ! first I made tamago nigiri sushi and eel nigiri sushi since they are my favorite lol

was very proud of how I made the tamago but I forgot to buy seaweed to wrap around the nigiri pieces so it didnt look like the real thing without the seaweed :(

the toppings for the takoyaki, okonomiyaki sauce, cupie mayo, bonito fish flake and usually topped with seaweed flakes too but I completely forgot to buy them... :/

me trying so hard at making takoyaki balls on the takoyaki grill,, I lost my touch since I havent make takoyaki in a long time lol  but it turned out ok not great....

after the it is made into a ball glaze with the sauces! oh so good! Takoyaki are traditionally filled with tako*octopus* but I filled mine with shrimp they are just as good :D

Had lunch at a place in 5 point in Jacksonville called mossfire grill to meet up with one of Zach friend,
I had their special grilled salmon with mango butter, it was good :D

then last day of our trip we ended up going to Hanamizuki one of authentic Japanese cuisine in Orlando located on the international drive

I got the course meal (which include chawanmushi,either tempura or sashimi,tsukemono,miso soup,salad and a dessert) along with your main meal which starts you off with some chawanmushi which are steamed egg custard
and off to the sashimi

This pressed mackerel was soo good!! I highly recommend if you like mackerel sushi :D

grilled salmon dinner

ika*squid* tempura

sushi hana set

fried ama ebi shrimp head

it was really good but they are on the pricey side since they provided full authentic menus, so if you are ever in orlando and want to try out real Japanese style meals try to Hanamizuki~ I recommend going on lunch time since their prices are lower and they have lunch specials! :)

group shot of the crew and my mom :D
ohh I miss you guys hope some of you visit me here in MN also!!! ^0^

well that is it for recaps of my trip in FL finally!! :D

will get back to making review and stuff soon~ 
currently trying to work out of being sick and will start working on posting new items in ekiLove as soon as I can, will keep you updated♥

thank you for stopping by again! 



  1. I love this post.
    You look so happy and pretty<3
    I like seeing you smile ^____^

    Yuan looks so talented! I wish I could pick up an acoustic and play something cool~

    All of the food-porn is making me hungry now X____X Sigh~

    And your mom looks VERY youthful<3

    Oh, and don't be sick! It's a bummer when you get a summer-cold and you have to stay indoors on great sunny days >__<;;

    Miss. P

  2. Love her sense of deco! Very zen indeed! And Eki you don't look greasy at all!

    Mmm.. PHO IS LOVE!! And CHAWANMUSHI!!! I always HAVE to order that when I eat Japanese! :)

    Eki you can cook for me anytime! That takoyaki or should we say EbiYaki looks so good!!

    I'm glad you had a great trip, and got to spend time with great friends! :)

  3. Oh my goodness Eki - looks like you had a great time in FL! Your friend is very talented - her artwork is beautiful! Of course, you can't forget how very talented YOU are as well! (your beautiful Eki Love creations, your immense artistic talent, your makeup artistry talents, your photography talents...and now we find out about your COOKING talents!!!)

    I think it's cute that you have your Mom in the last pic! :) She is so adorable! :D

    Thank you for sharing all your vacation pics, makes me wish I could be on vacation too!

  4. i live near pho88! : ) lmao. glad you liked orlando.

  5. So nice to see you back! I'm so happy that you had a great trip back home! Oh random, but I just got my Sasa order, and I used Dolly Wink Liquid liner today, and I LOOOOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing! So easy to use. <3

  6. hi eki! amazing pictures ^ ^ looks like you had such a great trip. I'm sure it was a nice change from cold MIN hehe

    when is ekilove coming back up ? I really want to order some earrings and necklaces!!!

  7. Mmm Eki your takoyaki looks so delicious! We have a night market here and I always look forward to summer time to get some of those delicious treats! Xo

  8. goodness, the food looks DELICIOUS! looks like you had fun. you deserve the break, especially since you seem so busy!

  9. Omg all that food looks SO GOOD. You're making me hungry at 1 in the morning T_T . I really loved all your pics and Yuan2 seems really awesome! I would like to see the video of her playing. :)

  10. wow all that food looks delicious :] even yours!! haha :] it still looked good even without the seaweed :P hope you're feeling a little better!

  11. aww you and your bff are so cute! I can sense your bond through your blog posts & photos :) It's so wonderful to have such a dear friend.

    Also :) Mackerel is the best! I dunno why but I loveee the smell!

  12. FLはおいしい食べ物がたくさんありますね~たこ焼き会楽しいそう!

  13. could you please teach us how to make Japanese food???? please please pretty please????? :3

  14. Hi Eki~~

    The pictures are really nice ^__^ I love to see how much fun there is in each picture (from food-making to family and friends gathering). Your takoyaki came out really nice =). Way better than my attempt at making them =P. Mine didn't come out round... Hee x2, maybe someday, you can tell me how to make the batter ;). Thank you for sharing Part 3 of your trip with us =) I'm so happy to be able to read this tonight =]. I love your hair accessories! It always complements your outfit/hair so well =)

  15. Eki, I enjoy looking at your pictures. You look like a wonderful cook. Those are my favorite japanese food too!

    I've always wanted some takoyaki..
    you look very gorgeous in your pictures.

  16. I love your photos Eki!
    You are so photogenic...
    And I love the food you made! Especially the takoyaki *_*

  17. so you wanna kill me with all this food?
    i gots you!!! XD
    and PHO! gotta love Viet food... ><
    i love making spring rolls for my brother!
    and PHO too!! he just attacks the food.

  18. The food looks amazing... (Viva Japanese food!!) and love love Takoyaki as well, I want that cooking tool LOL. The dango looks real delicious...I've always wanted to try it after seeing it in a manga, but just can't find it where I live :)

  19. WOW, you are making me HUNGRY!!!!! I'm so glad you had a great time!

    If you love takoyaki, you MUST come to Osaka!!! Osaka takoyaki is the best, for sure!

    PS: Mitarashi Dango is pretty easy. Should I do a blog post?

  20. All that foooood !!! That's seems to be so delicious!!! ^^ Your pictures are so nice :D Glad to see you on your blog <3

  21. The foods look delicious! You're making me hungry! haha. Btw, what's the topping for takoyaki called?

  22. Oh my Eki, your trip looks great! =) I love that nightmare cup!! It's one of my fav movies ever. Yuan2's prints are beautiful! I'd love to see the vid of her playing guitar, from everything else I've seen she looks so talented I'm sure it's no different when it comes to music!

    I hope you are feeling better today!♥

  23. Yummy! That food looks so good and you are so stunning!

  24. YUM!!! look at all that food! esp the sushi! i miss eating all that sushi... too bad you can't eat too much of that when you're prego. lol but you can never go wrong with a good bowl of pho. :)

    thanks for sharing all the lovely pics. looks like you had a great time in fl... then you had to come back to this blah weather in mn.

  25. I hope you feel better soon Eki.
    Hanamizuki looks like a really good restaurant - I love sushi and sashimi :) Although I have to say your Takoyaki party food looks really good even though you said you were missing some ingredients.
    I cooked for my friend two days ago and gave myself an upset stomach :| He was okay though even though we ate the same food! LOL
    Love some of the things your friend Yuan2 uses for decoration. Very calming and greenery is nice.

  26. The food looks so yummy. Well, most of it. For us Europeans it sometimes looks a little...uh...weird *lol*

  27. Wahhh, you had me there in a daze for ages. My boyfriend had to physically drag me out of my chair to help him go make dinner...I would much rather eat takoyaki! I love it~~ I must get myself one of those takoyaki grill plate things!!

    The japanese restaurant's food looks so delicious too! It's so hard to find authentic Japanese restaurants here in the UK. Most of them are owned by Chinese people and they don't do things *exactly* right. T___T

  28. mmm i'm hungry now...lol i love going to "authentic" restaurants but they are hard to find where I live. guess i have to look harder!

  29. eki... u are so sweet and kawaii :)

  30. Food porn! I'm so hungry now looking at your pictures *jealous* Your home-made meal looks delicious also! Actually I've never tried real okinomiyaki before until last month and it's sooo good! I wish I knew someone who could make it as well lol Glad to see you had a good time in Florida :)

  31. it's always fun reading your post. the tamago and takoyaki truly are amazing

  32. Oh Eki, you're so glamorous even while cooking! I love takoyaki too!! It's so hard to find authentic Japanese food.

  33. Hi Eki :)

    the food looks so delicious, and you're so pretty when you're cooking...haha i look like a total mess when I try to cook...

    Takoyaki looks delicious, I would love to try to make it some time, where can you buy the grill? xD

  34. You looks so cute even when ure cooking hahaha...when I cook I just wear whatever and tie bun my hair :p X3 nice pictures!!

  35. Awwww wat a nice trip! The food looks amazing! Next time I go to Orlando I gotta stop by this restaurant.

  36. When I get my own place I want it to be calm and zen like your friends place!
    I'm sitting here lurking on your blog b/c I'm jamming to the music player on the sidebar!

  37. nice pictures!!!!.... yummmy food nom nom..nom lol...

    btw love ur blog and videos!!!
    you are soooo kawaii!!!

  38. Hey girl, check out my most recent post... I nominated you for an award :)



  39. Looks like you had a great trip Eki! The food looks really yummy, especially the takoyaki!

    Not sure if you've heard of it but there's a channel on YouTube (Cooking with Dog), that has a video on making dango. It's pretty authentic, but it has a really cute voice over. ^^ You should give that channel a visit.

  40. You look so happy Eki! Lovely and pretty as usual. Love the Japanese food pics :)

  41. Awww looks like you had a lot of fun during you vacation. The food look scrumptious. Make me hungry for some. I cant wait to go to Florida too on July. Thanks Eki for fallowing my store..;)

  42. Oooh lovely post ♥
    I love cooking and posts of it too ♥♥
    You look so pretty and it's a joy to read your blog~!!

  43. Hi Eki! I really enjoyed your trip pics. It's always nice to spend time with good friends. Now, I really want to go to Disneyworld...hehe. :)

  44. Awwww looks like it was an awesome vacation!! :D

  45. looks like you had a ton of fun!! i love amaebi.. hahaha. yumm. love all of the food.. and your teethy smiles! so cute <3 <3

  46. that got my cravings for takoyaki a notch higher now..i have been craving for takoyaki ever since last weekend & after seeing your post i have to really eat takoyaki now or i'll die from the craving

    looks like you really had a great time

    love the 1st pic, you're smile is so sweet!

  47. Awwww looks like it was an awesome vacation!! :D

  48. All of that just looks DELICIOUS! Takoyaki, sashimi that looks insanely fresh. *DROOL*


let me know what you think~ :3

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