Lioele review~ Water drop BB, Marbling blusher, 3D enamel and Essential Donut


my belated review of Lioele products sponsored by pretty and cute :)

so I ran into trouble last night when I finally had time to make post and blogger is acting so strange and it wont let me upload images,,, :( I refreshed and closed my browser and restarted my computer but still no luck so I ended up using my flickr account with I am trying not to use to often....

I am so sorry for the lack of updates and I have been pretty quiet in twitter as well....Just been super busy since right after I got back from FL so I been again stressing...lack of time for myself to really relax and do the stuff I love is making me really sad T__T

Ok so back to the post, Janie was sweet to send me some Lioele items for me to review and I feel terrible since she sent them to me like a over a month ago but been so busy just havent had the time to make a full review... good side is that I got to really test them out~! My experience with Lioele product in the past are just their Beyond solution BB cream which was my first ever BB cream I have tried out due to the hype of BB creams, I have to say it wasnt a perfect match but it did cover my imperfections pretty well but I couldnt wear it all the time since it seems to give me small bumps of blemishes after a while so I used it now and then so I was happy to tried their other products and another type of BB cream from Lioele as well.

First off are 

Lioele water drop BB
 what is says on the bottle:

It is an exclusive moisturizing BB cream which makes your skin moist since waterdrop, which is generated when you apply it to skin is well absorbed into your skin
 SPF 27/PA++

all the directions are written in Korean so Im not sure what it says :p

lioele water drop bb (1)

Lioele water drop BB

Here is more description from pretty and cute about this BB cream
Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 3.09.38 PM

Ok so from my experience with this BB cream:

I have really weird skin combination its really oily but sensitive so it have been really hard finding that happy medium for my skin, I get complimented on my skin complexion from alot of people but the truth is that I struggle with keeping it calm, clear and happy. Ive always had a complex with my skin since the age of 12 that is when I started to get pimples and so on, so it have been a struggle to find that balance for my skin and finally it seems like I am managing my skin and understand what works and what doesnt work with my skin.

Why wear BB cream?:

Most BB cream goes on really smooth, feels really light on your skin and supposed to give your skin that "natural" look,, like that look that you are not wearing anything. So that is why it have gotten really popular because who doesnt want a beautiful natural looking skin? So most of BB cream give you the finish of dewy and fresh look which I love about bb creams~ Most important thing for me with BB cream is that it doesnt make you feel like you are wearing a mask like when you know you are wearing a foundation feel, also must match my skin tone because most BB creams comes in limited shades so that makes things alittle hard to know if it will match you.

What I felt with this bb cream:

with this BB cream first thing I noticed is that it is doesnt have a greasy or oily texture to the cream which is a plus for my oily skin and another thing is that it is water based so it goes on very light and smooth almost like gel like. When you blend on you can clearly see the bb cream's water contents so you kinda feel like you splashed water on your face which was refreshing in FL :p

On the shade:

I am fairly light right now the lightest I have seen myself to be since I lived in FL most of my American life so I was used to seeing my skin tone alot darker than the shade I am now so I used to be about NC35 in FL but now I am about NC25 a big difference huh... I guess thats what happens when your skin doesnt see much of the sun anymore lol So this BB cream matches my skin tone really well its not too light or dark on me.

Lioele review eki 3

On to the coverage:

OK, so you can see that I clearly do NOT have flawless skin I just know what to mask and correct my skin with make up, I know its pretty scary since you guys are all used to seeing my skin all done and flawless with the power of make up! :3 LOL.. so I have issues with dark circles, milia, sun spots, uneven skin tone and redness around my nose along with occasional break outs so what I look for in a foundation for me is good coverage but not so matte that it looks like a mask on me but covers enough but still give me a dewy natural finish

so this BB cream like with most BB cream the more coats you apply the more it will cover so you can use it really light like a tinted moisturizer or full cover foundation. Usually I use concealer under my eyes for my dark circles because it doesnt fully cover with just foundation but in this photos I didnt use it to show you how much this BB cream covers my imperfections.

with one coat it just evens out my skin alittle but not enough to cover my imperfections with 2 coats it seems to give more evened out look, got rid of my reddness around my nose and more of a flawless look but its not enough to cover my dark circles fully but I do like that the consistency of this BB cream goes light and not heavy on my skin but I can tell that I am wearing the BB cream. Also it does finish off with fresh and natural skin look and dewy. :)

 I think it will be good for anyone that have oily skin and if you are looking for more of a light coverage since its water based. I not sure if it stays on perfectly for a long period of time but I think you would love it if you like to use tinted moisturizers this will give you more coverage but with same consistency and feel♥

lioele water drop bb 1

In this photo I added the finished look with Lioele Marbling blusher which gave my skin more luminescent look since the blush seems work better all over the face since its not so pigmented

lioele water drop bb 2

forgot to include a close up... 
here you can really see that it made my skin really even and more dewy :)

Lioele Marbling Blusher in shining pink

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 4.34.34 PM

This blush's packaging is really kawaii I was happy to see such a princess like compact :) ok so it called blusher right so you would think it is a blush but I think its more of a highlighting finishing powder because with much of the color you see in in the compact when you apply there isnt much of pigments but instead you get shimmery light powder with hint of color.

Lioele marbling blusher

The brush is really soft so it doesnt pick up the product really well so you have to sweep cover couple of times to get it to show up on the skin but feels really soft on the face

Lioele review eki 4

the blushers swatch in natural lighting you can see it has light pearly texture

Lioele review eki 11

with flash you can see the highlighting reflection from the powder and you can see the fine shimmery powder in the compact

when applied on the skin you can see the shimmery powder which can give you the pearly finish which will give you more of a dewy look if applied as a blush or all over the face any where that you feel it need a pick me of shimmer/highlight :)

Lioele 3D Enamel lip gloss in #3 dreaming pink
what it say in the box:
Light and non-stickness fluid gel type of lip gloss

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 4.35.54 PM

I am a sucker or any baby pinkish shade lippies and I was happy when I saw that Janie sent me this gloss in this shade~

The size of this gloss is fairly small but cute packaging, smells really sweet and fruity but no flavor, as it claims its not sticky feelings on the lips but sorta feels greasy. Its pigmented really well and goes on really smooth it is very similar and comparable to NYX mega shine series or Canmake Nudy glow series in terms of the texture and the pigments.

Lioele 3D Enamel 2

the brush is sorta different its a flat brush not rounded

Lioele review eki 15

Lioele review eki 17

The shade of this gloss:
I would have to say this pink shade is milky hot pink very vivid pink, as you can see the gloss can settle in the creases of the lip but have that gel like look to them and creates very plumped look

Lioele Essential Donut Glo-stick in #3 Nude beige
what it says:
* Lip essence within lipstick”
Regular type lipstick with highly concentrated moisturizer contains an essence core with tocopherol acetate, to keep lips soft and moist throughout the day.
* All the benefits for your lips”
This lipstick consistently corrects dark and sordid lips to give them color and exuberant glitter as would a lip gloss. With lip treatment effects offered in 5 adorable colors, you will give yourself a natural and refined look, no matter what type of ambiance you wish to express with makeup.

Screen shot 2010-05-22 at 4.35.19 PM

Lioele Essential Donut 1

ok so its called donuts for a reason due to the conditioning products in the center and the packaging are not as cute as the others, it have light scent of that "lipstick" smell but its mild and it doesnt bother me and like everyone have said its does go on like a lip balm and moisturizes my lips really well and have this glossy finish like a lip gloss :)

Lioele review eki 16

Lioele review eki 18

The pigment are mild and sheer so its goes on like a tinted lip balm but with more gloss but not sticky or not too greasy just right :)

Lioele review eki 12

well that was it for my review~ hope it give you a better idea about the items ^__^

ok now on to a good news to those interested in purchasing from Pretty and cute!

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  1. oo i really like that donuts glo-stick thing :] especially that color!

  2. Thanks for the reviews Eki! Your skin is really beautiful, even without makeup! =P The BB cream wouldn't happen to have the ingredients in English on it, would it? I always hear so much about BB creams but I'm afraid to try them because I'm allergic to chemical SPF and it's so hard to find the ingredients labels for them. =/ The gloss and lipstick/balm look super cute!

  3. Wow, what a generous GWP for your readers! Thank you for this thorough review.

  4. hi eki! the waterdrop bb cream looks really nice, it makes your skin glowy :) have a great weekend! xx

  5. Thanks for the thorough review Eki! And you're skin bare faced is soooo NOT scary at all!

    LOL Donut! Love that they named it that. Thank you for hooking us up with a great GWP deal too!!

  6. WOW awesome review, thanks!! You're skin is so flawless even with no makeup. JEALOUS!

    xoxo, Penelope

  7. the marble blush looks sooo pretty! good deal for the package too =)

  8. ooo they all look really nice!

    i was just wondering, whats the ingredients list for the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream? (im allergic to sulfates so i just wanted to check) thank u!

  9. ichigoBunnie: just looked at the box no sulfates in this product :)

  10. wow. great review. I've never tried BB cream, i think i might give it a try after your review your makeup advices are really helpful and I really think you are a beautiful person. make up does wonders. lol

  11. Great review! The BB cream looks really nice on you! I'm still on the hunt for one.. :]

  12. aww i love your lips. thans for the review! :3 i might get that donut stick too.

  13. Hi Eki!! I miss you alot :)
    Hope all is well.... I am also the palest I have ever been in my life! I've been trying to lighten my dark/sun-spots- so I guess it's good to be lighter, but I think it shows more flaws on my skin. Great review- I have the marble blusher too- I used it like once, so this is a good reminder to try it out again.

  14. the blush looks really beautiful

    the lipgloss and liptsick as well :)

  15. i had lioele water drop bb cream,its light and i like it!,their glo stick looks likes smashbox lips with the lipconditioner on the middle hehe

  16. Heloooo..Your skin is still pretty clear without anything on it :D

    The review was very well done,thanks a lot. ^^ Also my skin has got quite a tan, can you get different shades for the lioele BB cream? Or is there one set shade?

    Thanks :P

  17. great review! the bb cream looks really nice on u.

  18. You always have such awesome reviews! AND with such great pictures, too! It makes me want to look at your blog even more than most makeup review sites.

    Love it!

    I linked your blog on my Weekly Wrapup. Thanks for providing such quality posts.

    PS. Thanks for the follow!

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  19. Thanks for the review Eki! I'm currently using the Lioele Beyond Solution BB cream and I'm loving it. Next time I need more Lioele items I'll keep your reviews in mind. Thanks! <3

  20. Lovely post! I'm so interested in BB Creams!! I own only one and want more! Love them!


  21. wow the lippies look great =) i love the color of the gloss,it's really cute. And that bb cream might be the perfect one for my friend who wants a dewy "wet look" really excited to try out the lioele products.

  22. Thank you for reviewing the BB cream from Liole and other products from that brand as well ^__^. I now have a good idea as to what BB cream is =]. Your natural skin looks good without make up! No joke!! But really, thank you for giving us a comparison with your natural face without make up and then one with the BB cream =D. It really helps me with my judgement of the cream ^__^. Thank you for sharing =)

  23. Great review! i agree with you about the bb cream. it feels a lot lighter than most bb cream i have tried. it's also very light, but because it's so sheer, I can still use it.

  24. Lovely review! I'm not absolutely sold on BB cream, but I do like the finish it creates. The blush is really lovely!

  25. Hello Eki~ I've wanted to know, because there are so many BB creams on the market, some perfect some absolutely terrible... What exactly is the highest ranking one at the moment? Great guide as well~ I love all the pictures you take : ) Keep it up.

  26. Your reviews are always great Eki, so detailed and with great photos! Thx :) That donut stick looks quite cool, I'm going to check the site out now!

  27. thank you for reviewing bb cream! :DD it's very detail and informative:DD

  28. Thank you for all this review ^^ that's so usefull <3

  29. how pretty! i really want to look into bb's again but i'm so dark, not a lot of them work for my skintone :(

    the lipstickbalm thing looks great on you :D

    i think your skin is great even though you think it's "scary".. it's really not. plus it's who you are, not what you look like xD

  30. Lioele products look so Kawaii!! It's the cute packaging =) You are a natural beauty hun.. with or without make up you shine<33

  31. I just got the marbling blush the aurora one...loving its effect on my face...I barely can do touch up when at work, it kept my face still looking fresh not haggard which I am after a stressful 8 hour shift!!!

  32. just randomly found your blog hehe i've got to say your reviews are so good <3

  33. Finally followed your blog! I just made mine a month ago.  I want to try Liole products too, luckily I've found a store selling these items here in the Philippines! :)

  34. hi there! just found your video on youtube about the fairy drops bb cream review. I was surprised that they are selling fairydrops at alabang town center and got excited about it cos we dont have it in thailand. :))

    follow my blog too if you like. ;)


  35. i've been wanting to try the waterdrop bb cream for the longest time and i am so happy that you posted this review! the coverage is just what i was looking for! i can't wait to get it!


  36. korean coloured contact lensesMay 1, 2014 at 9:46 PM

    Great Post!!Thank you for sharing and have a nice information....

  37. Same here Jenny, looking forward to try it too.
    ~Pauline @ http://www.kallony.com.ph/brand/urban-decay


let me know what you think~ :3

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