Hair & beauty July 2010 mag scan featuring Lena Fujii

Hair & beauty July 2010 issue featuring Lena Fujii~

This mag feature alot of popular hair styles but most kinda looks the same lol :P
I love her hair color here its really pretty but alittle on the copper shade that I dont really care for but still really nice shade♥

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  1. thanks for the scans!!! i like the hairstyles that these magazines carry >< BTW i keep tweeting you and emailed you but i got no reply yet =p

  2. ohh nice scans..thanks for taking the time and doign those. I had that copper hair color..by mistake. Hated it, doesnt look very nice on tan complexion..now i have black hair. :)

    xoxo Penelope

  3. Thanks for all the hard work with providing us these scans Eki!!

    Aww how come only 1 with short hair?! LOL! Haha.. HAWAII Style!!!

  4. LENA's beauty marks are mesmerizing @.@ so perfectly aligned hahaha

    thank you for the scans eki! :)

  5. These are great, thanks! I love the dress + necklaces she's wearing (before the hair stuff starts)! I couldn't do the socks, though, without feeling extremely silly!

  6. thanks for sharing... :D love it..

  7. Hi Eki,

    I was going to get some Canmake lipglosses ^^

    I think I need a haircut after seeing your ascans ^^

  8. Thank you for the lovely scans!~
    I see a couple of styles that I can try with my short hair ;D

  9. I love Lena Fujii. These scans are awesome. =D

  10. Thanks for the scan, I was collecting ideas on a hair cut, the Japanese girls' hair style always look so soft and cute, ^0^!

  11. Thank you for sharing Eki, I love LENA, she is my all time favourite, japanese magazine model!!! :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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