EOS Candy Brown lens review & FOTD

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This Lens was kindly sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com  

I wanted this lens EOS Candy Brown after I've seen many of the popteen models wearing them so I was really curious about them♥
I wasnt sure how it would look since the outer ring are so pronounced and strong so I thought this lens wouldnt look that good but I really like them~! This lens will make your eyes into really nice kawaii Dolly eyes :D

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : E.O.S
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Ok so I really adore EOS lenses they all seem to be very comfortable and the color on the lens are most semi opaque so it gives off really nice color! This lens doesnt have any particular pattern to them but its does fade out in a gradient so it blends onto your natural color really well so that makes the lens look less fake looking which I really like since in person it doesnt look that fake even though there is a big black ring around the lens but instead it makes your eyes looks so glossy and pretty with halo effect! :D

I give this lens 9/10
very comfortable~ no problem at all with 7-8 hour wear, nice color and very pretty~ a must have if you want dolly eyes♥
-1 point since the ring around the lens are really bold but its doesn't bother me that much so overall its a very pretty lens!

I made a VIDEO~! LOL.... its been about half a year since my last one? Im sorry for the slack in making vids... I hate editing vids it take too long todo :/ but I will make more time for them!! I promise~♥ this vid isnt as good quality as the others since I just used my iMac's camera... but I have high quality vids tutorials I have to edit that I have been really slacking on doing Im sorry X3

I hope you can see a better view of the lens in the vid but the lighting was bad so you cant really see them well but that is what it look in like indoor lighting~ :)

with Flash

FOTD~ I did a little different style today! I made my inner corner of the eyes more pronounced by lining the corner slightly to a point this makes your eyes seem larger its a cat eye effect :3 If you seen Gyaru style makeup alot of the gals are using this technique but line it really thin so that it blends in to your eyes also use water proof liquid liner~

What am I wearing?

Skin79 super triple function BB cream*pink*
NYX concealer jar in beige
Candy Doll highlighter in cream beige
Gransenbon Gran brush blush in #11

Princess cutie false lashes
Dolly wink liquid eye liner
Paul and Joe lash primer
fiberwig mascara
Visee glam nude eyes palette in N-2
Jill stuart diamond powder in 102*inner corner of the eyes*
K-palette real lasting 24H eyebrow liner
Concealed my lips with DHC Q10 foundation
Candy Doll lip gloss in 01

 with natural lighting

 ok that was it for this post~

I will have lots of nice review to come just have to find the time to post,, just been really overwhelmed this year and I am sorry for the lack of posts here....I am also lacking on some personal posts too I feel like I havent been myself lately and I want to get back into making post about stuff that I love like art and photography which I have not been doing at all :(

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  1. i love these too after seeing them on the models!
    im planing to buy the pink or blue ones hehe
    looking cute as always!

  2. Great review Eki! :)
    I like these lenses I'm going to buy them next time. Thank you also for the tip of lining the inner corners. :3

    You're pretty and cute as always. ^_^

  3. waahhh you look so incredibly cute!!! <33 I love the lens and your makeup!
    can't wait to see your next post, you have to do more :D

  4. you're so pretty, eki!!! how do you get such nice stuff to be reviewed?

    looking at your pretty face makes me miss wearing falsies... I gotta buy new falsies at the nearest Saizen/Daiso store soon... I also have to get falsie glue! ^__^

    stay pretty! love ya! ^__^

  5. wow these look amazing on you!

    I wonder how they would look on my blue/grey eyes :)


  6. Eki.... You look so pretty ^^ Love the candy doll on you, the lenses suit you alot =)

  7. OMG i love the lens color!!!its pretty and suits you really nicely.
    and with natural lighting it shines out nicely.

    and I love your makeup too ^_^

  8. Whoa these lenses look so cool.Love these.Your skin looks so smooth and clear.Green with envy.^^

  9. Amazing!! I didn't knew that this lenses were so georgous! Thank you Eki for this review <3. That's really beautifull, i love that soft brown, that's look natural. I think that i would like to have this lenses in my collection hehehe

  10. The lenses look amazing! Very pretty look Eki :)

  11. Ohmygoodness you look sooo flawless! I love those lashes, they look so natural!

  12. I love these lenses, I want some for myself!

  13. Looks so pretty! Happy you made a vid! It has been awhile but I can imagine they do take alot of time!!

  14. Hi Eki!! THank you for posting as always =)! I can't wait to watch your video this afternoon when I'm out of school! =D THe lenses look really cute on you! I wonder if it would work for me... =) I finally tried GEO Angels and I'm loving them =D! Thank you for doing a FOTD using the new Candy Doll make up that you got =). Miss talking to ya! <3

  15. Wow, how gorgeous do you look!!!! I have been contemplating for a while whether to try some of these lenses on myself but I have seriously never even put one in my eye!!Like, any lenses!! Instead I have to wear my hefty old glasses :( Does it hurt muchhh to use lenses??Lol I sound so silly! Hehe :) xxx

    Vanessita x www.vanessita6xx.blogspot.com

  16. Eki, those lenses look really nice on you!

    ...and I just realised that you remind me a bit of Ueto Aya. :) it was surprising, I was scrolling through your photos and I thought, "Ueto Aya?!"

  17. Your skin is so flawless!!! how do you do it???!!

  18. Wow! Those lenses are really cool! i don't know that I could pull them off, but you do it beautifully. I love your makeup too...beautiful as always Eki :)


  19. OMG GORGEOUS!! ❤❤
    The lenses look amazing & I am totally jealous of your makeup skills! I'd love to see a tutorial for the 'cat eye' look too~
    Definitely gonna snag me some of these lenses!

  20. the lenses look great on you!
    i never tried EOS before but i'm glad you said that it's comfy since i already ordered my first pair along with the max pure brown. can't wait to try them out :D

  21. your makeup is stunning and flawless. i think accentuating those inner corners really does make a huge difference!

    i have been turned off by the eos candy series because i thought the colour looked funny (like brown = orange?) but it really makes all the colours stand out against our brown eyes. i LOVE it!

  22. woah pretty! you look like you walked straight out of an anime! ^^ love your makeup here and your eyes look so animated~

  23. Hi eki,
    Can I know what camera u're using for this post? ;)

  24. Gorgeous as always Eki! Love the vid! THough I missed your sweet voice in it! LOL! ;)

    The lenses really do give that doll effect, also a bit cat eye to me. The liner trick is neat. You made it so it looks like your eyes are naturally like that. I had to go back and see the liner!

  25. I always thought they were ugly just looking at the contacts by it self but you changed my mind! It is really nice! I'll reconsider. Thank for the review!!

  26. Hey eki!
    I love your blog...you are so gorgeous! I was wondering what kindof shampoo/conditioner you use. I have been searching for some good one, but haven't really had any luck yet.

  27. i feel you on the whole "feeling overwhelmed" part! but if its b/c of ekilove, then its a good kind of overwhelmed right?! :) I hope you get to do what you love soon.. i know the feeling.. it kinda eats away at you each time you're not getting to do the things you love! take care eki!! <3

  28. Hmm the contacts really change your look! I don't think I could pull off this gyaru a look for sure. You look so pretty in that last photo - like straight out of a magazine!

  29. Hi Eki! Thanks for the cbox comment!<3 I got the code for removing the blogger navbar from here: http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/2005/01/remove-navbar.html

    Hope that helps! :D

    Oo these lenses are so kawaii! They look great on you<3 love the dolly eye effect :3

    Sorry to hear that you've been feeling overwhelmed :( I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like I have no time to do the things I love. I do hope you get back into your art and photography though, because you are one of my biggest inspirations!<3

  30. You are so cute with your circle lenses ! They're great well to you <33 !

  31. Incredibly beautiful pictures Eki~

  32. I want circle lens too but what measurements should i get? i asked my eye-doctor and they said they were dangerous and could cause me to loose my eye-sight if im not careful. and i really want some their so cute and don't look harmless :) Please respond Eki, Thank You♥

  33. You do a lot of reviews on pink lenses and I was wondering if you can do more on brown lenses. It will help me during my consideration of my next purchase of circle lenses . Thank you ! :)

  34. I love these lens' they look really nice on you, I really like the way you do your make up too ^^

  35. The sponsored circle lens from pinkyparadise.com did you get them free or did you pay for them and sponsored them?

  36. where can i buy this lens?

  37. You are so pretty!!!! and so is your hair :)

  38. these lens are soo cute..i'm planning to buy one! :D


  39. hello, I have a problem ordering the circle lens.
    on page http://circlelens.net/candy-brown.html
    I aparese L Power: R Power:
    so good is that?, I have vision problems or anything like that if I could you help asiesque, thank you very much

  40. Love the lenses!!! these lenses r cute! by the way are you wearing eyelid tape? your eyes are really nice shaped!

  41. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=471468916230428&set=a.471464192897567.105659.146969845347005&type=3&theater I don't know if you autorized the use of this picture :S but I am reporting it just in case

  42. Thank you for sharing...

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    ― Coco Chanel

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