Please Help my friend and VOTE!

Hi Friends and my readers,

I need help from all of you, please help my dear friend AL Letson who is an inspiration to many people and touches many lives through his show on NPR, the State of the Re:union. He have decided to enter into Oprah's search for the next TV star, I think he is a great presenter and will be amazing host because he truly cares about people and with what is going on in this world that we all live on. He tries to get the voice out there for people and the issues around this nation. AL is truly gifted and a great person so I want to help him spread the word and please help me and my friend AL. :)

please view the vid also, get to know him and see why he wants his own show :D

AL has his own National Public Radio show that he host called State of the Re:Union where he travels across the nation and talks about the issues and amazing stories he find all across America to unite the people together, I met AL while working at a apple store in FL, he is an artist, a poet, playwright, radio host and a actor and my boyfriend Zach also worked with us and he is a video and film editor, director and I am a make up artist so we all had a chance to work together on film projects in the past. And so last weekend when AL had a show in Minneapolis where we were there to help out with the shoot.

He always finds a great story, meanings behind them and spread the word out there to unite the people of all kinds! I think it is an amazing thing he is doing so if he does get his own show he would do amazing and great things with it and can be the next oprah for sure lol :D

for more INFO please check out his NPR website


Here are some of the past stories,

Thank you so much!! I appreciate your help♥



  1. I love his message. Voted. Best of luck to you, Al.

  2. Wow! This is awesome! Good luck to Al!

  3. I just voted, and I hope he wins! He has such a cool meassage to give and he seems like such a nice person!
    Plus, I would definately watch his show, since it seems very interesting. I can't believe there's some leame talkshow about cooking with kids topping the scores!!! :O I hope everyone votes for Al.

  4. Eki'chan! I really, really enjoyed his video. I voted for him. He has great content and defn has a TV persona. Good luck to him!

    You look gorg as usual. Hope u are well!

  5. Wo~ No wonder you've been really busy and not been having much time for yourself and sleep~ You've been helping your friend Al and doing work! Good luck to your friend!! ^__^ I hope you also get some beauty rest for yourself Eki! Thank you for your sweet text today!! I miss you!! I'm kitty-hood bound right now =| Unfortunately, school will be starting up for me in one day and I still need to teach the little one so much! Hee x2~ Keep in touch =)

  6. Just voted Eki. I think he deserve to win the spot. I hope your Friend win!

  7. voted and i love his personality! best luck to him and i really hope to see him on t.v.!

  8. I voted for him, too... I hope he wins... =)


let me know what you think~ :3

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