Love package from Lena and reviews to come

hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend! I had a much needed rest and relaxed mostly outdoors ^__^
wanted to answer a question that was asked regarding to last post with the false lashes since alot of you girls were really interested in them!

I got the Princess cutie lashes as a gift from my friend Rina and I have asked her where she has gotten them from, she lives in Cali so there are alot of asian beauty stores there so if you live in that area you might be able to purchase them :) 

so Rina said"I buy them from a store called Lavender Beauty in Rowland heights, ca. They may have a website now. its located in yes plaza on the corner of Colima and Fillerton. There is also a another store in the same plaza called Star couture that sells boxes of lashes"

so hopefully if you live near that area you can get them but for us girls that dont live in cali I tried to look on google but I couldn't really find much about them except that they are called Princess series lashes made in Taiwan, are worn by celebrities there and been featured in TV in Taiwan. Also they are handmade and are great quality lashes. So Im sorry not much of help... =__=;;

ok on to the post:

I love my Lena~♥
I cannot tell you how thankful to have you as my dear friend and thank you so much for always thinking of me and ways to put a smile on my face!!♥ How do you always seem to know what I have been eyeing?? I dont even have a wishlist,,, you are really thoughtful and know me so well♥

THANK YOU for being my amazing friend!! now please dont spend no more money on me, really,, you spoil me too much Hun!! X3 

I cant wait to play around with them♥ thank you love, I ♥ U~!

I am so loving my Visee glam nude palette~ thank you Lena so I know for sure that I will love this Brilliance forming eyes palette as well~ its so kawaii and with perfect grey silver shades♥

she got me Dolly Wink lashes in #6 baby cute bottom lashes
cant wait to try this with the Dolly winks #1 lashes :)

also Kiss me heavy rotation mascara
I havent heard of this mascara yet so excited to try its said thick and long lashes also waterproof, smudge proof so sounds promising so far :3

Here are some of the items that you will see in the next few post:

will make a reviews on some of the popular false eyelash brand that was voted in the last copy of popteen and FOTD with them

also some product swatches and Face Q mask reviews to come~ :)


  1. Aww what a thoughtful and lovely package! Glad you had a relaxing long weekend. :D

    Can't wait to see your upcoming posts! I would love to see swatches of the new Visee palette... I've been debating whether to get the goldish one but I'm afraid I won't like the cream shadow in it...

  2. I've always wanted to try out Dolly Wink lashes but I have a hard time finding them too--especially living in Canada X_X Lucky you! What a lovely package to receive in the mail ^^

  3. Love lashes! Which glue do you use?

  4. what a sweetie :D i'd love to help you purchase some lashes if you wanted some! rowland isn't that far away from my parents' house, so let me know and i'll keep an eye out when i go home!

  5. the limited edition palette is gorgeous!
    can't wait for your reviews and swatches :)

  6. So nice! I wish I could have some of them!!!

    Oh! Eki, BTW, can I borrow some pics? I wanna get a haircut and I am considering your style... please!!! ^__^

  7. Haha I wish my fail of a friend bought me gorgeous items like these.... Luckyyyyyyy. <3

    Post some snapshots up of the Koji lashes when you decide to wear them!

  8. I look fwd to your review on those eyelashes :)

  9. Oh! Can't wait to read your reviews about the Dolly wink lashes! :)

  10. aww shes so nice. but your bottom lashes are sooo long already! ^______^

  11. here's my site:


    hope you could drop by sometime... =)

  12. awww! so nice!!! makes me drool and go envious about them!!!

    BTW, eki, i'd like to borrow some of your pretty pics because I am planning to have a haircut... I am considering your style because it looks so wearable... =)

    please, please, please!!! ^__^

  13. Ohh I can't wait to here what you have to say about the Face Q masks since I've never tried them before and I've heard of them from you~ Your friend Lena is really nice and thoughtful <3! I'm excited to see your lash reviews =]. Good to hear that you had a well-rested memorial day weekend ^__^! Even though I am entering finals week and having papers due, I managed to be really stress-free this weekend =D. Thank you for sharing and posting of previews of what you are going to review next =]! Take care Eki~

  14. Great love Eki! And you deserve it all! Can't wait to see all the great looks you're gonna do with all that product! ANd of course your great reviews! :)

  15. I didn't know Dollywink was sold at Adambeauty--I usually only stop to look at Lunasol, Kose and Shiseido haha but now I'll definitely check out what other stuff they have on that site...if only it didn't load so slow >.< hahaha Thanks for letting me know, Eki! <3

  16. *** Ooops I just went back and saw you said Sasa and not Adambeauty XD My bad! I'm just feeling kind of stupid to shop at Sasa.com and make such a huge order bc I just came back from HK/Taiwan and I've shopped out Sasa like mad! The crazy thing though is that I never saw Dollywink lashes ANYWHERE at any of the Sasa's I visited! (And I visited many! LOL) Thanks Eki!

  17. Thanks babe!!awww I <3 u!!! Hehe.. You are the sweetest person I have ever met so you deserve all the love there is<33 Wow look how cute the FaceQ masks are!!


let me know what you think~ :3

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