Tsubasa tutorial translated :)

I was looking through the pages of newest issue popsister magazine and I thought this look was really simple and kawaii so I wanted to translate it for you guys :)

 it is in step by step with the numbers that are indicated in the photos
1. use pink shade base as a primer all over the face, after use liquid foundation brush to spread
A. SK-II signs control base: this base give your skin luminescent look B. Suqqu liquid foundation aqua

2. Use 2 shade of concealer apply over the area that needs to be concealed and blend in A. maybelline  angel perfect concealer in #2 B. same concealer in #1

3. Use a loose powder over the base use a sponge puff to tap on the powder. using Candydoll face powder in 01 matte type

4. For the eyebrow first you use eyebrow pencil and define the shape of your eyebrow, fill in the area that is needed. using Bibo eyeful eyebrow in the lightest shade

5. Next using this eyebrow powder mix 2 shades by using the brush blend in where you filled in with the pencil. using sweets sweets powder eyebrow in BR1

6. For the shading powder use foundation powder and contour around the face. Using KATE foundation powder in the darkest shade

7. For the nose shadowing using the same foundation go from the eyebrow to the side of the nostril with using the foundation sponge along the side of the nose

8. to highlight bridge of your nose by using a brush from between the eyebrows to the end of the nose. Using Candy doll highlight in cream beige

9. For this look I am using orange shade just like the sunset, apply from the center of your eye to the sides of your high cheek bone by using a brush. Using Candydoll cheek color in carrot orange

10. By using Candydoll highlight apply under the eye and on to the high cheek with a brush and blend in lightly

11.  For the eye's using 3 shade's of color to create depths, first by using the center shade go all over the eye ball, next using the darkest shade apply over your crease line concentrating in the center of the eye then using the lightest shade apply under the eye and under your brow line. Using Bourjois palette in 41 this palette is easy to create gradient look.

12. Using black pencil eyeliner fill in the lash line make sure to fill in the gaps between lash to lash and fill in under the lash line as well. Using Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner this is great for this since its smudge proof.

13. Using liquid eyeliner go over the pencil liner and create a winged liner down ward and let the end to wing upwards. Using Dolly wink liquid eyeliner the ends are really fine so its easy to use.

14. Apply the false lashes above the lash line and apply the inner false lashes up straight wards but for the rest of the lashes apply flat downwards to create the dolly eyes. Using Dolly Wink lashes in 01 great for dolly eyes. 

15. Want to create a big dolly eyes so by using lower false lashes it will create wide open eyes so this is a important point in creating a dolly eyes. Apply the lashes from the inner corner of the eyes and adjust the ends alittle outwards under the natural lash line. Using Dolly wink in 05

16. Draw in turquoise blue eyeliner go along on the top of the eyeliner so when you open your eyes you can see the blue liner. Using Fasio spot beauty liquid eyeliner in BL900

17. Then using champagne color shimmer apply from the inner corner downwards with a brush, you can apply around the tear duct as well. Using Candy Doll premium shimmer glitter

18. Apply Candy Doll's Orange beige lip as a concealer this is a new released item.

19. Apply Candy Doll milky orange gloss all over the lips. This item is also new released item :D

ok that is the look! Hope you like the look and the translation! :3 will try to do more of translating when I have time♥
I really want Candy Doll stuff especially that Candy Doll highlight cream beige powder... wish this brand was easy to find... =_=;; 

well that is it for now!


  1. AWWW

    thank you so much for translating!!!

  2. Thank you for the translations Eki!! That must've been a lot of work to do! I love that look and Tsubasa's hair =). Hee x2

  3. ooo super cute! i wanna see you do this look :D

  4. what a lovely translation for this tutorial! thank you so much :D i always love your popteen scans but can't read a thing :3

  5. amazing! thank you for translating it Eki~ yeah, do more^^ xoxo

  6. Thank you so much for the translation!! loveTsubasa

  7. What a cute look! Thank you for taking the time to translate and type that out^^

  8. Thank you for the great translating. This help me so much. New make up to try ^^

    XOXO Charlotte

  9. Thanks Eki for sharing, her look is so cute!^0^

  10. That is a super cute look and a very detailed tutorial! Thanks so much for the translation Eki!! :D

  11. Eki THANK YOU for translating this! I know how much work that is!

    This really makes me want double lids! LOL! When I see looks like this that emphasize the lining I HATE my hooded fold under lids! LOL! *sigh*

  12. Yay!! I love looking at J-mags & always wonder what it says. I usually just look at the pics! Thank you for translating! Hope one day I'll be able to read & speak Japanese fluently ;)

  13. Eki!! Thank you SOO much for translating this! You're so sweet to take the time to translate and share this with your readers.

    I love this Tsubasa tutorial. I'm going to definitely try this look out.

    I also see why you like Candy Doll. The products look really nice.

    <3s Serena.

  14. Thank you eki for the translations! I love Tsubasa's look. that liner color is adorable!

  15. thank u soo much... love the translation :)

  16. Thanks so much for the translation, this was very helpful! This is such a cute look for summer, I'll have to try it although I'm kinda doubting that I'll use the orangey blush!

  17. Thanks a lot Eki. This is useful !

  18. What a great post! Thanks for the translation :) I can't wait to try this look with my new circle lenses!



  19. Thanks for translating! :)
    Such a cute look! :)

  20. thanks for the translations! the candy doll items looks really good.

  21. thnks for the translate!

  22. Thanks for the hardwork hun<33 =)

  23. Oh wow, thanks for the translation! Definitely appreciated!

  24. Thank you for this translation! I always try to copy the make tutorials just by looking at the photos (since my reading Japanese is horribleee XD) so this was really helpful!

  25. So pretty! Thank you for translating! <3

  26. thank you for translating!! i loves this tutorial :D

  27. Thanx for tanslating and sharing, Eki. I do love to flip Japanese magazines but all I could understand are the pictures and simple katakana for direct English sound transalation.

    What a lot of work just for the face. I'm one lazy gal but I do love all the eye products from Dolly Wink and I've been looking for a nude tone lipstick for the longest time ever! The Candy Doll orange beige lip looks exactly like what I've been searching for.

    I'm practising using eyelid tapes and glue and the magazine scans look really interesting! If you've ever translated those pages, please let me know ok? In the meantime, I seek your permission to save these scans?

    Thanx in advance!

  28. hi eki,

    just want to say that I'm new to your blog and absolutely love everything about it. keep up the good work <3

  29. Thank you for translating! I'll try out this kawaii look for sure :D

  30. Thanks so much for translating this tutorial!

    I have linked this post on my Weekly Wrapup!

  31. Great job!
    Thank you for translatin this tutorial! It's very useful ^^

  32. oh my God thankssssssss so much!
    i've been wondering "will Eki translate this to me? i would really happy if she done this" and voilaaa. you did it XD

    thanks thanks thanks!

    you're the beessstt! LOL



  33. Hey Eki thanks for the translation! Its so nice! oh and I saw your picture on the sephora facebook link for their tokidoki line!

  34. Thanks so much for translating this tutorial Eki!!

  35. thanks for the translation eki! i think i will have to try this one day


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