FOTD using Dolly wink and false lashes review *photo heavy*

Its been so long since my last post and I am so sorry...=_=;; Just been really busy with work and getting things done,, couldnt find good time to blog since blogging takes alot of dedication and time :P

My readers have been requesting me to post more FOTD so I will try to do that :) I usually dont wear much fancy makeup that is another reason you dont see much fotd's since most of my everyday makeup I wear are pretty plain and boring LOL... X3

Since I havent been blogged in a week this post is really cramped with FOTD's and reviews! 

Here is my FOTD using Dolly Wink lashes and some of the items that I am reviewing in this post below~
Also I am wearing here are Nerdy glasses provided by Prettyandpink.com :)

They carry large selections of Nerd glasses♥

 Also Thank you Beauty carousel and Japalang.sg for sponsoring some products for me to review!

They have sent me items from Gransenbon and K-palette both made by Japanese cosmetic company Cuore- cosme :D My first time trying out products from them and I am really happy with the products~

Gransenbon Gran Blush in #2 Candy Pink and #11 sugar marmalade 

The powder are really fine so it goes on really smooth, contains really fine pearl shimmer its creates healthy glow and its also really pigmented so the blush creates pretty dolly cheek~they are very comparable to Jill Stuart blushes in term with the shade, finish and texture so I am really loving this blush! :) Used #2 in this post's FOTDs♥

#2 candy pink in natural light

 with flash

#11 in sugar marmalade

with flash*really shimmery and pretty

 natural light swatches

with flash

K-palette 1 day tattoo series
I think many of you have seen this brand on other blogs and I seen this in mitsuwa as well so I was curious about this liner so it was really nice to be able to try it out!

what it claims:
The liquid eyeliner sold more than 500,000 units in Japan very popular eyeliner~ called 24h 1 day tattoo since it says on all day and will not smudge with water, sweat, tearing due to the special coating this liquid liner contains. Also this water proof liner will easily come off with warm water so you dont need to use makeup remover and the fine felt tip brush will let you draw fine lines and easier to use.  

1day tattoo brow liner in 02 greyish brown

 1 day tattoo liquid eyeliner in Jet black

Ok so I dont know if you are familiar with Japanese cosmetic products that claim they are waterproof but comes deactivates with warm water? sound weird right since its "water-proof"  but comes off with warm water,, well most of cosmetic from Japan are like that now days since most people dont like the hassle of using eye makeup remover which I am one of them lol its not full waterproof like the ones you have to use remover but they repel cold to room temperature water so when you sweat or cry they will not come off or smudge around your eyes. I like this form of eye products so that I can sweat and cry and not worry about my makeup being mess up and it comes off easily with my facial cleanser that's why I love fiberwig so much since its basically made with same formula :)

my take:
It will stay on all day like permanent marker but if you don rub your eyes hard it will come off! The felt pen type eyeliner are always a plus since they are so easy to create winged liner and line with. The colors are really pigmented in the liquid eyeliner so its really black black but the brow liner goes on really soft for a liquid liner which is nice to draw your brows with. Very comparable to dolly wink liquid eyeliner but this products stays on longer.

Ok now on to my false eyelash review ^__^
I want to thank all my friends for providing me with these wonderful products for me to play with♥ 

D.U.P eyelashes in 108

I guess after looking for this same lashes it seems like 108 is discontinued :/ but here is all their other lashes. I cant really find a place online to buy d.u.p lashes :(

The lash hairs are really thin and natural looking, very light weight so I cant feel them on my eyes~ D.u.p lashes claim they are made really durable so its wont break easily and wont lift while wearing them. It came with their glue which claim they will stay on all day and will not come off easily with sweat or water.


Daiso cross type eyelashes in #1
Daiso is a 100yen *$1* store in Japan which they produces most of their products and usually really nice quality for a 100yen :)

Most girls in Japan rave about daiso lashes and why not its only $1 right but the style they carry must be what is attracting attention to them! I like this lashes gives really nice dolly eyes and still look some what natural and some what comfortable not weighing down for its length but the strip felt alittle stiff. comes with their own glue but I usually use my own glue either duo or Dolly wink lash glue for better results.

they sell them in their online store

Koji takako style eyelashes #13 Celeb Elegant

This lash is made by Koji same company that manufactures Dolly Wink this line Takako is by celeb beauty stylist Takako. I think they are really well made and high quality lashes but you only get one pair... they feel super comfortable and light looks truly natural. Im not sure where you can get this lashes but I have seen them at mitsuwa but online I thought sasa.com used to carry them but I dont see them there anymore. I do highly recommend Koji brand lashes they are really comfortable :)

Dolly wink eyelashes in #6 Baby cute by Koji
This is my second pair of Dolly wink lashes that I got to try and I really like them~ first off I thought this eyelash was on a strip but instead they are individual lashes consist of six per eye, the inner corner ones are thin and the outer lash are more thicker. When I first played with them I put them on like Tsubasa in her photo modeling them but it looked funny and weird so I put them on alittle closer together without much space in between and it looks almost natural if you blend them in with your own lashes :D surprisingly really comfortable almost felt like I didnt have them on so that is a major plus~ need lots of patience to use them but it will give you full lower lash look for sure♥

for best results apply mascara on your own lash before you apply this lash on,

Apply the false lashes under your natural lashes so you can blend them in, for dolly large eye effect apply the false lashes not directly on your lash line but alittle out underneath the lash line so it will create wide eye effect. For best precision and control use a tweezers or something similar to place the lash in place. :)

 Then I layered Dolly wink eyelashes in #1 Dolly sweet over the Takako lashes so the lashes droop down on the outer corner of the eyes for a Dolly gyaru look♥ looks really heavy but its really comfortable and not heavy at all that is why I am loving Koji lashes so light and comfortable :3

On with FOTD~

The finished Dolly wink look~ the lash combination have really opened up my eyes and the lower lashes have made a huge difference~ I do recommend to try out Dolly wink lower false lashes if you need alittle boost since they are so comfortable and looks really nice

Here are items used for this look:
skin 79 triple function BB cream in pink
NYX concealer jar in beige
Gransenbon blush in 02

canmake four shiny eyes in 03
k-palette liquid eyeliner and eyebrow liner
Dolly wink lash glue
Dolly wink eyelash in #1 and #6
Geo Angel in grey

korres lip butter in jasmine *not pictured*
canmake Nudy glow lip gloss in 02 strawberry whip

seriously with all this eyelashes on my eye I was so comfortable! 

I always wondered how all the Japanese gyaru gals wear so many eyelashes and stay so cute and comfortable with all that around their eyes because if I have anything on my eyes that feel foreign or heavy I cannot wear them out and feel comfortable wearing them I rather not wear them if I feel any discomfort from falsies,, so really good false lash and glue make a huge difference and it becomes wearable! ^0^

with flash

with natural light

Im sorry for so many photos =__=;; 

I hope you got good idea of the lashes and what they will look like~! I will have a post about my favorites/HG items and it will include my skin care products since I have been asked so many times about my skin care regimen so I will share that with you all♥

oh and if you wondered if my hair looks lighter its because I have colored them like few week back here is what hair dye I used,, its one of my favorite dye♥ the palty hair dye that I used a before this didnt really change my hair color that is why I didnt make a post about it...sorry :/

ok well that is for this post~ thank you for reading and stopping by :D

♥♥p.s ekilove will be updated this Saturday will have lots of new and restock items for sale♥♥


  1. choooo kawaii desu! :) great lash review! i like the third set the most because they look natural and full. you look beautiful, eki!

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    Your eyes look JUST like Japanese gyarus! I need to try those DollyWink lashes sometime. They look so nice!

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    Thanks for the breakdown on all the diff falsies! I have some of the Daiso & Koji from L & Yume guys. Saving them for when I get better (if ever! LOL) at falsies!

    Oooh that blush is soo pretty on you! Haha I love "nerd" glasses too!

  9. Thanks for the great reviews Eki! :) I have that black tattoo liner as well.. in fact I'm wearing it right now! I'm lucky enough to live right next to a Mitsuwa and when I first moved here that is what I bought :D

    And you are really tempting me into buying some Dolly Wink lashes.. they look amazing on you!

    Again, thanks for the wonderful review~! <3 Elle

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    Xoxo, Penelope

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  14. Beautiful photos as always Eki!
    I've seen that 1 day liner at Ichiban-kan. (Japanese store in San Francisco). I tested it on my hand and it DID NOT COME OFF with hot water and soap. I tried to wash my hands, use hand sanitizer and it just faded a little but you could still see the line. You're right, the staying power of that stuff is intense. Dont' know if I could use it though..I make mistakes on my eyeliner sometimes and need to start over because i'm a klutz hahaha.

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    hey, i find those blushes really nice.. is there any option to get them? >__< and the canmake lip gloss is so adorable omg *_* i so love pinkish shades >___<

  30. Ahhh super super kawaiii ^.^ Love the glasses look on ya hehe<3 Thanks for the swatches too... I like the blush! Oooo and I LOVE the Daiso cross style lashes and the Takako style lashes! They look so natural but stunning! Wish we had those here! :(

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    Can you please come live with me & do my makeup? XD haha~
    I love the layered lashes look! It really does add so much drama... I need to learn how to do that without making a royal mess!
    & you look fabulous as ever~ the glasses are so cute on you :D

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    Thanks for the review, now I'm sure, that I need the upper lashes by Dolly Wink XDD

  33. Hi Pretty!

    You look so pretty and Cute in these Fotd's, these lashes look really nice and compliment your eyes really well.

    I've never worn these type of glasses before but I have seen them around, I think you really suit them!

    Nice hair color and Thank you for sharing, what more can I say...lol. You look stunning =)

    p.s I have added you to my blogroll, hope thats ok with you =)

  34. Awesome post!!! I am so tempted to get those Dolly Wink lashes now cos they seem to do a really good job, especially the lower lashes

    Can't wait for your HG products :)


  35. You look great in these pics! Very like Jap gyarus =) You've made me want to try the Dollywink eyelashes! They look very pretty =)

  36. You look gorgeous Eki!~
    Thank you for this post! I just bought the dolly wink bottom lashes and I wasn't so sure how to use them ;D

  37. Thanks for showing how you applied the under lashes. Not that I wear them or probably ever will, but I always wondered how they were attached.

  38. I so need some of those Dolly Wink lashes! The blushes look great too.

  39. Akinaiblog sells D.U.P. eyelashes. Just search for eyelash. They are a more expensive compared to the prices of the lashes listed on D-UP's webpage though.

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    You remind me with that glasses of a manga character, it's soooo cute :)

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  45. it looks amazing~! n__n makes me want to try it instantly, too bad I suck at using makeup -___-
    anyways, love your FOTD's ^^ could you make a video tutorial for this look? Im a makeup noobie so I dont know how Im supposed to mimic you =$

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    I like the lashes on you and the bottom ones really add a nice full effect.

    I was at my japanese market the other day and they carry Dolly Wink.
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    I just found your blog by accident, and OMG I fall in love with it right away!! I am very interested in the color lens! they are sooooo cute, and u are so pretty!!
    I will keep coming back!

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  61. I LOVE all the pictures...so many pictures of the gorgeous Eki :)

    THANK YOU for the Dolly Wink review. I received the "Pure Little" and "Real Nude" editions for my birthday and I am just baffled about how to use lower falsies...thanks for the tip! I love how they look on you though you have always had nice lower lashes to start with... *sigh*

    Your face is just so flawless...and I am in love with your outfit! You look like a pin-up girl :D

  62. You're so cute Eki !Thanks for this review !

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    You have the most amazing eyes! Unbelievably beautiful. I was searching for a photo for "nerd glasses" and your image came up and I nearly fell onto the floor. Just sayin'.

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    Also, I super love your blog! This is my make-up review haven. >u<

  73. Wearing false lashes can add glamour to any eye look.


let me know what you think~ :3

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