G&G Big DM24 in pink contact lens review

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Lens were sent to me for a review & my reviews are always 100% honest and will describe best as I can♥

 Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : G&G
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

My thoughts of this lens:
This is my second pair of Pink Lens and they are def growing on me LOL :P As with anyone who hears the color Pink in your eyes you think they will look silly and super fake but having dark brown eyes and adding the hint of pink it looks really pretty in a purply brown shade which I am really liking!
I have been testing out this lens for like 2 weeks now,, first impression was that it looks huge on me but with time it starts look natural and not so fake looking which I was surprised by and pleased with~ the pattern of the lens are really unique and creates nice effect that looks natural. The pigmentation of this lens are fairly light so I would say they are semi-opaque so the color pink isnt all that pronounced but blends in nicely against brown eyes and gives you dolly eyes for sure! :)

On Comfort:

I usually wear all my contact lens for good 6-8 hours since I have bad vision and wear glasses while at home so while I was wearing them I felt that they are fairly comfortable for 14.5mm lens,, but seems like this lens made my eyes dry so I use Rohto eyes drops at least once a day to keep my eyes from feeling dry and red but other than that they feel natural in my eyes.

I think this lens is growing on me and I am starting to like this lens more and more, will give you big dolly eyes without looking weird or really fake due to the pattern of the lens are subtle and looks really pretty in person. :)
-2 since it seems to dry out my eyes,, should lubricate your eyes often with this lens

Important notice:
Due to the coverage of Circle lens in New York Times I wanted to address the issue, In the article they pretty much made circle lens hazardous to your health since it was not FDA approved but I wanted to let you know few tips,, 

First: make sure to have your eyes checked by Optometrist before you wear contact lens if you are first time user since they can check if you are suited for wearing contact lens also you are putting a foreign item in your eyes which can cause major issue if you misuse them but that is the only case if you dont take proper care of your lens and eyes that is why I address this also Optometrist will give you great instruction on how to take care of your eyes. I have been wearing contact lens for way over 10 years and I do get my eyes checked annually to make sure that they are healthy :) The warnings and the risks are the same whether its circle lens or regular lens so as long as you properly take care of your eyes and lens there shouldnt be any issues. But if you ask your Doc about any lens other than what they recommend they will shot you down, 1. they do that because the want you to buy lens from them 2. anything that isnt FDA approved lens are illegal so they will tell you not to wear them but they are passed in asia KFDA and MHLW as a safe contact lens,, remember its all about how you take care of your eyes♥

Secondly: make sure you get your lens from reputable dealer due to fake circle lens are floating around which can be very harmful to your eyes since all authentic lens from makers like EOS,Geo,G&G all are manufactured under KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) approved standards


Never sleep with your lens!! or wearing more then 12+ hours! Sleeping with them are big no no since it cuts off oxygen to your eyes and the dry lens can stick to your eyes and can scratch your eyes which and can get infected which leads to possible major issues... sounds bad right so make sure to take care of them like they are makeup lol

For more info tips at soompi of Circle lens safely tips

Eye care items I recommend 

*if you are contact wearer I do highly recommend to apply eye drop now and then to lubricate your the eyes, I recommend Rohto eye drops! you can get imported from Japan Rohto or you can get Rohto brand that is rebranded for US at most major retailers.

*this is from my past post*

Here is must have for people that wears contacts. Another awesome item from Japan! :P Well this eye drops are made by Rohto, they have started to import their items in US but they only have the boring and not that great ones. They make all kinds of different eye drops but they only sell em in Japan,, :(

This two is my favs~ pink one is *Lycee* contains B12 and rose extract and have mild cooling effect. Rohto make cooling level of 1-7 and this one is 3, they make one for contacts and another one for non contacts. Relieves the red eye and moisturizes for hours! Loves it ;3

Blue one is* Zi 0* This one is for the hard core people that want to feel like you have ice cubes in yo eye! Its level 6 and Im telling you its intense~ but I love it!! I make all my friends try this one. Their first reaction is "oh my gosh!! I have paint thinner in my eyes!!" *trust me it dont burn, its intense icy feeling* but after few minutes they are like "most intense and amazing feeling my eyes ever felt" you gotta try this one it will relieve your red eye and dryness instantly~you will be addicted :D

and I also use renu fresh multi-purpose solution been using this ever since I started wearing contact lens and makes your lens caring easy :)

 made a vid too :D so you can get a better idea of them~ sorry they are not good quality shaky and bad lighting =__=;;

What am I wearing?
nyx concealer jar in beige
Candy Doll cream beige highlighter
Mac set powder in invisible

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
Visee Glam Nude palette N-2
Paul & Joe eyeshadow in 11

Nars Turkish delight lip gloss

In the next coming up posts: 

skin79 Oriental Gold bb cream review :)
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thanks for stopping by again♥



  1. Great pics eki :) Your hair is looking great! Thank you for addressing the NYT article - it brings a clearer side to their skewed presentation.

  2. You look gorgeous Eki! I really appreciate your info on safe circle lenses. I'm glad that someone could write a well-balanced, informative and non-rant/defensive post on the subject. =)

  3. wahh you looks so gorgeous and cute! love the lens, they are stunning ^^

  4. HAHAHHA the "ice cubes in your eye" made me laugh. Pink lenses are so pretty! The Rohto drops sounds cool though, they even have "levels" of coolness ahahaha... I've never worn contacts before, but I want to~ When I'm brave enough to put things in my eyes I will def buy pink lenses :3 Also, my prescription is pretty light and I keep it that way by not wearing glasses most of the time... Seems to be helping, because my prescription hasn't changed since I first got it :O yay!

    And about the NYT article... It's ridiculous. It's like they're saying Asian people don't know what they're doing <_< When in fact Asia is like a million years ahead in technlogy ;)

  5. you look so so gorgeous my dear :) you'd suit any colour circle lenses! :D thanks the review and circle lens information :D

  6. haha even though this is a contacts lens post I am just staring at your hair<3!

    you do a great job dying it yourself.. it always ends up coming light at the top and dark at the bottom for me >.<


  7. The contacts looks so beautiful on you!!

  8. thanks for the review and your hair is so pretty :]

  9. Hey. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you upload very large photos? Mine won't show as large as yours even though the actual size of my photos are large already. T_T BTW, you have a very awesome blog!!! Keep posting! :D

  10. hi eki,looking lovely,thx for the review.looking forward to your review for the skin79 bb cream,cause i just bought that product.

    holding a giveaway ladies :-}

  11. Very pretty Eki, I love your new pink lenses :) it looks so girly and dreamy.

  12. i had actually bought mine right before that article had came out and they came in the mail that same day i watched a report on circle lens on tv. i was like omg what!? they so scared me for a second. but i had already went to the doctor and i take really good care of my contacts but that report scared me i couldn't put them in lol. total chicken but i man'd up and i love them they give me no problems at all. thanks so much for this post!!!!

  13. Hi hi Eki!! Thank you for posting again! I love those pink lenses on you! And I still love your yellow dress =) I've tried to look at some retail stores here to find the Rhoto eye drops you've mentioned and like you said, they don't have the cool one's like you've said =(. Thank you for giving us info. on proper contact lens wear and only using ones from a reputable seller =)

  14. You hair is so pretty!!!
    I really want pink lenses. You did a good job addressing the whole 'illegal going blind from circle lenses' I didn't think it was fair that article took a really one sided stand. It is like any other contact lens. =]

  15. that's a stunning colour! i can't wait to order my pink lens!

  16. ice cubes in yo eyes.
    made my day. ^_^
    i was curious about circle lens too. i want to try some, but nahhs.
    not now. probably when i go get a check-up and ask them about it.
    but then again, my eye-sight isn't that bad. =.="
    i don't know, but back to the topic!

    you are such a gorgeous girl! (:
    i love your hair. what products do use for your hair? i probably already read about it, but forgot. =.='

  17. I think they look really pretty~! I agree though, not really pink at all, but more like a violet colour~

  18. Love those lenses! You look super pretty as usual! Love the hair colour, it suits you so much! <3

  19. Eki you get more & more gorgeous everytime I see a pic of you! I swear you are a Hime for real! ;)

    This NY article has been creating quite a stir all over! *sigh* It'd be a great informative article if it wasn't soo one sided. But you gave great tips!


  20. The lens look absolutely gorgeous on you! I appreciate the comments about drying out. That's my biggest complaint on lens and I was really considering these especially. Looking forward to more reviews.

    Also you brought up wonderful argument points about the NYT article. Lovely job!

  21. Love these pink lenses! :)
    Thanks for sharing your tips :)
    Really informational.
    I've got to try those eye drops! :P

  22. You are way too gorgeous Eki! Amazing post & review as always dear!
    Can't wait to see more. Take care <3

  23. The pink color looks so pretty! After reading that NY Times article I had some second thoughts about trying out circle lenses. But I didn't realize they are approved by the KFDA; that makes me feel a bit more reassured now in purchasing them. Thanks!

  24. Hmm they do look a bit odd in the closeups, but the face photos look great!

  25. you are too gorgeous for words o_o

  26. You are very pretty! You kinda look like a doll.. =) I'm glad I found your blog! Im now following you.. =)

  27. do you like these better than the max pure pink lenses? i'm trying to figure out which one looks more natural - i saw they're both available pinky paradise...maybe i should just order both? lol.

  28. Eki I love your hair! How do you get your fringe/bangs to stay so nicely swept to the side?
    Do you use rollers / special kind of wax?
    Mine always flop straight down :(

  29. they are bit odd but not so noticeable in person XD thanks!

  30. >_< I get LOT of help from makeup and circle lens LOL but thank you for the sweet message!

  31. Thank you for founding my blog and following!<3

  32. well I think max pure look more natural and the color shows up more but in a subtle way :) and if you want your eyes to look MORE dolly then I would get DM23,, i really adore Max pure more since they look more natural<3 hope this helps :D

  33. I use my straightener to shape them to stay swiped to the side and I use Sala wax in shiny arrange type this wax keeps it in place and no fly aways:)

  34. thanks! i actually did get the max pure pink ones, and you're right...they look really natural. love them. :) thanks so much for responding! love your blog!!!

  35. Good to hear! you are welcome Hun~ yeah max pure lens are really pretty and looks natural<3

  36. you are sooo dolly. what lenses DON'T look good on you?

  37. the huge ones looks pretty creepy on me in person lol

  38. i like this hair color. can u tell me the brand and the color number that u've used in this photo?

  39. Hi!
    I was just wondering what brand hair dye and color did you use to get the hair color you have on this picture

    And what hair color did you have before that one? Can you show me, please?

    I looked through your blog to find the color, but I am very confused still because of lighting in pictures so I don't know which one it is.


  40. how to order lens? and how much??

  41. Hey there ^^

    I love your review, but i just found a website using your pictures as their own:

    Just thought I'd let you know~

  42. Actually I got a serious allergic and eye infection in my eyes therefore my eye specialist suggest me to use only prescribed contact lenses. That’s the reason I cannot wear any colorful contact lenses like pink contact lens as it might affect my eyes drastically. But if someone wants to wear colorful or Halloween contact lenses then they can visit http://www.contactlensheaven.com/halloween-contact-lenses.html where you can grab each and every type of eye products and accessories that too at reasonable price.


let me know what you think~ :3

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