Popteen August 2010 issue *Pic heavy*

Hello Long time again~ :P
my free blogger storage limit of 1GB for the images was over so I had to upgrade to 20GB and so I had to wait 24hr to upload again,, it was fairly stupid lol but now I am back to blogging♥

here is the newest issue of Popteen 8/2010

Featuring Nishino Kana

she is one of my favorite singer due to her pretty vocal voice and her kawaii style~♥

This issue features alot of nice coverage of summer looks to false lashes review! Since I have more I storage I uploaded more this time so it is super pic heavy! XD

some vids of Kana-chan :D

Click Below for more :)




  1. thankyou for sharing eki!
    Your blog is like the number one blog when i need to find nice japanese images! :)

  2. Thanks for posting Eki! I've started downloading Kana Nishino's music after I've started reading your blog and hearing it in your ipod player =). I like her songs now =] thank you for sharing =D Hope you're not overworking yourself! I am.. but I'll hang in there! ^_^

  3. OMG Kana made the cover!!!! that's so exciting >w< tks for sharing <3

  4. Gosh! Thanks so much for the scans, Eki!!! I love them!!! ^__^

  5. Ahh~ Thank you so, so, so much for posting all these~ *_*

  6. i love ur blog post eki ^^ especial Kana Nishino is the cover of the magazine =) i love all of her songs =)

  7. Thanks for sharing Eki!! I LOVE that song with Nerdhead! It's so good! All the pics look so pretty =) <3

  8. I swear I need me some double lids! Or at least full monolids! These hooded lids of mine irk me when I'm trying to copy styles! LOL!

    THanks again for all the hard work in providing these scans for us! You did go all out with the new storage space! :)

    I really like that singers voice! I've been listening to a lot of MAY'S & AZU lately, so it has a similar sound to me. LOL!

  9. WOW! the girls having super straight hair really threw me off, i'm so used to seeing bouncy or wavy hair xD haha.

  10. Oh!...that's
    great helpful, it's so right to me! Million thanks for the article,


let me know what you think~ :3

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