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Its been a while since a real post or a post about what the things that I been wanting to post about hehe :P I know seem like I have been really slacking on making post and I wanted to apologize,, lately my mind have been everywhere, couldnt really get in the mood to post since its alot of work to make a good and long post since I have been feeling fatigued and stressed. I feel like I am loosing a part of me lately with all the stress and battling depression, things that used to make me happy I no longer get the urge to do and the things that used to put a smile on my face slowly fading away and so I have been trying to relax more often since once I get in the zone with work, etc and on top of that having family issues, making big decisions on future plans, I forget to relax and that mounts up in a pile of stress that I seem to get lost in it so that is another reason I have been mia just been trying to get myself back together so that I can enjoy blogging and making things again :) 

if you have been a reader of my blog for very long time I am sorry I havent been make a post about art, photography and more of a personal post I am trying to get back in to that again and get in touch with you all again♥  Again thank you so much for taking your time to visit and read my blog,  I truly appreciate all your support and most of all LOVE~ and thank you for always communicating with me even though I most of the time forget to reply back here in the blog but please remember that I am not doing that on purpose please talk to me on twitter since its easy for me to reply back to you there and I am also going to upgrade the commenting form here on blogger so that I can reply back to your comments easier so please be patient with me and thank you for understanding♥

ok back to the post; ^^;;
here are some preview of items that will be in ekiLove my handmade store♥ currently working more items and will try to get them in the store early next week<3 will keep you update and again I am sorry I have been really slacking on keeping up with ekiLove and making updates there,, there are always room for improvements right? :3

First are swarovski crystal in aquamarine AB and light amethyst AB both really beautiful in person~

Next item are not handmade by me but I thought they are really kawaii and pretty so I am going to carry them in the store :) Made with fresh water pearl and zircon earring in 18K GP comes in 4 different colors!

Been making on some headbands and trying to perfect them by seeing what type of bow and fabrics work well with this style of headband and Iam pleased with the results but still need to tweak them so that they look super kawaii ^__^ 
this bow like my past headbands they are move-able so you can wear them to your liking to the sides or the center :) Bangs are growing so fast and driving me crazy so thinking about growing them out what you think?

Love packages!
Rina always surprised everyone with her LOVE packages like a ninja!! X3 She is one of the most sweetest person that I am lucky to be friends with, You always put a smile on my face and utter shock with your kindness,,, please stop spending so much money on me I feel terrible EVERYTIME  @__@ I cannot thank you enough! Cannot wait to meet you♥ :D Thank you so much for this amazing gifts&hearts;

She went to little Tokyo Sanrio store during Cherry Blossom Festival and got me this Hello Kitty LE Kanazawa Leaf mirror! Its made with a traditional Japanese technique of gold leaf craft coating that has been around for 400 year. Looks so elegant and pretty featuring HK in kimono XD 


One of Rina's HG item Laneige extra easy liquid eyeliner that she have been using for over 10 years!! But she said she is now more in love with Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner LOL
Goes on really smooth and easy to line with but the tip of the applicator is stiff so you have to get used to it at first unlike the soft felt tip of Dolly Wink liner, the product are really similar to K-palette one day tattoo liquid eyeliner in terms of the color and how the product stays on doesnt smudge, goes on really matte. :)

I really like them! Thank you so much Rina for always sending me your HG items to try you are the best♥

Kay from Bihadadiaries sent me a love package as well~!! She always spoils me and knows just what I want and like, its amazing to have a friends like you and thank you so so much for thinking of me! いつもお世話になってごめんね,本当にありがとうございます! 

kit kat, matcha and deco tape heaven!! more daiso lashes and canmake cream cheek blush will have to swatch them along with my other canmake makeups that I need to review ^^;;

and lastly something Im so excited about!! Candy Doll is releasing new selections of colors for their lip glosses!Also Lip Sticks are coming soon!! XD Debuts 7.20! that baby pink on the far right look really kawaii♥

another thing I am excited about! Studio Ghibli's first game Ninokuni 二ノ国 !! XD

first trailer for Nintendo DS

Trailer for PS3

speaking of Studio Ghibli their newest movie are premiering in 7/17 :D

Trailer for Karigurashi no Arrietty "The borrower Arrietty"

The beautiful song in this move is sang by Cecile Corbel a french singer and harpist who is a big fan of Studi Ghibli and Miyazaki Hayao :)


  1. I have been dying to get a headband, so I'm excited! Hmm last movie I saw was Howl's moving castle, I am definitely behind on my Miyazaki movies. that new trailer looks interesting!

  2. Nice jewelry
    lovely and yummy candy ! :)

  3. How sweet of them to send you love packages. Cant wait til you debut your kawaii goodies :)

  4. aww eki you don't have to apologize. i know what you mean. *gives you a big hug* sometimes when you have so much bottling up, it is just so overwhelming and you don't want to deal with stuff.

    having a blog can be so stressful. you have such wonderful posts and talent that lots of people comment. it takes a lot of energy to keep up with everyone's requests and questions and not feel crazy by the end of the day!

    i know some people demand a lot but if you are really stressed lately, take a break and don't feel bad :) you are a human being too and you need proper rest for your psychological health as well.

    i will always be reading your posts and saying ganbatte, eki! :D you go girl!

    <3 angie

  5. I think you'll look cute with your bangs grown out too ^^
    hope you're feeling better these days :) I'm sure everybody still enjoys reading your blog no matter how often you post :)
    I love your headbands btw! :) really cute!!! I like how they are adjustable :p

    you got really nice love packages eki!!! :)

  6. Hi Eki,

    Hope you feel on top of the world again soon:) if it makes you feel any better your posts always inspire me and makes me feel good so don't be too hard on yourself! Your creations are so gorgeous- just like you! Oh and the game looks really good. Japanese games are always so much better- if only it was in english!!! thanks for the subs:)

  7. pretty pendants and earrings :)

    i think you'd look gret in whatever style of hair!

  8. I hope you feel better and get through all the stress!

    The necklaces are so pretty! Posts like these make me wish I could order online lol

    The mirror looks so elegant! Definitely something you don't see everyday. Bet a lot of people are going to be jealous if they see you pull that out :P

  9. Super excited about the Candy Doll lip glosses! they look amazinggg! : )

  10. I just love looking at your photography & drooling over these packages you get!

    You'll have to share more with us about your lightbox & picture taking setup!

  11. Awe, I really hope things get better for you soon bb... Take your time though & don't worry about your blog, we'll all still be here for you long after you've taken care of things *HUG*
    On a better note~ the new items from your shop look lovely! I still have to make an order, haha~ & such sweet packages from your friends, those are the best to get when you're feeling down ;)

  12. The new necklaces are so beautiful! and wow, so many love packages. I spy the yummy kit kats and matcha! :D

  13. Hi Eki!! I'm sorry to hear that you've been a little depressed lately and that you don't find the things that you love to do as happy as before >__<. I still hope that things will look back up soon! ^__^ I have been so busy and sick lately AND I have a test in just about 4 hours from now >__>.. I'm so not ready =(. Your new creations look so cute! I love it!! Thanks for also sharing your love packages and the new games from Studio Ghibli! omg, the beginning Ninokuni reminds me a little of Alice and Wonderland and how she chases a rabbit into a different world.. hee x2! Thank you for posting despite all this stress you're under =P. Miss you!!

  14. So lucky, but you deserve it :) Amazing gifts.. and yes, I definitely think you should share some of your great photography skills with us! I tried making a light box and failed horribly -.-'
    I am super excited about the candy doll lippies!!

  15. I love those earrings they are so creative!! Yay for another Hayao Miyazaki fan! I <3 all his movies!

  16. Eki you post when you feel like. Don't feel pressured just to post bcuz you have a lot of followers. This blog is for YOU not them! I do hope your energy picks up soon, and things start to be less stressful. Remember that it's okay to take a break and let things simmer for a little bit, if you have too much on your plate. *HUGS*

    Look at all the great love you got! The HK mirror is sooo KAWAII!! And Kay w/ the KitKats!! You know the 2 of you got me OBSESSED with that! LOL!

    Love the new EKILOVE items, the flower posts are too cute! And I can't wait to see your final headband designs! :)

  17. Hi Eki~! I love your posts: always so many lovely photographs! I've been out of touch with the anime world since I started working, but Studio Ghibli films hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for reminding me that a new one is coming out! Can't wait to see it. :)

  18. YES! RINA is such a sweetheart!! ♥♥ and that mirror is so cute!!! I LOVE IT! :D

  19. Love those necklaces!! And that mirror is super cute too! Reminds me of a Hello Kitty Mirror I bought somewhere one time...but it's lost now. Oh well Xp~

    Those lip glosses look fabulous too!

  20. the headband is reallyy cutee!! love it :)

  21. The headband is adorable - I love bows!

    Best, Lisamarie

  22. Aww, I can't wait for Ni no Kuni!. Keep up the good work. :)

    Just curious, for my first pen-style liner, would you get Dolly Wink or Cuore K-palette?.. I live in the South/New Orleans where it's extreme temps and high humidity so I'm worried about it lasting through weather conditions.

  23. Ooooh, the new headbands look sooo cute! And aww Eki! I missed your second batch of those earrings... ;_; Will you be making more? I actually don't really have a mailing address this summer (I'm subletting grad housing on campus and the girl didn't leave me her mail key or anything, but I might get a PO box...).

    What amazing packages from Rina and Kay! :D

  24. I know how you feel about the stress and not blogging. Feel better Eki and blog when you feel like it. Those are the best posts in which your whole heart is put into it ^^

  25. so exciting to see your new items <3 stay creative sis! love it!


let me know what you think~ :3

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