Hauls and things to come preview!


I wanted to share items that I will be reviewing in the next few posts :)
The items are sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com they were given for a review purposes to share with you all and I am not paid to review them♥

 Also they have given me special offer code to my readers!
Promotion code: EKILOVE

Use this code to get the following gwp,

terms and conditions:
1. every pair of lens purchase will entitle a FREE animal lens case PLUS a mystery gift.
2. purchase 2 pairs get 2 mystery gifts, 3 pairs 3 gifts, so on.
3. discount code only works on a minimum purchase of 1 pair.

Pinky paradise now carries DOLLY WINK also!♥

I will be reviewing:

Currently trying out new skin care items to see if they are any good :)
While back I won a gift certificate from SkincareRX from Amy's giveaway and so I have chosen Dermalogica multi-active toner since i am always on the hunt for good toners and I my HG cleaner is made by them so I wanted to see if this was any good also~ got PCA skin eyeXcellence eye cream for my dark circles since I read great reviews on them so I wanted to give this a try as well! The service was great the item was shipped out in like a day and I got the items in like 2 days so I was pretty shocked at how fast I got my items and also they have 60 days money back guaranteed if you are not 100% completely satisfied with your items!
so far I have been using them for about 2 weeks but I cannot really make a judgments yet so after a month or so I will make a full review :3

Lastly something I have been eyeing since before Christmas last year lol now I finally bought it on Ebay!! Jill Stuart Marshmallow Puffy face powder~ it was a part of their 09 christmas Limited Edition sweetness collection set but I only wanted this face powder and the brush in the set so I was happy when I saw someone was selling individually but they did have the brush :( 

and I was super excited when I got this that I jumped on to swatching it and completely forgot to take photos of the beautiful overlay that was on there and didnt think it would came off with one swipe either... T__T 

 The pretty overlay looked like this before being swatched X3

Also Jill Stuart Just released their newest collection Blush Blossom and 2010 Fall & winter collection!

Blush blossom look so beautiful and pretty!! XD Lisa of makeupandlife have already review their newest collection on her blog so check that out♥

oh gosh the new brush looks so kawaii I love the bow on it~ :D I think the 01 looks very tempting since it looks like perfect pinky pink with nice shade of highlight♥ but according to Lisa this loose powder form can get alittle messy when opening but comes with lots of product in it :P

well that is it for now :) Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and I will be adding new products and restocking Hime necklace this Sunday! So thank you for being so patient and I am truly sorry if you've missed out on them last time,, X3



  1. Yay, can't wait for reviews of the pink lenses :D I really want to try pink lenses! But after the whole circle lens in america being "dangerous" issue, so many places stopped selling :( Also can't wait to hear about the PCA eye cream! Ooo and that JS face powder is so beautiful ^__^

  2. The lenses/Dollywink look so pretty! I can't wait to see them in action :)

  3. I sure wish I could wear Circle Lenses. They look SO cool. Silly eyes being all astigmatism-ed and not being able to wear them. Xp

    Jill Stuart stuff looks so cute...like stuff you'd find in a princess jewelry box. <3

  4. Yay!! New Jill Stuart items! You're right, the bow on the blush brush is super cute! Thank you for giving us a promo code for pinky paradise =) I can't wait to see your review on the Barbie King Pink lenses =D. Thank you for a preview for the reviews to come ^__^ I'm glad you finally got the puffy face powder from Ebay xD! Can't wait to see some more new items this Sunday =) hope you have a great time at the fair as well =P

  5. oooo thanks for sharing ;D love JS stuff! can't wait for your reviews!

  6. these lenses looks beautiful!
    i would like to know how they look like on your eyes!

    and the lashes as well :)

  7. *gasp* I want the new JS loose blushers!!! XD

    Oooh I was just looking at Pinky Paradise's website yesterday and going to ask you what your most comfortable pair of circle lenses you ever tried were! Can't wait to read your review on these new ones. BTW, you've tried so many, what ARE your most fav lenses to date???
    Thanks Eki!

  8. Hi Eki,

    Barbie king size pink look so Pretty! I think I could never get away with wearing pink lenses but I think they would suit you as I have seen you with various lenses and they suit you completely ^.^

    Nice to see another stockist selling Dollywink because Dollywink seems to be very limited to buy over here. Can't wait for your reviews and thank you for the discount code, going to browse their site for some lenses now..hehee

    Marsh mallow face powder are super pretty too. The over spray are usually have been very well delicately oversprayed on top, kinda hurts me when I take the first swatch of Jill Stuart blushers with a brush >.<

    Thank you for your wonderful post. I think we have similar tastes when it comes to Jill stuart. I just love their cheek/face colors the most. This year the floral garden theme really hyped up the blush blossoms and I think theya re super cute too =)

    I hope you have a great day today (ready for your hols now I guess. Gonna have a fab time!)

    With Love


  9. Hi Eki!
    I can't wait to read your review on the Jill Stuart products! i always wanted to buy some of their stuff but it's so pricey! =(

  10. Great haul!! THe lenses look really pretty~ And I hope the eye cream works! I have major bags...D=

    And I lov Jill Stuart packaging! Too cute -- especially with the bow!


  11. Such a great promotion, thank you for sharing! ♥
    I'm so excited about the Candy Pink lens review since I just saw they have my prescription on there now~ I've been dying to try pink lenses!
    The Jill Stuart products look so luxe & pretty~

  12. The pink lenses look AWESOME! Take pictures will ya? I can't wait to see what they look like!!


  13. Oh wow, the Jill Stuart make up looks sooo pretty!

  14. Eeee, can't wait to see you wear that Jill Stuart blush/highlighter! :D

  15. WOW intense lenses :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  16. So cute!!!!


  17. yey new lens stuff comming soon! <3

  18. I have a question about purchasing from Pinky Paradise.
    I bought GEO circle lenses from Hong Kong which the retailer said its "reliable", but I'm not sure now with the controversy over circle lenses and fake ones. My contacts have not hurt my eyes but I discontinued wearing them just in case!
    Well anyways I just wanna ask if Pinky Paradise is reliable since you seem to use them alot! :3
    ps. I wanna see what the dolly wink eyelashes look like on :D

  19. Wow Love your haul!!! I've been eyeing that JS set too!!!! :) can't wait for a look that you will create with that blush :)


let me know what you think~ :3

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