Popteen September 09/2010 issue *pic heavy*

Newest issue of Popteen 9/10 issue featuring Kumickey again lol :P
alot of summer looks in this issue~

Here you can see that she is wearing Candy Brown lens♥ I have review this lens here on my blog! It looks super kawaii on her :D 

The lens is from Pinkyparadise.com and have given me special offer code to my readers!
Promotion code: EKILOVE

Use this code to get the following gwp,

terms and conditions:
1. every pair of lens purchase will entitle a FREE animal lens case PLUS a mystery gift.
2. purchase 2 pairs get 2 mystery gifts, 3 pairs 3 gifts, so on.
3. discount code only works on a minimum purchase of 1 pair.

*click to enlarge*

 Click below to see more!


  1. Thank you for all these scans! I really liked this issue, the makeup is a bit more fun and interesting than usual.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing :)

    These scans are just adorable !!!

    i love their hair and eyes im in love :D


  3. Hi Eki, just wondering, have you ever thought about compiling your magazine scans into a zip file? I'd really appreciate that because it'll be lot easier to download the pages without opening every one up one by one

  4. Thanks for the scans! I always look foward to them on your blog, lol.

  5. Loving this issue! ♥
    I love that they featured d.i.a. & EMODA instead of the usual super-girly frilly brands like Liz Lisa XD
    Thank you for the scans as always~! ♥

  6. YAY! Thanks for posting these! I haven't got my issue yet and I'm too impatient to wait, haahaa! Wow huge hair bun section this month!

  7. Thanks for posting these scans, Eki! I like the hair updo's, I'm hoping my hair will grow out a liiiittle bit more before I can poof out mine like them hehe <}

  8. Thanks for the scans, Eki! I love all the colorful nail art! :D :D :D

  9. i like the animal print styles and the hats featured in the first few pages :) thanks for putting these up eki! :)

  10. Gah!! Why must it all be in Japanese? I can't read it! =(
    Somebody really needs to make a magazine similar to this but in English ;)


  11. I love this issue of Popteen!
    Kumiko is very beautiful!

  12. you so cuteee love you can i share your blog?

  13. WOW this one has TONS of scans!! you're such a hard worker eki :D thanks for always sharing w/ everybody!

  14. Thanks for sharing this, Eki! You can see the price of MAC eyeshadows...2400 JPY... sigh

  15. Thank you for sharing these mag scans :)

  16. Thank you for uploading these photos!!
    The nail deco was very handy to see.. so pretty *-*♥


let me know what you think~ :3

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