Dolly Wink No.3 Natural Girly lash review FOTD

Its been a while,, Here is a post about Dolly Wink No.3 lash review :)

The Dolly Wink No.3 Natural girly is sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com, I am not paid to review this item and this is my 100% honest opinion&hearts

Ok this is my third pair of Dolly Wink lashes that I have reviewed so far and you can see my past reviews of Dolly Wink #1 lash review here and Dolly Wink #6 lash review here

I choose No.3 since it was alittle bit different from the others and I like that its name is "natural" Girly so I wanted to see how natural they were on the eye~
Initially when I saw this in the line up it doesnt get your attention since its really plain and look spiky but I really like simple false lashes that isnt too dramatic since false lashes that have too much lashes can look really drastic on the eye and I wanted something that was more on the natural side.

In the stock photo of Tsubasa wearing it seems really fake since the lashes are so spread apart and really spiky looking so I wasnt sure if I would like it but mroe and more I looked at it I liked it :D

The lashes are on a clear light weight band that are really flexible and all Dolly Wink lashes comes with its own glue and all of Dolly Wink lashes are all handmade hence the prices of this lashes are pretty spendy but you are getting high quality lashes that are reusable for many uses :)

My take on this lashes:

With Dolly Wink lashes you are getting the most comfortable lashes I have tried to a point I easily forget that I have them on, they feel truly natural on your eyes and will not weight them down no matter now long or dense the lashes look they feel completely weightless on the eyes, I didnt cut the lashes to fit on my eyes since I wanted more of a winged looks, with this lashes its really sparse in the term of the spacing in between the lashes so it will look more natural if you make sure to apply mascara and curl them before application so that your natural lashes will blend this false lashes into them or if you simply want more drastic anime style lashes you dont have to worry about blending in your natural lashes in and wear them like how Tsubasa is wearing either way it looks really pretty :)

On the  "natural" side of this lashes,, I think its not so natural looking like they are your natural lashes since they are really LONG! But it didnt make me feel like I had draggish lashes it was more subtle and I can see myself really rocking this lashes out as a everyday lashes if you are into Gyaru style makeup it would be perfect for that since the ends droop downwards to create a nice winged eyes effect which makes your eyes look more DOLLY*hearts; Also the lashes looks really flowy and feathery which I love about this lashes :)

Recommend to:

Who are looking for a false lashes that are drastic but still look somewhat natural that makes a huge difference to the eyes when applied. For those that hate false lashes since they can feel foreign on the eyes and weight down the eyes you will love how natural they feel on your eyes♥
Great for a Dolly look! eye catching but still look somewhat natural :D

Right eye with the lashes and left without

In indoor lighting 

What am I wearing?
Candy Doll mineral powder
NYX concealer jar in beige
Jill Stuart mix blush in 02

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
Dolly Wink No.3 lashes
Visse glam nude eyes palette in N-2
Paul & Joe eyelid primer
Fiberwig mascara
NYX eyebrow automatic pencil in taupe

Skin79 oriental bb cream lip tint
NYX baby pink round lip gloss

ekiLove Jewelry and headband
Abercrombie Dress

with flash

Im sorry to be absent for the past few days just been sick and been feeling fatigued so I need to take a rest but I am feeling alittle better thanks to all your encouraging and sweet messages♥ I try not to get too stressed out so I can make more post here... lol X3

 Thanks for stopping by~ :D

Next up:

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  1. I saw a whole bunch of Dolly Wink lashes at my local Japanese store and have been hesitant to get them because they are so expensive but they're sooo pretty!

    Hope you feel better!

  2. I lovee your blog so much! The layout is very cute :) I like the natural curved look of these lashes. They do look a little bit long, but I think they frame your eyes so nicely. I'm in Taiwan right now, so will have to go check these out.

  3. Your lashes are so beautiful <3! I think you grow more beautiful as the days go by my friend ^_^

  4. oalimay.blogspot.comAugust 13, 2010 at 2:14 AM

    you are too gorgeous! i too have dolly wink eyelashes! bottom and top ones. i should write a review on mine! i like the ones you bought. i think i'm gonna pick up those no.3's next! are you wearing anything on the bottom? looks great!

  5. Eki, you're so pretty! You pull off big doll eyes so well.

  6. Gorgeous! I love how long but natural looking they are :) Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, I hope you feel better real soon!<3

  7. I missed you, Eki!!!

  8. these lashes look adoranle on you!


  9. You look so pretty!! Candy brown contacts really go well with those lashes too! :D

  10. The lashes look great on you Eki! I must get my hands on those when I go back overseas.
    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  11. The lashes make your eyes look so big! Thanks for the review :)

  12. Pls get very well soon! i'm followin up all your work 'coz u're rock! hihi
    eki suki <3

  13. I love how these lashes look on you! I need to pick some up!

  14. Glad you're feeling better and this is a gorgeous look as ever. So tempted to get some dollywink lashes now...

  15. they look stunning! I always thought this set would be less natural. Just wondering, for the other dolly way that tsubasa uses you mentioned. Wouldn't people see 2 sets of lashes, the fake and the real from the side? if you don't curl them and merge them together.

  16. Hi ! You are very pretty.
    I really love your hair style on theses pics.

  17. This is soooo neat eki! it's a nice evening lens... im not brave enough to sport my peepers that way during the day. :)

  18. The lashes looks amazing on you! You're so pretty as always :)

    Hope you get well soon~ <3

  19. You do rock these lashes Eki! It looks more natural on you actually, than what Tsubasa looks like on the cover of the box =P. I love your hair =) especially your bangs! Thank you for posting even though you're not feeling too well these past few days >__<. I hope you're feeling much better today! Can't wait to receive your package today with your new hairband xD!

  20. those lashes look great on you! i'm so jealous i can't wear fake lashes unless i go clubbing because all of them look too fake on me ><
    thank you for posting even though you aren't feeling the best~ can't wait for your next posts :)
    hope you feel better soon ♥♥

  21. Hi Eki! Thank you very much for the wonderful review. This is my first comment on your post, but I read your blog for almost a year now. Do you know if this dollywink lashes have the same quality like the mac lashes? I want to wear them everyday and I wonder If they would stand that. The most drugstore lashes here in germany are not as good as the mac lashes, because of the quality - you just can wear them like two times and then they are broken.
    The candy brown circle lenses are also nice! I wonder if I should buy them.. ^^ Greetings :)

  22. You look gorgeous on that pics!


  23. OMG those are so wispy and pretty looking on you!!! Totally love them! :D

  24. I thought these were definitely the least appealing of the Dolly Wink lashes because they seemed so plain but they look so gorgeous on you!! D:
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling a little better too~ keep taking care of yourself & get totally well soon bb ♥

  25. Oo these look very nice! They actually don't look overly long on you either. After all this time I still haven't bought any DW falsies yet! I'm going to wait until I go to Japan in September to get them a teeeny bit cheaper. hehe. :) Thank u for the review Eki! <3

  26. Hi Eki! I was wondering when you'll have the Hime necklace back in stock?

  27. You're extremely beautiful Eki! I really like how the lashes enhances your eye shape.

  28. these lashes are oh~ so~ pretty on you!~
    i think eki should be the next dolly wink girl ^_~

  29. Wow they're so long! I agree they look kinda scary on the pkg, but the photos look very natural.

  30. Hi Eki....you are so beautiful...you have become my idol now :)

    Eki, May I know usually what powder do u use? loose or compact powder?? since this blog, u used Candy Doll mineral powder..are there any other powder you usually use? I'm trying to find good powder for myself..damn hard T.T

  31. Gorgeous!!! I think you look great with anything ^_^

    & your face looks so flawless! I'm so jealous because I have these super dark circles that I can't seem to cover up *sad face*

    & I'm still having a bit of a problem with commenting. I had to refresh it a few times for the comment box to work

  32. great post.


  33. Feel better Eki!!

    I reallyyy like those lashes very pretty


  34. Thank you so much for reviewing these lashes, I was looking for one that has the clear base!!! :)

  35. the lashes would probably be too long on me... but they look amazing on you~~

  36. WOW! your lashes look amazing :D i love how separated they are.. and they're definitely more "natural" looking than other ones but you can definitely see them.

  37. Those contacts are so creepy, I get goosebumps looking at you.
    Really I can't understand that  passion to look as artificial as possible, forming yourself to silly "kawai" puppets, with grinçant voices, only attracting otakus and perverts.

    Is their no feminist consciense at all ?? Don't you want to be taken seriously for what you can
    or is looking Kawai really everything all you can?

    seiously, this is so disturbing.

  38. Just because you have no style doesn't mean you should hate on people who do. First of all with a name like "Rebecca" I'm guessing you know nothing about Japanese Gyaru fashion, so if you don't know anything about it, why go on a Gyaru-make up style post and complain about it not being natural? Newsflash: most of you who insist on looking "natural" look like crap. Boring, dull, crap. There is nothing "feminist" about looking like crap. Spending 3 hours getting ready for your boyfriend? That's being a woman. Go ahead and continue looking dull, boring, and ugly, the rest of us will enjoy our fun, versatile, ultra-feminine styles.

    PS: you spelled "kawaii" wrong, weaboo.

  39. where can i find these dolly wink products??? i have a plan to visit to Japan so soon, and wanna buy them while i am there...


let me know what you think~ :3

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