HG nail polish, Random post :)

Hello~ :D

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I finally had a nice and relaxing weekend♥ past weeks/months have been pretty hectic and busy that I didnt really have time to do anything or relax so it was really nice to just be care free and enjoy time with bf and with friends :)

first I just wanted to make a quick post on things that I love/HG item since I dont do much of that anymore :P

whenever I have time & I wanna pick me up to make me feel better, I do my nails :D since it the first thing you see on yourself is your hands so when my nails are done it makes me feel pretty har har... so I try to do my nail when I have time and its not often so that I get to do my nails so I like to have base and top coat that prolong the wear of my nail polish since I want them to last time without having to do my nails that often~
So my must have nail items are this combo of Essie first base coat and Seche Vite top coat ^__^ with using both of this product your nail polish stays on flawlessly and super glossy for 6+ days! Great for anyone that cannot redo nails that often :3

*sorry photos are not to par this post since they are all taken on the iPhone was being too LAZY* XP

Essie first base base coat

What it is:
The adhesive ingredients in this base coat help glue polish to the nail surface for less chipping and increased wearbility.

What it Does:
Helps bind nail polish to nail plate for a longer lasting manicure.

Apply to clean natural nails as a base coat. 

Dry Fast Top Coat is widely acknowledged as the world's finest top coat. Its patented formula penetrates through the nail lacquer to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail plate for a much more durable finish, guaranteed not to yellow and leaves nails silky, stronger and resistant to chipping and peeling.
First day: pic taken right after all coats are done
1.one coat of essie first base coat
2. 2 coats of YSL la laque #17
3. 1 coat of Daiso gold glitter nail polish
4 1 coat of seche vite

After 6 days of wear~ :D
all the nail polish is still intact no chipping just my nails grew alittle bit so you can see the gaps, still glossy and wearable!

Now on to the good news!

I always buy back ups if they are my HG items so I want to give them away for you to try since they awesome for nail lovers ^__^

Will be giving 1 lucky reader 1 essie first base coat and 1 Seche vite♥ to say thank you for reading my post~ open to anyone in the world!

How to win:

Open to my followers
just leave me a message saying "I ♥ kawaii nails"

thats all~♥

will close this tiny giveaway on SUN 8/22 will choose the winner Mon :)

ok on to my nonsense post :P
went of a date with Zach its been a while, since we both have been busy with work and we had to push back our road trip to end to first week of sept :( so we needed to just have a nice day together~

First went to ikea,, I love this store for little house stuff! had to get some organizers for my ekiLove packaging supplies since they are everywhere making a big mess and making me stressed just looking at them so...lol XP

but must stop by their cafeteria since my bf Zach who is part Swedish so he LOVES their Swedish meatballs.. but I always get dessert there especially ones that looks too kawaii to eat har har :P
Ikea Princess cake with chocolate crown~♥ kawaii!!
outside coating is really sweet but the cream inside the cake tone it down a bit so it was good~ cant really complain since it was only like $1.25 :)

oh yeah wearing candy pink lenses here been testing them out and so far I like them they are pretty noticeable and looks violety pink which is really unique and pretty :) will do full review on this lens soon!

and I had the vegi crepe with spinach and cheese
it was ok not that great cheese tasted fake... :/ but the outside crepe was good

 from the windows of Ikea you can see mall of America across the street both Ikea and the mall are super crazy busy on the weekends XP

Only place I am willing to go in crazy mall of America is Sanrio for kawaii stationery! I get too distracted and forget to take photos... Im sorry bad blogger here :( but managed to take photo of adorable 60's style HK with cute nerdy glasses hehe

well that is it for this post! well thank you for stopping by again :)



  1. "I ♥ kawaii nails"

    Wow, I really want to try both of these products since they aren't available over here in Japan. My nail polish chips so easily that I just don't feel like doing my nails. If it's going to chip in 2 days, why bother, right?

  2. Am I being the first? haha!

    I ♥ kawaii nails! I sure do!

  3. Me encanta el seche vite, es lo mejro que existe!!! y la tarta princesa esta riquisima, yo tambien la comi en el IKEA, la hicieron para celebrar la boda de la princesa de suecia, o eso me dijeron los del IKEA XDD


  4. I love kawaii nails!

    You look super pretty in that picture :) Now I wish I had long hair again.

    I've also never seen that bun in ikea. Looks interesting.

  5. "I ♥ kawaii nails"

    I wanted to try these products but they are very rare to find and if ever, are expensive here in the Philippines. =(

    I also want to try kawaii nail art but i find them difficult to maintain since my nails are too soft... =(

  6. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    Thank you for this giveaway Eki-chan!

    So this is the princess cake that you tweeted! It looks yummy, and you my dear look absolutely beautiful! =D

  7. I ♥ kawaii nails

    Thanks for the reviews, been looking for a good top coat!

  8. I ♥ kawaii nails

    I have a tiny bottle of the Seche Vite. I love that it dries so fast, no more imprints on my nails after I sleep! lol

    The princess cake looks delicious! Must try that the next time I go to Ikea ^__^

  9. I ♥ kawaii nails


    Been wanting to get my hands on a good base coat for the longest time ever! <3

  10. Great pics! You look gorgeous!
    & I love that HK items!!!


  11. Thanks for the product recommendations as always! ♥ I swear by OPI's top coat to seal my nails for a full week but it's always nice to try new things~
    That princess cake looks yummy & you look gorgeous! ♥ I can see the lenses in that photo & they do really look pretty & unique.

  12. I ♥ kawaii nails
    You look so cute on that picture ^^, i love your glitter nails btw, i think that they are by far the most favourite design i like for nails :)

    ive also just started selling circle lenses! :)

  13. Ikea *-*?!
    Wah cool didn't know they had such cute things there! Lovely cake ^^

    & I like your nails too!

    Don't doing the concest.. I have enough topcoats lol xD
    So more chances for other people ;)


  14. I ♥ kawaii nails

    The Princess cake is nice :)

    Love your outfit too

  15. I ♥ kawaii nails

    And I also love ikea. Cheap food plus really cute room sets? SO AWESOME. I'm going to have to try the cake the next time I'm there. ^^

  16. great job on the NOTW ekI! it looks so pretty and it lasted 6 days without chipping! so good :) thank you for hosting a giveaway, i would love to enter... i ♥ kawaii nails! :)

    the dessert is so cute! and you look great! im glad you got to spend quality time with the bf this weekend :) have a lovely week ahead!

  17. I ♥ kawaii nails

    yilin.ng@gmail.com :D

  18. I love kawaii nails! Thank you for picking up an extra set for one of us : ) I'm just starting to learn how to do my own nails so I would love the chance to use your HG set! I'm shocked at how nice your nails look after one week. Very pretty pink with the gold glitter tips.

  19. I ♥ kawaii nails

    btw, your so pretty Eki!!! =)

  20. I ♥ kawaii nails

    You look so pretty at ikea~! XD I really enjoy reading your random posts btw!! And your iPhone pictures are surprisingly good in quality too (never expected the iPhone camera to have such good images)! <33

  21. I ♥ kawaii nails
    I love your gold glitter tip nails too! I actually did something so similar in my blog last week :)
    And you look super cute in your picture. I haven't seen Hello Kitty like that with the glasses either.

  22. ReadingamidstthechaosAugust 16, 2010 at 7:02 AM

    I <3 kawaii nails!

  23. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    gosh babe, u look so beautiful in ur pic with the pink candy lens. cant wait to read the review on those!

  24. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    Great giveaway! Ikea is pretty great for finding cheap decor, I always love their prints and fabrics! =)

  25. I ♥ kawaii nails


  26. Well I ♥ kawaii nails!

    Love this post, I agree with the nails. If I haven't painted mine then it feels like my outfit it a little unfinished! Also, I think Ikea is awesome too...love the meatballs and the dessert. You look stunning in that photo.

  27. I <3 kawaii nails ... Btw i love your nails, it's so simple yet nice ... =D

  28. I ♥ kawaii nails .. especially yours! So simple yet fabulous.

    And Ive been loving all your Holy Grail posts! I've been taking your word on the products, and they haven't let me down yet! A lot of your favorite products are becoming my HG items as well!

  29. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    ah the cake is so cute! and i love the mani that you did :)

  30. I ♥ kawaii nails

  31. I ♥ kawaii nails

  32. Hi Eki!! Love your nail tutorial~! I love Seche Vite too!! I used to make the mistake of putting two coats and then it would "shrink" my nail polish where it my nail polish will no longer cover my entire nail O__O... Silly me, thinking that the more I put, the better >_<... I guess the saying "less is more" applies here =P. I have yet to try the princess cake from Ikea! 2 weeks ago, when I was there, they had the princess cake, but it was green (like the one you showed before). I really like the one that you got the past time you went to Ikea! It has a crown~ How cute!! I love the picture with you ~ You're so pretty as always!! ^__^ Thank you for posting and I'm really glad you finally found some time to relax and spend time with your bf! THank you for tweeting me too ^__^ It's really nice to sign on and get some messages xD. Luv ya <3!

    I ♥ kawaii nails

  33. Oh my gosh how exciting!
    "I ♥ kawaii nails"
    I always have to cut my nails really short just so my nail polish can last longer because within the 2nd day the nail polish begins to chip. I see that You have long nails. Yey! Exciting news! Hope I win! If not I can't wait to buy and try! :) Thanks!


  34. kawaii nails!


  35. I ♥ kawaii nails

  36. I ♥ kawaii nails

    Your nails are gorgeous! I wish I had to the patience to grow them that long

  37. I ♥ kawaii nails

  38. loved the pics from your Ikea adventure! Wish I had an Ikea nearby. Btw, you look gorgeous in that photo :) Your photos never disappoint.

    I've always heard wonderful things about Seche Vite. Many of my friends swear by it. I'll definitely have to try it out soon.

    I ♥ kawaii nails

  39. Wow, I haven't been to Ikea in ages xD. I love Hello Kitty, too, except everything in my Sanrio store is so expensive ;_; it's like...40 dollars for a good sized wallet. And yeah, doing you nails and making them perfect takes time, and it chips so fast ;_;. It's still fun though~

    I ♥ kawaii nails ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  40. I ♥ kawaii nails

    you look super cute btw!

  41. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    I always wanted to try out the seche vite top coat but I could never find it ): So i'm glad your doing this giveaway! Ikea looks so fancy lol, the ones in NY only sells frozen yogurt. The cake looks so cute and so do you, haha. [:

  42. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    I never had my nail polish stay on for more than two days, so I'm looking forward to give seche Vite a try! Thanks for this give away, you look amazing btw (:

  43. The dessert looks really yummy!^0^
    I ♥ kawaii nails!!! Wanted to try out seche vite for a LONG time.
    Thanks for the giveaway Eki!^0^~~

  44. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    OMG food..that cake looks yumm!

  45. I ♥ kawaii nails

    The cake looks so cute!

  46. I ♥ kawaii nails!

  47. I ♥ kawaii nails!!!

    OMG! you look absolutely gorgeous in the picture =)

  48. I ♥ kawaii nails

    First time joining any kind of contest on the internet...

  49. I ♥ kawaii nails !! ^_^

    It would be really cool to see Mall of America because I've been wanting to go there = ]

  50. love the nails.


  51. i love kawaii nails ^_~

  52. I ♥ kawaii nails!!

    Especially yours. I've been wanting to paint my nails with some gold glitters for some time. Still haven't found the right polish yet though. I never knew Daiso sold nail polish. I'm going to try to find it next time I there.
    Your posts are always so inspiring Eki. I feel like going home and doing my nails as well. =P

    I'm happy that you finally found time to relax! I know exactly what you're talking about how life can get so hectic. Spending time with loved ones is always the best.

    I never noticed those cute crown cakes at ikea before. I've actually only eaten at ikea twice. Both times I got the swedish meatballs. {*yum yum} I must keep an eye out for those cakes. They look so kawaii!

    You're always so pretty Eki!!! Your skin looks flawless and you're always so stunning!!

    <3s Serena.

  53. I ♥ kawaii nails

    Your nails are gorgeous!

    That cake looks so cute and yummy! :D
    You're so pretty as always!

    I love your updates :) <3

  54. PinkheartedprincessAugust 16, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    Eki you are so sweet!

    I <3 Kawaii nails! :)

    And also, I hope that you have a great time with Zach - so important to take time out occasionally to spend time with those that we love! I'm going on a road trip with my sweetie this upcoming September too! ^_^ Have fun & take care!

  55. I <3 kawaii nails!

    I'm so glad that you've had a stress free weekend! Seeing your constant tweets about not feeling well worries me. xD

    I hope you'll have more weekends like that! You definitely deserve it. <3

  56. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    I've never been to an IKEA, but now I kind of want to go just for the cake, hahaha!

  57. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    Wow! That cake looks amazing! :O~

  58. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    You're so pretty!! Those lenses are really cuuute. ^ ^

  59. I ♥ kawaii nails

    I love your eyes in this btw.
    I started wearing cons too but the ones I wear don't make my eyes as big as yours :(

  60. Hi! New follower here! :) I ♥ kawaii nails! ^_^


  61. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    I love Seche Vite too! :)

  62. I ♥ kawaii nails!

    i lovee ikea food and your nails :)

  63. I ♥ kawaii nails

  64. I ♥ kawaii nails

    TY for the give away!

  65. I ♥ kawaii nails

    i love ikea too! the princess cake is super yummy <3

  66. LOL, it's funny because today, I just tweeted asking for recommendations on base coats and top coats. And TADA~ You just solved everything for me ^^


  67. Oopsies! I forgot to say "I ♥ kawaii nails!"

  68. I ♥ kawaii nails

    So many kawaii things Eki :D I think you look so gorgeous! Your hair is perfect and that blue really stands out nicely. Swedish meatballs ooo I haven't heard of them before

  69. "I ♥ kawaii nails" and your blog!|

  70. "I ♥ kawaii nails"

  71. I ♥ kawaii nails


  72. I ♥ kawaii nails

    and I love your hairstyle too!

  73. I ♥ kawaii nails
    i ♥ ikea and their yummy food!! but the princess cake we have over here is green... maybe it's green tea...?

  74. I ♥ kawaii nails

  75. I ♥ kawaii nails

    ;) i really like your blog and how you do your makeup reviews, really helpful!

  76. Hi beautiful!!!

    I ♥ kawaii nails

    That's how i like to do my nails too!!! pretty sparkly french tips!

  77. I ♥ kawaii nails !!! : )

  78. I ♥ kawaii nails

  79. I ♥ kawaii nails!
    keke, i actually haven't been following your blog for a long time but after i found out about it i automatically started to follow it. i check it almost every day just so i can keep up with your posts ^^ it disappoints me when there aren't any new posts haha. Cause i want to know about the best products too.


  80. I <3 Kawaii nails! :D

  81. I ♥ kawaii nails

    Thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  82. I ♥ kawaii nails!
    All the way from Singapore~ ^^,

  83. I ♥ kawaii nails =P

    Princess cake looks YUMMY :)

  84. love your hair eki...:D

  85. I ♥ kawaii nails

  86. I ♥ kawaii nails!!
    first time commenting :)) love all your posts!! thank you for sharing with us!

  87. I ♥ kawaii nails

  88. I ♥ kawaii nails

  89. I ♥ kawaii nails

    You look stunning here! =) Everything looks so yummy too! Making my hungry~ =P

    Ah I LOVE the nerdy HK teddies! Ha ha I showed my bf (he's a HUGE nerd) and said that he's in luck cuz nerd is the new kawaii and he got all happy ha ha so easily pleased ^^

  90. I heart kawaii nails! (I don't know how to input an actual heart) I hope this still counts as an entry in your giveaway!

  91. I ♥ kawaii nails

    I've always wanted to visit ikea, but it's sososooo far frown where I live! =[

  92. I ♥ kawaii nails! Haha that cake is so hime ^^

  93. I ♥ kawaii nails !!
    ~ x3 ~

  94. I ♥ kawaii nails

  95. I ♥ kawaii nails!!!!

    Your nails look so fab and I loooove your look for when you went to ikea!! so adorable and hime like~~ ^^


    (ps I'm not sure why I can't use my blogspot id for some reason....but I'm following you through samily0726.blogspot.com)

  96. omg I'm stupid. I meant that I'm following you through samily0710.blogspot.com. SORRY.

  97. Thanks for sharing your nail favorites! I have heard really good things about that Essie base coat... might have to try it once I'm through my bottle of Orly Bonder. I absolutely LOVE Seche Vite too!!! I have no idea how I used to wear nail polish without it hahaha. & my mani is actually really similar to yours right now haha.

    Glad you and the BF could take a day off to yourselves. =)

  98. I ♥ kawaii nails

    that princess cake is so cute.

  99. I ♥ kawaii nails

  100. I ♥ kawaii nails *heehee
    You look gorgeous~~ So do the surroundings too! I have some big chunk nail glitter like this, I should try it in a similar style! You make it look effortless :)

  101. I ♥ kawaii nails

    mhmmm i love ikea food its really good but the ikea i go to doesnt have crepes not does it have the princess cake :[ but we got the meatballs and they taste reallllly good!

  102. I ♥ kawaii nails

    I havent been to ikea for the longest time, now i want some of their food :P

  103. I ♥ kawaii nails

    & you look soo pretty in that picture :D

  104. I ♥ kawaii nails

    i'm so trying the ikea princess cake the next time i go!!!!
    but where I live it's just a green blob... so not as appealing =p

  105. I ♥ kawaii nails
    The pink and gold are gorgeous! An inspiration I'm going to try! :)

  106. waaauuw, you looks so pretty in that picture ^.^

  107. I ♥ kawaii nails

    And I love your nails! Nice way to use glittery polish in a subtle manner! I love gold glitters, especially big chunks like this! I will deifinitely try this!

  108. I ♥ kawaii nails!!!

    Your nails look gorgeous! They are so lovely ^^

  109. Världens bästa NinaAugust 18, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    The hell? :O In Sweden we have green Princess cakes. White ones with chocolate crowns looks so much better. And Ikea is Swedish. Lame. :(

  110. I ♥ kawaii nails

  111. I ♥ kawaii nails
    I want that Diaso gold nail polish so badly! It is amazing!
    Cant wait for your new lens review. ^__^

  112. how cute! i love random dates :D an ikea date sounds like a good idea actually, haha.

    I ♥ kawaii nails!

  113. I ♥ kawaii nails. Your nails are so cute ><

  114. I ♥ kawaii nails

    Thanks for all your magazine scans and reviews. I've been trying to figure out how to keep my manicures longer. I ordered some flower pink lenses recently. Hopefully they'll be nice and bright. THe food i've had at IKEA has been good...very fatty but good in general. Too bad the cheese crepe isnt so good.

  115. I ♥ kawaii nails :)

  116. I ♥ kawaii nails

    Yes, I really do.. I have some of my manicure post in my blog.. but sometime I forgot to post it hehe..
    Yaaay… 22th was my bday… soo im really2 hopping I can win.. *cross my finger* ^^ I want it soooo badly…

  117. I ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ kawaii nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Oh! I love Your blog so *Q*! And your face a really cute :> - http://delihya.blogspot.com

  119. I've been following your blog for a while now and its soooo cute!

    I'm going to have to agree with you on the Essie base coat. I've been using that along with the Essie top coat together with various nail polishes and man oh man do my nails look nice all week long!

  120. I feel like going to Ikea to try that pastry. It looks so incredibly good. Also, your nails are so pretty!


  121. Yay! Sweden~! (I'm swedish, hehe) XP

    I've been following your blog for a while now and I LOVE IT! ♥ \(^o^ )/ ♥
    And your Ikea-look is so C U T E !


  122. I ♥ kawaii nails

    I love reading your blog! I am also having a giveaway on my blog. Check it out at http://atasteofkoko.blogspot.com/

  123. I ♥ kawaii nails!! <3

  124. I want to go to the Sanrio store! And I want those Princess Cakes...so cute. <3

  125. I ♥ kawaii nails

    i used to use the seche vite top coat before i ran out of it. nail polish really dries to the touch in a minute! best quick drying top coat EVER (:

  126. I ♥ kawaii nails !

  127. I ♥ kawaii nails !

  128. I ♥ kawaii nails :)

    Would love to get those polishes, Eki.
    Thank you.

  129. I ♥ kawaii nails!

  130. I ♥ kawaii nails

  131. those nails looks so cute on you. I still can't believe all the glitter is present after 6 days of wear.
    so yer - I ♥ kawaii nails!

  132. You looks so pretty with that yum-yum cake!   want to try it too =) 

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