EOS Candy Pink circle lens review FOTD w/Video

Here is a review for EOS Candy Pink circle lens :D

The lens are sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com for review proposes and I was not paid to review this item so this lens review are my 100% honest opinion :3

Item details
Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Stock: Stock available
Brand : E.O.S
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Ok, this is my second pair of EOS candy series lens and so I have already reviewed Candy Brown in the past post so pretty much its gonna be the same review lol X3
My take:

As I said before I really adore EOS lenses due to its opacity since their lens seems to really enhances my dark brown eyes and most of the EOS lenses are really comfortable also~♥ But I noticed that after wearing this candy series often my eyes do seem to get tired more easily after a while of wear that can cause somewhat of irritation in my eyes but after I use my Rohto eye drops seems to be fine :) For this lens being 14.5mm lens they seems give nice Dolly eyes but its not over bearing to a point they look alien-ish so I really do adore this candy series~ The pattern and the color pink in this lens can look fake but looks very unique which I dont mind at all since I like weird lenses that gives off somewhat of cosplay look har har :P But can look some what natural if you are not staring into the eyes at a close range XD


-1 point for bold circles around the lens can look overpowering and -1 point since this lens can get alittle uncomfortable after long period of wear.

But with -2 points I still really like this lens! its really similar to Pure max pink lens that I have reviewed in the past in terms of the color and the effect but this one more bold due to its vivid black ring so they seem to be more contrast to the eye and so the Pink color is more noticeable :D Give off very pretty gradient pink shade that blends into the natural eye color and also gives off some what of halo effect and looks really unique and pretty.


If you are going to do cosplay with character that have pink to violet eyes this lens will give off nice anime pink/purple eyes for sure! X3 For those that want noticeable pinkish purple eyes and also gives off dolly effect this lens is for you~♥

made a Vid so you can see them in natural lighting with Dolly Wink No.3 lashes :)

Sorry the vid is really shaky used my Nikon D90 hand held and had to manual focus and the colors on the vids are way off,, the contrast for some reason its really high so the pinks are really HOT PINK... =__=;;

 with Flash:

With natural outdoor light:

What am I wearing?

Skin79 Oriental BB cream
NYX concealer jar is beige
Candy Dolly mineral face powder
Jill Stuart mix blush in 02
Candy Dolly highlighter in cream beige

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
Canmake four shiny eyes palette in 03
Dolly Wink No.3 Natural girly
Fiberwig mascara
NYX automatic brow pencil in taupe


YSL volupte rouge in #1
Nars lip gloss in turkish delight

Hair color:
since I get asked alot about my hair color :3 its my HG hair dye~♥

oh yeah,, X3

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Little message and whats been going on with me:

 I have been super busy and stressed lately so I am sorry I have been pushing back on restocking and adding new items in ekiLove,, Im so sorry T__T  please be patient with me will try to get that going by this weekend or by monday depending on scheduling and my iMac situation,, Truly truly appreciate all your support ALOT~!!♥

Also I wont have my iMac for the next few days since I am
 getting my display swapped for a new one and so it will be in repair at the apple store so I dont know when I can update the store and blog but will try to do that on my macbook but hate using laptops... its not the same as a desktop, not as efficient to me... Im so attached to my desktop so I hope I get it back soon... :(

Well, Thanks for stopping by hope this review helps alittle~  :D



  1. This color suits you really well :) But i´ve never seen you with your real eyecolor : > http://delihya.blogspot.com/

  2. What a nice color!

    They really look so beautiful on you !


  3. The lenses looks amazing on you :) Your lashes are so long! :D

    Take care and take your time updating your blog and store ^^ xxx

  4. The lenses look great on you! and you look really gorgeous here :)

  5. OMG! They're great!
    You look gorgeous with them on


  6. Good luck with getting everything done bb & thank you for this review~! ♥
    The lenses look so gorgeous on you~

  7. Eki... You look so super Kawaii ^^

    I didn't expect the inside to appear brown in the centre, it goes with your hair color. I looked on the site but there are so many lenses to choose from, I don't know where to start..lol

    Thank you for sharing =)

  8. Eventhough these pink lens are more hot pink, they still look really good on you~ Thank you for giving your honest opinion as always =). I really liked the video with you and the eyelashes from Dolly wink =). Try to take care of yourself Eki and stay stress free as much as possible ^__^ Don't worry about uploading and posting in your blog and store until your screen is fixed~ I know what you mean at being more efficient working on a desktop rather than a laptop =P I love doing everything on the desktop! But my bf uses it to play games most of the time, so I just use my laptop for regular email checking and note-taking in class, but when I have projects and hw to do, I use the desktop ;)~ Miss you~ Be strong and take care! Thank you for sharing with us your favorite hair color again =D.

  9. I love these pinky eyes on you so cute!!!

  10. Ooh... I really like the pink contacts! awesome... you look great in the video!

  11. i can't believe you're not wearing falsies...i WISH i had your talent! lol xo

  12. oh wait you are wearing falsies! lmao sorry. but i still wish i had your talent! to make myself look so naturally beautiful everyday..

  13. Thanks for this review! I've been really interested in these lenses, I think they're so cute! :D Looking gorgeous as always, Eki<3

  14. Hi Eki :) I'm a new follower and I spent the majority of the past few days reading your entire blog.. every single post!! It was a lot of work I tell you! :D I just wanted to say that you are super cute and I enjoyed reading everything!

    The video quality for this was A-MAZING! O_O love it!
    Oh and I was wondering if you could possibly do a video showing the Max Pure Pink lenses? I really want to see what they look like in comparison to the other pink lenses you have videos of. In terms of looking more natural, do you prefer the G&G DM24 pink lenses or the Max Pure Pinks? Ah and one more question, which lashes are you wearing for your picture in the Max Pure Pink review post? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_7Js6mOjdl1Y/S_N7y0Hix1I/AAAAAAAAFLA/3Wg1PnVr1w0/s640/pure+max+pink+contact+2.jpg

    Sorry for so many questions :p and keep up the great work!

  15. Sooo pretty! :D I love all of your lense reviews Eki! ehhe. Looks very pretty. So I received the Skin79 oriental bb cream finally! I am really liking it a lot!!!!!!!! All thanks to u :D I'm going to bring it to Japan while traveling :D

  16. Hrm, the pink looks a little weird to me...but then I've never seen anyone actually wear pink lenses before! Xp You still look super cute and the pink is a good kind of weird. Does that make sense? The point is- they look cute and I wish I had normal shaped eyes so I could wear circle lenses! <3 <3 <3

  17. I love the halo effect! I've never tried circle or colour lenses but they look so cool and interesting!

    I really like the video, btw! You look so gorgeous and beautiful! =)


  18. these are so pretty in natural lighting :) you're very pretty with pink eki!

  19. You look so pretty babe!! love it!! and I hope you will feel better soon!! *hugs** Hopefully less stress as the days go by. :)

  20. They look so great on you. Not natural, but not unnatural. They pair well with your natural eyecolor and your haircolor is quite lovely with it.

  21. hi girl. may i knw what kind of false lashes you are using here?

  22. Hello, Eki, I started reading/following recently. I love your blog! :) And that's a beautiful color! Ekiちゃん超可愛いもんね。 すごく似合ってるよ。 茶系ので何かおすすめのはありますか?

  23. hi . can u try the adult series pink lens . and EOS candy blue lens ? ^^

  24. Sapphire TeriyakigirlsAugust 24, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    you are a very precious!!!!*0*

    I love your circle lenses :D

    good post!

  25. Hi Eki, :] i was reading your blog and was wondering, Does the Oriental: Gold BB Cream lighting up your skin and no breakouts? I don't know which one is better to get, either The Oriental: Gold BB Cream or skin79 triple function bb cream hot pink. Which do you prefer is better? I breakout a lot at times and my skin is oily combination. i Have few scars, discoloration and dark circles =(. I need to lighting up my skin. Which bb cream is better at lighting up the skin, scars and covers really good =D? Sorry i asked to many question >w<. you don't need to rush to answer. Take your time =3. And I like your blog a lot.

  26. oooooooh amazing color, gotta love EOS
    thank you!

  27. Hi Hun, Im sorry for the late reply >_< Both skin79 bb cream that i have tried have not made me break out so I am so happy about that! :D I think the oriental have better coverage than the triple function and the oriental BB cream finishes more dewy and glossy but I think the hot pink one is more suited for oily skin since oriental bb cream seems to be better for drier skin type due to its finish XD I think the oriental BB cream will help with whitening better due to it formula but I think they both will help with whitening :3 so if you dont mind if the BB cream finishes really dewy then try Oriental BB cream but if you dont then try the hot pink one since its also really great :D

  28. what lashes are those?

  29. luv you hair color.. what is it??

    i tried to dye my hair w/beige blonde but I didn't get what I want, as what in the photo shpw..

    now im planning to dye my hair again with light ash blonde.. what do u think?

  30. where can i buy it?how much?

  31. So kawaii ~~ <3


let me know what you think~ :3

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