Ninja kitty! and randomness~

wanted to introduce you to Ninja! :D alittle stray baby kitty that me and zach rescued since it was all on its own and was meowing for nonstop for 4 days straight outside of our house looking for its mommy but she never came so he was starving and all along scared! T__T

so we had to rescue him since it gonna be winter here soon and couldnt let this little guy be out like that so I we sat out every night trying to earn its trust and have him get near us alittle by alittle and i was like meowing like crazy trying to get this guy to come to us and it worked because it would meow back and get closer and closer to me lol but with persistence and after total of 53 mosquito bites we finally got him and Zach named him Ninja samurai lol X3

I said why that name and he said ninja cause he is super fast like a ninja and samurai cause he was out there all alone in the woods surviving on its own with warrior spirit and he is fierce! I thought it was cute since I'm so bad at coming up with names so haha :P

well his first ever vet appointment was today! Found out he is about 7-8 week old~ he is all healthy and have no fleas or mites :D

But after his shots he has been sleeping like this so I hope he is ok :(  Isnt he adorable?? I love his pot belly!! but he is really boney so we are trying to fatten him up and hes been eating like a champ!

Ninja is being mischievous here and tore up our laundry basket lol =__=;;
but so cute you cant get made at him~<3

 some random shot from the weekend :D
here is of downtown Minneapolis

was making fun of Zach's hair I called it Justin Bieber hair lol I told him "arent you alittle too old for that hair do??" he said he didnt style it, it just happened.... XP

 so he put on his hat instead cause he didnt want people to think he was sporting Bieber's hair do lol

 car shot cause I forget to take photos at other places =__=;; really loving Oriental bb cream and candy doll face powder over it! Nice flawless matte finish~♥ also really digging candy doll lip concealer with takako lip gloss over it :D

well that is it for now hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful weekend :) will have reviews coming!

Next up:
Barbie king lens in Pink review

also previews of new ekilove are up! please check out www.ekilove.com for more info! :D

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  1. Omgashhh so cute! Eki you are so darling for rescuing such a dear thing =)

  2. Eki,

    You are a wonderful person to rescue Ninja. He is so cute.

  3. hi eki! i'm a reader of your blog for quite some time but this is my first time leaving a comment!

    you are such a beautiful person inside and out! beautiful face and beautiful spirit! i'm really touched at how you resuced ninja! ninja is such a lucky kitty to find a good home.

    i'm a cat lover myself and i also do rescuing and fostering of cats for adoption, that's why your story touched me so much. =) here is my fostering blog if you are interested to have a look at cute cat photos! http://mysugarcat.blogspot.com


let me know what you think~ :3

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