Love packages and things to come~

Hello its been a while :P
Just wanted to share some love I got from my loves! One thing I am always thankful of this blogging community is how much love and support there is & so many wonderful friendship I have developed from blogging words cannot express this joy~ :D

Sandra, Rina and I have been package swapping so much lately and its always a surprise love packages!! X3 I am always amazed at how many wonderful/amazing friends I am surrounded with! ^0^
Thank you Sandra & Rina you fill my life with so much SMILES & HAPPINESS with our friendship and the LOVE that you shower me with♥

Arigatou :)

This package is from my love and super sweetheart Sandra~♥ ^__^

Why are you so sweet like the kit kats you sent me?? X3 and always thinking about me about what I might like or would like? Thank you for being my friend! really! we need to have a girls night out one of this day when I go to cali♥

Thank you for this super kawaii and sweet love! ::HUGS&KISSES::

Dolly Wink No.8 lower lashes :D

I cannot wait to try this and review them! thank you!

my first Jill Stuart skin care product!! X3
Hydro-filler I it is a toner+emulsion for oily to normal skin, cant wait to try it and will review it also♥

Blueberry and bitter almond kit kats!! Thanks sweetie!! they are so GOOD~! :)
I havent really done my LE kit kat review anymore maybe I should do them again?

Hello kitty LOVE~♥

 Love from Rina~♥ ^___^

My dear Rina Love is queen of love packages!! XD she is one of the most giving and generous person I have ever met! I keep on telling her to stop spending so much money on me but she sneaks them in!! X3 Rina I cannot thank you enough but Please~ save your money on buying a house!!!! >:D

I love you and thank you for the love you shower me with I am not worthy!! we need to catch up~ really miss our iPad to iPad chats lol :P still have not gotten the angry bird game since I dont want to get addicted to it since I already have so many bad addictions haha...

ok so she told me she was going to send me My beauty diary mask in birds nest and apricot to sample but Rina being Rina she sends me more than just the masks X3

Thank you for this super kawaii Hello Kitty pouch! its so different at first I was like why is there only HK's backside on the pouch? I guess I still dont get why lol but comes with really huge HK face charm so it makes up for it♥ and the bottom of the pouch is so kawaii too!! very well made pouch wish I had patience to make pouch like this har har....

just screams KAWAII~!! :P

MBDM's newest additions Southern france apricot and Birds nest masks

they are available at sasa.com if you are interested but they might be sold out but sign up for their email notification if you want to order them :D

Beauty world gradation nail cocktail set! so kawaii!! cant wait to play with this♥

Dr.Wu magic white BB  cream new BB cream to review!! thanks Hun♥

ok now on to things to come next!
I will make more effort in my reviews and will make sure to make more time for a video on each reviews from now on! I hope I used to being in front of a camera since I hate it lol XP
will be reviewing Cure natural aqua gel cleanser I forgot to write a review this amazing product =__=;; 


I am loving this lens so far very kawaii! :)

I love this song~ been listening to it alot lately :D put 2 things I love,, Nishino Kana + Naruto = LOVE! well this song "IF' is used in Naruto Shippuuden Movie 4 :D

well that is it for now! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine went by so fast T__T and its already Sept can you believe that?? its already getting chilly here :(

Oh and I made new creation for ekiLove will try to get the previews going and will update the store soon!♥



  1. thats so sweet of your friends ^_^ and you are soooo cute on those pink lenses too :) i love collection pink lenses :)

  2. all these itmes are so sweet and lovely! :-*


  3. Yay for love packages! They are uber sweet :D
    I'm loving the cure natural aqua gel too, it makes my skin smoother!

  4. I love everything in your love package!! especially those kit kats hehe :) & thanks for sharing that lovely song

  5. those girlies are so generous! and you should def do the LE kit kats again! i really wanna learn more about them cuz i cant even get there here in Canada lol. the hello kitty bag is soooooo cute! i love how its a blank face haha
    make sure you review the new MBD masks too! im sorry for requesting so many things at once XD i really wanna see how they work!

  6. It's impossible to be sad for long with friends like that :p
    I really like it when you do your reviews so please review anything you feel is worthy! Only problem is, your reviews always make me want to buy everything.. Your blog is an expensive blog to read. xp Oh, and i love reading about all the different Kit Kats! So please review those!

  7. You look gorgeous as ever!! :)

    and yes yes I agree RINA is the most generous and sweetest I have ever met :) She is just too sweet and nice :) we are so blessed to have such great friends :D

  8. they are sooo sweet! then again you deserve it all (;

    those pink lenses look great on you! very eye-brightening ;D

  9. omg! Blueberry and bitter almond kit kat! I didn't know those existed! we don't have that where I'm from :(
    Kit Kats and Hello Kitty are love. :) <3


let me know what you think~ :3

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