eki draws, Candy Doll gloss winner & updates :P

Hello~♥ its been a while again! Im sorry about the lack of posts this month... Just got over a flu + PMS =__=;; I was in a really bad condition having those two at the same time it was not fun at all was stuck in the bed for 3 days feeling miserable.. lol D;  well Im so glad to be better and healthy~ makes you really appreciate having good health cause it is something that you forget to appreciate, having good health! so I am thankful to be back feeling like myself again :)

I wanna announce the winner to Candy Doll lip gloss winner! 

Raspberry Jam 

Please contact me with your info♥ ^__^

Thank you so much for entering everyone! Dont worry if you didnt win I am going to have Melliesh lip gloss giveaway next and more giveaways planned :)

So being sick made me miss drawing again so while I was sick I drew again! :D It been way too long since the last time I picked up a pencil to draw so its a little sloppy my hands definitely not used to holding a pencil for too long anymore it starts to hurt T__T I told myself that I need to draw more often again cause I forget how happy art makes me feel in the inside :) 

side by side with the reference photo of Marilyn Monroe her face is a little bit off but over all I think it looks ok for being drawn by a on and off artist lol :P

just a peek at my messy jewelry making area been working on the creation a little by little since I delayed the opening of the store last week but to my flu +__=;; I wanted to let you know I am re-opening ekiLove this Sunday! I am truly sorry about the delay and I always appreciate your patience cause I am never on time when it comes to ekiLove... :sigh: just gets overwhelming sometimes running a store on your own having to have to manage all by yourself is alot of work, have to have so much time, dedication and love for it.. so I admire other ladies who run self owned stores out there as well~♥

Just a peek at new lenses I just got today from pinkyparadise~ will make a formal post about it soon ^__^

also: I feel bad that I havent gotten out my hair dye review/tutorial video posted yet... I've been having so many unexpected delays this month nothing seems to be going as planned but I promise to get it edited and up in soon its just long since I over talked too much so I need to cut and paste the vid.. lol
 I also made my favorite hair product vid so I will get both out at the same time :D

Oh I just noticed I now have over 4000 followers! THANK YOU SO MUCH for following my blog and reading my none-senses,, makes me truly happy to know that my blog have been helpful to some and entertaining you with my randomness and to know that my blog have a propose haha :P I should do thank you giveaway for this special event~♥

my promise:
I hope to get back to blogging more often again like I used to once I am fully healthy and back on top of things! Thank you so much for always stopping by and reading my blog ^__^



let me know what you think~ :3

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