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Just a random post this time :P Been editing my Hair dye review vid a little by a little when I have free time lol so I should have that post up next! :D sorry to keep you waiting =__=;;

ok I wanted to share my Jill Stuart e-mook I got last week that I been meaning to share with you all,, I been dying to get my hands on this JS fall mook and was even willing to drive to mitsuwa in chicago for it but thankfully for Sheila of maddyloves for letting me know that Yesasia.com has then in stock! so I ordered it from them and it took almost 3 weeks to get it? it was a while but totally worth it because it is the cheapest price online for them and way better than driving far away to just buy it too lol :P

Buy it HERE
its still in stock!♥ ;)

Quality is pretty good for a mook gift pouch, the pouch is made with nylon-ish material so you can just wipe off the make-up if it gets dirty and fully lined in the interior with pink nylon-ish fabric. I wanted it because it have 2 separate compartments for all my needs including a brush holder slots and 2 zippered pocket compartments! ♥ best of all comes with kawaii JS bow charm :)

peak at inside of JS e-mook kawaii looks 

Also my dear friend Sandra sent me some love! Cath Kidston mook and Tsumori Chisato mook! Thank you Love! they are really useful~♥ I use them as my eco bags when I go shopping ^__^

They are both pretty good sizes fits alot of stuff! :)

Found a fishmarket that sells sashimi grade fish so I made some sushi and sashimi! It was really good!! Im Midwest the prices of the sushi is really expensive compared to other places Ive been so it was way cheaper to just buy the fish and make them myself :D Usually when zach and I go out for some sushi we end up spending good $60 just for 2 people and its not like we go crazy or nothing we just order few an appetizer, few pieces of sashimi and few rolls and its already $60!! T__T so by going to the fish market and getting a 1lb of salmon and 1/2 lb of hamachi it was only $20~ and all the other materials for sushi you can get so many uses out of it so total it was only about alittle over $20 for all this sushi I made!! ^0^

sorry quality is not excellent but still great for a phone camera!

 below are all taken on zach's iphone!

View of autumn in MN! pic taken when I took a aittle break and walked to Lake Calhoun near my house :)

Just a little kawaii photo of my kitty Ninja♥

He LOVES sleeping in my light box :3 its so cute so I had to take some photo of him lol He hes gotten HUGE in the past weeks... maybe he is like double the size in 6 weeks, he is now 14 weeks old now! Im alittle sadden that he is growing up T__T miss my Baby Ninja kitty~ He is getting neutered in few weeks so Im nervous for him +__+;;

P.s some updates and previews in ekiLove
here are some of the items♥

coming up next:

Loreal true brunette in UL61 review + video
Melliesh review + giveaway
Fiberwig comparison review 
and much more!

Thanks for stopping by again!


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