I'm Back! some updates~


After short period of hiatus, Im Back to blogging~ ^__^ 
If you saw my tweets, I was away due to moving into a new place! After packing and unpacking for past week I am finally settled in and ready to resume blogging again♥ I am in love with our new place! Moving part was very stressful but now that we are settled in I am really happy makes me feel like its a fresh new start! :D

well here are some updates:

Get asked alot about what hair dye or what color is my hair? So I have colored my hair just before I moved with my HG hair dye

 Loreal Superior Preference Les True Brunettes in UL61

 I did manage to tape before and after in the video and explaining how I dye my hair! :D I just have to edit it and get it uploaded so I will work on editing this video this week~

With Flash

Also Some new item that I bought to review :D
Been wanting to try out the newer series of Fiberwig mascaras so I will test them out and review them♥ Got LOTS of reviews lined up!! lol ;P

ALSO: If you live in MN or near by Minneapolis, I wanted to see if you would be interested in a group meet up? We can all meet up and get to know each other over some froyo? ^__^ Please let me know if you would be interested in the meeting up! Please email me or tweet me~ lets be friends♥



  1. Love this haircolor! BTW, Is your hair cut differently? or it's just styled differently? Most likely i just haven't visited your blog lately and remembered a bit different fringes X_X ah, anyway, looks good!^^
    What's the blush and lipgloss you wear? They are quite nice =)

  2. your hair color is so pretty! :) love it! im too too far away from there. Would be nice to meet up with u :)

  3. i saw this at cosme de com & was on sale when i checked the site. im really avoiding online shopping lately because i feel like the customs tax has gone crazy high for the past couple of months here...but if this a really better than the previous fiberwig then i'll definitely be buying it!

  4. welcome back!
    Can't wait to see more reviews :D i've been wanting to try out the fiberwig mascara <3 your reviews are going to be so helpful ^^

  5. omg your hair colour is GORGEOUS~~!! ♥___♥ Looks stunning on you!
    & I'm glad to hear things are finally settling down for you~ I know we all miss you on here so definitely looking forward to more updates from you in the future :)

  6. i want my hair to look like yours, but mine has a more reddish tint to it..TT_TT
    ahhhhh i used to live in MN and i would've LOVED to have gotten to know you :(
    have you been to tea garden and zeno's? :D

  7. love the hair colour! your skin is also SO amazing! what types of skincare products do you use?

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  8. I love that hair color!! I would have never guessed such a perfect shade came from loreal, but I think it came out so perfect because your hair is beautiful to begin with.

    Oh god yes! I am in Minneapolis and I would love to meet up! That sounds like a lovely idea. Please let me know how it works out XD chouzuru@gmail.com

  9. Good to hear your move went well... :) I saw those mascaras in Japan but I decided to just get my tried and true regular formula :) I did buy the little sniper mascara though.. its not bad.

    Can't wait to hear your reviews Eki :) I've been missing you on my Google Reader feed!! :D <3

  10. I wanna meet up with you Eki! >< I wish I was in Minneapolis. I'm glad to hear you're back!

  11. welcome back! i look forward to the reviews and video : ) i WISH i could meet up but I live down south hahaha please tell us about the cool folks u meet, though! congrats on the move, xo

  12. Your hair is gorgeous!! Love reading your posts! I wish I could meet up, but I'm on the East coast. :( SOMEDAY!

  13. That brown is beautiful! My hair is naturally that color, but the frizziness of my hair messes everything up! I'm jealous XD you're very lucky Ekimura, you hair beautiful hair :)

  14. Oh Eki!!! I have missed your blog - love the new hair color - you have always had such beautiful hair and I am such a sissy about dying my own hair for some reason. But if I ever grew the nerves, it would be this color :) So pretty!

    Congrats on a new move! Hope you get settled in & cozy soon!

  15. How long did you leave the dye in your hair?


let me know what you think~ :3

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