Loreal preference True Brunettes hair dye in UL 61 review in video

Finally got the  hair dye video edited and uploaded to YT :D I made this video since this is the dye that I get asked alot about "what hair color/dye is it" when I dye my hair with this dye ^__^ so I hope you can see better view of the actual hair color in this video! I talked way too much so I had to cut from 25 min to 10 min so it might look funny lol

 Also ekiLove store is now open for business! :D

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favorite/everyday hair products
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melliesh review + giveaway
Fiberwig review + comparisons 

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  1. how long you leave the hair dye on your hair?

  2. You have nice haircolor. I have a question I dyed my hair recently with Kao Liese but the color didnt penetrate well on my hair. Do i have to bleach it first. FYI, i have black hair. REALLY black

  3. What colored Contacts are you wearing? : )

  4. This brand is made for dark hair, so no you don't have to bleach first. But if you do--use Clairol Frosted Tips. It works great, even on my Dark black hair. (as long as your hair is healthy and hasn't been chemically treated a lot, other wise it may turn orange in that case and you will need purple toner. I will eventually post a blog on jaiinecupcake.com


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