Dolly Wink No.8 Straight point false eyelashes

Hi there~♥

Here is a look with Dolly Wink No.8 and No.3 I took a while back that I forgot to make a post about :3 Thanks to my babe Sandra for giving me No.8 lashes for me to play with I really love it♥ goes very well with No.3 both looks pretty natural together :)

This lashes comes with 6 pairs of 2 strands lashes on top and 10 sets of 4 strands lashes on the bottom so you can customize how you want your bottom lashes to look like so you can go really natural or make it look really volume! 
Very easy to apply if you use a tweezer to place them in place :D

I applied my bottom lashes as how Tsubasa recommended by using 2 4 strand type on the outter corner of my eyes with 2mm below my natural lash lines~

On top I am wearing Dolly wink No.3 in Natural Girly for this review click HERE

Left eyes with the false lashes and right without the false lashes but with fiberwig extra long mascara, I think it gives my eyes a fuller lashes look with still looking pretty natural ^__^

Speaking of Dolly Wink you know what I am eagerly waiting for? X3
Dolly Wink Mascara and Eyeshadows to come out!! ^0^

Here Tsubasa is making decisions on the eyeshadows

 Taking promo pics for the new Dolly Wink lines♥*hearts; 

 kawaii~♥ XD

 well lastly I wanted to explain why there hasnt been videos yet >_< I wanted to reshoot my videos this past weekend since my other vids had corrupted audio but I woke up saturaday with really bad dry, itchy, stinging red rashes on my face T__T I never had rashes or any sort of allergic reaction on my face before so I was really baffled to what happened :( I am guessing it was caused by either of this dry winter weather, stress, new skin care products, or clarisonic or all of above T^T :sniffs:

I cant pin point which one cause this so
Im going to reduce my usage of the Clarisonic cause I might of over used it because I replaced my usual hand washing and my usual cleaner with washing 2 times a day with clarisonic with new cleaner :( also I have been super stressed so Im gonna try my best to not stress so much n take it easy and moisturize my face with more heavier moisturizer and see if it get better I hope because its SO itchy and flaky right now :sigh: X3

well thanks for stopping by again~

I am currently making new sewing items so I will show you the previews tomorrow!♥

You all take care now and dont stress so much like I do or you might get rashes on your face too =__=;;



  1. oooo loooooove those lashes on you! they really do look like natural gorgeous long lashes <3 like every girl dreams of, hehehe.

  2. oh no! i hope your rash goes away soon! thanks for posting this review :) i have a few dolly wink top and bottom lashes, so it's good to see how other girls wear them for reference. btw, i loveeee your blog! the reviews are all soooo very helpful and you're so pretty too ^____^ if you have the chance, come check out my blog too :3


  3. I want to try all the Dolly Wink lashes ♥


  4. Those lashes are really pretty and natural on you ^_^!

    omg...what a coincidence...I just broke in hives all over my face 2 days ago too :( I THINK it is b/c of the a Pineapple peel...I've used it before (and can eat the raw fruit) but the derm said that I may just have developed contact dermatitis. Since I'm allergic to mangoes especially, the derm said I am susceptible to pineapples and kiwis too since they are all 'acidic' fruits :( It sucks b/c it works so well on my brother (eheh...his skin gets immediately smoother and whiter!)

    I got a much worse rash than you did if that makes u feel any better :( but the Skinfood Pumpkin gel masks (they're for irritated, sunburned skin) helped me a lot.... I am sure you'll have your perfect skin back soon ^_^

  5. Aww Honey, hope the rash clears soon....I think its the Clarisonic, but who knows. Either way, you are way too cute and gorgeous and I absolutely adore those lashes =P

    I now want to buy those along with the fiberwig mascara!

  6. Oh, I had a similar reaction with my Clarisonic! I got mine about two months ago w/the sensitive brush head and I used it everyday 2x a day for two weeks...until I got huge red, flaky, bumpy patches on my cheeks. I freaked out and searched the internet. People on the Clarisonic.com forums said that this isn't normal, so I just went back to hand washing and treating with salicylic acid (philosophy hope in a bottle). My faced returned back to normal a week later. From my experience, I think the exfoliation was too much for my skin. I just use it every other day now at night only, and my skin hasn't acted up again. I hope yours gets better soon!

  7. ooh your eyes look soo pretty! i can't believe you don't have falsies on the right eye, your lashes are just as long without them!
    and i totally know what you're going through with your skin, i just tried a new foundation and had a horrible allergic reaction to it! my face has been really dry and itchy and rashy for the past couple days...so not pretty! hope your skin heals quickly, be sure to take care of yourself and not stress! :)

    Beauty Bag 411

  8. Those bottom lashes are really pretty but wow I'm so impressed with your natural bottom lashes Eki!!! =P Mine are annoying and on one eye they criss cross right in the middle instead of fanning out nicely lol. T_T;

    & awwwww I'm so sorry to hear about the rash! That sounds really terrible! D: I hope you can relax and take care of your skin quickly! *hugs*

  9. Aww I hope that the rash goes away soon Eki!
    I love Dollywink stuffs ehhe the packaging is really cute, but of course hard to find sometimes. The bottom lashes look great on you, really fluttery and natural :)

  10. those lashes look great,hun!
    it really does frame your eyes better with those lashes

    hope that the rash will go away asap.
    make sure you bundle in warm clothes,sweetie!

  11. wow, maybe your skin is shocked by the clarisonic. I'd say return it to be safe! Hope your skin gets better.

  12. I read someone else has rashes and dry skin from using the Clarisonic. =0 I hope your skin gets better soon =( maybe you should stop using the clarisonic until it's fully better.
    I also can't wait to see what Dolly wink comes out with for the eyeshadows and mascara xDD i bet it's going to be super cute!! <3

  13. the lashes are gorgeous!! i cant wait to get them esp after reading ur post eki! ur skin looks mildly irritated, could be the clarisonic cause i have it and i cant use it twice a day or my skin feels raw :(

  14. Awe, I hope your skin feels better soon! ;o;
    The lashes do look lovely on you though ♥

  15. i hope your skin will turn normal again =(

  16. I really like your style. So wounderful!

  17. hey girl, if you switched fabric detergents that could be it too. i know when i was pregnant i switched and got it on my face because i washed my pillow case. just a though, hope all is well!

  18. Lucky gal - your bottom lashes are so full naturally, you don't even need bottom lashes!!! Me, on the other hand, have absolutely no bottom lashes (maybe 3 at most) - I tried out the natural type, will be posting a review soon.

    Thanks for sharing again...love the Dolly Wink line - it is so light and airy, feels like nothing is there! :)

    Oh no! Sad about the rash - I hope the itchiness and redness have subsided, it is hard not to think about but I hope you can some rest! You're probably right about it being caused by a combination of things, especially stress and the new Clarisonic....maybe after it goes away and you are feeling brave you can try the Clarisonic again, but only once a day and slowly building up to more frequent usage. Best to give your skin a rest for now - you will be back to beautiful in no time!

  19. Hi hi Eki!! I'm really glad that you love the lashes =). I almost couldn't even tell that you had them on ~ Your natural lashes are nice and long =D. Thank you for updating us on Tsubasa's making on the new eyeshadows for Dolly wink =). I miss talking to you~ I hope your rash gets better!!! Please stay safe and stay warm in your winter wonderland ^__^

  20. Eki, your skin is looking so much more flawless than mines. 8( I am super jealous!
    Tell us how your clarisonic goes! c:
    And the lower lashes look so natural--I've always wanted to try them!

  21. i looove natural looking eye lashes *~*

  22. dear
    u r sooooooooo cute :)

  23. Hello!
    I just found your blog while surfing through the internet, and I LOVE it! :) I too want to be a makeup artist soooon! Seem like we maybe have a lot in common. I would love to talk more with you! I don't have a twitter, never could figure it out haha, do you have another way like facebook or something?

  24. I've been dieing to try the dolly wink lashes, but unfortunately too lazy to order them. I'm moving to Hawai'i in a few days, so it should be more easy to find this lashes in japanese cosmetics shops! I'm excited to try them!

  25. Yeah! May I know the name of the Contacts you're wearing in this post? Thanks!

  26. Hi Eki!

    I love you blog:)<3
    I have a question! I find it so hard to put on false underlashes:/
    Do you have some tips?


  27. How did u get to of your rash??


let me know what you think~ :3

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