Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend and had a great time dressing up! :D For me I wasnt feeling the Halloween sprits this year with Oct being the most busiest time for me this year I just didnt have time to think about my costume and Halloween this year so maybe next year I will think of something cool har har :P so Zach and I just order some pizza, kicked back and watched a movie... lame huh lol =__=;; but it was nice weekend for me though didnt do much but I got to relax and rollerbladed around Lake Calhoun~! 

Well so back to the post I just noticed I havent blogged and I feel like I stopped posting FOTD so here is my look from today~ :D

Really loving this Lens Im wearing here so comfortable!! Im wearing GEO Natural Black, they are 14.0mm but it makes my eyes look dolly but looks natural~ if you look at my selection of lens review you see that I love fake looking colored lens... LOL so Im surprise that I like this natural looking lens thought it would be boring but I like how it highlights my brown eyes a bit :)

Also I am loving melliesh lip gloss so much~ I love the consistency and the hue/pigments in this lip gloss are super opaque so it goes on as is color! I think I like this melliesh lip gloss more than the Candy Doll lip gloss :D Just wish it was bigger!! :P Giveaway for this lip gloss is coming up in next post!♥ sorry to keep you waiting... X3

FOTD: What am I wearing?

Skin 79 oriental BB cream
NYX concealer Jar in beige
Jill Stuart Mix Blush in 02

Dolly wink liquid eyeliner 
Dolly Wink false lashes in #03
Dejavu Lash knockout Fiberwig mascara* on bottom lashes 
Canmake four shiny eyes palette in #03

Melliesh lip gloss in 05 Honey Apricot

with flash
 with indoor lights

well that is it for this post~ currently making new ekiLove creations so I should have the preview photos up soon and up for sale this week :) oh Im wearing one of the new "LOVE" necklace here but still trying to see what looks more kawaii so may change it up... oh and thinking about coloring my hair again since I already have like half inch of new growth D; so might color dark again or stay light? what you think? :B

well thanks for stopping by and reading my blabbering~♥ lol



  1. You are so pretty! :) Love the gloss and the big dolly eyes!! :)

  2. the first photo made me go awww.. you look so pretty eki! :) the melliesh lip gloss does look fab, the color from the tube is what shows up on your lips! :)

  3. that looks amazing! I'm so envious that all lipsticks and glosses looks so effortlessly smooth on your lips. haha. How do you do it?! :D

  4. I really love this look, so very pretty!
    I.must.be.on.look.out.for.the.lipgloss! It looks absolutely gorgeous..

  5. Your lip color is super pretty! :D Nude but pink! Love it!
    How come you always look so perfect in photos? -__-" Darnyouuuu! <3

  6. Hmm, that's nice! I was thinking if Melliesh was good.
    You're so pretty, wish I can buy a hair bow at ekilove :]

    kisu kisu <33

  7. u love your EoTD! i also hope your kitty is doing much better ^^

    the love necklace is super kawaii! hope to see it in the shop soon!

  8. those Natural Black contracts look so flattering on you!! wish i had your big lovely eyes. :)


  9. Mister Pineapple ManNovember 2, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    hello~ im loving the blog!

  10. Those cantacts looks great on you ^_^. Don't color your hair dark )=, cause i heard that if you color your hair dark, it is hard to color it light again. 3-4 years ago, i colored my hair black. 1 year later i colored it medium brown. And my roots were like brownish red and the rest of my hair didn't change at all =/. The lip gloss looks so pretty on you.^w^

  11. so cuteeee! i love the color of the lip gloss, is seems a color sweet and soft!

  12. eki!

    I miss your FOTD. you look beautiful in natural makeup. as for the hair. i like it light on you since your skin is very light. =/. Can't wait to see more of your new creations. I am still waiting for mines. =)

  13. You look so pretty^^ The black circle lenses look great on you too, natural but still very dollylike :D

  14. The lipgloss looks really gorgeous!
    Too bad it's small in size :)
    You look great :3
    Take care!!

  15. I'm going the Geo contact lens too!
    It's indeed very comfortable and nice.

  16. hi eki^_^

    i like this look and your hair color.  i am really interested in dolly wink eyeliner but have been scared of many pen liners because they do not last so long.  I wanted to know what is the staying power of dolly wink?  does it disappear if i put eyedrops on?  i wear contacts often and use eyedrops,  and the liquid liner from Etude House i'm currently using is working really well.  however it's so hard to find in the U.S. and websites.   Thanks so much for the help.  I greatly appreciate it ^_^


let me know what you think~ :3

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