Popteen 11/2010 issue

Another Belated mag post X3

Popteen Nov 2010 issue featuring Popteen's 30 year anniversary issue! :)

Here is some highlights of this issue:

How the girls in Popteen modify and recreate their false lashes to suit their eyes better~ ^__^
maybe I'll translate the scans to english when I have sometime for you guys~ :D

Click below for rest of the issue<3~


  1. Aww that would be soo nice of you if u had time for translating ^^
    i would be very thankful :3

    love the issue!!


  2. the part about the lashes is really interesting. i always wondered how they ALWAYS had that perfect lash, haha xD i also think it's interesting how different 'lingerie' ads are over there compared to here.. the girls still look innocent and cute, whereas everything here is 'sexy'.

  3. I LOVE popteen! :) It's a shame it's so hard to get of hold of it in england. Thanks for uploading!

  4. thks for the scans.. love the eye looks !

  5. ARGH. I bought the taiwanese version (cos it was cheaper and I understood chinese)- and now I feel so utterly cheated! T___T They didn't feature all that was shown here. No wonder it's much thinner and lighter. I shall just buy the original one next time. Please do a translation especially on the beauty features, we'll loooove you. ♥ T_T

    Mirai ♥,

  6. wow!! love your blog!! mad love for u!

  7. thanks for the scans eki. i love reading the makeup part.


let me know what you think~ :3

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