Part 2 Count Down to Christmas giveaway! Muk Luks! quick Canmake review!

Hello Here is my Part 2 giveaway of my Christmas giveaway~
This boots was sent me for a review purposes and giveaway pair will also be sponsored by Muk Luks

Open to ONLY US readers due to the item being heavy/big
Winner will be notified by Muk Luks and will have a choice of Muk Luks to choose from! :)

To enter in the giveaway please fill the form Below and watch the video for more info along with a quick look at Canmake lippies~ 

What I think of Muk Luks?

well originally I purchased one of their pair since my feet was freezing and I just wanted to slip something on that are comfortable around the house so the pair that I bought was perfect for me since they are  knit material with faux fur in the interior lining so they are super comfy and warm so I could be happier with my original pair and they are so well made! My first pair are almost year old? or more? still look brand new and fur and the knit still feel fluffy and cozy after it being washes so many times so well! So when Muk Luks contacted me I was happy to get to own another pair, the rep who contacted me also lives in COLD state right next to MN in Wisconsin which they are way colder than here sometime so she understood how it feels to have a nice pair to keep your feel warm X3

So I had hard time choosing from their selection since there are couple pair that are super cute and I thought I could use another pair of indoor slipper but I opted to get me this Rain boots sinceI didnt own any rain boots and thought it'll be perfect for the snow as well.

My first initial reaction when I received the boots, "oh wow BIG BOX!!" then I noticed that the box was heavy for it being a just boots but when I opened the box I saw that the half of the rain boots were pure rubber with about 1/2" inches of heel and the soles where made really sturdy and the insole and the whole interior are lined with felt like fabric are really soft and comfy so I was really pleased with the quality. Ok so the cons were that the boots are heavy so can be alittle hard to walk in but feels like Im getting a work out when I wear them and dont feel like I would slip in the rain with this boots lol can get alittle cold on the feet with walking in the snow but if you wear 2+ pair of socks my feet was super warm. One big thing I wish they did was that this boots came in size 5 instead of starting their boots from size 6 which I got since they seem to run alittle big. 

Overall I am really happy with this boots just wish my feet was bigger or that this boots came in smaller sizes so if your feet are petite like mine can be hard and heavy walking in them other than that they are made with quality!

Thank you Muk Luks for keeping my feet warm :)

super COLD but tried my best to not look like I was freezing my butt off lol the big white land behind me are frozen lake thats how cold it gets here =__=;;

In the vid and in this photo I am wearing  Canmake Melty Nude lip stick in 03 and Glossy Holic lip in 04 here are swatches of them below!

I bought this items from apopofkawaii.com 

what it claims:
Creamy texture that seems to melt into your skin!
● The oil that clings tightly to your lips fits perfectly, creating a soft, smooth base!
● The oil that forms a film coating your lips keeps pigments and powders in place!!!
● The nude-look color clings evenly, without gaps! Long-lasting.
● Contains fine crystals, for a soft, smooth formulation!!!

● Texture that melts into your skin from the instant you apply it.
Formulation that will not cause your lips to peel or chap, no matter how long you keep it on.
Beautifying and moisturizing agents: Sodium hyaluronate, collagen, royal jelly extract, vitamin E, carrot extract, chamomile flower extract, coix seed extract, and tomato extract.


my thoughts
goes on very smooth but you must have smooth exfoliated lips or it can look chalky so moisturize & exfoliate your lips ladies :) Color of the lipstick are pretty opaques so it concealed my natural lip color really well I was really pleased with that! very pretty shade♥

what it says:
With just one application, you can create lips with the perfect pout ♥
This product combines a lip gloss, lip balm and UV filters in one!!!
The one-step secret to glossy, pouty lips ♥ comes as a gloss in a tube!

 Gloss alone is not enough ★ This luxurious product combines three functions in one! ; gloss effect, lip balm effect, UV protection effect with SPF15 and PA++.
Contains abundant beautifying agents to protect your lips from drying!

Apply directly to your lips. With its abundant moisturizing power, you won’t need a lip balm!

My thoughts
I like to rave about this gloss! first off the texture of this gloss is love! not greasy, sticky or gross just feels like thick gel which that is my fav texture for lip gloss so that is a major plus++ also it acts like a lip balms so it kept my lips moisturized when Im out in this freezing winter weather! The shade of this lip gloss are so pretty but the downside that are they are on the sheer side but gives off slight tint enough to minimize my red lips to pinky shade with nice shimmer :)

Con are that I wish this tube was BIGGER! T__T feels like I need to be cheap with applying it since the tube feels so slim and small :( BUT well worth getting it in my opinion cause I love how it feels and how it looks on my lips♥

Ok Good Luck and thank you again for stopping by~ 
will update ekiLove tomorrow sorry for the delay just didnt have enough time to update my store X3

till next time take care~



  1. OMG Eki,u look soo gorgeous in the photo, with teh outif and background and ur hair and everything!
    btw do you have skincare routine post?i envy ur skin!!:D

  2. You look love;y on the photos ^^
    I have the melty nude in baby pink too.
    The colour is cute, but it seems to wash me out ><

  3. Wow, u look so gorgeous Eki..Love ur makeup and such beautiful winter pictures, please post us more^^.

  4. Wow, u look so gorgeous Eki..Love ur makeup and such beautiful winter pictures, please post us more^^.

  5. Eki you look so beautiful!! ♥___♥
    This is such a great giveaway too~ definitely entered! & the Canmake glosses look lovely~

  6. love the make up! super glamorous <3

  7. Eki, you are such a model!!! And my lips can never look as nice as yours. 8( You looks gorgeous as always!


let me know what you think~ :3

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