Sephora Haul & Love pack from Lena + mini mask giveaway!


A while ago I took an advantage of sephora's beauty insider gift card that they sent out for christmas since I saw that they were giving out free tokidoki tote if your play their naught or nice Facebook game, hey who doesnt love free item especially tokidoki!! :D

well so here is what I got, I got the mozzarella palette one for a gift for a friend and one for myself since I think it was the cutest palette out of them all and my girlfriend LOVES tokidoki~♥
and the free tokidoki tote that came with the purchase! Really kawaii and its not so big but its a good size overall nice graphics all around the tote but very plain and cheap looking in the interior on the tote lol  

Love how detailed everything is with tokidoki products, I love looking at all of the graphic on the packaging so cute! The eyeshadow palettes comes with cute charms in the bottom compartment. will have the swatches in another post :)

I LOVE Korres body butters! They keep my skin hydrated for a long time giving me that baby bottom smooth skin~ ^__^ I also love their showergel so I thought they were a good deal since I have been keeping my eyes on Korres.com for holiday specials but this year they are not having a nice deals so this set basically is buy the body butter and get the showergel for free! I havent tried this new Melon scent so Im excited to use it!

also cashed in my 500 beauty inside points for this philosophy gift set~ its a nice size and also includes full size lip shine!

Now on to my Christmas Love package from my Dear friend Lena Love♥
If you have been reader of my blog for a very long time she is one of my good friend that always showers me with so much love! Every special occasion we end up swapping Love gifts, she never forgets about me and sends me very thoughtful and super generous gifts that I makes me cry with joy! To have a wonderful friend like you I am truly so thankful to have you in my life, Lena your thoughtful and caring friendship is truly already enough for me Hun. Thank you for the many smiles that you have put on my face dear, I hope do the same for you too♥

Hope you all have a friend like Lena in your life, someone that makes your life so much more meaningful and sweeter, a friends you actually can tell them that you LOVE them from the bottom of your heart no matter what their genders are. I am lucky to be surrounded by so many great friends that shares so much love for each other, THANK YOU for making my year n Holidays so much happier! I LOVE YOU Lena!

 always such a thoughtful gifts with kawaii cards!
 you know me so well~♥ Love UME! Matcha! sweets!
 thank you for thinking of my lips in this freezing weather to keep my lips hydrated and pretty~
 always sends me new masks for me to try! :D
 ohh my favorite perfume series incanto by ferragamo ♥ X3
 when I unwrapped this box I almost choked with shock!! *0*
 omg so pretty~ I always love their packaging especially their boxes with sweet messages~
 Thank you so much dear!! I am grinning ear to ear and cannot stop adoring and staring it,, I do have a sweet spots for Jill Stuart! Im sorry you spent so much on me though T__T ::hugs & kisses::
 will make a formal posts about this set with swatches :)

Also surprise Christmas love package from my Babe Lisa~
I have gotten really close to Lisa as well, she has been nothing but generous and sweet to me since day one, Thank you so much for the generosity and for our friendship!! OMG when I got your package I almost fell off my chair too!! I have been so wanting New JS products but I can never push myself to spend so much on myself,, so you dont know how much I appreciate your love Hun!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! cant wait to use it but I have just been admiring it so far too pretty!!... lol will also swatch this blush as well, along with my other JS products in next posts~ :D 

BTW Lisa being Lisa so generous and sweet, she is having a JILL STUART GIVEAWAY right now on her blog!! you can win this same set! so please go check her giveaway~ ^__^

Ok so I bought some new mask to try! SexyLook lifting mask! I never tried this kind of mask before that hooks behind your ears so was super curious to try and heard good review from Lotus as well♥

what it says on sasa.com
Simply Sexy Look Firming Mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to firm and lift your skin. Even the first time use is effective.
Firming Anti wrinkle: Elastin, Collagen, small molecules, three peptides, six peptides
Antioxidant: Platinum, red wine polyphenols
Moisture: Rose Water, Orchid Flower Extract
Repair: Centella asiatica extract
Simply Sexy Look Firming Mask fits your face shape perfectly. It helps to firm and lift your skin. Even the first time use is effective.
Firming Anti wrinkle: Elastin, Collagen, small molecules, three peptides, six peptides
Antioxidant: Platinum, red wine polyphenols
Moisture: Rose Water, Orchid Flower Extract
Repair: Centella asiatica extract
The popular mask series in Taiwan

how to use it
(1)Apply on the whole face and neck
(2) Put on the ear hook
(3) Leave it on for 15 minutes then take if off
(4) No need to rinse off.

suitable for
dry and delicate skin / mature skin

I havent tried it yet but once I do will report to you~ 

ok now on to mini giveaway, so I wanted to give 2 lucky reader a chance to win this mask to try out and to see if you like it too! 

*open to anyone in the world
*Just say "wanna try this mask too!" in this post
*closes on Thurs 12/ 22 midnight US central time zone!
*please leave me your email

also the Part 1 Christmas giveaway has closed and with 640 readers have entered and being counted in to be draw in the random generator, just been taking a while for me to go through them all since Im double checking all the entry to be fair for everyone :)

well thank you for stopping by again!
Hope you are all staying warm as for me I am snowed in again but happy that it feels very Christmasy here and living in the beautiful white winterland but trying my best to not get sick!! also can you believe its Christmas in 4 more days then the New Year!! *0*

p.s small ekiLove news..I havent updated the store or gave you new item previews just been busy and havent had the time to update,, Im truly sorry I will update sometime with the next few days and will have special treat yourself for Christmas special soon! 



  1. Jill Stuart packaing is always so cute ♥
    i wanna try these mask too ^^

  2. i wanna try the mask!! ^___^

  3. i also couldnt resist the TD bag and got one too. it might be sold out now but i can be wrong.
    the palette is so cute...cant wait for your reviews, please!

    "wanna try this mask too!"
    email: originaloneonly@yahoo.com

    thanks and keep warm!

  4. ahh look at all those goodies you got! <3 tokidoki.. pkging is way too cute!

    wanna try this mask too! :D


    Happy Holidays babe <3

  5. i wanna try this mask too!!

    hehe i am soooo jealous of you! all those goodies look amazing! especially the jill stuart items! cant buy that brand here but they always look sooo adorable! haha <3 thanks so much for sharing :)

    merry christmas :)

  6. wanna try this mask too!


  7. wanna try this mask too!

    fruitylashes (at) gmail.com

  8. wanna try this mask too!
    Thankiuuu<33 :D

  9. Want to try the mask as well! ^.^
    Lovely haul and products!


  10. wanna try this mask too!!! *-*


  11. wanna try this mask too!!! *-*


  12. I was eyeing that palette also since i love love love anything tokidoki! Let me know how it holds up. I was skeptical about buying it because when I swatched it in store it kind of just rubbed off easily. Let me know how the mask is too! <3


  13. tokidoki is just so adorable!! and I LOVE EOS lip balm! I think you can only order it online? the container is super cute <3 incanto is my fave perfume as well^^ please do a review on the masks!

  14. I wanna try this mask too *_*
    and i love the palette <3

  15. wanna try this mask too!


  16. "wanna try this mask too!"

    Hi Eki! I missed blogging and commenting on blogs... Anyway, Keep up the great posts! ^__^

    email: sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo.com

  17. wanna try this mask too!

  18. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Wanna try this mask too! Please enter me!

    It looks cool... > < I am trying to fix up my beauty collection, and masks are on my list of have-to-trys. Some sort of eye mask would be great too ~ maybe you could review some to see which ones work best? I have {hate!} puffy under eyes and I am wondering if eye mask treatments might help that.

    bonita of Depict This!

    ~ * ♥ * ~

  19. waaa I love the tokidoki tote!!! it's so uber cute x33 if I got one, I wouldn't ever want to use it :PP

    I wanna try this mask too.

  20. wanna try this mask too!
    nyunyu 'at' windowslive.com

  21. Wanna try this mask too.
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    Nice giveaway,thank you!

  22. cute sephora haul and lovely love packs. i esp love the little moo cow gun totin guy! xo

  23. Awww I loveeee the Jill Stuart packaging soo much! So gorgeous! And those colors in the Tokidoki set are soo pretty, my favorite winter colors! <3 Hope you enjoy all the cute goodies you got! Such sweet friends you have!! <3

    Wanna try this mask too! <3

    email - abahnerxoxo@gmail.com

    xoxo Happy Holidays Eki! <3

  24. Oh I was just about to search on some good lifting masks these days! So, wanna try this mask too! hehe~
    mail: reiberry@net.hr

    Oh how I love Jill Stuart packaging! Everything looks so classy! <3

  25. "wanna try this mask too!

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  26. So many things! I love tokidoki product,they look adorable.

  27. I've only seen the blue packaged ones (for whitening and moisture maybe) so I'd like to try these ones! Merry Christmas Eki, I'm always excited to see a post update from you ^-^

    p.s. I love seeing your JS stuff because they are gorgeous but I don't think I'd ever own any (so expensive >.<)

  28. wanna try this mask too ^^
    can't wait for your swatches
    email: supergaryee[at]hotmail[dot]com

  29. So many beautiful items.
    You are so thoughtful and kind to your bloggers/readers! I am so happy to follow you because of your generosity and kindness in everyone of your post.
    Wanna try the mask too! :)
    My email address is: xiongc16@gmail.com

  30. You are awesome Eki! You are so thoughtful and generous! Thank you for posting another giveaway :D
    ** wanna try this masks too **
    > claire107@hotmail.de <

  31. wanna try this mask too!


  32. i wanna try this mask too :)
    have been seeing advertisements on this mask on the taiwanese popteen mags xD


  33. wanna try this mask too!
    email: amybff2@yahoo.com
    blog: withoutwordsforyou.blogspot.com
    Thank you for the masks!!

  34. wanna try this mask too! xx


  35. I wanna try this mask too! It's so cute tokidoki!!! XD

  36. I always love reading about your hauls from places and sharing with us your favorite products =). I'm so happy that you have great friends like Lena in your life =). I also have someone like Lena in my life as well ~ After I met you and Rina <3 I hope you have a great day and I can't wait to see your post on the JS secret tease ~ I don't know what it is O__O hee x2~

  37. i wanna try the mask too :) dorkishxmochie@hotmail.com

  38. wanna try this mask too! :D

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway <3


  39. wanna try this mask too!

  40. wanna try this mask too


  41. Awesome!
    Please check out my blog. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much :)

    Enjoy the holidays!!


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