Popteen Feb 2011 issue *pick heavy*

Newest issues of Popteen 2/2011 January in Japan is all about Fuku bukuro *lucky new years surprise bags* and lots of kimonos!

Also as a new year they ask 1000 gals to see what was the HITS & favorites of 2010 and here are the results! Not surprise that Candy Doll are one of the top favorite products since they are made with great quality with amazing finishes♥ :D

Top 10 popular gals are 

1. Kumicky
2. Okaeri
3. Misugitei
4. Nishino Kana
5. AKB48
6. Ayu
7. Masuwaka Tsubasa
8. Komori Jun
9. Koda Kumi 
10. Shina Hikari

Top 10 Best Sold cosmetic products

1. Candy Doll cheek color and highlight powders
2.Candy Doll Face powder
3. Diamond lash false lashes
4. Melliesh cheek color
5. Dolly Wink false eyelashes
6. Maybelline volume express magnum 
7. Maybelline Volume express  hyper curl and Canmake cream cheek
9. AC angelcolor perfect keep finishing powder
10. Melliesh lip gloss 

Top 20 most used eyelashes

1. Diamond lash in Dolly eye
2. Dolly Wink in no.1 Dolly sweet
3. Diamond lash in Fairy eye
4. Diamond lash in Glamourous eye
5. Eyemazing in no. 001
6. Diamond lash in koakuma
7. DUP on 902
8. Diamond lash in cats eye
9. Diamond lash in Angel eye
10. Eyemazing in no.003 and Melliesh eyelashes in 01 doll
12. Nature is in lovely s-2 and Jewelish in no.1
14. Dolly wink in no.2 sweet girly
15. Dolly wink in no.5 real nude
16. Jewelish no.02
17. Diamond lash in gorgeous eye
18. Melliesh in 02 cat
19. daiso lash in #14
20. Eyemazing no.002

Top 10 most sold color contacts

1. Candy magic in King Brown
2.Tutti in Dazzy brown
3. Angel color bambi series in chocolate
4. Candy magic king black
5. Candy magic in king grey
6.Tutti dazzy black
7. vivan platinum black
8. Tutti dazzy grey
9. Angelcolor bami serie in Almond
10. Venus monthly candy color in brown

Top 5 eyeshadows

1. Kate gradical eyes in BR-1
2. Kate gradical eyes in BR-2
3 MAC  small eyeshadow in Tempting
4. Majolica majorca  in BR355
5. Bourjois in 41

Top 3 eyebrow product 

1. Kate designing eyebrow N
2. Bibo eyeful mayuzumi
3. Kate eyebrow color N

Top 3 eyeliner

1. Kate lasting Gel eyliner in BK-1
2. Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
3. Love.Liner

Top 5 mascara

1. Maybelline volume express magnum
2. Majolica majorca lash expander
3. Cosmagic exste bomber mascara
4. Maybelline volume express hyper curl
5. Maybelline lash extension double stretch

most sold lip and cheek products

Top 5 Cheek products

1. Canmake powder cheek in PW20
2. Candy Doll cheek color in strawberry pink
3. Melliesh cheek color in baby pink
4. Cosmagic sweet deco cheel  PK01
5. Candy Doll cheek color in peach pink

Top 5 lip sticks

1. MAC lip stick in miss
2. Maybelline water shiny diamond 302
3. Candy Doll in Ramune pink
4. Chifure in 104
5. YSL volupte rouge in No.7

Top 5 lip gloss

1. Candy Doll lip gloss in macaron pink
2. Melliesh lip gloss in 02 baby doll
3. Candy Doll lip gloss in strawberry milk
4. Majorca majolica  in Honey gloss in pk144
5. Melliesh lip gloss in strawberry milk

Most sold face make up

Top 3 base makeup

1. BB creams
2. AC Angelcolor perfect keep makeup base
3. Kate makeup BB base with UV N

Top 5 face powders

1. Candy Dolly face powder
2. AC angelcolor perfect keep finishing powder
3. palgantong Theatrical powder 
4. Diamond puff face powder
5. Chacott finishing powder

Top 3 liquid foundation

1. Maybelline pure mineral liquid
2. RMK liquid foundation
3. Kate liquid foundation

Top 3 concealer

1. Canmake color stick
2. Kate stick concealer N
3. Maybelline pure mineral concealer

Top 5 highlighter

1. Canmake highlighter 01
2. Candy Dolly highlight in marshmallow purple
3. Melliesh cheek color clear lavender
4. Canmake color stick 10
5. Candy Doll highlight in cream beige

Top 3 shading powder

1. Canmake shading powder
2. Melliesh cheek color in 05
3. cezanne face control color 4 matt brown

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