Melliesh False eyelash in #01 Doll review + FOTD

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Another close ups of Melliesh products with a Melliesh FOTD :D
Thanks to Rina I got to try Melliesh lash in 01 Doll that was on my list to buy~ I also used Melliesh Lip gloss in 05 Honey Apricot and cheek color in 05 kogao that I bought from Apopofkawaii.com

Melliesh are Japanese gyaru cosmetic brand Yui Kanno produced. I was really excited to try her line to see how they are and I am pleased with this line :D Very comparable to other gyaru cosmetic lines such as Dolly Wink and Candy Doll!

Here are their false lash line:
01. Doll 02. Cat 03. Natural 05. Sweet * lower lash 06. Rich *lower lash 

Melliesh false lashes are made out of synthetic material so it does feel coarse so the quality arent as great as Dolly Wink since they are handmade and uses natural hair so compared to Dolly Wink lashes there is a big difference in the quality of Melliesh lashes but what I am very pleased was that it is comfortable! I think with false lashes they should feel completely natural on the eyes so light weight band really helps I forget that I have them on :3

The style of the lashes are pretty as well I didnt cut any off since I wanted a Dolly wing look like how Yui's wearing em :) Depending of how you wear this lash from downwards to upwards you can create natural to drastic pretty looks! 

Melliesh 01 Doll

Melliesh Lip gloss in 05 Honey Apricot

I had hard time choosing the shade since all of their pinky lippies are so pretty but I felt like I already had similar shades so I opted to get 05 since I didnt have peachy nude pink lip gloss, their description for this lip gloss says "Adult kawaii pink beige" so that intrigued me even more so I had to get it XD

Here are Melliesh lip gloss shades: 
01. strawberry milk 02. Baby Doll 03. Nudy beige 04. Juicy orange 05. Honey Apricot 06. Candy pink

Ok so this lip gloss claims what you see are what you get on your lips since they are 2 in 1 meaning lip concealer+ lip shade in one so they are supposed to be very opaque lip glosses so naturally its going to be thick in consistency but what I love about this lip gloss are that the lip gloss itself doesnt feel gross on the lips no greasiness, no unnecessary excessive stickiness, weird taste, and does not makes my lips flake like some lip glosses instead it feels gel like consistency, keeps my lips moist and it goes on thick so it conceals my natural lip shade really well! :) but the downfall to this lip gloss are that its small ... T__T;; 

Melliesh Cheek Color in 05 Kogao Brown (shading shade)

I was in search of contour shade for my really pale skin and since Yui Kanno seems to pretty pale so I wanted to see how this powder finishes, I wanted a shade that looked natural like the color of my natural shaded areas and in the photos looks very promising since I didnt want typical bronzer shade since it said in their description its dark beige shade. 

Here are Melliesh cheek colors shades:
01. Elegant Rose 02. Baby peach 03. Doll Pink 04. Sunset orange 05. Kogao *petite face* brown *shading shade 06. Clear lavender *highlight shade

ok so what I really like about this powder is that its very fine and silky so it blends really well and does not give off chalky unnatural finish but what I felt is that this shade is too orange for me instead of giving off "dark beige" shade it looks orangy-brown which I was really disappointed with :( I was really hoping that it gave off as is color since the shade looks promising but its just looks like unnatural shade on me.. maybe its great contour shade for someone that are alittle bit darker than me like that are in NC25 or over.

Melliesh FOTD~♥

ok here are the items I used for this look

Skin79 oriental BB cream
NYX concealer jar in beige
Candy Doll  highlight powder in cream beige
Candy Doll blush in Strawberry pink
Melliesh cheek color in 05 *contour shade on bridge of my nose

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
NYX automatic brow pencil in taupe
Dejavu lash knockout mascara
Kate Gradical eyes palette in GD-1
BIG DM23 in pink contact

Melliesh lips gloss in 05 honey Apricot

gahh this post took forever my internet kept on losing connections and it was really laggy so it took way too long now Im exhausted lol :sigh:

well Tomorrow is a BIG day for me!! It is me and Zach's 3 year Anniversary 1.20.2011♥ so I am excited since its been a while since we went on a date hehe X3 Super happy that I found this Japanese lady that makes Japanese oiwai *celebration* cakes for us I cant wait to eat it!!! XD~ For dinner date he made a reservation at this French place so Im super excited about that too~ its going to be yummy filled day ^_^

btw I got new Sexy Look masks! So I wanted to giveaway a set of Sexy Doll Beauty Queen mask and Sexy Doll mask for you to try also~♥

I have used the Beauty Queen series and its really good so far the sheets are very comparable to Face Q masks! :D For more Details on this mask and what type each mask are check out ekiLove.com 

I will choose 2 winners one for Beauty queen series and another person for  Sexy Doll series so please let me know which series you would like to try by telling me "I want to be beautiful" for Beauty Queen set or "I want to be sexy" for Sexy Doll set in this post comment

I will choose the winner on 1/22 SAT midnight US central time Zone :)
Open to anyone in the world♥

Hope you are all taking a good care of yourselves and stay warm~♥



let me know what you think~ :3

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